Hi guys! Since everyone loved the first story of my Ghost Princess, I'm making a prequel. Also, I'm dedicating this to all of my friends in twitter. My twin Nico, and my lovely girlfriend Lilly. She's very cute and adorable… I really love her. OHGOSH! Did I just say that?

How would Ghost Princess turn back to become the Ghost Prince?

Chapter 1: Nica, met Lilly

"Nica…Where are you?" the Lord of the Dead said as he was holding a pretty black dress with studs. His face was full of desires and was smirking maniacally. Our Ghost Princess, Nica di Angelo who is later the Nico di Angelo was hiding in her room. She heard his voice near his room. Oh God! No… Ain't no way that I'll wear something that I haven't even wear in my entire life. The Ghost Princess was really pissed off so she hid under her bed to make a black vortex over the wall to help her escape.

"Sorry Dad but at least it's much better to leave than to have you make me wear a dress! I'm still Nico di Angelo at heart!" she said entering the vortex still in with her the black sword, The Stygian Sword. The black hole sent her to an unknown place she had ever even known. The place was dark, smells like rotten rats and full of shits and poop. Nica screamed but she tried to closed her mouth because someone or maybe there's another human being in here. Nica tried to find the exit of this goddamn place. She wasn't sure if she would be welcome back at Camp-Half Blood. How could she explain that her Necrophiliac father just turned him into a woman just because of not obeying the rules of the Underworld.

How can I just say to the others that "Hi guys! I'm Nico and I just turned into a woman. Call me, Nica di Angelo" Just thinking about it makes me vomit.

Back to reality… Nica was already tired from running around the place and in the end, she didn't spot any exits. "Are you serious?!" she whisper to herself and fell to her knees. She went towards the wall and tried to rest for awhile before she moved on from her search. The Ghost Princess took a short nap, dreaming of himself back from being Nico di Angelo. Ahhh… "Being Nico is great… I can easily do whatever that I wan't in my whole life. Oh…Nico….Nic….a?"

Her dream was cut-off when someone just is waking Nica up. She was startled and saw a young teen, the same age as hers with turquoise eyes, brunette hair with golden streaks. She wears a navy blue shirt having the design "Mutant and Proud!" and tattered jeans and black sneakers. Nica wasn't sure if she would happy or scared to see another human in here.

"Uhh.. Who are you?"she said pointing her stygian sword towards her. The brunette girl was startled muttering something in a language in which she couldn't even understand. Nica was confused cause she was still muttering and saying such ridiculous words towards her.

"Look… I'm not here to argue with you so can you just tell me where the heck am I?"Nica said looking at the girl with serious eyes. "God! Seriously! And here I thought that we could be friends and now you give me this?" the brunette frowns and turns away at Nica. Help? She knows the way out? This is the chance for me to escape! This is her only chance and wouldn't let go of it. Nica stopped the girl and apologize for pointing her sword at hers. The brunette teen accepted it, offering a handshake for truce. "Oh… and I'm Lilly. Lilly Vain if you would like to know" she smiled at the Nica. A few seconds, they heard a roaring sound near their location. The Ghost Princess look at Lilly if she knew what was going on.

"Well… If we want to get out here alive. We need to do it. Right now" Lilly said signaling her to RUN FOR YOUR LIVES. Nica was already aware and the two of them ran as fast as they can before the roaring was near. Lilly lead the way for them to get out. Nica was curious as to why would a mortal be in here at first place and know that someone such as herself was around. This girl is definitely not a mortal. A Demigod perhaps but I dunno which godly-parent is she from.

Finally, they can see a small dim light straight ahead. It must the light from the outside which means the exit. "Hurry! The gate closes for 30 seconds. That's the only time limit that I can open it!" she shouted grabbing her hands making one last run before the door closes and shuts them with a hungry whatever that is, monster. They were out before the time runs out, exhausted, super tired and loss all strength to get back on their knees.

"Uh…thanks…for…saving my life." Nica said still catching her breath. Lilly chuckle a bit and saying that she was cute if she smile a lot. The Ghost Princess felt her heart race from the compliment and blush.

"Ahaha! Look… You're really cute… Anyway…Don't thank me. I was just asked by some of your friends from Camp-Half Blood." Camp-Half Blood? Don't tell me… Before she could react, she heard some familiar voices, A blond girl, a black haired guy, a brunette but her hair was much darker than Lilly's and a goat human or a satyr to be precise. All of them were wearing Camp-Half Blood t-shirt and the bead necklace.

"You guys…you… you already knew?" Nica said still shocked about it. Who knew that the news would spread over Camp-Half Blood.

"Nico…I meant… Nica… Well this is hard for us to converse with you but your sister, Bianca said everything to me last night. She said you were having a great problem about you changing into a woman" the black hair guy said scratching his hair.

"Annabeth's right, Nico. As much as I hate you because you still scare the hooves out of me, we wanted to help you" the goat-boy said, still mumbling a tin can that he's been holding. The blonde, Annabeth went towards Nica, patting her back. "It's okay Nico… We're here and we promise to help you get over with your punishment. Isn't that right, Seaweed Brain?" she looked towards Percy, the black-haired guy and he started to laugh.

Nica was overwhelmed about how worried her friends back at camp when he was still Nico. Even if he was a shut-in and does everything alone, his friends were still there and will help him in times of needs. Bianca was really right and that he was not alone. He made friends already and that was a lot.

"Alright, you guys. We better head back to Camp and tell Chiron about this. Oh I see you've met Lilly. Nico, this Lilly Vain and she's the daughter of the God of War, Ares like me. End of discussion. Let's go" the other brunette, Clarisse lead them to get back at camp. "

"Nice meeting you, Nico. I do hope we'll have a lot of fun together" Lilly smiled and help her hand to help the Ghost Princess.

"You owe me a serious and long explanation about this, Lilly"

"I promise…" she said and they walk towards Camp-Half Blood archway entrance…