I was falling, falling very quickly I could not feel the joy of flight it took to soar, all I felt was despair. I am going to die here, here in this… wait, where am I? More importantly, where are friends Robin, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy!? This is it, I am to die here all alone, I started to cry, why would they leave me? I could feel the ground approaching, any minute now…

I bolted to an upright position, I was drenched with sweat and my face covered in tears. I looked at the clock, it read 12:45. Lighting flashed and thunder shook the tower with its powerful bellow. There is no way I could fall back asleep, I had to check on friends. I walked to the bathroom at the end of the hall, and washed up as best as I could without getting into the shower. First I checked on friend Cyborg, the machines in his room whirred softly, and his snoring made me giggle. Raven was sleeping soundly without a stir or a sound, but Beast Boy, he was curled up in a ball in the form of an armadillo on his quilt, and I had almost awakened him with the sounds of my laughter.

Time for Robin, I steeled up and prepared to open the door to his room, it slid open noiselessly and I stepped in. He was sleeping with a blissful look on his face. He looks so peaceful when he is sleeping, his hair a mess and his mask off, you could see the features of his face even in the low lighting, and you could even see the softness of his skin. His electric blue eyes which seemed to pierce me to my very soul, wait, he was awake!? This is the "bad" very, very bad!

"Star? What are you doing in here?" a light pinkness overcame his cheeks.

"I was checking to make sure none of you had left the tower, I had the 'nightmare' and I could not go back to sleep uncertain." I was feeling heat cover my face "I know I can't go back to sleep even though I need it. May I stay with you tonight friend Robin?"

"Ah, Star, that's not really appropriate…"

"Oh please friend Robin! These 'nightmares' are most unpleasant."

I could see his face soften a little and his resolve crack, "Fine Star, but only this once"

"Oh thank you thank you friend Robin!" I hovered to the open spot on his bed and sat.

"What happened in the nightmare Star?" He was blushing furiously for reasons I cannot comprehend.

"Well I was in a hole, a big deep hole, and I was falling but I could not fly, and friends were not there, I felt as if I was going to die," a tear escaped "I had awoken before I hit the ground thankfully, but it was most unpleasant."

He was still blushing, but less intensely, and I felt that I was doing to also.

"Thank you Robin."

He looked startled "For what?"

"Everything, letting me stay here, befriending me, helping me with my problems and listening to me when I need to talk about something, everything," I was dozing off but I desperately wanted to stay awake, to continue the conversation… but I could not, and I did not want to go to sleep alone "hold me, please Robin."

I could feel him shift and put his arms around me; I snuggled into the strong feeling of his chest and felt his chin atop my head before I knew it, I fell into a blissful sleep, it felt right, like I should be here forever…