Canon: Razor Sharp with Cassidy Freeman and Adam Gregor
Characters/Pairing: Isis, Bryce, Veronica
Prompts: family at 100wordstories livejournal community
Rating: K
Notes: So this is my first and only drabble in the Razor Sharp universe, a short movie with total awesomeness and an awesome cast. It used to be free to watch on the internet. For this fic, mostly you just need to know that Isis, a kid codebreaker whose parents were killed to capture her, was rescued by a data grifter (thief), Veronica Sharpe, and her Russian partner back at the home base, Bryce.

My Sister is a Russian Supercomputer

"So how do you know Bryce?" Isis asked curiously over her first real breakfast in a year.

Veronica glanced up from her own eggs. "Bryce and my dad went way back."

"Came here with her sister fifty years ago," Bryce took over, "and partnered with that fool thief."

"He was a Sharpe, Bryce," Veronica replied. "Not a fool."

Bryce harrumphed. "Foolhardy jobs, working with Dex, getting himself killed, and you just like him."

"Two out of three."

Isis interjected. "Sister?"

"Yes." Veronica grinned. "My sister is a Russian supercomputer."

Isis giggled. "This has got to be the weirdest family ever."