Raven was panting; the trip here had taken a lot out of her. It had started out just fine, the kids had been walking next to her in the usual manner; she held Teether with one arm while she held Timmy's hand in her free one, and Melvin held Timmy's other hand. They had been walking down the street, the kids amazed by all the weird paintings and food around them. They had asked her to buy them some candy when a vendor had announced he had some. She had told them no, and Timmy began to cry. She hadn't wanted to deal with it so she bought them all a piece of candy. What they didn't know was it made them all turn purple for twenty minutes; so they had all run around like chickens with their heads cut off for the entire time, not bothering to listen to Raven.

That had been the catastrophe that had started it all. From there they had turned a stand into scrap, blown up a watermelon (though on Azarath they are white with purple insides), and sent a cart rolling out of control down a hill. After all of that had happened Raven had thought things would quiet down, she had hoped they would quite down; she really needed to meditate. It had taken them until the sun had started to sink behind the horizon to get near the tower, which was also by the Tower of Elders. When normal kids see a ghost they run away from it, when her kids see a ghost they run towards it. She had shouted at them to stop but they had gotten too close and the ghosts guarding the tower had gone into attack mode. They had chased them all the way to the tower where her mother lived, and had almost taken Melvin. The only reason they didn't get her was because Raven had put on her demon face and showed the ghosts who she was, along with scaring her kids.

The kids had run as fast as they could up the tower, leaving Raven behind. So after she had caught up to them and calmed them down she had to carry both Teether and Timmy up the stares with Melvin hugging her leg; she hated being a mom right now. So they had finally reached the door to Arella's house, and Raven looked like she had just run a marathon. She set down Timmy and Teether before knocking on the door. A woman with purple locks like hers opened up the door and a smile spread across her face.

"Raven, it's so good to see you, and who might these adorable little kids be?" Arella said this as she bent over and ruffled Timmy's hair. Timmy turned and looked at Raven

"Is this Grandma?" Arella's face went from happy to shock then to disappointment in two seconds.

"Raven, I thought you knew better," she scolded. Her arms were now crossed, a frown covering her face. "You know where babies come from, don't you?"

"Mom!" Raven was blushing, her kids were now skipping around her, Teether walking, singing "You got in trouble."

"Don't mom me; I have every right to be angry with you. You are only sixteen and have three kids; you have some major explaining to do." With this she turned and walked back into the house.

"Come on, Raven has to explain something to Grandma," she growled as her kids followed behind her, still singing their song. Arella was sitting on the couch waiting for Raven.

"Sit," she said, pointing at another couch across from her. Raven complied and sat down with her kids sitting next to her, wanting to hear what exactly was going on.

"Ok mom, before you start asking questions just let me explain…"

"Oh there's no need for you to explain anything, I already know what you're going to say. It was just an accident and you didn't mean for it to happen. Well it can't be just an accident three times." Arella was giving Raven the signature mom stare, unfortunately for Arella Raven had nothing to be guilty about, so it didn't work.

"No, I was going to say in a way I adopted them. I was transporting them to a safe place when the Brotherhood of Evil was taking out young villains, and one thing led to another so now I take care of them; so they are my kids which makes you Grandma." Raven smiled confidently, she had just done the one thing that every kid wants to do; be right when arguing with their parent. The look on Arella's face was priceless. She had been expecting to be able to tell Raven off for being irresponsible, but now she found out Raven had been extremely responsible to end up with kids.

"Well, in that case hello kids, I'm Grandma!" Arella was back to being happy, playing and laughing with the kids. Raven walked over to her mom and whispered

"I need to meditate; can I sneak off to the balcony for a bit?" Arella gave Raven a slight nod before going back to peak-a-boo with Teether. Raven smiled as she made her way over to the balcony, it was a good idea to bring them here. That was her last thought before she began to meditate.


When Raven walked back into the living room she found Timmy had turned purple again, Melvin was now wearing a purple dress, and Teether was floating in the air. Arella noticed the shocked expression on her so she explained.

"I gave Timmy the candy that turns you purple and Teether found a potion I had lying around; he's going to be staying six feet off the ground for another hour unless held down by something." Raven nodded, still trying to get over the shock of what she was seeing. Then she noticed which dress Melvin was wearing.

"Wasn't that my dress at one point?"

"Yes, it fits her perfectly so I figure she can have it," Melvin was spinning around, causing the purples dress to fan out. "And Timmy wants a bag of the candy before you guys leave so I have one ready." Raven smiled and shook her head; her mom was already acting like a real Grandma, spoiling her kids with gifts and sweets.

"Raven, I want you to know that I am proud of you, I really am. You took these kids in and gave them a home filled with love. They've told me all about the other Titans and it sounds like they're in good hands. You're a great mother, and that's what makes me proud of you. But I do have two pieces of advice for you; one is to make sure they have fun." Arella paused, letting the words sink in. Raven did make sure they had fun, but there was more to it than that.

"What do you mean by make sure they have fun?"

"I mean to make sure they smile, laugh, and live life to the fullest. Don't let them turn out like Robin who seems like he's all work and no play from what the kids have told me." Raven chuckled at this; of course they would say that.

"Ok, and trust me, I will make sure they do not end up like Robin." Arella nodded before they went back to staring at Teether who grabbed onto Timmy's hair while floating, causing him to cry.

"Ok Teether, let Timmy go." Teether giggled and released Timmy's hair, floating back up to six feet. Timmy stopped crying and rubbed his eyes. Raven hugged him before walking back over to her mom.

"Hey mom, what was that other thing you wanted to tell me?"

"I was going to say you also need to bring them to see me more often" at this they both laughed, Raven planning their next trip to Grandma's house.


Raven and the kids walked into the living room of Titan's tower, the sky outside inky black. Robin was giving her the stare, meaning that Cyborg had told him. She walked over to him and before he could say anything she said,

"I'm sorry I lied but it was for your own safety as well as mine." With that she walked away, leaving a very stunned Robin behind her. As she started to make her tea Beast Boy came flying through the door, his arms flailing around while he shouted,

"I'm purple!" Raven laughed as she saw Timmy walk through the door, purple and holding his candy bag. Her mother had been right; she did make a good mother.

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