-Noncon warning-

The curtain is pulled back up and they can no longer see Spencer. "there isn't really a lot of information for Garcia to go on, if she even made it back alright," Prentiss says. Morgan doesn't say anything. "Those injuries were not life threatening, but the man obviously has no problem hurting Spencer. We really need to make sure we don't get anything wrong."

The next morning the masked man is in the room with them. "You all did so well yesterday. I hope you can keep this up. I'm going to let you off your chairs when we're not working. There are buckets on the other side of the room for you to do your business in. I will be bringing you food, since Spencer has sacrificed something of his own for you."

Hotch and the others look at the curtain. "We don't want him to sacrifice for us to eat. Or for any other luxuries." The person stops and tilts his head. "He's already given. If you want to refuse, you may. But Spencer's already paid the price."

Rossi sighs. "We need to accept, if he's already given for us. We need to make sure we can maintain wellbeing to finish this quickly and save Spencer."

The man brings some food in and tells the team to get ready. They eat slowly and try to keep it down. They're told to re-enter their seats and strapped back down. The man leaves and the curtain drops again. They all gasp. J.J. feels ill and vomits her food back up. Prentiss and Rossi look away. Spencer is still in the same position. The skewers are back in place where they were yesterday and there are welts all over Spencer's body from being whipped. The worst part, however, is that there is a skewer straight through Spencer's throat.

"As you can see, he sacrificed a lot for you. But don't worry- the skewer in his neck is placed very carefully. I can pull it out and he will be fine, or he can thrash and potentially suffocate."

Morgan hangs his head. "So, are we ready?" The man asks. Hotch confirms. "This time, couples are being abducted. It doesn't matter if they're gay or straight, but it's always couples."

No one says anything. They hear Spencer moan and they look up. The man is raking his fingernails over Spencer's welts. "I need to hear something from you or he will suffer."

"There may be more than one unsub," Hotch says. His mouth is dry and he feels sick. "They're abducting two at once every time. I'm going to guess they're both men. They would both need to be very strong."

Spencer squeaks and the hand fondles his genitals. "Get your hands off him!" Morgan screams. The man continues but Spencer can't move to stop him. "Morgan, we need your head in this so that we can make this stop."

"Two men. Probably stalking them at clubs or restaurants. Doubtful that it's someone that they know personally." The man is still touching Spencer. "Very good agents. Why are they abducting couples?" The man asks. He continues to fondle their friend and they try not to lose control. "It could be sexual sadism," Prentiss says. "It could also be thrill killing," Hotch says.

Spencer squeaks as the man slaps him. "You're wrong, agents. Guess again." The man says. They look around and Spencer lets out another cry. "Could it be in competition of one another? Like, a game they're playing?" Derek asks. "Do you want Spencer to give you a hint? You get a two for one, because I'd have to remove the skewer." They look around. "What will it cost?" Hotch asks.

"Not as much as it's going to cost if you answer incorrectly one more time." J.J. is the one that answers. "Okay," she says. The man slowly removes the skewer from his throat and allows Spencer to sit up a little. "Whenever you're ready, doctor. They need a hint." Spencer coughs and tries to swallow the blood down. "They're jealous," he finally says. "The couples have something or are doing something that makes the men jealous. I have a feeling their wives were somehow led away or killed and seeing too friendly of couples is making them angry."

The team considers what Spencer has said. "Are you alright?" J.J. asks tearfully. The man turns to the window. "He can't hear you, dear," is all he says before grabbing Spencer by the hair. "They need your sacrifice for that hint. Are you ready?" He asks. Spencer looks him face to face and answers. "Anything," he says. The man rips the rods from his body and begins to untie him from the bed.

"Don't!" Derek yells. The man bends Spencer over the table and easily overpowers him. Derek gets up and Spencer screams, so he quickly drops back down. The man drops his own clothes and pushes Spencer's head down so that the team can see his face. "Please," Derek begs. The man stops. "Do you have a problem agent Morgan?" Spencer is shaking on the table.

"Please don't do this to him. He's... He's delicate. I'll do it instead, just not him," he begs. The man goes back to restraining Spencer and they hear him groan with intense pain. None of them can watch. Spencer tries not to make any noise. He's so ashamed and embarrassed. It hurts so bad.

Spencer stops struggling and stares out at nothing, his body in shock. The man leans against his body and takes a few deep breaths. "Spencer hint was correct. Based upon that, I believe with proper surveillance you would find the team. Well done."

The man ties Spencer up once again but he doesn't move. He doesn't look at the window between him and his team. The curtain goes back up and the man tells them that they can leave their chairs. None of them get up.

"Spencer was a virgin," Derek says. No one comments. They had all assumed as much. "We've been working up to penetrative sex, but he was afraid and I didn't want him to get hurt. We've been together for almost a year." He admits. they're all shocked. "You've been intimate with Reid?" Rossi asks. Derek nods. "We love each other," he answers.