It has been one week since the attacks from all over the world happened. Both the Justice League and the rest of the world were recovering from that day. Batman spent most of his time fixing and making sure that the security in Arkham Asylum was tighter; Cyborg and Flash were left to look over Watchtower's computer system and the STAR Labs equipment; Aquaman governed his aquatic kingdom to make sure that such attacks wouldn't happen again; Superman and Wonder Woman led the other members of the Justice League in helping to fix Metropolis. All members of the League have fully healed and recovered and there wasn't anything stopping them in making sure that everything returned to what they were before.

Amanda Waller's footsteps echoed as she walked down the long winded hall of the prison system. There wasn't anything around her but walls of metals. The two guards behind her followed with complete silence but the metallic sound of their guns and armours annoyed her as they continued their walk. Finally, they reached their destination: the single door at the end of the hall. She swiped her ID at the electronic lock beside the door and allowed her eye to be scanned. Soon after, she was permitted to enter.

Once inside, there was only a huge glass wall in front of her. Beside her were two guards and a computer in front of them. Behind the huge glass wall was the person she came to see- Lex Luthor.

"Hello Luthor" she greeted with distaste in her voice

Lex wore an orange overall with a number printed on his uniform's chest. His hands were handcuffed and his feet were shackled by a metal chain. His head was down when Waller greeted him but he slowly looked up with a sly smile on his face. His face and body were filled with cuts and bruises inflicted by a superhero Waller found unpredictable- Wonder Woman.

"Ms Waller" he replied in a calm voice, "I expected you to come sooner"

"And why is that?" she sat down on the chair in front of the glass wall

"Seeing as I haven't received the medical care that I need, I expected you would've come sooner with the doctors and nurses that would care for me"

"I'm sorry to disappoint you Mr Luthor," Waller crossed her legs, "but you already received the medical attention you needed. In fact, I didn't really think you deserved it at all"

Lex smirked, "How cruel of you"

Waller straightened herself and raised an eyebrow, "Cruel? You sent out more than one killing machine in a place filled with innocent people, tried to release mass murderers to the streets of Gotham, placed bombs around the seas and tried to detonate a nuclear bomb… so tell me Luthor, what part of what I said was crueller than what you did?"

"I see you are upset about that"

"Anyone would be more than upset when they hear that it was all done by a sadistic freak like you" she stood up from her seat and leaned closer to the glass, "how dare you inflict that much damage on innocent lives Luthor! Just for the purpose of your selfish ideals"

Lex leaned close to the glass as well, "Don't speak to me about selfish ideals Waller! Everyone has them! Even you"

Waller backed away from the glass and looked down on Luthor. She took a deep breath and turned around to face the guards, "Leave us!"

"But our orders are to stay with the prisoner at all times especially when there is a visitor" one of the guards argued

"I have an order from the president to speak to the prisoner alone!" she told them, "whatever means necessary!"

The guards looked at her for a moment then walked out of the room. Waller turned to face Luthor once more.

"'Whatever means necessary'?" Luthor raised an eyebrow

"It's true I was sent here by the president to talk to you about your current situation" Waller sat back down on the chair

"Which is?"

"You are contained in a secret prison away from the population. I will not tell you where exactly you are but that this is a prison you will stay in for the rest of your life. You are facing a lifetime of imprisonment and you will only receive visitors approved by a member of the government"

"You cannot keep me here forever Waller!" Luthor slammed his hands on the glass

"It wasn't a decision made by me. The whole world decided this," Waller held her chin, "although if you ask me, I would have had you killed immediately!"

Lex laughed. Waller stared at him for a while and told him, "You are a mad man Luthor"

"Am I really?! Call me whatever you want but what I did was for the world!"

"Was destroying the world really to save it?!"

"No. Destroying the Justice League was!" Luthor straightened himself, "which is something I would've thought interested you Waller"


"I know you never approved of the Justice League so don't pretend you agree with them"

"I don't agree with them and I don't pretend… I say what I want to say"

"Then tell me this… if I told you that the Justice League is holding a secret that could be fatal for the whole world… will you take it upon yourself to do what I did?"

"…. If it means saving the world…" Waller glared at him, "then yes"

Lex gave an approving nod after which he didn't say anything and sat back on his chair.

"I can tell from your statement that you found something about the Justice League, Luthor… what is it?" Waller demanded.

"Why don't you find out yourself?" Lex smirked.

"TELL ME!" Waller slammed on the glass window in front of her but Luthor didn't flinch at all.

"I have a lifetime of imprisonment in this hellhole so I can take my time playing games with you… and the Justice League"

Amanda Waller clenched her jaws as she glared at the relaxed Luthor. She took a deep breath and turned away to exit the room. Before she left, she hissed at him, "I will find out about it! And you will regret trying to play me Luthor"

"How can I when I'm already supposed to live the rest of my life with one?"

Waller shot him a look and left the room. She tightened her fist and tried to calm herself before she walked along the hallway again.

Superman held his wife's hand tightly as they both walked down the second base hallway of Watchtower. They were both called to the meeting room for a senior member meeting of the Justice League. Clark had recovered safely from his injuries three days after he was admitted but Diana's took longer. As Diana stayed in the Watchtower and rehabilitated from her injuries, Clark flew back and forth to Metropolis to help with the reconstruction of the city. And all the time he was there, he wasn't at all bombarded by reporters like before. In fact, it was a sight to see that everybody worked together in rebuilding their city; but at the same time, mourned together over the loss of their loved ones. Clark was glad he didn't lose Diana during the battle but he was ashamed of himself for not being able to stop those deaths.

After Diana fully recovered, she insisted that she helped with the reconstruction as well. Clark, of course, told her not to push herself but his wife's stubbornness goes beyond that of his.

He looked at Diana as they walked and his heart smiled as he saw that she was alive and well. He pulled her closer to him and hugged her tightly.

"Kal?" she patted him on the shoulder as he hugged her, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he buried his face on her neck, "I'm just glad you're here"

Diana sighed and wrapped her hand around his waist, "Me too"

The couple entered the room filled with chatters from the senior members of the Justice League. As they entered the room, the superheroes looked at the two with smiles. They all looked well and strong- a sight both Clark and Diana felt relieved with.

"There they are!"G reen Lantern boomed

"I'm glad you two are alright" Flash waved his hand at them

Superman and Wonder Woman looked at each other and then to the crowd. Batman walked up to them and patted Superman on his shoulder, "It seems the Justice League is complete again"

"Of course!" Flash shouted, "The Justice League will always be together and complete!"

"But we may have to be mindful of one more" Superman grinned at them

"One more?" Zatanna raised an eyebrow

Superman glanced at Wonder Woman to which she returned with a nod. He then looked up to them once more, "We have an announcement to make"

Members of the League looked at them with serious expressions and wondering eyes. They were all confused at Superman's sudden remark and so they waited for his announcement. But it was Wonder Woman who began,

"I'm pregnant" she announced with a smile

There was silence at first. None of them spoke; and even though their mouths were opened, no words came out from any.

"That is…" Green Lantern said, "Fantastic!"

The whole room began shouting cheers of joy as they clapped their hands. Each of them shouted congratulatory praise at the couple; most approached them and shook their hands, patted them on their shoulders and hugged them.

"Superman and Wonder Woman's child?!" Hal remarked, "That is one special kid!"

"Looks like we'll have a super boy running around here soon!" Barry laughed

"Or a wonder girl" Zatanna interjected

"Guys you do know there's already a super boy right?" Cyborg told them

"Wonder boy?" Hal suggested

"That sounds ridiculous" Batman commented

"Says the guy with the name named after a nocturnal animal" Hal pouted

"A glow stick doesn't have the right to comment about that" Bruce countered

"HEY!" Hal furrowed his eyebrows

"Guys I think we're forgetting who this is all about" Barry stopped them

"Barry is right guys!" Aquaman beamed, "this is for Clark and Diana and their child!"

Clark was overwhelmed by his friends' reaction to their good news. He felt happy that he was sharing that precious moment with his friends and wife. He became distracted by the sudden cheers that he failed to notice Diana, who fell to the ground…

"Diana!" he brushed against the crowds and took his wife on his arms, "Diana what's wrong?!"

Sounds of gasps and surprise emitted from the other members when they saw that she has fainted and no matter how much Clark shook her, she didn't wake up. Clark grew worried by the second. He continuously shook Diana but there was still no surprise.

"We have to get her to the medical room Kal-El" J'onn told him

Clark nodded to him. He carried her in his arms and ran straight to the direction of the medical room.

Clark continuously paced back and forth in front of the Watchtower medical room. He waited anxiously for news on his wife that has just fainted not moments ago. Recently, he noticed that her headaches have been arriving far more frequently than before and even though he kept on insisting that Diana gets her health checked, she always reassured him that she was okay. Finally, it seemed her body couldn't take it anymore. Clark bit his lip as he regretted the thought that he hadn't insisted on the subject further.

Soon after, J'onn arrived from inside the medical room. Clark ran towards him and grabbed him by the shoulders, "J'onn what's the news? How is she? Is she okay? What about the baby?"

J'onn raised a hand at him. He had a sympathetic look on his face as he prepared to explain the situation to Clark. Clark, on the other hand, didn't like J'onn's expression.

"Diana is okay; she and the baby are safe," J'onn began, "but there's something you must know about Diana's condition"

"What is it?"

J'onn took a deep breath and looked at Clark, "Your child- the baby inside Diana- holds a unique genetic code in their body; since they possess not only an Amazonian blood but Kryptonian as well- a whole different genetics from normal humans. A body such as the child's has to work a lot to maintain a very complicated genetic code such as the one they have. And that usually means a lot of energy is involved"

"What does that mean?"

"Kal-El as you know, a baby can only survive through the energy of the mother's body. Although it's not always the case for some; the stronger the mother is, the stronger the baby will be"

"But Diana's body is strong" Clark argued, "She's stronger than any woman I've ever met"

"True" J'onn nodded, "but the baby is stronger"


"Your baby is already genetically stronger than the mother" J'onn continued to explain, "It's only a matter of gaining energy for such a power"

Clark finally realized it. The idea hit him like a lightning that struck on his head… and his heart felt heavy, "Is the reason why Diana has been growing weak all this time is because of the baby draining her energy?"

"I'm afraid so" J'onn gently nodded his head and put his hand on Clark's shoulder.

"Then what should we do?!" Clark suddenly grabbed hold of J'onn and shook him as if he was interrogating him.

J'onn took a deep breath and gave a sad and gentle expression to Clark, "I'm afraid there is nothing we can do," he said in a low voice, "It's all up to Diana whether she has what it takes to provide for herself and the baby"

Clark's head dropped as his mind raced with a million thoughts. He was lost; he tried to look for answers- a way he could help his wife and child… but there was none.

"Kal-El there's more…"

Clark's head shot up to look at J'onn with a concerned look.

"There is the possibility that Diana's body will not be able to take the drainage… up to the point where she might lose her overall body energy… especially during childbirth where she will have to exert much force and energy in order to bring the baby safely"

Clark's mouth slightly opened, "You don't mean…"

"There is a chance Diana might not make it before or during childbirth…"

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