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Just to make sure no one flips out: Starfire: 19 Robin: 19 they are both legal!

Robin came back in the room wearing a white T-shirt and black pants with yellow bats on them; he had his mask off and his hair de-gelled. After admiring him for a few seconds, Starfire grabbed his hand and led him to the bed.

"I'm sorry about how the date went Starfire, it wasn't supposed to rain and the power wasn't suppose…mmhp!" Starfire cut him off in mid-sentence with eager lips upon his own, he didn't have time to respond to her kiss before she pulled away and whispered, "That was most definitely the best date I have ever been on, and I feel in my heart it will remain to be the best because I spent time with you Robin, that is all I could have asked for."

Her words shocked the young boy wonder. He looked at her in amazement. He drew her into a hug. Not letting him go, Starfire hooked her legs around his waist. Robin was blushing again, but this time she knew why. He removed himself from the hug (she kept her legs around his waist) and looked into Starfires big green orbs. Robin slowly leaned in as to not startle her, but Starfire was doing the same.

The contact left Starfire warm in the belly and Robin warm in the face, but what started out to be a sweet little peck quickly grew into something more. Robins hands left a trail of fire along her sides as his hands went up from their spot on her waist to her face but his hand brushed lightly against her breast and she gasped. He quickly drew his hands away but she would not have it. Breaking the kiss she brought his hands to her breasts experimentally she gasped when they made contact and Robin could see the lust flash deep in her eyes. "Keep them there Robin." She let go of his hands and they stayed where they were, triumphant at her success she quickly put her hands on his face and kissed him again.

Robin could barely think with her kissing him, he definitely couldn't think when she had commanded him to keep his hands on her breasts. He didn't want to stop, nowhere near it. But that little nagging voice in the back of his head kept on telling him 'If you don't stop you will do something you regret!'

He pulled back reluctantly and drew his hands away. Her eyes had darkened a considerable amount. She was nowhere near finished with him. Before he had time to react she had swiftly pulled his shirt over his head and thrown it onto the floor. She pushed him back onto the bed so that he was lying down with Starfire sitting on his thighs. She admired his chest, it saw very toned, not in that 'over-the-top-veins-popping-out kind of way, but in the everything-just-right kind of way.'

She was tracing a path down his chest with her hands; before she got an idea she smiled and replaced her hands with her mouth. He bucked when he felt her mouth touch his chest, oh god oh god oh god… not now! Gah! Stop it! Ok, uh, something gross, Control Freak, her tongue darted between her lips and licked his abdomen, Mad Mod in a bathing suit, no no no not bathing suits.

"Starfire we need to stop!" his voice was hoarse and he didn't sound too convincing.

"But why Robin? Do you not enjoy this?" her voice was husky and it sent shivers down his spine.

"Starfire that's not it, we have to stop now." he blushed and fumbled for words to describe his problem.

"But Robin, you do not want too…" to prove her point she moved up from her spot on his thighs to lightly rest on the tell-tale sign of his pelvic region, he was blushing very badly at this point, "and neither do I." she made a trail back up his chest with her mouth, "Please Robin, do not make me stop." She kept on tracing his chest "Please" he was losing his mind, he wasn't going to be able to stop himself "Robin" that voice sent him over the edge. He flipped her onto her back and kissed her, his tongue delved into her mouth and she gave a breathy moan.

"I will not make you stop; I don't think I ever could."


Five years later


"Starfire? Where are you?"

"I am here Robin." She walked into the main room of the Titans Tower with a little bundle blue in her arms, it gave a soft cry and Robin smiled at his son. He had his black hair and Starfires green eyes; his skin was a nice blend of both of theirs.

He took Starfires hand and kissed the wedding ring that adorned her left hand. Things could not get better for the two of them, everything was perfect. And would remain that way… forever.

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