Dear Diary


Madoka's Journal entry
i m goddes so staph touchin me, peasants

Madoka Kaname Vampire Knight OMG
I think i am 89 years but i think i am 14
single and ready to be les with hom hom
waitin for hom hom to come argh
i can grow my pink hair to my butt and beyond in 2 seconds

Dear Diary

why am i the school nurse damn it i wished i could die at that moment

when homura girl told me she want go infirmiry i felt liek i am dead

her eyes are like emptiness of my feet, flat and nth

embarassed la omg

i hope i can be alive

love, madoka doki doki


Dear Diary

i realize teh girl i dream in my dreams is that homura girl omg

wth is this happening how is that possiobke

she look sexier in my dream so does that mean it's actually a wet dream walao

no pls

ohkay nvm i ate cake with my chubby hip;ster friends today and tehy laughed at me

how dare they

i will prove to myself


Dear DIary

i found an injured cat named kyubi and whoa, that homura is actually in that sexy purple dress like in my dreams.

wth is happening

she wanna murder teh cat tho wth excuse me i hate child abuse

and mami like hey walao

but homura like ok bye

i realize teh truth of magica giurls

hahah hitomi is left out only me and sayaka know the secret aw so is sayaka my best friend hahah hitomi is such a loser.

ohkay so now we can also say secrets in our mind but wth now i cant think shit about sayaka or think how sexy homura is anymore

damn it


Dear diary

wth bro i need to think of a wish soon.

what should i wish? is this worth my life as a girkl?

i designed my costume but everyone laughed at me for childish

wait till tehy see me when i conquer teh world and become goddess. i swear i will rule over magical girl how dare they

its okay but anyway, sayaka ditched me in class and keep visit the violin walao

so thats how she thanked her childhood ok then

ok then erm about my wish...

argh damn it why i keep think about that homura chan

i wonder what she wished for lol, maybe she wished for that long hair that split at her butt, how the hell did she do that

ok nvm i should sleep.


Dear diary

ok shit

deep shit

mami died

the head omg


this is terrible

omg lucky homura chan saved us omg this is too sad

i cried at home and cried mami but my mum tot i called for her and keep barge into teh batheroom when i was naked and crying omg stop it mom you are embarassing

now i am doubting magical girl.


Dear diary

hitomi that fagit almost cost my life wow i didn't sign up to be yoru friend just to end my life here in this warehouse

damn it luckily i listen to my mother nagging for once if not idk the detergent cna kill my eyes

ohkay it's okay at least sayaka saved me thats what you called bff

but she sacrifice her wish for that dumb violin walao she should have wished that i have bigger boobs what is wrong with her.

ok nvm it;'s over


Dear diary

omg new ppl come liao

who is everyone

redhead kyoko is cute

but homura is cuter

ohkay now sayaka is emo what should i do now. she keep saying she zombie what is wrong with her omg

now hitomi and sayaka liek emo and always war eyes wth is happening

haish ok nvm i am fine

i will be alive


Dear diary

my page is lessning because i cant find tissues to use for my tears

omg but sorry for abandoning you i have so many emo life to handle thsi is terriblke.

sayaka is dead

and kyoko too

fag man walao


now it's all homura and me

idk what to do

but i would like to thank hitomi, faggot violin , sayaka and kyoko for giving me chance for my romantic moments with homura -chan

aww cant wait


Dear diary


in case you wondeirng how the hell i write this, i actually write it in my heaven space and my naked body

thsi is sad man i just witnessed like 800 flashback

my eyes are aching already sia wth

but its ohkay because i just witnessed madohomu moments awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

its okay one day i will be alive

hahahha jokes on me i am not dead or alive

what is wrong with me


i shall wait till teh day i bring homura to this heavely space aw