Alfred walked along the empty wide hallways of the Wayne Manor; behind him were two of the greatest superheroes in the world- the two strongest superheroes in the Justice League. Alfred knew of the relationship between the two as well as the man's current situation. His loyalty and servitude to Batman and his alter-ego allowed him to have an indirect contact with the Justice League.

On the other had, Clark- who came in his Superman costume- and Diana continued to follow the respected butler. They were called to Gotham by Bruce for an important update on the investigation regarding the red kryptonite. Of course, Clark wanted to conduct the investigation himself but he was warned by both his friend and his wife of the possible after effect the red kryptonite would have in his body if he ever got near it. It was painful for Clark that he was unable to do anything and had to rely on his wife who was also going through a tough time with the pregnancy. It dawned on Clark that his wife's pregnancy could not have been normal since she was already showing symptons of sickness that only happens during the later stages. This greatly worried him.

His mind took him far away from his current situation that he hadn't realised that the three of them were already standing in front of the secret entrance to the Batcave. They slowly walked down the empty and dark stairway until they finally reached the Batcave itself.

Batman never failed to impress Clark with the collections he displayed in his Batcave: collections he gathered from fighting off villains. As usual, Clark saw Batman, his mask taken off, sitting down in front of his large screened computer.

"Master Bruce," Alfred began, "Master Clark and Princess Diana are here to see you"

"Thank you Alfred" Bruce replied, still facing his computer

After a slight bow to Bruce, Alfred exited the Batcave.

"What did you call us here for Bruce?" Clark began

"What was the update on the investigation you were talking about?" Diana asked abruptly

Bruce stood from his chair and faced the couple. He called them to face the computer screen in front of him.

"It's this" he pointed to a diagram of what seemed to be, a structure of the red kryptonite.

"I've seen that structure before," Clark examined, "I did think it was strange at first but I couldn't find anything on it… What about it?"

"I didn't realise it as well until Alfred pointed an obvious fact about these structures"

"What is it?" Clark asked

"Most of the structures of the red kryptonite looked unstable," Bruce began, "due to this, the red kryptonite's effect cannot hold itself, that's why the-"

"Effects are temporary" Clark continued, "but since this structure is a wave, it's quite stable enough to hold the effect of the red kryptonite."

"Or something else," Bruce eyed him, "namely… your powers"

"What do you mean?"

Bruce continued, " Most of the bonds that held each of these structures, overlapped themselves- as if they were all in a knot but this one doesn't. In fact the bond are all in a perfect row leaving massive spaces between each rows of bonds."

Diana stared at Bruce as she talked. She understood most of what Bruce had told them and got the overall idea as she did, " do you mean to say…"

"My powers were absorbed by the red kryptonite where it was kept as storage." Clark concluded

Bruce nodded, "which means that your powers can be returned to you if we have the red kryptonite that held your powers. I still don't know everything so can't say for certain.. these are the only things I could say about all of this right now"

"Then what are we waiting for?" Diana began, "did Flash say anything about Luthor's where- Kal!"

Diana caught a glimpse of Clark falling to his knees as he clutched his chest. His face painted the expression of someone in pain

"Kal! Kal what's wrong" Diana asked in shock as she helped her husband get up

"I-I feel… weak" Clark groaned

Bruce, who supported Clark by holding on to his right arm commented, "It's probably due to your reducing energy"

"His reducing energy?" Diana stared at Bruce

"His powers weren't the only ones taken by the red kryptonite," Bruce explained, "because most of Clark's energy revolved around his powers, some of his own energy was also taken by the red kryptonite as it absorbed his powers"

"But the energy in his body is different from the energy that radiated from his powers" Diana argued

"It is but since his body consists of Kryptonian blood," Bruce continued, "this became an attraction to the red kryptonite. This is why it was dangerous for Clark to be near the red kryptonite more than green kryptonite and why it doesn't have an effect with us at all, even though it had been proven that green kryptonite does have an effect with humans"

"Because the red kryptonite is attracted to the blood of kryptonians and only the blood of kryptonians"

Bruce nodded and as he did, the computer alarm in the Batcave went off. Bruce turned to the screen immediately only to see Cyborg with a worried look in his face

"Batman there's trouble!" Cyborg shouted

"What is it?"

"There's been a massive breakout at Arkham Asylum! All the inmates have escaped from their cells!"


"There's more," Cyborg continued and the three heroes flinched, "hidden bombs in seas all around the world were detonated killing sea creatures all around the world. Aquaman is furious and is now swimming all around the world to stop these bombs."

"Beam us up Cyborg" Batman ordered

"We'll have to leave Kal behind-"

"NO!" Clark was breathing heavily as he tried to speak, "I'm coming with you!"


"Beam the three of us Cyborg!" Clark shouted at the screen

"G-got it!"

Bruce and Diana gently handed Clark over to J'onn seconds after their arrival to Watchtower. As they did, Diana put her hand up her husband's unconscious face.

Batman didn't waste time in asking about the reports on Arkham Asylum.

"Commisioner Gordon have ordered for the bridge connecting Gotham City to Arkham Asylum to be put up, which means the inmates are all still locked up but their sheer number and strength is too much for the officers inside the Asylum that they cannot hold the raging inmates any longer," Cyborg repeated, "it's only a matter of time before the inmates eventually breaks out and is loose in Gotham"

Batman stared at the screen for a second and took a deep breath, "I'm sending J'onn and other members of the League to deal with the bombs in the seas along with Arthur. Meanwhile, the situation in Arkham have to be settled immediately and one person cannot do it on their own. These are all dangerous criminals running havoc. I'm calling for Robin and Batgirl to come and help with this situation. Flash, Lantern you're with me and some of the members of the League as well to Arkham"

"Got it!" Both Flash and Lantern answered

"I'm going with you to Arkham!" Wonder Woman announced

"No!" Batman stopped her, "we need you to stay here in case something happens Princess"

"What do you mean?"

"Joker is likely involved with these bombings but something else is more unsettling than the rest" Batman began, " these events happened at the same time. It's not a coincidence, this is all planned and if I'm right there will be another attack and I would like for you to handle it Diana. You are capable in fighting on your own but you could call upon other members of the League with you if you need"


"This is also for Superman"

"What do you mean?"

"Joker couldn't have had any resource in building a bomb" Batman told her

"But that wouldn't have stopped him from ordering people from the outside to set up those bombs themselves"

"True but my biggest clue was the location of these bombs"

"The location?"

"The location of these bombs are specific," Batman explained, "Joker is a criminal who randomly attacks his victims in order to merely cause chaos"

Diana looked him in the eye as he continued to speak

"Which means these locations are used to lure out the Justice League from Watchtower and from the rest of the world"

"As well as from each other" Diana continued

Batman nodded, "So I leave it to you Wonder Woman"

Diana simply nodded and with that the Justice League were off.

As the Justice League beamed themselves to Arkham, Diana wondered of all the strange events that have happened; whether they were or were not connected to Luthor's plans. Moreover, she remembered what Batman whispered to her as they beamed to Watchtower earlier….

"Diana be careful," Batman whispered to her, "Clark's energy is slowly draining"

"I know"

"What you don't know is that it's only a matter of time until Clark falls incredibly ill"

"How ill?" Diana couldn't believe what she was hearing

"Ill enough to be bedridden," Batman explained, "if it wasn't for his body's capability to survive, he would've been at the brink of death"


"I can't do anything for you but find the red kryptonite, but out of all the things that have been happening, I don't think we can do a lot…. Especially now that we need him more than ever"


"Doomsday is out there and our only hope against him is in no position to fight"


There were no words to describe how Diana felt about the news. It was up to her to save the world, her husband… and their family…

Suddenly, the large computer screen beeped to reveal a surveillance footage. Diana's eyes widened as she saw… Doomsday! He stood in the middle of the Kahndaq desert. The footage wasn't clear but Diana was certain that it really was Doomsday!

She rushed herself to beam herself down to the spot on the desert where she saw Doomsday until she saw the video of her husband on the screen from the medical room. He was still unconscious. During that time, Cyborg entered the room but failed to see the footage as it has suddenly disappeared. Diana was about to tell Cyborg what she had just seen but she knew that Cyborg would just stop her due to the fact that the Kahndaq government currently have a weak relationship with the American government and this might cause more disagreement between the two countries. She didn't need to be stopped especially since her husband's life is at stake as well as the world's and so she ran straight to the medical room first.

There, she saw her husband, still unconscious. She brushed off strands of his hair from his forehead and kissed his forehead. As she did, she whispered, "I promise you I will be back to be by your side"

After she left the medical room, she hurried to the other computer room reserved for emergencies. There she immediately beamed herself to the Kahnduq Desert, where the ticket for their last hope hid.

As soon as Wonder Woman landed on the empty and desolate land of the Kahndaq desrt, she immediately searched for any entrance to Luthor's secret lair. So far she hasn't seen anything at all; all there was were sand and wind- a lot of them.

Out of nowhere the ground suddenly began to shake. She turned around to see what it was but it wasn't until a few moments later that she spotted that the ground…. Was opening?

The ground slowly opened in half to reveal stairs that went down even further underground. Wonder Woman slowly walked down the stairs, cautious of every step as it echoed along the dark corridors ahead. She scanned every area of the dark corridors until suddenly-


The ground shook once again but this time, she didn't need to turn around to see what it was that caused it. No- because she sensed the presence of an even bigger entity, one whose presence alone defined danger at every turn.

Doomsday towered over her as she gripped her knuckles and prepared herself to punch the beast. She knew that she most of her strength were concentrated on that one punch yet…. Doomsday managed to stop her with one hand.


Wonder Woman was shocked to see the difference in their strength, no- the increase in their difference in strength. The last time they fought, Wonder Woman's strength was almost matched with Doomsday's yet why was it that he was able to stop a strong punch from her with just one hand?

Diana was lost in thought she hadn't realized Doomsday's incoming attack. She was fast in dodging his attack but by a split second, she wasn't fast enough…..


Wonder Woman lay on the floor, barely conscious as she tried to make out the blurred vision of Doomsday's figure and the figure walking towards her… his laugh echoing in her ears.

"K-K…. Kal….. "

Her husband's image was the last thing she saw as she slowly fell unconscious….

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