Clark and Diana finally arrived in the Kent farm in Smallville. Since Clark was forced to take a rest instead of helping with investigations in Watchtower, he in turn insisted that they should at least stay in Smallville. He was convinced that he will get better soon that he told Jimmy they would only be away for the weekend. Diana, on the other hand, was hesitant at first but eventually found the idea to be brilliant and so agreed to it. Since Clark couldn't fly anymore, Diana had to support his entire weight the whole of their flight to Smallville; not that it was a problem for her since her strength was beyond that of a normal human's strength.

Clark took in the fresh air as they landed by the front door. It was different than that of the city's smell; he had to get used to the strong smell the city brought to his nose the first time he moved to Metropolis since it was different from the soft smell he grew up with. As they walked inside the house, Clark started coughing again. Diana continued on supporting her husband by having his arm above her neck.

"Are you okay?" she asked

"Ye- *cough*"

She touched his forehead- his temperature hasn't changed one bit, he was still burning with fever, "No you're not. You need to get your rest"

"But Diana it's not even afternoon yet, I'm fine"

"Kal, what was it that we agreed upon?" she eyed him

He sighed as he closed his eyes and began, "That I will follow your every instructions in making sure I get better soon"


Diana continued on eyeing him until he finally gave up, "Okay. I told you I'd follow what you say and I intend to honour my word"

"Good," she smiled as she kissed him, "then go and take a rest my husband"

"Yes…" his voice trailed as he dragged himself up the stairs

Diana began setting up the basin with cold water and damp cloth after which she followed after her husband to his old room where he sat on his bed as he began stripping off of his Superman armour. Diana set the basin down on the table beside the bed and kneeled in front of his husband and took off his boots for him.

"Diana you don't have to-"

"I'm your wife Kal," she didn't look at him, "I want to take care of you as much as I can"

Clark decided to let it go and instead, just went under the sheets to take a rest. Diana sat on the bed beside him and took out the damp cloth from the basin after which she gently lay on his forehead. Clark might've been burning inside but he still felt Diana's warm and soft touch. It was what made him feel at ease, more than any treatment that has been given to him so far has. Clark stared at her as she laid the cloth on his forehead.

"Why are you staring at me Kal?" she asked

"It's been a while since anybody has taken care of me like this," he told her, "it just feels… warm"

"Well you are burning" she tried to lighten the mood but Clark just eyed her

"I'm serious Diana," he told her, "I'm just glad you're the one taking care of me," Diana then noticed his eyes that filled with pain and sadness as he tried to continue, "Especially now that I don't have-"

Before Clark could finish his sentence, he was stopped by a sudden kiss from Diana. Clark was surprised at first but eventually returned the kiss. After they let go, Diana leaned her forehead onto Clark's and began, "I promise you we will resolve everything, no matter how long it takes, I will make sure everything will be perfect," she smiled, "so don't worry. I will be by your side the whole time"

Clark kissed her passionately touched by how lucky he was to have gained a wife as strong, beautiful and caring as her.

Clark awoke to find that he was alone in his room. He sighed as he tried to get up from his bed. Staying in bed was never his style and because of this, his body felt weak as he tried to get up. He then looked out the window. The once brightly lit room that radiated from the afternoon sun faded into a yellow glow as the sun set on the horizon. He and Diana arrived in Smallville at 10:00 in the morning and since it was starting to get dark, he figured he had been sleeping the whole day.

Clark looked over the farm and onto the horizon- it was quiet. It was so much different than from what he was used to; everyday he would hear the loud noises of an everyday life of a person and it was only when he concentrated his hearing that the loud noises would stop but now he didn't even need to try, all he could hear was silence; and even though it was better, it bothered him… a great deal.

He stared at his hand- a hand that once had an unimaginable strength that it could crack someone's hand with just a normal handshake. Clark always had to be gentle whenever he was shaking or holding someone's hand- apart from Diana who's the only person that can match his strength- until recently.

Clark missed them; the powers he found troublesome when he was a kid but soon became grateful for as he grew; those powers that helped him save the lives of others and bring those at fault to justice; those powers that have the capability to save the whole world. Save? Now that his powers were gone, what would happen to Superman? Will he still be able to continue on saving others? Or will he have to stay as Clark Kent from then on?

This bothered him. He always thought that his destiny was to save innocent lives, to become the symbol of hope for others. Since he was a kid, he has been through so much but from all those difficulties he learned the truth of the balance between good and bad; his capability and what he could bring to the world; and his destiny. Though now that he has lost the tools he needed to face his destiny, what would happen now?

He felt ashamed, weak and vulnerable. How could he think like this? There are heroes in this world that didn't have superpowers. Clark clutched his head as he tried to deal with the pain in his head. You're pathetic Clark, he thought to himself.

Diana entered Clark's room with a tray on her hand. Diana could smell the sweet scent that came from the soup that lay on the tray. She blushed as she closed her eyes and squealed in excitement in her mind. She couldn't wait till Clark tasted the soup. Though even though she was excited, she was also slightly anxious and scared that it might taste bad as it always have with all her other cookings.

She walked towards the bed where her husband lay, asleep. She smiled when she saw his sleeping face; it was both calm and beautiful. She didn't want to wake him up and disturb his peaceful sleep but…

She placed the tray on the bedside table and kissed him on the forehead. She then watched his eyes slowly open, "Hello my dear"

"Diana," he tried to sit up, "what time is it?"

"6:30 at night," she answered him as she took the soup from the table, "you've slept the whole day"

"I see," his attention trailed off as he caught the sweet scent of soup; a nostalgic scent that made him wonder where it came from. He then saw the soup on Diana's hand. It was a creamy chicken soup, "is that-"

"They say that soup is the best remedy for colds and fever," she told him as she stirred the hot soup, "so I decided to cook you one"

"You-you cooked-"

"Why do I detect a tone of shock from your voice?" she eyed him

"No- Ju-" Clark waved his hands in denial, "it's just a bit of a surprise that's all"

She sighed, "I know cooking is not my best skill but-"

"Did you cook this?" he stopped her


"Then that's enough for me to eat it" he smiled to her

Diana grinned after which she scooped a spoon of soup and blew onto it to avoid burning her husband's tongue. Clark sipped on the soup and found himself surprised at the taste. Not only was the soup amazing in taste but somehow the taste brought him back to when he was a kid. That's right! It was the same taste as what his mother used to cook for him when he was a kid.

"Diana this is amazing!" he complimented her

Diana smiled, "Really?"

"Definitely," he continued on sipping on some more spoons of soup, "also, this flavour, it's the same as-"

"What you mother used to cook for you right?"

Clark's mouth dropped, "Yeah but how did you-"

"I found your mother's recipe book as I was cleaning up downstairs," she began, "I then saw her book of recipes and thought it would be the perfect food for you right now," she continued explaining, "I tried to do it on my own but I seemed to have failed every time so I asked Lana if she could help me"


"Yeah," she nodded, "I ran into her as I was shopping for food. She knows that you have been ill with fever and asked me to tell you to get better soon," she continued smiling, "I then asked her if she could help me cook your mother's old recipe- although it seemed she made sure that I did it all by myself under her instructions" Clark saw her pout shyly

"I see," he stared at the soup, "well then I should also thank Lana once I get the chance. Though I got to say this is truly amazing Diana," he looked her in the eyes, "thank you"

"Is it really that amazing?"

"It is! I love it!" Clark grinned

"Then you wouldn't mind if I cooked it again for you?"

"Diana," he looked at her, "if there are more I would eat them all non-stop"

"Then I shall cook more for you!" she stood up in excitement

"I look forward to it!"

She immediately ran downstairs, her heart filled with excitement.

Two hours later…..

"There you are Kal!"

Clark's eyes widened at the sight of the massive pot of soup that was put down in front of him. The massive pot was almost the same height as Diana's knees from the floor and up. Clark knew that it would take a really strong man to lift the pot off of the stove and carry it upstairs but since Diana is stronger than any normal human being, it was no problem for her. It seemed Diana became overexcited and cooked too much. Clark gulped at the sight as he understood what he had to do. He had to finish the whole pot of soup by himself. He looked to Diana, who was still grinning and sighed,

"This is going to be a long night"

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