A/N: Mature. Bella and Edward are a seemingly perfect couple in a seemingly perfect marriage. Edward is in the Navy and is constantly gone, Bella cheats on Edward and their marriage seems broken. Can they mend it back together?

( P)

His tears streamed down his magnificent face in pure agony and pain as my heart broke for him, and us, and our family.

What have I done?

He sobbed and fell onto his knees as he looked up at me angrily, "You want to be with him. Go! Go be with him Bella," His body shook for a second and his face fell to his hands.

EJ cried upstairs in his crib, he had woken up from his afternoon nap and was calling for mommy, daddy, and a warm bottle.

Moving passed the crumbling figure before me, I rushed up the stairs and stared into wide deep blue eyes. His innocent face suddenly smiled, his fake cries ceasing to a halt as soon as he had caught sight of his mommy.

My one year old bundle of joy stood and raised his arms up at me, I lifted him and hugged him tightly to me. "I'm so sorry baby," I whispered in his ear and he giggled tugging on my hair oblivious of the battle going on between his parents.

Downstairs, Edward sat on the kitchen bar stool. A glass of whiskey in his hand and his back towards me.

"Just go," he told me in a cold voice.

And without looking back, I grabbed my purse, my keys, and the diaper bag by the door and walked out.

I heard him scream my name calling me to come back, as I finished buckling EJ in his car seat and I rushed to drive away. To get away.

We were broken.

There was no moving passed this.

It was the first time I had ever done it in the 6 years we were together and the 3 years we were married, but the difference between my one time and his many times is he had betrayed me with just his body.

I had given away my mind, body, and soul.

My heart.

He knew he had to share my heart with another.

Moving passed that betrayal was an impossibility.

No matter how many times I told him I loved him more.

Id always love him more...