Hello! Thank you for checking out my SYOT! Before you fill out the form you should know that I'm going to be writing this a bit differently than most people do. Instead of writing every tributes point of view during every event in the story, different tributes will be chosen in the chapters leading up to the Games to have their point of view. So I will write about two tribute's reapings, another two tribute's interview, another two's tribute parade, and so on. Don't worry, every tribute will be featured in at least one chapter before the Games begin.

I also will not necessarily wait for every tribute spot to be filled before I begin. Any tributes that I don't get will just be assumed bloodbaths. So, on that, I don't need that many bloodbath tributes to be submitted, only about three or four. So remember to submit them.

You can submit up to three tributes, but that does not mean that all or any of them will be selected. This is not first come first served, I am choosing the tributes that I think are interesting and will work well in the story. (Which means, no flawless characters and no characters that are just like character's in the original books. And remember, not everyone can have a sob-story history.)

Thanks for reading this and I hope it doesn't deter you from submitting! I promise, this will be an awesome story. Just to make sure that you have read this, put "I Will Prevail" at the end of the "Anything Else" of your tribute's form.

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Chapter 1


After the riveting and historical final events of the 74th annual Hunger Games, the entire country was in shock. Never before had two victors immerged from an arena. Every citizen, both of the districts and the Capitol, were in awe of the two children who's "love" had overcome the greatest obstacle anyone could imagine. This had not only made Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark national icons, but targets.

They had been allowed to live in peace for the months following their victory with no further consequences. This left the two "lovers" and their friends and family comfortable and feeling safe. They all settled into their new homes in the Victor's Village and watched as their success benefited the entire district as food and supplies were sent. But that is exactly what President Snow had been planning. The sense of security was the perfect cover for what was to come.

On the day the Quarter Quell was announced not a single person in the country was left un-shocked. Who could have guessed that the star-crossed lovers' new life was going to be so short? Everyone knew there was no way they could pull off another miracle.

In the arena of the 75th Game, everything was going just as planned for the rebels both inside and out of the arena. The plan to rescue the remaining tributes from the arena was set to go until just before the hovercraft that was going to be sent to lift them malfunctioned. There was a fire inside of the hovercraft that prevented it from lifting off. Before it could be fixed, the rebels had been discovered and everyone involved with the plan was immediately imprisoned and later executed.

The tributes inside the arena that were in on the plan, Johanna, Finnick, and Beetee, were left wondering why the rescue never came. Eventually, they realized that something had gone wrong and they were left to fight the rest of the Games as they were supposed to. The alliance separated and they all went their separate ways to try to survive the Games.

Katniss and Peeta stayed together, of course, but it didn't last long. They were attacked by a group of monkey mutts similar to the ones they had faced earlier in the Games, but without the rest of their alliance to help them, they were both killed.

The Game lasted for only a few more days before it came down to the final two, Johanna and Finnick. They each refused to fight each other, as they had been friends since they had both been victors. The Gamemakers, in an attempt to kill one of them, set all the traps from all areas of the arena off at the same time. Finnick was lucky enough to have been in the section of the blood rain, and remained where he was. Johanna, however, had been in the section of the giant wave. And although she could swim, she couldn't manage to keep her head above water for long and drowned, leaving Finnick as the victor.

After the Game, there was no further attempt at any kind of rebellion, the citizens all knowing that they could never overcome the power of the Capitol.

So there you go, now you know everything that happened leading up to the 99th Games, where our story will begin. The next chapter will contain the tribute list and an introduction of our new President and Head Gamemaker