This is the start of my sequel to my storyline "Lucky"

"Hey Steve"

"Hey there sis"

Steve dumped his bag on the floor as he fell on the sofa, exhausted from a long day of work. His day was filled with nothing but updated reports on the upcoming upgrades in ARGUS. He had to look over and approve each and every statements to make sure that their operations were safe and of a high standard. Yet with all the work he had to do, to him it was, overall, an ordinary day as head of ARGUS.

"How was your day?" Tracy asked as she prepared dinner from the kitchen counter

"All the same, stuck in the office with just paperwork in front of me I guess," he sighed, "actually a boring day compared to the rest of my days"

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

Steve picked up the tone from his sister's voice as she said it. Her tone was serious with a hint of concern; it was as if she was demanding an answer from him she wouldn't want.

"Depends," he turned around to face Tracy in the kitchen behind him, "what is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing" she finished mixing the salad, "it's just that you make it sound as if your work is not exciting at all unless there's something big happening"

"My work isn't exciting unless there is something big happening," he emphasised his 'isnt', "I'm a soldier Trace, what do you expect?" His voice slowly raised "My work is all about saving people in a daily basis, putting my life in a danger not sitting around signing my name and approval in every piece of paper they hand me"

Steve then realised his mistake of shouting to his sister, who he knew was only concerned about him. His day in the office was gruelling for him and he took his frustration on the one person who cared about him.

"I'm sorry" he sighed as he walked towards her; I shouldn't have raised my voice"

"No I get it Steve," she shook her head and took the bowl of salad to the table, "you live for danger. Even if it meant at the cost of your own life."


"I almost lost my brother two years ago!" she was shouting at him, "My children almost lost their uncle!"

"I know Trace and I'm sorry"

"You're not sorry, you will never be sorry unless you have proven yourself again as the strong soldier you were before"

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't pretend as if you haven't noticed it yourself," she told him, "when you were assigned to go for a temporary leave, it broke your pride as a soldier and a leader. Moreover, your demotion as the liaison for the Justice League hit you harder than you thought""

It was true. Steve just wouldn't admit it. Two years ago, after the incident with Darkseid, whose forces almost broke every bone in his body during the battle against the; he was forced to drop his position as the liaison for the Justice League as well as take a temporary leave from ARGUS. His demotion was a strong hit to him, adding with the reporters' annoying insistence on getting statement from the closest link they had to the Justice League and the man turned down by the woman every guy was pining for, his life became a mess. Soon after, he began drinking day and night during his leave. This lead to him and Tracy arguing most of the times and his niece and nephew slowly becoming sacred of him. This continued on until Steve decided he had had enough of his sister's complaints and left to get an apartment in the city. By the time he has realized he was throwing his life away, time has moved on without him.

A year later, Amanda Waller appeared outside of his apartment…

"What do you want?" he greeted her with a harsh tone

"Such harsh greetings from a person rumoured to be an honourable man"

"Honourable huh?" he scoffed," who did you hear that from coz I sure hell don't think you got that from reporters"

"Oh?" she raised an eyebrow to him, "and why would you think that?"

"Because reporters are just a bunch of news sniffing hounds that are willing to turn a simple story that it is into their own twisted and complicated stories"

"I feel as if this might have a link to the stories spinning around the relationship between you and Wonder Woman"

Steve shot her a look, a threatening look that warned Waller to drop the subject immediately. Even still, Waller did not flinch. Instead she ignored him and allowed herself to enter without his permission. Steve, who was already drunk at noon, couldn't find the energy to kick her out of his apartment and reluctantly allowed her to enter.

The content and appearance of the apartment disgusted Waller just as she was disgusted by the former liaison's appearance. Bottles of whiskey and beer lay on the floor, empty; crisps were scattered all around the tables and floors; the sink was filled with unwashed dishes and the trash bin was so full up that wrappers fell on the floor. A strong pungent smell also roamed the whole apartment, leaving Waller to almost cover up her nose.

"What are you really doing here Waller?" Steve asked in the gloomiest tone, "Because I want you to leave"

She did too. The sight of the apartment was too unbearable for her and so she decided to answer his question immediately and cut right to the chase so she might leave early.

"You're needed back in ARGUS" she said platonically

"I don't want to come back yet" he replied immediately

"It's not a matter of want," she warned him, "it's either you come back as the Head of ARGUS or you quit being in the service at all"

"I have no intention of coming back yet"

"The fact that you kept repeating 'yet' only suggests that you do want to come back," she observed, "but it seems something is stopping you, and I'm sure it's not the government. Then what is it Colonel?"


"Hm," she stared at him, "it's obvious your demotion as the liaison of the Justice League pulled you really far down or is it your relation-"

"Listen Waller," he stopped her, "You're sent here to retrieve me back not to divulge into my personal business. So I suggest we keep it that way and stay out of my personal life. It's none of your business"

Waller stared at him for a couple of seconds only to see that his eyes were burning with desire, probably, to stop her from talking ever again and kick her out of his apartment.

"Well then," she began, "all I would really need is your answer"

"Give me time" he demanded

She was silent for a couple of minutes, "fine, I will give you time, 2-3 days maximum for you think it over but remember this," she shot him a look, "it's either you're in or out"

His conversation with Waller left Steve to think over his decision on whether to come back or not. He knew that coming back would probably lead to him to be hurt again- especially since he hadn't had a chance to talk to Diana at all after their argument- and possibly worse, maybe die. Though, despite all this, Steve has always believed that his purpose in life was to help people, even if it meant allowing unknown entities to take over as superheroes and guardians of the world as he sat by the side-lines and become their messenger and sometimes, babysitter. Steve believed in becoming a hero everyday by risking his life for his country and he had never regretted this belief.

"Fine you're right," Steve admitted to his sister, "I was a broken mess after the events two years ago but Trace," he sighed and put his hand on her shoulder, "I was given a second chance to be the man I was before or better. And I am willing to take that chance to help others and keep the world safe"

"Steve, you're my big brother and you have always looked after me," she reminded him, "but I want you to take care of yourself as well. I'm not saying you should quit, it's just I want you to be safe and careful, knowing that I wouldn't have to stare at the TV every night hoping there isn't any news about you in the hospital"

"I promise I will be careful from now on" he smiled as he told her then hugged his worried sister.

Steve had been lost for a whole year: lives outside of his went on without him knowing, he divulged himself in alcohol to drown his sorrows. There was a lot of choices of things in his life- things that could still help others but in a different way- that he could possibly take on besides being a soldier and head of ARGUS, yet in his whole life, being a soldier is everything- it was all he knew to do.

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This is a prelude to explain the events that occured around Steve Trevor before and after the "Lucky" storyline. This is so that it doesn't seem confusing for later

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