Time Doesn't Always Run Straight


Part 4

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Ianto and Martha are talking in the autopsy area. Jestine watches on. Ianto hands Martha a folder.

"Okay, these are the plans for the Pharm's buildings. From what Jack and Owen say, they reckon that the main house contains Copley's office, medical research suites and the accommodation for the clinical trials subjects."

"What about the buildings at the rear?" Martha quires.

"Restricted are, fenced off, armed security. Jack thinks that's where the readings of alien life forms came from." Ianto explains.

"Cool." Martha exclaims.

"You are to stay well away from there, don't want to raise any suspicions." Jestine points out.

"Spoilsport." Martha jokes.

"Are you sure you are up to this? I know you have some undercover experience but this is different." Jestine worries.

"I'm sure." Martha smiles at Jestine in reassurance.

Ianto clears his throat to regain their attention. "The first thing you need to do is get yourself accepted as a clinical trials subject. Don't try too hard, don't draw too much attention to yourself."

"Be invisible. I can do that." Martha replies in amusement as Jestine chuckles.

Ianto glances between the two women briefly before continuing on. "Once you're in, we need you to gain access to the Pharm's IT systems, close down the system firewalls and security protocols. That way Tosh can gain access to the files and see what they're really up to."

"Industrial espionage. It's very civilized." Martha comments as she closes her kit and picks it up."

"Once you've done that, get out. Don't take any unnecessary risks." Ianto reinforces.

"Understood." Martha nods. Sensing that business is done she grins. "So, Jack asked me if I could get you a UNIT cap to wear."

Ianto fights the urge to blush while Jestine looks around in boredom. "Did he? Well, red is my colour." Ianto quickly takes the files and heads back up the steps. He had always been shy when talking about his personal life and decided retreat was the best option in this situation.

"So am I right in thinking that you and he…" Despite Jack telling her about the relationship, Martha wanted to hear what the Welshman thought about Jack. Since The Year That Never Was, the whole Jones family had become protective of Jack. Martha still marvelled at what he had done to protect her family for her.

Ianto halts mid step and turns around. While he didn't know the details, Jack had already filed him in on some of what had happened while he was away. He was aware of the bond that had formed between Jack and the Jones family. He would be forever grateful to them for the support they had given Jack. Because of this he knew he couldn't just brush Martha's question off. She wasn't asking for gossip but because she cared about Jack. He blushes slightly as he speaks. "Yeah, we're together."

"Are you both happy?" Martha tries to not drill Ianto but still needs to know for sure that Ianto felt the same for Jack.

"Very." Ianto grins as he thinks back to the previous night. He shakes his head slightly to get back on track. "Huh. So shall we get your cover story sorted?"

Martha nods and follows Ianto up the stairs, Jestine bringing up the rear.


"Jack." Gwen calls out.

"Yeah?" He sticks his head out of his office as Ianto, Martha and Jestine appear from the autopsy bay.

"Looks like another victim has shown up." She explains. "Alleyway in Newcastle, same MO as the rest."

Jack looks uneasily at Martha. "Right, Gwen and Owen double check. Martha fake I.D." Jack commands.

"Um, Jack, we have a problem." Tosh speaks up.

Jack rubs his face. This case was taking its toll on the team. Multiple deaths and nothing seemed to be going their way. "What now?" He asks as he moves over to Tosh's desk.

"It seems someone has been trying to track us down." Tosh gestures to her computer screen which was covered in text.

"Did they find anything?" Jack asks trying to keep his voice level.

"Our servers are secured. They can't get anything from our end." Tosh answers.

"But…?" Jack asks.

"They have some high level friends. It is possible they have gotten some information on us. Plus someone has hacked the CCTV network." Tosh answers.

"Why would they do that?" Martha asks.

"Visual on the enemy." Jestine replies. "Likely they were pointed in our direction and they now know who has entered and left the base recently."

Jack slams his hand on the desk. "There goes that plan."

"Not necessarily." Jestine interrupts.

"They know who we are. We try and send in someone they will immediately I.D. them and who knows what they will do then."

"They won't know who I am." Jestine points out. "I haven't entered via any of the entrances for months. And when I did, I wiped the CCTV footage. Plus as I'm not an official member of Torchwood there is no paper trail."

"If you ever finished the paperwork I gave you, there would be." Ianto mutters.

"Well I guess it's a good thing I haven't." Jestine snarks. "Look, I'm the best option now. They have almost certainly identified Martha as having some link to Torchwood. We can't risk sending her in."

"But what if they find you out?" Jack knows Jestine is their best option with the new revelations but he still didn't agree with it.

"I get out of there as quick as possible. I've done this sort of thing many times before." Jestine replies. "Come on, we don't have time to waste, they might still have other test subjects."

Jack hesitates for a moment before replying. "Fine. Let's get your cover story set up. Owen and Gwen go have a look at the body. Tosh I want you to see if you can find exactly how much they know about us."

Jack turns and heads back to his office, Jestine close behind.


"Are you sure about this?" Jack asks as Ianto hands Jestine the fake ID. Tosh is also in the office.

"Why wouldn't I be? I'm the best person for the job." Jestine replies as she reads the ID.

"First name Samantha. Last name Jones." Ianto explains.

"You sure with Jones? Seems a little too common." Jestine quires.

"It'll be fine. You only need to be there for a short time." Jack replies.

"Fine. Communication?" Jestine asks.

"Communication's very tricky. The whole place could be wired. We don't want you chattering away to us and being over hear." Tosh explains.

"Right. Guessing psychic communication is out as well."

"From those distances it'll take too much concentration to be discreet. And I want to monitor you at all times." Jack replies.

"So solution?" Jestine raises a questioning eyebrow.

Tosh holds out a case with contact lenses inside.

Jestine pokes them. "What are they?"

"Contact lenses." Tosh answer.

"What do they do?" Jestine picks one up.

"Normally they are used to improve people's eyesight." Ianto explains.

"But I have perfect eye sight. I don't need these." Jestine plays around with it.

"You need these." Tosh answers.


The team are gathered around the work stations once again. Owen is shown on a monitor.

"Okay?" He asks before stepping out of camera view. Tosh is sitting in front of the monitor. The view of the monitor turns towards Jack and Toshiko's back. Jestine's hand then breaks into the monitor's view. Tosh turns around.

"I'm a camera?" Jestine asks with uncertainty.

"As Chris Isherwood once said to me when we were cruising the Kurfurstendamm." Jack smirks.

Owen rolls his eyes and shakes his head, while Tosh types.

"And we… can …text." She explains.

Jestine jumps back in shock as text appears at the bottom of her sight: U LOOK WE C.

"You have such cool gadgets." Martha comments.

"Power comes from the body heat, so they only work when you're wearing them." Tosh explains.

"So I have to wear them everywhere." Jestine summaries.

"You should probably do some things with your eyes shut then." Owen comments.

"What would I have to do with my eyes closed?" Jestine questions.

"We don't have time to go into socially acceptable behaviour." Jack interrupts sternly. "In case of an emergency, we can speak directly to you." Jack steers the conversation back to topic.

"The lens will communicate with your sensory nerorecptors. Bypasses the auditory system." Tosh explains.

"But the signals aren't intercepted?" Jestine puzzles.

"Alien technology. Which exploits a solution to the EPR paradox." Ianto informs her.

"Oh, quantum entanglement of remote particles. Okay, cool." Martha muses.

"Did I mention she is brilliant?" Jack beams as Tosh blushes.


Jestine is in a PHARM exam room having her blood drawn by Plummer, the assistant as the team looks on from the Torchwood base.

"It's standard procedure to take two blood tests. One of them will be analysed overnight." Plummer explains as she removes a vial and puts it in the bag held by the nurse nearby.

"Thank you, Nurse."

"So tell us the places you've been to, Samantha." Plummer probes.

"Well I had a great time in North America, France and German, Australia…" Jestine recites the list she had been given earlier as Tosh types something back at the hub.

"What about the Third World? Africa, Latin America?" Plummer asks as a "!" in a triangle flashes in Jestine's sight.

"Uh, no. Haven't got round to it yet." Jestine backs off as Plummer picks up a clipboard and sits back down.

"Travel off the beaten track can be a bit of a problem for us. If you had some exotic tropical disease, there could be unexpected side effects, and volunteer welfare is our absolute priority." Plummer explains.

Martha lets off a derisive snort as Jestine answers. "Oh, that shouldn't be a problem. I'm very conscious of health issues. Only organic vegetables, you never know what they spray on the plants otherwise." Jestine whispers, shifting her eyes around. Another flashing ! in a triangle appears in Jestine's sight as she looks at Plummer.

The door opens and Aaron Copley walks in, Plummer introduces him.

"My mum's a nurse." Jestine continues to explain.

"This is Professor Copley, Samantha. Institute Director."

"Hi, Sam. Nice to meet you." Copley eyes Jestine.

"Tell her to get close to Copley." Jack instructs Tosh as Jestine greets Copley.


"I see you're a student at the moment." Copley comments.

"That's right." Jestine smiles.

"Studying what?" Copley inquires.

"Creative writing." Jestine answers as Copley and Plummer exchange looks. "So yeah, the cash would be handy."

"Well I'm sure you'll understand, Samantha, that we have a lot of applicants." Copley informs her as he backs off.

"Tell her to not lose him." Jack hisses as Tosh quickly types. Martha indicates to be allowed to type. After a glance at Jack Tosh allows her to do so.

Jestine receives the message as Copley turns to leave. "Wait. Um, there's something I should probably tell you." Jestine fiddles with her hair while avoiding eye contact.

Copley turns back and asks "Oh, yes?"

"I guess it'll show up in the tests anyway." Jestine glances at Copley as the team look on.

"I um, had a hepatitis infection." Jestine informs Copley.

"You genius!" Owen exclaims to Martha. "Her way in."

"I mean, I'm fine now, but it eh stays in the blood I was told. So strictly speaking, it's incurable, right?" Jestine watches Copley closely.

"Well, that puts a different complexion on things." Copley replies as Jestine pretends to be disappointed. "We could use a subject with hepatitis. Are you available to start right now?"

"Really?" Jestine sounds stunned. "Sure, I've brought my overnight things." She holds up her bag.

Copley smiles at her. "Then all we need is your signature on this confidentiality agreement."

He leads her to the desk and puts the agreement down for Jestine to sign.

"She's in." Owen lets out a sigh.

"As Chris Isherwood also said, it's not the getting in, it's the getting out." Jack comments as Jestine signs the form. Copley thanks her.

"So what sort of drugs will you give me?" Jestine asks.

"We have got various products at the clinical trials stage. You'll be given a full briefing once we've finalized the program, and of course we won't proceed unless we have your informed consent." Copley's smile reminds Jack of a predator's as it circles its prey.

Jestine smiles at Copley before turning and looking at Plummer who motions for her to go ahead. Copley and Plummer exchange looks as they head out of the room.

"Be careful." Jack mutters as she passes a door marked administration.

"Let her settle in. It's gonna be a long night ahead." Owen suggests. Jack nods, turning from the computer. "That was quick thinking Martha. The whole plan may have been ruined if you hadn't come up with the hepatitis angel."

"Let's just hope Jestine can do the rest." Martha replies, worry evident in her voice.

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