Lois tapped her pencil on her desk as she stared into the blank document page in her computer. She looked at the clock; it was 9:00pm. Perry had finally given her a chance to write in the newspaper again and have her own column but her mind was empty of words. This shouldn't have been the case for Lois Lane since Lois always finds a story to write about. In fact, it shouldn't be hard for her at all since the stories have piled themselves in front of her: the bombing in the seas around the world, breakout in Arkham Asylum, Doomsday's attack in Metropolis and Luthor's involvement, Superman's clones and most importantly… Superman's near death.

It came as a huge shock to the whole world when they saw the clip of Superman being beaten to death by his clone. And it was even more so to Lois- who was there at the time and witnessed everything with her own eyes. For days, all Lois ever heard from reporters in Daily Planet were gossips and predictions on what would happen if Superman was gone. It was heavy for Lois to see Superman at that state since she has always adored the hero. She could still remember how she teared up when she thought that their greatest hero was dead… though not more than the person he was trying so hard to protect- Wonder Woman.

Lois didn't know a lot about Wonder Woman. She was a mysterious superhero, much like Batman; they were unpredictable and hard to read. They do not allow their emotions get the better of them; unlike Superman who shows people that he truly cares. But at that moment in Metropolis, when everything around them seemed at lost, Wonder Woman looked like she was more than at lost than the rest of them were. She cared; Wonder Woman cared a lot about what had happened; and Lois deduced it wasn't just because around them were destroyed… it was because a certain someone was dying.

She remembered it all clearly…

"Lois! Is that Superman?!"

Jimmy shouted from behind her just as Lois ran to the scene. They landed just before a big force came from the scene of battle. Lois immediately ran to the scene but couldn't see anything clearly due to the smoke. She waited with anticipation as the smoke slowly cleared… And once it has…

There, in the battle scene, the most dreadful scene Lois had ever seen occurred. Their hero, Superman, lay with a bloodied and badly beaten body. His costume was torn, almost to pieces, revealing all of his cuts and bruises. And the one who held him was none other than his teammate and friend, Wonder Woman.

Lois' heart dropped as she watched the scene. She wanted to run; even without any purpose of what she would do soon after she did. She just wanted to be by her hero's side and help… somehow. But Lois saw that Superman was already occupied… talking to Wonder Woman. She couldn't hear what he was saying but Superman gave off a look of not just goodbye… he gave Wonder Woman a look that a man can give to a special someone, once in their lifetime. And Wonder Woman did the same… No; in fact she was distraught, her face was only filled with nothing but tears and pain and it was the first time Lois had ever seen the famous Amazonian warrior like that.

Lois watched as the two superheroes exchanged looks and conversations until finally… Lois saw Superman gave Wonder Woman something… a look of goodbye.

His hand fell on the ground…

Lois' heart dropped… she couldn't hear anything else but the beat of her heart… he was gone, she thought…

Even with Jimmy's shouts at her, she couldn't hear them properly until…


A scream occupied her whole hearing. It came from one person- Wonder Woman.

Lois watched in horror as she saw Wonder Woman scream to the top of her lungs. It wasn't soon after, she turned and looked at the clone; and by mere seconds, she flew straight to the clone's direction and… obliterated him!

The way Wonder Woman obliterated the clone was terrifying! She completely smashed the clone to pieces! Lois's body shook at the sight… she wasn't just nervous… she was scared!

The other members of the Justice League came after Wonder Woman and tried to stop her, but one by one, she fought and pushed them away. She then came after Doomsday and attacked the already unconscious monster. There was no response from the monster, of course, but Wonder Woman still beat him continuously.

Lois' body was in a standstill. She couldn't move her body at all or even say something in her mind. Her eyes were concentrated on the one person that rampaged in the whole city… as if she was looking for somebody. Lois couldn't even follow where Wonder Woman was going until Wonder Woman stopped and looked up. She flew straight to the direction of… the airship, Lois saw earlier.

Without stopping, Wonder Woman destroyed the airship. Clouds of smoke appeared around them and only once the smoke disappeared, did all of them see that Wonder Woman was lifting someone up… Lex Luthor!

Suddenly, they all saw that Lex already had cuts and bruises on his body. It looked as if Wonder Woman was about to send out a killing blow when the Justice League stopped her by sedating her.

Right then, everything was over. Lois looked around the city… the whole place was a mess… it was as if apocalypse had come and gone from the place.

Lois had always thought of Superman as indestructible; that nothing can destroy him. It was only then that she finally realized, she couldn't have been more wrong. And it was because of that presumption by everybody that she thought could eventually lead to their hero's death. Lois only wondered then, if someone had already realised that fact before them.

And so with a deep breath, Lois began typing on her keyboard the words…

"The truth about Superman… and Wonder Woman"

With a huge sigh, Clark sat down on the seat next to his wife's bed. He has just learned of the condition of Diana's pregnancy; and his mind swirled into deep thoughts on possible solutions to help his wife… there was none.

As Diana slept, Clark leaned over to kiss her forehead, then took her hand and kissed it as well. He whispered, "I'm sorry for putting you into this situation Diana."

"You did nothing wrong my love," Clark's head shot up and looked at Diana, surprised, "it is not your fault."

"Diana!" he stood up and brushed her hair back, "you're awake?"

"I've been awake for some time now." She smiled to him.

"Then did you hear?" his head was down as he asked her.

She nodded. She put her hand on his cheek and lifted it so that he was looking at her, "and you are at no fault; nor am I, nor anybody. It is nothing but fate's cruel game."

"But if it wasn't because of my bloodline or heritage, you wouldn't be-"

"Kal-El," she stopped him, "this child is our blessing. They will grow up to be strong and if that means I will have to become weak then so be it," she sat up and Clark helped her, "because there is nobody else in the world I will fall on my knees for than you and our child."

"I should be the one saying that." Clark tried to ease the mood.

"We are stronger together Kal-El," she continued, "you and I fill each other's weaknesses and strengths; and you need to see that."

"But what if you and I both have weaknesses we can't fill?"

"You're Superman," she smiled to him, "and Superman is the pillar of hope to people. It is by this example that the Justice League was made; that you and I have gotten the chance to meet; and it is through this that you taught me the beauty in the world I've never seen before. So please, don't lose hope now that we both need it."

Clark gave out a small laugh as a shed of tear rolled down his cheek," Why is it that I always find myself falling under your spell? Why is it that such simple words of wisdom from you are enough to get me back on my feet?"

"I come from a world of magic… and magic is a weakness of yours."

"Perhaps," he laughed weakly, "which is why I will have to be careful when meeting your sisters… especially your mother."

Diana's smile faded, "We'll have to face my mother soon, don't we?"

"We have to," Clark put his hand on her cheek, "it's time your mother knows; and Themyscira is the only place where you will get the right treatment for your body and the baby."

Diana took a deep breath, "I wonder how my mother will react."

"Don't worry," he kissed her on the forehead again, "I will be the perfect son-in-law a mother could ever ask for."

"I will hold you to that promise." She laughed.

Clark placed his hand on Diana's stomach and leaned close to it as he whispered, "Your mother is a strong woman and I know that she will do her best for you. And once you arrive into this world, we will both love you and protect you no matter what."

After he kissed her stomach, he looked up to Diana and told her, "I love you Diana."

She brushed his hair and smiled, "I love you too, my love. Have faith in me, the baby and yourself… everything will be fine."

Clark leaned and kissed her. And as he did, he etched in his mind what he needed to do from now on: he needed to do whatever it takes to make sure that Diana and his baby are always safe; that they are both healthy and well. Because they were the two things he could never allow himself to lose.

Lois continued typing on her computer and was finishing the last lines on her article, for a column she was given in the newspaper. She read over it,

"… There had never been any real proof of this theory but from watching the two superheroes closely, it was more than clear what their relationship was. Because their stares and concern towards one another during the heat of battle, were not ones you would normally see between two friends or comrades… it was that of a couple in love…

So what is the truth? Could it be that the two strongest superheroes of all time have been together all along? And if they are… what does this mean to the whole world?

One thing I'm positively sure about all of this… is that there is more between Superman and Wonder Woman than meets the eye."

Lois leaned back on her chair and stared at her computer screen. Her article was complete; and even though it seems more like a hopeful young woman's blog, she knew that this article was going to gain her popularity as a reporter and not as a newscaster.

She thought of the different possibilities that would happen the moment her article was revealed to the world. And in her head, a future with that article looked like a mess for the Justice League. But still….

She took a deep breath and moved her finger towards the "Enter" button. With one press of a button, the article would be sent to Perry's mailbox so that he may read over it. Her finger lingered over the button.

But with a sigh of exasperation, she pressed the "Delete" button. And one by one, she watched as every word that she typed slowly disappeared until the whole article completely disappeared and she was left with nothing but an empty document.

In her mind she thought,

"Some things are better left alone… if played cruelly… lives might be destroyed."

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