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"Haru." The growl was familiar and husky and Haruka didn't even have to turn around to know who it was.

"….yeah." He was sitting on the floor alone, but he had been with Nagisa and Makoto, before the former had decided he wanted ice cream and the latter decided he had to go the bathroom.

Haruka wasn't entirely sure what Rin was even doing there but he didn't show any surprise when he swiveled his face around to stare. "What is it."

Rin was taller than him, though that was a no-brainer because Haru was crouching on the ground. It didn't make him more intimidating exactly but it did give him a certain kind of higher level aura. "You're pissing me off." His eyes were narrow and his fists clenched. "The only fucking people you ever hang out with are those two. Why? Because they hang on to your every fucking word? Is that it?"

Blue eyes blinked and he let out a shrug. "What's it to you. You don't hang out with me—" He didn't even manage to finish the sentence, a rough hand grabbing the back of his neck, until he was only a moment away from Rin's own face.

"You're pissing me off," the purple-haired boy repeated, spitting the words out, and set his teeth roughly against the skin of Haruka's neck.

There was no one around them, luckily, and Haruka didn't protest the action—it felt heated, passionate, and it also felt incredibly good. He wrapped his hands around Rin's neck and shivered.

"It's fine, isnt it, Rin. You've always seemed to believe that's my goal in life." A little smirk made it's way onto Haru's lips. "To piss you off."

Calm outside, but not so inside.

The sensation stopped so suddenly that Haruka wasn't even sure if it had happened. Rin smirked at him and said, "Reminder to those other guys."

Haruka wasn't entirely sure what he was talking about, watching him leave with amused eyes, but the skin around his neck was tingling and he'd be contradicting himself if he said he didn't enjoy the feeling.

It was ten minutes later when Haruka found out exactly what Rin had done.

"Haru," Mako choked out, "is that….a hickey?"

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