Edward had officially been gone for two months, and I missed him terribly but my heart was broken because he was hiding something from me. And a woman's intuition is never wrong, and from experience mine has never been.

Ange, my best friend was visiting family until the beginning of the new year so I was spending the next two months being extremely lonely. Id go to Forks for Christmas, but that seemed ages away. Of course I had other friends, but a lot of military wives were so caught up in their own dramas that it just wasn't even worth it. I liked to avoid drama like a plague.

In my spare time I decided to join the gym, where EJ had daycare for a maximum of two hours a day.

The last email from Edward had been two days ago:

Baby, I miss you. I am terribly sorry about what were going through right now but I promise you I did not do anything wrong. I will explain everything soon I promise. Don't give up on me or us.

I love you. Unfortunately, due to some things our ship will be involved in we wont have anymore communication for at least 45 days. This sickens me, but I hope you don't stop writing to me because as soon as they allow internet and phone calls again Ill be checking up.

I replied with a simple I love you and promised I'd still send email's everyday.

Not wanting to waste the day moping around the house, Ej and I headed to the mall where I got him a few winter outfits and let him check out the small play area. We picked up dinner-Chinese- and headed home where we ate and I changed.

The gym was large, three floors, a pool, and it even included a sauna. The daycare was on the first floor, I signed EJ in kissed his small forehead and told him I'd be back in an hour.

Nancy, the daycare coordinator smiled gently at me and assured me he'd be fine. Already playing with a few blocks and sauntering around like he owned the place. He was a lot like Edward. Heck, the kid didn't even look like me. Spitting image of his dad, a carbon freakin copy.

Running was my safest option since I just started going back in what seemed months, I turned on the treadmill and hit the fan button until it was literally making my hair fly back.

After a few minutes, I felt myself getting in the zone. Literally felt the burn on my thighs. Incline did wonders for the butt.

"Looking good there Ms. Swan," A familiar voice drawled on and then he was in front of me.

Pressing the stop button quickly, I crossed my arms.

Jacob Black.

Why did she keep seeing him in the most random of places?

His lips formed a lopsided goofy grin. "I think I'm going to enjoy coming here more often now."

My cheeks reddened with embarrassment as I decided I had worked out enough for the day.