Hello readers, this is Reaper of Heroes. A quick A/N before we begin the story. This is an old story I wrote a while back. I have just gone back through it and edited out some of the mistakes I made writing it. Just some of the grammar and spelling mistakes, so new readers enjoy; and old ones can reread if they want.

Raven took a deep breath. She was about to take her kids to meet her mother for the first time, and it was a scary thought. First of all, what would her mother say about her having kids at such a young age? Of course they weren't technically her kids, more like her adopted ones. She watched them and smiled; she thought she made a good mother; or as good of a mother you could be when you're training your kids to fight crime for a living. Melvin was sitting on the couch watching a cartoon with Bobby standing behind her, Timmy was annoying Beast Boy by asking him the same thing over and over again, and Teether was eating the contents of a tool box that Cyborg had left on the counter. Yep, a pretty good mother indeed; so why was she worried? What could her mom say? That she shouldn't have to have this kind of responsibility at such a young age? It was her choice in the first place to do this, wasn't it? Besides, she was a hero, and a hero could handle a responsibility like this. She took another breath, it was now or never.

"Melvin, Timmy, Teether, come here please," She said. The three kids meandered slowly over to her.

"Yes Wayven?" Timmy had never learned to say her name properly; and every time she tried to correct him he would start crying, so she just gave up after a while.

"We're gona go somewhere special and meeting someone very special," She said in her best sweet voice, which earned her some quizzical stares from the kids. She had to admit; it had hurt to talk like that.

"Is it Santa Clause," Melvin asked hopefully. She was always going on about how things like unicorns, pixies, centaurs, and other magical creatures existed. Whenever Raven had tried to tell her they weren't, she would always ask her why. Raven's only response was that you couldn't see them, and Melvin would say that she wasn't able to see Bobby for a while but he was still real. Kids could be such a handful.

"No Melvin, it's someone I think you would all like to meet very much."

"I'd like to meet Santa," Timmy said, his lip beginning to tremble. "I want to meet Santa!" He began crying, falling to the ground throwing a huge tantrum screaming Santa. Raven covered her ears, and not being able to take it any longer, she shouted;

"We're going to see Grandma, that's who were going to see." Gosh, she really must love them a lot to put up with this. She felt Love in her head shouting "Yes we do!" In a sing-song voice, she really wanted to strangle Love right now. She did not sing. Then she realized one thing, it was quite. She looked at Timmy, Teether, and Melvin, and they were looking back at her with faces she hadn't seen since Christmas morning.

"We have a Grandma," Melvin was asking with the sound of the sweetest joy in her voice.

"We have a Grandma," Timmy mimicked the same sound in his voice.

"Gaba da muba lop," Teether babbled, making spit bubbles.

"Yes, you have a Grandma. I'm your mom, which makes my mom your Grandma," Raven told them, and that sent them over the edge. Melvin and Timmy grabbed each other and started jumping up and down shouting "Grandma, Grandma, Grandma, Grandma!" Just then Cyborg walked in the room.

"Whoa, what's with all the commotion," He asked, cleaning the grease from his hands.

"Wayvens going to take us to meet Grandma," Timmy shouted excitedly.

"Grandma, wait your mom," Cyborg asked confused.

"Well what other Grandma would they have," Raven deadpanned.

"Wait, I thought you had to have magic powers or be from Azarath to get there in the first place. Melvin, Teether and Timmy don't meet either of those categories. How are they going to get there," Cyborg was scratching his head in confusion.

"Well, when I said that I may have been lying" Raven said, looking guilty.

"What! You lied to us! We just wanted to help you with those trials, why didn't you let us?" He was now furious, he had wanted to help her with those, plus she was like his younger sister.

"I told you, if you guys had helped then I would have been killed on the spot. Now can we please stop talking about this in front of my kids," She hissed quietly. The three little ones were watching them with curiosity, or in Teether's case, staring at Cyborg's shiny red eye.

"Fine, fine, just don't expect me to not tell Robin about this," Cyborg whispered back, knowing very well Robin would chew her out for lying.

"Well Cyborg, we have to go. Say bye to Cyborg," she told her kids.

"Bye Cyborg," Melvin said as she followed Raven, who was holding Teether, to the door.

"Bye Metal Man," said Timmy, dragging his blanket behind him.

"See ya big guy," Cyborg chuckled, he had to admit; these kids were pretty cute. He turned to get his tool box off the table to see a huge chunk, along with a few tools, were missing, and by the looks of it there were teeth marks on his toolbox as well.

"Uh Raven, what happened to my tools," He called after her.

"Bye Cyborg," she called back as she hurried off to her room with Teether in her arms chewing on a wrench.

When they entered Ravens room Melvin and Timmy hid behind her, they found her room scary. Set up in the middle was the pentacle with the candles around it, just like it was before she went to save her mother.

"Ok, this is what we're going to do. I'm going to sit in the middle with you three in my lap. I'm to say some magic spell and then we are going to be teleported to an alternate dimension." She knew this would sound weird to her kids, so she was ready when they started asking her questions.

"Why do we have to go to an altered-nut demon-son," Timmy asked, having trouble pronouncing the big words.

"Because Timmy, I am from an alternate dimension, and that's where Grandma is," Raven answered, trying to make it seem simpler than it really was. This was apparently enough for them because they walked to the center of star and Raven joined them. She began the chanting of the spell, once again starting slow and picking up speed. The books in her room started to fly around as the room began to fill with a tornado like wind.

"Raven, what's happening," Melvin asked, clinging to Raven's side. Timmy had begun to cry, and pound his fists into her shoulder, shouting "Make it stop!" Then, in a blinding flash of blue light they were all in a familiar tube of blue energy. The sudden change of scenery was enough to make Timmy stop crying, he looked at Raven.

"What happened Wayven," he asked, his voice containing a little quiver to it. Hoping the water works wouldn't start up again, she answered.

"Remember, I told you I was from an alternate dimension." They all nodded, Teather playing with her hair. "Well, this is the portal to my home. Think of it like a road between our homes, but you need a special pass to use it." She hoped this would be enough to curb their questions; the strain it had taken to keep the spell going when they were screaming in her ears was enormous, she really needed to meditate. They began to fly up the tube with Teather in her arms and Melvin holding her hand with Timmy holding Melvin's. As they reached the end of the tunnel Teather fell asleep in Ravens arms.

"It must be nap time." Raven smiled at her joke, she was glad her kids would get to meet their Grandma.

When the light faded and the tube of blue energy disappeared they were standing in the same ally way as Raven had when she had come to save her mom no more than a month ago.

"Raven, where are we," Melvin asked, clinging to her leg.

"We are on Azarath, the place where I was born. This is where Grandma is."

"Grandma lives in an alley," Timmy asked, looking around for someone.

"No, this is just where the entrance is from the teleportation tube," She replied.

"The teleportation tube?" Timmy scratched his head, confused by what Raven had said.

"This is where we get off the road," Raven corrected herself, she should really stop using metaphors around her kids; they were as bad as Starfire sometimes.

"So where does Grandma live," Melvin asked.

"In that big tower over there." Raven pointed to the biggest building in sight. "She lives at the very top."

"So how do we get up there," Melvin asked. Man, these kids were curious today.

"I figured we could fly," Rave said, forming her black floating disk.

"Teather's stomach," Melvin reminded her. She put the disk back down.

"Then I guess we walk." This was going to be a long walk; the tower was on the other side of town.