Okay, here's the second scenario for those of you who are reading. This one is shorter, but I feel like Angela and Hodgins don't need as many words as Booth and Brennan do. Angela and Hodgins can communicate in other ways. :-) Hope you enjoy.

Scenario 2: Together

Angela left the hospital with the teddy bear, knowing exactly where Hodgins would be. Sure enough, she found him seated at a microscope.

"I went to visit you at the hospital," she told him. "I brought you this." She set down the teddy bear next to him.

"They-they let me go home," Hodgins answered softly.

"No, they didn't. You left without being discharged. You stole crutches, which I had to pay for," Angela argued.

"They packed me up, pumped me full of antibiotics, stitched me up, and gave me pain killers, so I'm-I'm good to go," Hodgins replied.

Angela kneeled down next to where Hodgins was sitting. "Could you please look at me?" she asked tenderly, hurting to see Hodgins in so much pain.

Hodgins turned slowly to look at her, putting his things down to do so. Angela could see the pain, fear, and stress in his electric blue eyes.

"You were buried alive," she said. "You were operated on without an anesthetic. You were pumped full of drugs. You really should be lying down."

"He's out there, Angela. He buries people alive. I have to catch him." Hodgins' voice trembled just a little as he spoke, and only Angela knew it was the pain and not his exhaustion. "If I could figure out the exact alloy of aluminum, maybe I could-maybe we could- Plus the bit of-bit of bumper sticker that Brennan found in my leg."

"Hey, we're going to catch him, okay?" Angela said strongly. "I promise you. We're gonna start tomorrow. All of us, together."

Hodgins looked her straight in the eyes. "I can't sleep, Angela."

"I thought they gave you something for that." Angela's voice held more concern in it now.

"No, I mean, I'm afraid to sleep. That when I close my eyes, when I open them up, I'll be back in that car. Buried, running out of air." Hodgins' voice shook, and tears slid down his face.

Angela's heart hurt, and she made up her mind. "Okay, then you should come home with me."

"What?" Hodgins asked.

"When you open your eyes, I'll be there."


"Yeah." Angela nodded, assuring him.

"You know I'm good for that crutch money," Hodgins told her, and they both laughed.

Angela took his hand and helped him up. He used his crutches to get out to her car, and she drove them back to her place. She helped him get into bed before sliding in herself, resting her head on his chest. He put his arms around her, and she smiled.

"Goodnight, Jack."

"Goodnight, Angela," he said hoarsely.


The next day, the two of them stayed at Angela's apartment. She brought out her paint sets and she started doing landscapes. Hodgins watched her in silence, a smile on his face. He liked watching her work. He could see the way her lips pressed together when she was truly focused, the way that she held herself so relaxed and loose. She was much more at ease with a paintbrush in her hand than he had ever seen her at the Jeffersonian. He felt honored to see her in her comfort zone.

"Can I try?" he asked after she finished her third painting, this one of a sunset.

"Sure." She smiled at him.

"You're going to have to guide me. I don't do painting."

Angela moved over to give Hodgins some room. "It's easy. You just paint whatever you're feeling. I like doing landscapes, because they make me happy."

Hodgins nodded. He remembered the lake near where he grew up, where he first found his love of etymology and botany. It was his getaway place, his favorite place. So, he started painting. Angela's presence kept him calm, and this allowed him to paint an accurate representation of the lake that held so many good memories.

"This is beautiful, Jack," Angela said.

"It's for you."

"Thank you."

She kissed him, and the two ate something before going back to painting.


The next day, they went back to work. At lunch time, Booth and Brennan had gotten a call for a case, so they waited for the crime scene evidence to be brought back. Hodgins worked on the particulates while Angela tried to clean the video. Things were going back to normal.

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