What is it with me and carnival stories?

Ah well, this one's at a circus so I guess it's a little different...

Anyways... *jumps on Ichigo* HAPPY FAHKING BIRTHDAY!

Ichigo: *screams* Where did you come from!?

*chuckles darkly* From a place where the darkness never ends, where the smell is putrid and it's always cramped!

Ichigo: So... my closet?


Shiro: ...how long have you been in there?

:3 Long enough... long enough... (to see what they do EVERY NIGHT! ;D)

Monster on the Bed

Today was his ninth birthday and so his family brought him to a circus. Appropriate, maybe, for someone who was twelve, but he was only nine. Naturally Ichigo was scared of the lions, though he loved the seals and (oddly enough) the clowns.

It was probably because one gave him a free balloon on the way in.

Nevertheless, today was Ichigo's birthday and he was at a circus to celebrate. That about summed it up, but that wasn't what made today so important.

Ichigo had gotten lost on the way to the car. He called and called for his mother, but she never came. So Ichigo kept wandering, his brown eyes wide and worried in fear. He wandered into a red and yellow tent that was relatively small when compared to the big top. His gaze fell onto a cage and stayed there as he wondered what could possibly be inside.

It hissed, whatever it was, and Ichigo jumped back. He landed on his butt and watched as the thing inside swung out at him with a clawed white hand. Ichigo's head tilted as he got a sudden sense of curiosity. He gazed past the creature's hand. Inside the darkness of the cage he could see two glowing golden eyes. Despite the strong sense of fear that crept up his spine, Ichigo stood and wandered forward.

"What are you doing in here?" a worked yelled. "Get out!"

Ichigo screamed and turned around, his head bumping back against the cage bars. He looked at the worker with fear before it registered to him what he said. Ichigo bowed his head in apology and dragged himself out of the tent.

Almost like a spell had been removed, Ichigo suddenly remembered that his mother was missing. He started running around and calling her again, and after about five minutes he succeeded in finding her.

That meeting between Ichigo and the creature wasn't the only odd thing that happened that day. As Ichigo, Isshin (father), Masaki (mother), Yuzu (sister) and Karin (sister) were leaving the circus, gunfire broke out. Isshin was shot instantly as he used his body to protect his family. Masaki, being a police officer, attempted to calm the gunman and in return she was shot. Yuzu and Karin survived without any injuries. A few others were shot and wounded. Everyone wounded survived.

And Ichigo Kurosaki, the boy with natural orange hair and hopeful brown eyes, disappeared without a trace.

The next part will be uploaded on Ichigo's birthday! :D (July 15th)