Survival had come as surprise; it certainly hadn't been expected or planned for. Which left him with a problem.

The solution had seemed obvious.

He had been determined to have Avon, for revenge if nothing else, but in the end he lost the struggle because the man was far too alert and much too strong to hold on to. At intervals he tried each of the others, but none were satisfactory. Even so they got him off the planet. And Vila even gave him a plan.

So he had moved from world to world until he found his mark. The woman had been a problem, but by now he had learnt to move quickly and he dealt with her without hesitation. This man was easier, his need was the all opening required and he lacked the suspicion that had made Avon such a difficult proposition.

But then Avon had known him and this one never had.

Then they had come but it hadn't gone quite as expected, no matter because the outcome could be worked with as long as she arrived soon. He knew Servalan well from the other's minds, she would suit him admirably.

His first sight of her through the trooper's helmet was exhilarating, even her voice charmed him. The anticipation was almost unbearable as she moved closer; he could almost taste her, feel the power that she would bring him and see the rewards that would follow his assumption of it.

With a sense of triumph he made the jump, pleasure surging as he felt her flesh give way to him and her mind open its doors.

Then all pleasure died and fear and horror overcame him, he tried to pull back but couldn't. He screamed in silent rage and pain as it fastened itself upon him, cursing as he understood.

Something was there before him.