Superman and Wonder Woman flew down the STAR Labs building rooftop. The STAR (Scientific and Technological Advanced Research) facility in Metropolis was just one of the many base locations in the world; including Gotham, San Francisco and Seattle; as well as Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan. They have been involved in scientific researches and experimentations that sometimes involved alien researches and technologies.

Superman was told to enter the building through the rooftop by Steve Trevor to avoid the attention of prying media that might come rushing in once he was spotted. Superman agreed with the idea of being in contact with ARGUS secretly on his own but he didn't agree with the idea of Diana coming with him. As they entered through the rooftop door he suddenly grabbed her arm,

"Diana I would have preferred it if you have stayed at home and rest," he began, "your body is still not used carrying a baby"

"Kal I'll be fine besides," she argued, "I want to know everything first-hand about this case"

"I don't think there's anything we have to worry about"

She closed her eyes and sighed, "How could you say that when it's your life that might be in danger?"

"It's true Kryptonite is a source of weakness for me but-"

"Nevertheless, just as Bruce said, we need to investigate this," she eyed him, "together"

With that, Diana walked in front of him, and as she did, he looked at her from behind and thought, "But Kryptonite isn't my greatest weakness"

As the couple walked along the hallways of the huge facility, both soldiers from ARGUS and scientists in STAR greeted them both with a smile and respect. Some were even stunned at the presence of two of the greatest heroes but kept their cool composure as they greeted them. Due to the many doors and the wide hallways of the facility, it would've been hard for anyone to walk in the facility without getting lost but Superman was already used to the structure of the facility that he led the way for him and Diana.

Superman and Wonder Woman entered the room at the far West side of the building where offices of higher-ups were held- higher-ups such as the head of ARGUS, Colonel Steve Trevor.

"Superman" Steve greeted, "I'm glad you're finally able to come"

"Likewise Colonel" Superman shook his hand

"Hello Steve" Wonder Woman appeared from behind Superman

"Diana!" Steve suddenly exclaimed, "I didn't expect to see you"

"Doomsday is a formidable enemy, a threat to the whole world," she explained, "it's only wise that as much people investigates about this"

"I see"

Steve stared at Diana, his head filled with wonder on all those missed times they had. Superman cleared his throat, as if to gain Steve's attention.

"So," Steve began, "shall we take a walk?"

Steve led the way as Superman and Wonder Woman followed him across the wide hallways of the facility, where scientists worked on the technologies that modelled around the hallways; and ARGUS soldiers were stationed around doors.

"The incident a couple of months ago involving Doomsday was of course restricted from the media," Steve began, "since then, we have been investigating the possible whereabouts of Doomsday. We've tried to locate him using satellites and CCTVs"

"Have you had any luck?" Superman asked

"Unfortunately no," he replied, "after his escape, we immediately tried to track him within at least a 20km radius but as soon as we did, he was gone. It was as if he vanished into thin air"

"Or perhaps underground" Wonder Woman suggested


"Someone as big as Doomsday couldn't possibly disappear immediately," Wonder Woman explained, "He could've hidden somewhere underground"

"That is possible"

"Then it's also possible he might not be working alone" Superman interjected, "Colonel," he looked at Steve, "Were there any investigations regarding the Kryptonites that were stolen?"

"Yes there have been"

"What have you found?" Wonder Woman asked

Steve looked at Wonder Woman for a moment. For a second, he swore he saw a glimpse of deep concern in Diana's eyes as she asked the question.

"The scientists here in STAR Labs performed experiments on the different effects of red kryptonites and they've found that the chemical structures present in the Red Kryptonite can be altered"


"That was why it has unpredicted effects" Superman answered Wonder Woman, he then turned back to face Steve, "can I see some of the results of the experiments?"

"Definitely, follow me" Steve led them towards a different direction where he continued, "Although I would suspect that Batman is probably working on finding out the different effects of the Red Kryptonite himself"

They stopped in front of a large door which opened sideways as soon as Steve nodded to the two soldiers stationed at both sides of the door.

"I'd like to come in alone" Superman announced

"Huh? But -"Wonder Woman tried to stop him

"I'll be okay" Superman smiled to her

Steve Trevor stared at the two. There was something about their gazes towards each other. It was as if there were communicating with their eyes. Even if they were true friends, would two friends' relationship be that deep? So deep it seems their bond is stronger than any other.

After Superman entered the room, Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman were left on their own as they stood in front of the closing doors. There was silence between the two of them until,

"Would you like to get some air?" Steve asked


"There's a nearby balcony," he informed, "its where some of the workers here go to get some air"

"I want to wait here for now" she looked towards the door as if trying to determine what was going on inside. Steve knew that Diana was worried about Superman.

"He'll be fine," he told her, "he's Superman"

She immediately glanced towards him, trying to figure out how he knew what she was thinking. She then answered, "Very well then," she smiled, "please lead the way"

They arrived in the balcony overlooking the whole city. Diana was of course, used to that kind of view as she always flew over cities but she found it breath-taking that she didn't need to fly to see such a magnificent view.

She was caught up with the view that she was taken by surprise when a cold touch met her skin. She immediately turned to see Steve holding a water bottle to her, "Here you go," he smiled to her

"Thank you" she took the bottle but only held it in her hands

"How has our Amazonian princess been?" he began

She looked at him as he asked the question then turned to the city's view, "Lately, I've become more as Wonder Woman than Amazonian Princess"

"How come?"

"Certain circumstances… I guess. How about you?" she asked, "I take it you have been busy as the head of ARGUS?"

"It has," he chuckled, "more than I thought it would be"

The two shared some of the stories they have encountered from the time they lost together. For a moment, everything sounded wonderful in their conversation until,

"Diana," Steve looked at his water bottle as he tried to mutter his statement, "about what I told you 2 years ago"

Diana immediately turned to Steve who still continued to stare down at his water bottle

"It's still true for me," he continued, "even now"


"I don't really know why I'm telling you this," he tried to laugh it off, "but even as a friend, I felt like I'm losing you" he sounded as if he was whispering to himself loudly, "I thought that-"

Diana quickly hugged him and whispered to his ear, "You will never lose me Steve, you have always been my friend, my good friend" She then kissed him by his cheek and smiled, "shall we go back?"

Friend… huh? Steve thought

They soon arrived back in front of the Experimentation room where they left Superman. As they arrived, they caught sight of him leaving the room. Wonder Woman ran towards him and looked up into his face

"Did anything happen?" she immediately asked

Superman shook his head, "Nothing but," he took a deep breath, "there is a huge possibility Doomsday is working with someone"

"What makes you think that?" Steve asked

"If Doomsday wanted to use the Red Kryptonite against me," he began, "he would first try to alter its chemical structure; but to alter the chemical structure is very hard. Only someone with a great deal of knowledge in Kryptonites can do this. Doomsday is programmed to adapt and destroy everything in its path; but he's not programmed to learn them"

"Well who could have that much knowledge on Kryptonites?"

"I could only think of one other person" Diana told them, "Someone who has spent a lot of their time trying to destroy Superman by finding his weakness"


"Lex Luthor" Superman answered

Lex Luthor entered the well-lit room which shone upon the well-equipped laboratory. There were only two scientists in the room and they were both hard at work; each of them was occupied with their own work that they failed to realize his presence that had just arrived in the room.

"Gentlemen" Lex cleared his throat

"Oh Mr Luthor," the scientist with glasses gasped, "I'm sorry we didn't notice you-"

"It doesn't matter," Lex waved his hand to him," what have you found?"

"As you predicted, it was possible to alter the chemical structure of the red kryptonite into a specific effect," the other scientists explained, "but since it's too complicated, we're still not sure if it's the right structure"

"Have you managed to alter it?"

"Well yes but-"

"Then shall we test it out?"

"To who?" the scientist with glasses asked, "it would only work for a Kryptonian and if we use it on Doomsday-"

"You're forgetting the most popular Kryptonian in our planet, Dr Brown" Lex shook his head, "the one person we have prepared all of this for"

"Superman? But we still don't know if it would work," the other scientist tried to reason with Lex

"It's better to be more curious than cautious Dr," Lex replied, "if people have been more cautious in the past, I doubt we would have made a lot of discoveries and scientific breakthroughs"

"But sir," Dr Brown stammered, "this is Superman we're talking about… he's a hero, a savio-"

"May I remind you of the circumstances you would have been in, if I hadn't helped you?" Lex gave him a threatening look, "think about your family. What would have happened to them if I hadn't shown you my generosity?"

"I'm sorry," he looked down as he apologized, "I have always been grateful of your generosity Mr Luthor"

"The same goes for you Dr Miller" he shot another threatening look to the other scientist

"Yes Mr Luthor" he answered as he looked down on the floor

"Well then now that that's settled," he crossed his arms in front of his chest, "prepare the kryptonite! Our 'hero' is waiting"

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