Jane's pointing eventually clued Maura in that she might want to look down. She did, and in an instant her head was thrown back in honest, belly-deep laughter. Belatedly, however, she realized her friend's distress. Lightning-quick, her mind processed what she knew and formed a working hypothesis. Jane was the one who would not shower right in the locker rooms at the gym until she could snag a spot in one of the three stalls that had curtains. Jane had not gone to boarding school and shared group showers from the age of ten onward, all through awkward adolescence. Jane had not been to topless beaches on every warm, non-school day during her six years in Europe.

No, Maura wasn't body shy, but Jane? Jane, she recognized when her laughter slowed a little, was struck dumb with actual mortification. The honey-brunette turned her back to her best friend purely out of consideration for Jane, not for her own sense of modesty. She fumbled with the teal triangles and strings trailing down her body and out in the water, shaking her head as she accused over her shoulder, "You need swimsuit tying lessons! But I'll take a plain old double-knot, if you'd like a chance to redeem yourself. Here, do me up again." And just like that, it was done, or so Maura thought. She seemed about as embarrassed on her own account as if she'd answered the door without shoes or earrings on, rather than that most of her body had just been exposed to someone other than a personal physician or lover.

"You want me to tie your top?" face, where they eventually covered her eyes. With her voice muffled, it was difficult to hear the uncertainty, but it was there. "I…I don't think… oh, good God… I just… too much… He's throwing too much at me," dropping her hands, Jane dunked herself in the water and remained there.

Hearing Jane's difficulty, Maura swept her hair forward over one shoulder and tied her own top, which worked fine other than the knot being a little lopsided. It would annoy her, but not enough to redo it, not when Jane was in distress. Once decent again, Maura turned around and ducked beneath the water to take hold of her and bring her back up to the air she would need soon. "Jane. Jane, come up. I'm covered. It's okay, Jane. Jane? It's all right. I'm not embarrassed. Please don't be upset."

Jane's head popped back out of the water. "Not upset… holy God, I can't even," the detective continued to sputter as she pulled away from her friend and scrambled up on the rock where she quickly plopped face-down onto the blanket.

Maura stood in the water, hands reaching too late to catch her friend's hand, reestablish contact. She had wanted so much to have one carefree day with her best friend, the closest friend she had ever had, that she could have ever wanted. One day that mattered to no one but themselves.

As her tear ducts began to ache, she bent her legs to slip beneath the cool water. She remained submerged for as long as her lungs would permit, letting the stream wash away, if it could, the sinking feeling in her chest. Miraculously, it worked. Maura took comfort in the way the water wanted to push her, but could not, and in the way her body felt unfettered by gravity, even though she knew that that was not the case. Saddened and perplexed, she swam upstream a little ways, giving herself and Jane a little time of separation, then floated back down on her back until she was right near their rock again. She hauled herself up out of the water and, remembering the visual that she herself had so appreciated just a few minutes previously, let the gushing and dribbling trickle to almost nothing before approaching the blanket where her friend lay.

The teal-clad woman had decided to reintroduce herself into Jane's solitude with silence, rather than delving right into the seriousness. She would ask no direct questions; she would say nothing, and if Jane felt she wanted to explain, she could do that under her own impetus. Instead of speaking, she simply lay on the blanket, almost exactly where she had been before the impromptu swim, but face down, so as not to remind Jane of the problem. Problems.

"Sorry, Maura," came a very muffled voice from beside the doctor. "I'm used to horseplay with the guys. I didn't mean to pull your top off. Guys, you know, they normally don't have tops and, if they do, it's not like I have to worry about it." She groaned into the blanket. She went quiet again, breath coming in slow inhales and exhales. "I'm also sorry about the ogling. That was … inappropriate of me."

Maura rolled onto her side, which put her a bit further away from Jane, but at least she could reach out a hand to her friend's shoulder, reassuring and kind. "I know you didn't mean for my top to come untied," she said quietly after a little moment to think of how to respond, "and I'm not embarrassed. You weren't ogling. You were just surprised. Hey." Her hand exerted just a little more pressure on that shoulder. "Jane? Are you upset because you think I'm upset, or are you upset on your own? What's going on?"

"I'm upset because I was ogling. I really was," came the still muffled response.

"Well, okay, but I don't mind," Maura replied, not sounding as surprised as Jane would have preferred. "We're still best friends. This won't be uncomfortable for long. We won't let it. I believe we're both invested in getting past any awkwardness there could ever be between us. Isn't that true?"

"Yeah, I'm all for no awkwardness. I just ogled my best friend's perfect, perky boobs for I don't know how long, and," Jane finally sat up, looking at Maura and trying to keep her gaze at eye level, "she's perfectly okay with it. That's not awkward or anything. God, I'm sorry, Maura. I really am. You're my best friend, not a piece of meat. You're just so… I mean, I'm just… I-I'm sorry, really sorry."

Maura sat up halfway in thought, biting her lip and evaluating her options, then the rest of the way as she made a decision. "I forgive you for anything you think you've done wrong. Okay? Fully and completely forgiven. But I need your forgiveness, too."

"My forgiveness?" The detective was clearly puzzled. "My forgiveness? For what?"

"Because I didn't realize it was bad to look." The explanation came easily, but didn't actually explain anything, and Maura seemed to know that. "I thought it was the same thing as you taking my picture last night because you thought I looked nice without makeup on. You appreciate my conversation, my company, my thoughts, and my feelings. The same things I appreciate about you. I thought that this was just another thing you appreciated about me. It makes me feel good when you look at me.

"But," she continued after a deep breath, reaching to stroke the backs of her fingers down the side of her dear friend's face, "if you think it's bad to look at me, then I guess it's bad when I look at you, too. I'm really sorry that I do that, and I'm sorry that I never told you so that you could be rightfully angry about it."

"Wait a minute, wait a just a minute," Jane's expression morphed from sad and apologetic to confused. "Maura, are you saying... what I think you're saying?" She waved her hand in the air to keep the doctor from replying. "Tell me the question. Tell me now. Right now, or I walk back home."

Maura's lips pursed; she held her breath for a moment, then nodded as she let it out. "Okay. First, though, let me remind you that by asking this at all, I am spreading my trust under your feet. Tread softly." Another long inhalation followed as she ordered her thoughts, and then she lay it out, pink and tender as a newborn.

"I've had such a beautiful day, Jane," came Maura's quiet voice, light and tentative. I'm going to want to keep the memory of it for a very long time. Sometimes, I'm going to think back on it when I need to feel good, when I need something precious to hold onto. When I'm doing that, Jane, when I'm remembering everything about today, would you rather that I think about it as one of the best days I've spent with my best friend… or would it be okay with you if instead, I remembered it as being the best first date I've ever had?"

"Why can't it be both?" The question was out before Jane could think about it. No judgment. No anger. No recoiling in disgust. Just the question, laid out simply.

Maura's face suddenly wreathed in smiles she could not control. "No reason at all."

"Okay, then," Jane ran a hand over her face and through her still damp hair, a smile playing lightly at the corners of her mouth. "When were you going to clue me in that we were on a date? Because, normally, I don't see the people I'm going out with topless until the second or third date."

"Oh, really," Maura laughed, "that's where you're going to go? Okay. Okay, but to be fair, usually people don't tackle me and take my clothes off quite this soon, either. Not without getting slapped, anyway. And if you'll recall," she said, calming a little and switching gears, "I did plan to ask you if you could think of this as a date. I even told you I had a question, so that you'd refuse to let me get away with taking the coward's way out by not saying anything. The plan was to ask you after we got our clothes back on, though, in case you felt… uneasy with me for a little while."

She had planned for rejection.

"You're too smart and too observant for me to believe you haven't noticed the affect you have on me, Maura, and I'm too good of a detective not to know what you were going to ask before you refused to ask me right then." Jane was also calming down, shifting gears, but she wasn't following the lightheartedness that would normally be her trademark. Instead, her face became suddenly serious, eyes almost sad. "I would never reject you. I told you before I hopped into the water, 'Yes. I would and I do.' Yes," she gave a very weak smile, "I feel the same way about you. I would like to give this a try. I do want to be more than friends."

Maura couldn't stop smiling, but the smiles kept changing, from beaming in delight to small and bashful, to something very like what Jane now carried on her phone. "I know… I know the way you respond to me, but I wasn't certain if you wanted to be responding to me in that way. You still could have run from it," she pointed out as she edged a little nearer, voice lowering, "except for the fact that I brought you out to the middle of nowhere."

"Yeah, that does sort of limit what I'm able to do if I did decide to run. You also have my clothes held hostage, and I can't really run in nothing but a two piece. I mean, I'm sure someone would eventually pick me up, but I don't really think I'd want them to if they wanted to." Jane didn't move, but she didn't pull away. She had just given a piece of herself up in admitting her feelings about her best friend. It was time for Maura to make the next move.

"I will admit to ulterior motive in that choice," Maura confessed. "It was selfish, manipulative, underhanded, and not at all nice. I wanted you to have to hold me one more time before you ran away…

"But if you'll recall, I did intend to let both of us get dressed again before I told you that I wanted to date you." She paused, face taking on a sheepish cast. "Would you believe that I didn't plan any further than asking, and you telling me to get lost? If I'd envisioned this a little better, I'd have thought of what to do if you said yes. I mean, what to do in a practical sense. A course of action, rather than a… um… daydream. I sort of got stuck on those whenever I tried to make a concrete plan."

"So, what was the daydream? Maybe," Jane's eyes brightened as a smile slowly found its way to her face, "you should go with the fantasy?"

"Oh, no. Bad idea." Maura chuckled as she shook her head. "I'm not that fast, outside of my own head." Even so, her mind started to catalogue her own and Jane's physical responses to one another as she scooted closer – breath rates, pupil dilation, pars lateralis and orbicularis oculi rotation, skin temperature increases.

Then she forcibly shut it off, because what she wanted to concentrate on was not scientific facts but personal ones, such as the fact that her nerve endings were tingling and Jane smelled so good, and her hands were hungry to touch that tanned skin and hold their bodies together. She trailed one hand up from her friend's forearm to her shoulder, then slip back down to rest on that taut waist. Rising to stand on her knees, spare hand now lifting Jane's face towards hers, she bent to hover just above those beautiful, sweet lips that had so inhabited her fantasy life. And then she just stayed there, avoiding actual contact by the thinnest of margins, and just letting herself breathe that moment.

Jane leaned in, closing the space as she captured Maura's lips with her own. She gently pulled the smaller woman to her, guiding the honey-brunette to sit in her lap as the kiss deepened.

"Jane," breathed Maura several minutes later as she, with great difficulty, let that first delicious spree of contact end. She was flushed and breathless, not to mention enormously pleased. When, she wondered, had she begun to straddle Jane's lap? Her mind flashed back a replay of exactly when and how it had happened, and there was a delightful tickle all throughout her body. "You are intense."

"Comes with the badge," the brunette deadpanned before allowing her face to break into a classic Rizzoli grin. "Are you complaining?"

"I'm complimenting," replied Maura, a millimeter away from another scorching kiss. Just one, though; she broke from it when her own lips refused to keep from smiling. One finger lifted to trace the dimples in Jane's face, the gentle swell of the lower lip, the cleft in her chin, the strong jawline. "It's one of the things that attracts me to you. One of many things."

"There's a list?" Jane's hands ran a path up and down Maura's back as she leaned back to look the woman in her lap in the eye. "I bet you have written down somewhere, and it's in categories that are listed in alphabetical order or from greatest to least desired or something, don't you?"

The smaller woman's back arched, but only just, a reaction indicative of a respectable level of restraint. "Don't be silly, Jane," she replied in a voice that was almost – almost – as cool as usual. "I don't need a list, when all the reasons are right there any time I look at you. Which, as I believe I mentioned earlier, is often."

"Point." Dark brown eyes narrowed in thought as she watched the smaller woman move above her. "Let's get dressed and go back. I want to take a shower and then take you somewhere for the evening. What do you say?"

Hazel eyes lit up as Maura agreed, "I'd like that." A single fluid motion took her from sitting astraddle Jane's thighs to standing above her, and then she offered both hands to assist Jane as well. "Clothes over swimsuits, so no one has to hold the blanket?"

"Probably a good idea. I'd cheat and look anyway." Jane winked as she made her way carefully back to their pile of clothes. "I know you're going to ask, so, no, I'm not telling you where we're going. Yes, you do need to dress nice… like nice for you nice, not nice for me nice. Yes, I'll come pick you up. No, I don't care which place we spend the night tonight, but I do care that we do spend the night together... if only so we're in the same room together. Fair?"

Maura considered all the available, stated options as she took her time to bend over, way over. She picked up Jane's clothes and handed them to her, then her own pair of jeans, leaving the rest on the ground. Nothing she hadn't done before, but things are different in a bikini. "I agree to your terms." Shinnying into her jeans, she bent again to pick up her tank top and held it for a moment as she watched Jane performing similar actions. "Including the ones you offered last night."

With a little hop, Jane pulled her pants on and buttoned them. "Good," she nodded as she pulled her tank on. "Wait… what? What did I agree to last night?"

"You didn't agree," Maura explained, still waiting with tank top in hand. "You laid out terms, and I'm agreeing to them now. You said if I could give you a picture you liked more, you'd put that one on your phone instead." She smiled and helpfully pointed out, "I have a bikini, a motorcycle, and a tan. There ought to be something we can do with that, don't you think?"

Jaw dropping, eyes widening, the tall brunette let out a string of sounds before clearing her throat and trying again for coherent speech. "You do you realize that Korsak and Frost will probably see any pic of you that comes up on my phone when you call, right? I mean, the one I took last night wasn't as… well, I mean," Jane wiped at her mouth as she thought. "There's nothing I want more than that picture on my phone, but you sure you're good with me using it as your profile picture?"

"Oh, yes," replied Maura as she finally tugged on her boots, tank top slung over one shoulder. This time, when picking up the blanket and its remaining contents of undergarments and sun block, Maura squatted instead of bending over. "Oh, yes. I'd rather they see me in a bikini than in my bathrobe or night clothes. Bikinis are meant to be seen. Bathrobes and nightwear are made to be seen only by a very select few, and frankly, they aren't on that very short list." She stood again and began heading up the incline. "I don't want that picture anywhere on your phone. No bathrobes, no nightwear, no… special garments, and definitely no nudity."

"Nudity? Wait… nudity?" Jane looked around to see Maura heading off toward the motorcycle. "Maura! Wait up!" She pulled her boots on and took off at a run to catch up. When she finally made it back to the clearing, she found Maura carefully packing the saddlebags.

Out of breath, the detective took a moment. "Okay, I'll put the picture from last night… elsewhere. But, you know, they're not going to have any questions about our relationship if I use the picture you're suggesting, either. Just so you know… I mean, I have no problems with that if you don't. Also," Jane's eyes narrowed, "did you say 'nudity'?"

Maura was similarly huffing as she tucked various things into the saddlebags, finding room where there had been little before. The undergarments, she kept wrapped in the blanket, thinking ahead to when she unpacked the saddlebags as they returned the vehicle in less than an hour. "Merely stating for possible future reference," she replied, not quite casually, as she fastened both bags and turned around to lean against the bike, facing Jane, jeans still unfastened. She had gotten quite the tan, despite her fair skin. Some of it was an increase in freckle number and size, but in between them she had gone from whitebread to lightly toasted. "We might want to talk about that at dinner, or afterward. I don't like to assume things."

"I'm suddenly less interested in dinner," licking her lips, Jane ran her eyes over the sight before her. "Don't. Move." She fumbled in her pockets for a moment before pulling out her phone. It took a minute to get just the right angle and just the right lightening, but, once she snapped the picture, the detective practically did a happy dance as she replaced Maura's profile picture with the newest photo in collection for Maura pictures she had stashed away. "You know," she said as she walked over to show the picture to the honey blonde, "you should consider modeling. Seriously, babe, you're hot." Eyes gone dark again, she held her phone up to show the other woman.

When offered the chance to look at the phone, Maura skipped over, suddenly cute again in a girlish way, to look. "Actually, I have modeled," she began to say, then fell silent as she glanced, then stared at the phone. "Yes. This one, you may use. Do I get one of you, too? Because I do like having just a picture of your badge leaning against your coffee cup, but I'd like one that shows you, too. Hop on."

"We're coming back to that modeling thing, just so you know." Jane opened a saddlebag and secured her phone inside it. "You want me to look like I'm riding that?" She pointed to the bike. "I mean… I," at Maura's matter-of-fact look, the brunette shrugged. "Okay, but I can't promise to look half as good as you do." With that, she threw her leg over the seat, straddled the motorcycle, placed on hand on the handlebars, and the other atop her thigh. "How do you want me?"

Maura's own phone, she had removed from the bag and tucked into her front pocket. Now she drew it out and started manipulating its virtual buttons, taking one 'practice' picture of Jane just as she was before suggesting, "Keep that hand on the handlebars. Both heels flat on the ground, and slightly back, please. Hm. Lean backward a little, and your other hand is fine wherever."

Her eyes widened as Jane complied with the request, and immediately there came a click. "Goodness," she said, eyes still on Jane for a long moment before checking her phone to be sure it had seen what she had seen. "That's the shot. Okay, shall we head back?" Immediately she tucked in her tank top, fastened her jeans the rest of the way, and swung up onto the bike in front of Jane, handing the other woman her helmet first.

"No, I want to see the picture!" Jane took the helmet with a pout. It made Maura smile as she pulled out the phone to oblige, speaking not a word as she showed Jane why she had felt the need for only one shot.

It was an amazing shot, especially for a camera phone. Jane's long, lean body arced in an exaggerated curve, with her pelvis at the front, head and feet almost directly in line at the outer ends. Her clothes were just barely too tight to look right, and therefore they highlighted the slender muscularity of her, while the setting sun set her skin gleaming and her glossy hair aglow with those purple and orange highlights that had so transfixed Maura earlier as they lay spilled on the ground.

One graceful hand trailed back towards the bitch seat, while the other took strong hold of the handlebars. And then there was the look on her face, an intensity of focus combined with the utter relaxation of someone completely at home in her own skin. It was better than a gentleman's magazine ad for… just about anything, really.

"I'd say you photoshopped that picture, but I just saw you take it." Jane handed the phone back. "We should probably get going, right?" She pulled her helmet on and settled, hands on Maura's waist.

Maura pulled on her helmet and tapped the microphone. "Hold on tight," she said as though she intended to make the ride home a bit more exciting… and then, she didn't. All the way back to the dealership, she simply enjoyed the feeling of Jane's hands at her waist, the warm body pressed against her back, and the long thighs hugging her hips.

Dinner had been delicious, quiet, and pleasant in every way. The wine was rich and full-bodied, the service discreet and thorough, the conversation not too heavy.

Jane had looked thoroughly delectable in her chosen attire, and Maura had been hard pressed to maintain her customary decorum in the restaurant. Jane had taken the opportunity to wear something outside of her norm, and, though she always looked wonderful, the dress made her absolutely stunning. Black to allow her fingernails to pop, sleeveless to accentuate her arms, the bodice was tight fitted with a wrap-around look to it. The dress fell just short of the top of her knees, and the black peep-toe shoes allowed the wine red to shine out against her darkened olive skin.

She had chosen to take care with her hair, straitening it but leaving it down to allow the sun lightened highlights to play in the soft light of the restaurant. To add to her look, she wore a small amount of makeup – eyeliner to allow her eyes to pop and a tinted lipgloss. She was striking. It had been difficult for Maura to restrict herself to holding hands and sometimes stroking fingertips along Jane's fingers and wrist of the hand nearest her.

Maura had chosen to wear a little black dress that was surprisingly demure, at least on the face of it. Three-quarter sleeves, below the knee length, even a somewhat high neckline, all covered her newly toasted skin. However, it was fitted in such a way as to accentuate silhouette, as well as drawing the eye up towards her face, wherein lay her identity and expressiveness; and down, towards the toned legs and the surprising teal snakeskin peep-toed heel below. Her jewelry was chunky and bold without being garish.

Perhaps in silent reference to Jane's comments concerning the way she liked to see Maura best, the honey hair was styled simply. Big, bouncing waves brushed back from her face, which employed minimal cosmetics to barely emphasize eyes and lips. Nutmeg sprinkles of freckling highlighted the healthy skin and the lack of colored foundation thereon. Whenever they neared one another for any reason, Jane would catch a whiff of some warm, personal fragrance that she knew did not come from a perfume or cologne, as it lacked the astringent after-scent. A lotion, probably, and no more. She had gone simple and natural, for Jane.

Afterward, the pair had gone to Jane's to pick up Jo Friday and, though they did not speak of the arrangement aloud, Jane's overnight bag. Maura let them inside and released the dog from her leash, taking a few minutes to spoon some canned food into the dish she kept in the kitchen, opposite her tortoise's food and water bowls. Once Jo's needs were met, she made quick work of feeding Bass as well, then turned around towards Jane again, head tilted in a 'what now?' pose.

Jane glanced around the room, one hand's fingers nervously running over the scars on her other hand. "I think I'm nervous. I'm at your place with you, and I don't know what to do with myself for the first time ever." She gave a little anxious chuckle as she smoothed the hem of her dress. "Plus, you know, I don't wear this kind of thing often, and I'm a little afraid to sit down on the couch." She shot Maura and apologetic look.

Maura pushed herself away from the counter's edge and led the way towards the dining room, rather than the living room. "Then let's sit in here," she suggested, softly taking the taller woman's hand on the way past her. "It's easier to sit upright in eveningwear than to recline on the couch. Anyway, we should talk."

"I want to know about a lot of things," Jane said as she settled in a chair. "I want to know everything about you." She gave a soft smile as a blush crept up her neck, "But, it's late, and there are few things we should probably cover before we go to bed tonight. I'm thinking everything else we can cover tomorrow or whenever." Again, that smile. "I'm not much up on touchy-feely conversations, so I hope you don't hold it against me for just coming out and asking this," she cleared her throat. "Maura, where am I sleeping tonight?"

Maura worked through the possibilities and, for once, she shared her logical process as it was happening, slowing her own mind deliberately so that she missed nothing, and nothing was left unexplained. "Logically, you wouldn't need to ask that question if you wanted to sleep in the guest room, because you know that you're always welcome to it. You wouldn't need to ask it if you'd already established in your mind that certain alternatives were off the table, either; you'd start by saying so, and asking what I wanted out of whatever was left for consideration."

The thoughts, tasting strange on her tongue as normal human interactions often did, led to an inevitable conclusion. "Therefore, what you're asking is what I want. Which is…" Her face colored, and she smiled as she looked elsewhere. "Which is to hold you close to me and kiss you until I'm so tired I can't anymore, and you're so tired that you can't even think of getting up to go anywhere else."

Jane pushed a straightened strand of hair from her face as she gave a nod. "Does this mean that we're official, or are we feeling this out? Honestly, I have no desire to see anyone else if you're willing to be with me, but I need to know where, exactly, we are."

"I want to be with you," Maura replied, leaving no room for interpretation this time. "There are practical considerations involved, though. If I'm with someone," she said, giving it a delicate inflection to indicate physical intimacy, "I'm not with anyone else at the same time, and I'm not with anyone else for six months afterward, either. It's the way I stay safe. It's been longer than six months for me at this time; I'm clean. That's information you need to factor into an intelligent choice about whether you want to be with me, when, and how much protection to use. I need to know those things about you, too."

She leaned forward, one hand slipping across the table to land very near Jane's. "And then there are the purely personal considerations. I want to be with you, Jane. Only you. I want to know that if you're leaving work early, it's because you're going to be with me that night, not with someone else. If we're going to do this, I need us both to focus on one another and give it the best chance we can. It means I don't want to go so fast that I don't get to savor every little step we take together, and I don't want to go so slowly that those closest to us can't even tell anything's different for either of us. I want to be dating you. I don't mind if you want to keep it to ourselves that it's me you're dating, but I want people to be able to see it when they look at you, know that something different and better is happening in your life. And… I want… I want so much to be holding you right now."

"Okay," came the soft response as Jane stood, offering her hand to Maura. "You should probably know, then, that you're safe, Maura. I haven't been with anyone in, well, it's been longer than six months." She sighed, glancing down at the ground, away from the woman in front of her. "Besides," she said, blush blossoming across her face, "I don't think I could hide the change in our relationship if I wanted to. I was having a hard enough time keeping people from seeing the drool whenever you walked by before today." She quickly glanced up before returning her gaze to the floor, "And I don't want to hide it anyway. I like the idea of us being exclusive. It's nice," she said in a quiet voice, "belonging to someone."

Maura took Jane's hand and rose from her seat, her own hand shaking just slightly, though her voice was relaxed and even. Rather than moving towards the other room, she stepped in towards her best friend, her free hand slipping around to the small of the taller woman's back. "I've never really liked that idea," she admitted, "but lately it's all I've been thinking about. I want it. I want to be yours. Will you come to bed with me, Jane? Not for… Well, maybe." She had the grace to blush. "But mostly so that I can hold you. I want to see you again the way I saw you when you got off the motorcycle."

"Prone, on top of you, and out of breath?" Jane smirked as Maura nodded, this time not blushing at all.

"I was so disappointed when you got up," Maura murmured, and now she did step slightly backward, towards the other room, both hands gently urging Jane to follow along with her. "I would have been content with that for the entire day."

"Yeah, I think we can manage that." She chuckled, "However you want me, Maura, I'm there."

Maura licked her lips as her posture turned a little sinuous, just the tiniest bit enticing. "I believe we covered that already. Prone, on top of me, and out of breath. And… soon."