Author's note: I've decided to make this the first chapter. This chapter has link appearing at an aquas beach resort. Link meets a busty wolf named Mia. However; Mia gets a visit from one of her friends. A young cougar named Kate. Mia and Kate have been friends ever since they met in aquas. Also link gets a taste of adult entertainment, when the ladies take him to corneria. I've decided to start with link appearing first, then goku later.

Disclaimer: I do not own goku, link, or starfox. All characters belong to their respective owners.

Chapter 1: An elf on a blue planet.

Corneria city Hotel: Oasis (12:00a.m: minus 24hs)

The hotel guests were still sleeping, because a lot of them were drunk and wasted on the party. When they heard fox mcloud was staying in their penthouse hotel. They chose to greet him in the best way they know how. When the party was over everyone went to their rooms. Fox was sleeping in his underwear next to a busty blue fox named Krystal. Krystal was sleeping on her side next fox in her underwear and bare breasted. She was tired from tonight's love and sex they just had a few hours ago. Meanwhile, in a different part of corneria, a crime was taking place.

Corneria: (private site)

A young lioness named Anna was running through the forest. She wanted to get away from the mansion. Anna ran until she came to a road and looked back. She saw the mansion was far in the distance. Anna became worried about her friend, Jenny O'Toole and decided to find her. Jenny escaped from the clutches of Lucas, leader of the Black Clawz. Black Clawz is organization that masks its crimes with businesses, modeling, entertainment and stocks. What it really was is family of money corruption and power. The family would do anything from keeping themselves in the laws attention. Anna was happy to find out she was living on a private island in corneria. Hopefully, she can find refuge with her and a fresh start. Anna walked until she heard the sound of thunder in the sky. Luckily, she saw a cabin not too far and made her way to it. Anna was able to reach the cabin and at that time it started to rain. She opened the door and saw the place was well taken care of. She said to herself "I wonder who lives here?" There were no photos or signs of anyone living here. Anna decided to clean herself up, rest and she will find jenny tomorrow.

Earth: (land of Hyrule)

Link was practicing with his bow and arrows, not that he needed to. He was so good at it, that he knew how to hit a target at 600 yards. Link spent half of his time training, and the rest of the day was his. Over time link and Zelda were very close, but he would try to be as discreet as he could. Link heard the prince marth would be coming by to be the princess suitor. Link loved Zelda with all his heart and he would die to protect her. Marth wasn't a bad guy himself. He was well-trained, well-mannered and a good swordsman. He was also a favorite of the guards and the king. Link was thinking about the time marth first arrived in hyrule. He was riding a white horse with blue armor outlined with gold. Link was also visiting Zelda, but marth got to the castle first. When link arrived at the castle gate, the guard said "hey link." Link looked at the guard and said "hello sir, I'm here to see the princess. Can I have permission to pass?" The guard said "ok link, but she has a visitor. So can I ask you to wait a while?" Link said "sure, I'll be in courtyard." Link got off Epona and headed for the courtyard. He looked around a saw it was very well taken care of. Link saw down on the steps where the waterway was and waited.

(2 hours later.)

Link was still outside in the courtyard waiting for princess Zelda. He got up to stretch his legs and decided to look for her. Link went to the castle balcony and walked for a few minutes. Link remembered the hidden graves and realized that was it. Link ran to the hidden graveyard and made his way to the tower. The graveyard gave link plenty of access to the castle. Then he heard distant voices, and could tell they were close. Link found a window and looked outside. He saw princess Zelda and marth talking together. Link was able to hear their conversation clearly. He stayed hidden to hear what they were talking about.

Marth looked at Zelda and said "Zelda, I'm surprised that link hasn't found out about us being together. I thought that he would get upset and leave." Marth said "well, you could have told him about us. What are you waiting for so long?" Zelda said "well, link hasn't been with me for a few months now. I'm 18 and I want to get married." Marth said "princess, you can't wait until the last-minute. You have to tell him now, maybe." Zelda looked at marth and said "marth, if link knew that we're engaged, I'm not sure he'll take it well." Marth got up from the ground and said "Zelda, it is better to tell him now than never. I'm sure he will take the news well. In the meantime, I will admit he is a better warrior than me. I just wish the king would give me the chance to prove it." Link could not believe what he was hearing. The love of his life engaged to marth. Link was impa's favorite, and proved it to the king. But he didn't understand why Zelda chose marth as her fiancée. Link was still watching them from the window. His eyes almost filled with silent tears. Zelda walked up to marth until she was 2 inches from his face. Marth cupped her left cheek, and their lips locked in a kiss. Link had lost his only love. Link walked to the door in sadness and headed home. Before he left, he took off the triforce necklace Zelda gave him for his birthday, and threw it in the fountain. After the kiss Zelda heard a soft splash in the water. She looked around and saw a small ripple coming from the fountain. She looked back at marth and said "I'll see you at the castle, ok?" Marth said "ok." Then he walked to the castle. Zelda walked to the fountain and looked around. She didn't see anything, until she saw something glimmering. She saw a small triforce necklace at the bottom of the fountain. She didn't think about whom it belonged to, so she fished it out. What she didn't know was that a certain elf was heartbroken. Zelda walked back to the castle and was greeted by impa. Impa saw Zelda come in and said "hello, princess. Have you seen link?" Zelda looked at impa and said "no, I haven't seen him all day. Plus, he was supposed to take me to Lake Hyila." Impa walked to Zelda and sat next to her. She put her arm around Zelda's shoulder and said "well, you might want to ask him instead of waiting for him. Why not go to the forest and see what happened to him? Maybe he forgot or something important came up and he didn't tell you." Zelda knew where link house was. She looked at impa and said "you're right. I'll go see him and ask him why. He's had me worried all day, and he must have waited for me. I hope he's not upset about it." Impa got up from the bed and walked to the door. She looked back at Zelda and said "don't worry princess; I'm sure he's just waiting for you." Zelda looked out the window. It was still midday, and the weather was great, until she saw some storm clouds in the distance. She said to herself "I hope I can make it before the storm."

Link's house

Link was busy packing his stuff so he could leave. His eyes were still red with tears, but he didn't care. He didn't take much with him, just what he needed. Link found a beach where he can get away from all this pain. He remembered where it was and finished packing. The only things he didn't take with him were his pictures of him and Zelda. He left one on the mantel and the rest he threw in the trash. Link pick up his bag and got on epona. He rubbed her mane and said "epona, we are going away for a while. Please don't tell anyone where we're going." Epona understood what he said and snorted. Link gave epona a light kick and she galloped to the forest. Link arrived at the bridge and looked back. All link said was "goodbye."

The ride lasted an hour before link found the beach. He even saw the cabin he built for his vacation. It was actually his summer home. For link, a sandy beach, palm trees, and a waterfall. What's not to love? Link even loved getting the fruits off the trees. He even saw a small field where he could grow some fruits and vegetables. Link went to Epona and began to unpack his gear. Link walked up the stairs and opened the door. Link saw it was still well cleaned up. Link dropped his bag and went to get Epona to her stable. She had fresh water, hay and oats. She even had grains. Link built the stable to keep her cool and well fed. Link took off Epona's saddle and reins. Epona was free to do what she wanted at the beach. Link saw a storm over the horizon and knew he had to get inside.

Hyrule field (afternoon)

Zelda was riding her horse called misty to link's house. She still didn't understand why link hadn't shown up. Zelda remembered telling link that she wanted to go to Lake Hylia with him. Zelda knew the forest well, but link knew it better. When she arrived at his house, she saw it was almost abandoned. It looked like link was never home. Zelda pulled on her mare's reigns and said "whoa, misty." Zelda got off and said "please wait here." Misty was a smart horse. She was trained to follow commands and hand signals. Zelda went into the house and saw everything was gone. His bed is still there, but empty. His clothes were gone, his sword and shield, and some of his belongings. Zelda could tell link was gone. Zelda searched the house for link, but he wasn't there. All she saw was the picture of her and link. She walked closer to fireplace and saw that link was wearing the triforce necklace that she gave him. She reached in her purse and pulled out the necklace. She now knows it was link that was at the courtyard. Zelda realized everything she said, every word, and every sentence. Link was there listening to everything. She looked at the necklace and her eyes began to water. Link was her guardian, her protector. He was always there for her, and yet she didn't confess. Zelda loved link, but now he wouldn't know. Zelda fell to her knees and let tears fall from her face. She curled herself in a fetal position and cried until she fell asleep.

(4 hours later, evening)

Zelda woke up to the sound of hoof beats outside the house. She got up on her feet and saw it was still light outside. She walked to the door and opened it. She saw royal horses and the royal family crest on a banner. She walked outside and said "who is in charge here?" Their leader said "princess Zelda, thank the goddess you are all right." Zelda looked at him asked "I can take care of myself. Now I ask you, why are you here?" The guard said "princess, your father was worried about you. He sent word to all the soldiers to find you. We even ask your guardian impa where you've gone." Zelda said "I told her not to tell you where I was." The guards couldn't believe what she said. "I will return to the castle on my own. No excuses." The captain said "princess, it is late and not safe to be out at this time of night." Zelda forcefully said "Be silent, I will return on my own. I do not ask for your escort." Zelda got on her horse misty and left link's house. She crossed the bridge and arrived at hyrule field. She looked back one last time and said "link, I hope you come back. I'm sorry for not telling you about this." With that Zelda returned to the castle, and then it started to rain. One the guards offered her an umbrella, but she declined.

Link's beach house

Link set the last of his things where they go and looked outside. It was calm, peaceful, and epona was enjoying herself. Link went outside and called epona. She heard his voice and galloped over to him. Epona nuzzled link's chest and his face, tickling him. He pets her mane and said "epona, looks like it's just you and me. Link ended his day by taking epona to her pen. Link would head back to his house and closed the door once he was inside. Link could hear howls at night of wolves. Though, he knew he was a wolf himself. He could understand them clearly. The wolves were calling for a mate. Link worried for epona, but he knew she was safe. Outside link's house the howls were getting closer. It was a female wolf pup and her mother. The mother wolf saw a house with the lights still on. She was badly injured because of the males. The males were fighting their mates if they tried to leave them. The alpha was in desperate search for his mates. The mother wolf also saw a horse with a white mane and light reddish brown color. Epona saw glowing eyes coming from the bushes, and could tell they were wolves. But the wolves made no move towards her. Instead, epona lightly neigh for them to come closer. The wolf and her pup walked closer to her pen. While inside, link felt a strange presence. He could feel someone or something getting closer. Link got up from his seat and looked at epona's pen. He saw 2 wolves talking to her. Link wasn't in his wolf form, but he saw the wolves were injured. Link opened the door and walked outside. The wolves quickly turned to face their attacker, only to see an elf. Epona neighed loud enough to where she said "no, stop." Link simply put up his hands and saw the injury on the wolves. The mother wolf was looking at link, waiting for an attack. Instead, link got on one knee and said "calm down, I'm not here to hurt you." The mother wolf got saw link offer his hand to her. She walked closer until she could smell it. The mother wolf was curious as to why he didn't hurt them. She looked at link's eyes and saw he meant no harm. The mother's pup walked up to link and also sniffed his hand. She could tell he was good in heart. Link softly petted her muzzle getting a growl from her pup. But the mother looked back and growled at her. The pup calmed down and saw link look at her. Link said "easy my friend, I just want to help you." Link picked up the mother and signaled the pup to follow. Link took her inside and set down by the fire. He saw the wolf was injured and dirty. He went to get a bucket of water and a towel. He came back and started to clean up the wolf. The wolf was hesitant at first. But once she looked at his blue eyes, she knew he meant no harm. She calmed down and let link clean her wounds. Link slowly wet the towel and rubbed it on the wolf. The wolf felt the mud and dirt being wiped off. Link pulled the towel off to see clumps of her fur coming off. He also saw some bloody spots on the towel. Link carefully kept cleaning the wolf and finished. Soon link saw where her injuries were. He had a medicine box and began to treat her wounds. Link placed some of the bandages on the wolf, but she flinched at some of her wounds. Link finished patching up the wolf and went to see if the pup was ok. The pup back away from link, but her mother looked at her. She told her to stop. The pup stopped and looked at link's blue eyes. She felt like she couldn't move when she saw his eyes. Link petted her muzzle and said "don't worry, I'm a friend now." The pup approached link and allowed link to wash her. When he was done, link saw that the wolves were like new. Their fur was cleaned, their wounds treated. But in a strange reaction, the 2 wolves jumped on link. But instead of biting him, they rubbed themselves on him. He tried to cover himself from their playful affection, but no good. Instead, link petted the mother on her head and the pup on her back. Link put his hands up and said "ok, that's enough." The wolves calmed down and got off link. Link said "look, it's time for bed." The wolves decided to sleep by the fire and link went to his room. He sat on the bed and pulled the covers. But before he went to sleep he could hear the wolves talking. What they didn't know was that link could understand them. The wolves quieted down and link went to sleep.

Lylat system: planet Aquas

Planet aquas is a beautiful paradise, if you had the money. But for one female wolf named Mia, money was no object. Mia is a busty 40E wolf with light blonde fur, with white patches. Some called her golden girl, but she knew what that meant. Though she was from corneria, she decided to get away from city life. Mia couldn't handle the ways men looked at her. Sure, she had a huge bust. But they wouldn't stop trying to ask her out or spend a night with her. She finally said "I've had enough of this." So she packed up her things and left for her summer home in aquas. Mia worked as a sexy nude model. She was the most watched woman in corneria. Though, she didn't have sex with any man on the set. She was glad about it. That's when things started to turn. During her day off, mia was at home. She was watching a reporter interview a husky. He was light grey with dark red fur. People called him wildfire, but that wasn't his name. The reporter was a young female cheetah, with bright yellow fur and black spots. The cheetah looked at the husky and asked him "Mr. Elliot, how does it feel to be the named "The sexiest man in corneria". Elliot said "well, I think that's a bit much. But if that's what they want to call me, then I got no problem. Mia was glad she wasn't there. She knew that Elliot was more than her former partner. Until, mia's best friend Kate ended up in the hospital. Mia soon remembered why she left for aquas.

Corneria hospital (3 years earlier)

Mia was finished with her nude video, when her boss called her. Her boss was a busty 34e ocelot, and her name was Callie. Callie was in charge of her business. Mia got dressed in casual clothing, a t-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. Mia went to see her boss at her office. Mia arrived and knocked on the door. Cassandra said "come in." Mia opened the door and said "Hey callie, you wanted to see me." Callie said "yes, please close the door." Mia closed the door and stood in front of the desk. Callie sat in her chair, took off her glasses and said "you've been on quite a streak this year. But we have someone new to work with." Mia looked at her in fear. Callie looked at her laughed. Callie said "don't worry, we're not replacing you." Mia breathed a sigh of relief. Callie picked up a folder and said "I want to ask you a question. It doesn't matter how you answer me, but I need you to be honest." Mia said "ok." Callie opened the folder and said "what do you think about having a man working with you?" Mia's eyes went wide in surprise. Mia was at a loss for words. Callie saw her speechless and tried to get her to focus. Callie said "Mia, well what do you think?" Mia calmed down and said "well honestly, I've never had a man in my life. Plus, I need to know who he is, and why he wants to work with me." Callie looked at the information on his folder and said "well, since you want to know. I'll tell you everything. Please sit." Mia made her way to a chair, but callie stopped her and said "no, don't sit across from me." Callie pointed at the chair next to her. Callie said "please sit next to me." Mia walked and sat next to callie. Callie gave her the folder and said "The man who was recommended for this is Alex Elliot. He's the famous millionaire of corneria." Mia continued to read the info about this husky and said "but why would he want to work with me?" Callie got up from her seat, turned around to face the window. Callie said "Mia, this company is getting very high ratings. Plus, I need more money to keep up with the staff's payroll. I didn't want to do this without asking you first." Mia closed the folder and she too got up from her seat. Mia said "Callie, we go back almost 2 years." As mia was walking to callie, she said "if this is what you need to improve your business, then I'll do it." Callie felt mia wrap her arms around her waist. Mia rested her head on her shoulder and said "Callie, I have one condition." Callie placed a hand over mia's and said "whatever you want, I'll give it to you." Callie turned and looked at mia. Mia placed her muzzle on Callie's chest and said "I don't want this man to try anything. Can you keep him from knowing where I am?" Callie hugged her back and said "don't worry; I won't let him get near you." Callie let mia go and said "go enjoy your weekend, and don't forget our date." She gave mia a wink before mia walked out of her office.

(Monday morning)

Mia was waking up to the sound of her phone ringing. Luckily, she didn't have a hangover. Mia picked up her phone and said "hello". Mia heard crying on the other end of the line. All she heard was "mia, its callie. I need to talk to you. I can't explain over the phone." Mia said "ok, come to my place and tell what's wrong." (15 minutes later). Mia heard knocking on the door. She walked to the door and opened it. It was callie, she looked devastated. Callie had tear streaks on her face. She was holding a folder with papers she was forced to sign. Mia gave callie a warm embrace and said "what's wrong, Callie? Please tell me." Callie walked in the house and closed the door. Mia walked her to the living room and sat down with her. Callie said "Mia, I'm sorry. But I'm not your boss anymore. I've lost ownership of my business." Mia was in shock. Mia cupped her face and said "Callie, who did this?" Callie gave mia the folder and said "Alex Elliot tried to force me to forfeit everything, even ownership of my business. He called me in my office Saturday afternoon. He invited me to his family party and I agreed. When I got there he said "Miss Callie, I'm sorry to be calling you like this. I'd like to speak with you on a business proposition." I told him "ok, but out here?" He said "no, please come in and wait in the study. My butler will take you there, if that's ok with you?" So I said "ok." So his butler took me to the study offered me food and drinks. I took a few bites and the butler said to me "please sit where ever you are comfortable. Master Elliot will be right with you." I waited for 15 minutes when Elliot and two more men came in the room with him. One was a black wolf and another was white lion. The lion called himself Leos, and the wolf introduced himself as Lucas clawz." Mia was still worried as to why she was crying. She lost her business, but it was something else. Mia said "Callie, what happened?" Callie looked at her and said "leo, he showed me a contract and it had his company logo on it. He said to me "Miss Callie, we're going to ask you to please sign this." I looked at it and read it. Then he said "Miss Callie, we are taking ownership of your business. We are ready to pay you a half-billion dollars." Callie was in disbelief. This man was only working for 2 days, and he already tries to buy her out. Leos said as he looked at Elliot "You see Miss callie, Lucas and Elliot are the best when it comes to money. I'm also the number 2 man for Mr. Elliot. We've bought out the competition of their entertainment. Now you will surrender yours or we will ruin your reputation." Mia couldn't believe what she was hearing. She looked at callie and saw her eyes were red with tears. Mia held callie in a warm embrace and said "so what did you do?" Callie said "I didn't give him anything. I walked out the door and left." Callie looked at all three men and said "if this is how you want do this then fine. I'll take my business elsewhere. You can also keep your money, I earned mine." She got up and walked to the door. She walked down the stairs, but stopped short when she heard laughter. Elliot and his boys were laughing about her outburst. Callie opened the door and walked to her car. She started up the car and left with screeching tires. Callie was still crying in mia's shoulder. Mia pulled back and said "so what can you do?" Callie said "I'm going to shut down and find a new place to start over. I don't have a place in mind, so I'll have to lay low." Mia held callie's hands in worry and said "I have a suggestion. How about aquas? It's private, I can afford it, and we don't have to worry about them finding us there." Callie kissed her hands and said "I think you have something there. But for now I want to be alone for a few days." Mia said in a caring voice can't you stay with me tonight, please?" callie said "ok, but just for tonight." They embrace each other one last time, before mia came to her senses.

She saw the reporter ending her interview and turned off the TV. Mia was crying when she remembered why she left for aquas. She couldn't understand why this had happened to her and her friend. She went outside in her robe and said "This is not fair." Mia untied her robe and lied down on her lawn chair. She was sun bathing naked and she felt good. Her umbrella provided some shade, as she rubbed her breasts. Feeling the sunlight on her fur felt amazing. She set her clock for 2 hours and she took a nap.

Aquas boardwalk

A white cougar was walking along the board and her name was Kate. She had breasts size 38e, wearing a 2-piece bikini, and she had one heck of a bust. Her ride was a red Lamborghini (just a future version). As she walked to her car she noticed several men were looking at her. One was a black Doberman pincher, heavily muscled and well-toned. Another was a rat who was wearing a speedo, and his muscles were big. The rest were just juveniles on spring break. Her car was in a parking lot overlooking the beach. But she couldn't help the feeling she was being followed. While made her way to her car, the Doberman and the rat followed her. She got her keys from her purse and unlocked the car. The Doberman and the rat found the parking lot and signaled each other to split up. The Doberman went from behind, while the rat went to the left. Kate opened the trunk and placed her shopping bags inside. The parking lot had only 2 cameras, but there were blind spots. The parking lot had cars, but no one was around. Kate closed the trunk and walked to the driver's side door. She saw the rat coming her way, but he saw her pull out her keys. The Doberman however, approached from behind. As Kate opened the door, she didn't notice the Doberman's arms wrap around her. Kate put up quite a fight, but the Doberman wrestled her to the ground. Kate wasn't trying to resist, she knew they wouldn't get far. The Doberman picked her up and pinned her against her car. Kate looked them and saw their members straining in their speedos. Kate looked at the Doberman and said "what do you want with me?" They both chuckled and the Doberman said "just relax baby, we'll make this enjoyable. You see, my friend down here is begging to fill you up." His partner the rat said "he's right, I need some release. Why don't you make us feel good, and we do the same for you?" She looked away in disgust when she felt them rub themselves against her. The Doberman pulled Kate off her car and placed her between them. The Doberman rubbed his member on her ass. While the rat took one of her hands placed it on his member. The rat move her hand in a back and forth motion, making himself jerk off. The Doberman pressed himself harder on her ass, leaving himself wide open. Kate sensed he left himself vulnerable. Also being very flexible, she brought a swift kick to the Doberman's balls making yell in pain. While the rat felt pain himself, He saw her squeeze on his member. Kate was crushing him, making him get on his knees in pain. Both of them were holding themselves because what she did to them. Kate looked at the Doberman and brought her right fist to his face. She cracked his jaw and knocked out some of his teeth. His partner however, got a knee to his face. It crushed his muzzle and left him unconscious. Kate saw the Doberman bleeding from his mouth. Kate looked at herself, then looked at him and said "honey, try to fuck with me again and I'll make sure you don't have any kids." Kate saw her hands and bikini were stained. She looked at him in rage and said "I better not see you again." She found a towel and placed it on her driver's seat. She got in her car, started up and pulled out of the parking lot. Kate stopped a few feet from the gate. There was no one around and she got out of her car. She opened the trunk and got her bra and panties. But instead, she took off her stained bikini and threw it in the trunk. She went back to her car, put her panties on, and closed the door. She didn't put her bra on and started the car, drove past the gate and headed home. In the parking lot the Doberman and the rat regained consciousness. They both saw their injuries and got to their feet. They were trying to balance themselves and made it to an aid station. Luckily, they were still in one piece.

Hyrule (earth)

Link woke up to the sound of growling and neighing. He got out of bed and saw the wolves playing with epona. Link went outside and stretched himself. But the wolves tackled him to the ground and nuzzled themselves on him. He pushed them off a bit and got up. The morning light felt good against his skin. He looked at the wolves and saw they were much bigger. He pets the wolves and said "well, at least you two know how to have fun." The pup saw link's underwear and thought of something funny. Link walked to epona, and the pup tugged on his underwear. The pup pulled until she ripped it off. Link was now bare himself. Epona let out a short series of neighs making her look like she was laughing. Link however, didn't care and tackled the pup. He playfully tickled the pup when the mother joined in. epona went to the waterfall to cool off, just because she was too hot. Link saw epona going in the direction of the water fall, and followed her. The wolves went with link also. It's a good thing that this place was never found. Otherwise, people would be laughing at him. However, link didn't pay any attention to the coming storm.

After spending all day in the waterfall, link, epona and the wolves got out. Link was still bare, but the mother wolf would cover him. Link led everyone back to the house; he got dressed and prepared a feast. Link was sitting down, getting dressed when the mother wolf nuzzled him. He rubbed her scruff, and tickled her ear. She licked his thigh and rubbed her muzzle on his stomach. Link said "hey, calm down. All I did was save you." The mother wolf knew he didn't understand. So she looked at his eyes and when she got close, she licked his cheek. Still, link knew that she was thanking him. He embraced the wolf, and said "thank you." Link got up finished getting dressed. He went to the kitchen and prepared the food. Link cooked two chickens, and a huge hylian fish. He also brought two loafs of bread. Before he could finish, he realized epona was patiently waiting for her food. Link went outside to the shed where he kept her oats. He brought out 3 buckets of oats and filled her water. Link saw the wolves were waiting for their food and they were excited. Link went to the wolves, when flashes caught his eyes. He looked out to the beach and saw a storm coming his way. Link knew that storms hardly ever appear on the beach. But this one was different. He was able to see it from a mile away. The pup tugged on link's shirt telling him they were hungry. He went inside and brought out their food. Link placed the chickens and their water near the fireplace. Link went back to get his food and sat down while looking out to the beach. He saw the storm approaching rather quickly. He began eating while keeping an eye on epona. When he was finished the storm had arrived. The lightning started to strike down near the rocks. Link saw the power the lightning had, and he saw it going to one spot. It was if the lightning was gathering near the waterfall. Link walked outside to see if epona was safe. She was fine and link went to the waterfall. Link saw the lightning come together and, what he saw next left him shocked. Link saw an energy ball and it began to increase in size. Link could barely see until the lightning stopped for a few seconds. The energy ball showed him a new world. He carefully got closer until he felt something pull him. Epona neighs at link to warn him, and walks to him. But then, she too got pulled with him. Then the wolves tried to help them, but they were pulled too. Link was trying very hard to hold his ground. The more he struggled, the more energy it took him. Then without warning, the sphere bathed him in a white light along with his friends. Link was pulled in to the sphere, and saw light streams all around him. He barely came to his senses and saw an opening. He saw a hole in the stream and headed for it. Instead, the same white light appeared and link screamed. Link slowly regained consciousness. He opened his eyes, but his vision was still blurry. He could barely see who it was, but all he said was "thank you."

Planet Aquas (Midday)

kate still couldn't believe what had happened to her. As she was driving home, she realized she didn't put her bra on. She slowed down, pulled over to the right and stopped. She set her car in park and thought about it. But she didn't care who saw her now, because she was going home. Besides, driving with your top off feels good. She released the parking brake and continued to drive home. She couldn't wait to see mia. Kate would arrive home in 15 minutes.

15 minutes later

Mia was still sunbathing when she felt something was wrong. She woke up, got up her chair and looked around. She could see a strange light close by, and she walked towards it. When she got there, she saw a man. But this man looked different. She saw him curled up in a fetal position. He had long blonde hair, his muscles were toned perfectly. Mia saw his face, and she could tell he was at least 2 years younger than her. She got closer to him until she kneeled beside him. Mia lightly brushed some of his hair, and saw his ears were pointed. She knew he was no ordinary man. She slowly turned him over and helped him sit up. He groaned little and tried to open his eyes. His eyes got her attention instantly. He had blue eyes that when you looked at them they calmed you down. She asked him "are you ok?" But all he said was "thank you." Mia knew he needed help, but she was the only one there. She had to bring him to the house. She was surprised at how light he felt. She put his arm around her shoulder and hers on his waist. Luckily, the pool house was closest. She laid him down on the couch and went for some water. She quickly turned on the ac and went back to him. She helped him sit up and mia sat behind him. She placed his head on her breasts, and gave him some water to drink. She could hear him gulp down the water. He slowly regained his senses and opened his eyes. He looked at his savior and said "thank you for saving me." Mia set the glass on the table and said "you're welcome. I'm mia. Do you have a name?" He said "I'm link. I'm sorry to ask you. But what happened to me?" She looked at him and said "you may find this hard to believe. But you are in planet aquas. You are in my house. I found you outside in the sun. So I helped you and nursed you. How are you feeling?" Link looked around and said "well, my head's ok. But why do I feel my head on a pillow?" Mia blushed and said "well, it's not exactly a pillow you're on." Link looked at himself and realized he was naked. He placed a hand on his shoulder and felt his way back. He stopped when he felt something soft and furry. He wondered what it was until he read a moan come from mia. Then it hit him, he was touching her breast. Link got up from the couch, on his feet. He looked at mia and said "miss, please forgive me. I didn't mean to do that to you." Mia giggled and said "you know that actually felt good. Could you please do it again? I know you liked it too, link." Link blushed and said "mia please, I don't want you to think…" but he didn't finish when he saw her looking at his member. Mia said "well, it looks like you need some release. We'll call this your payment for me saving you link." Link felt his member twitching when he her beautiful body. Mia got up and walked toward link and said "I do want to get better acquainted with you. Well, me and Kate." Link felt her place her arms around his neck. She even pressed herself against his member. Link calmed down and said "well miss…" was all that he could say when mia kissed him. She stopped and said "call me mia."

Mia heard the sound of a car approaching. She knew by the sound of the engine it was Kate. She looked outside and saw the car stopping in the garage. Mia grabbed link by the hand and pulled him to the garage. Link was confused as to where they were going. But he didn't say anything when walked along with mia. When they both got to the garage, link saw a white cougar get out of the car. She was topless and wearing light red panties. Mia looked at link and saw his member was rock hard. She looked back at Kate and said "hi sexy cougar, glad to see you home." Kate closed the car door, looked at mia and said "nice to see you baby. Who's your friend?" kate saw link and mia standing next to each other naked. Kate even caught link's rock hard member twitching. He blushed and turned away to hide it. Mia pulled up a chair and said "Kate, this is link. I saved his life. So today he's going to repay us with his body." Mia sat on the chair and said "link, please turn around." Link turned and saw them both in high heels naked. Mia patted the seat next to her, telling him to sit down. He walked to her and sat down, but quickly felt something warm. He looked down to see mia licking the head of his member. Kate kissed him with lust. She could fell him melting at her kiss. Mia got on her knees and took his whole member deep in her mouth. Link felt mia move her head up and down. He placed a hand on the back of her head and moved his hips further. Kate was still kissing link, when he caught sight of her ass. Link didn't want to go there yet. Kate pulled back to catch her breath. She decided to tease him with her breasts. She looked at him and said "are you happy yet?" Link couldn't answer because mia was still deep throating him. Mia could feel his cock twitching in her mouth. Link felt his peak coming fast, but he kept holding it back. Mia knew he was going to cum soon. So took him all in until she felt him touch the back of her throat. Link couldn't hold it back any longer. He tried to tell mia, but he bursted in her. He felt her swallow every drop as she slowly released his cock. Mia licked her lips trying to clean herself, when Kate asked "how is he mia?" All she said was "I want some more." Link however; got up and said "ok, ladies. I'm just one man, but I can make you both happy."

Kate took the chance and said "hey big boy. How about you give me some love?" Kate turned around giving link a great view of her ass. He saw her shake her ass in a circular motion. He felt himself get hard again as kate teased him. When Kate reached for her panties and took them off. He was like a rock again, as he saw kate bend over on her car. Mia said "well, are you going to take her or do I have to?" Link said "you look sexy like that. Can I take you too, mia?" Mia said "Kate first, then me." Link nodded and went to kate. Kate saw his stiff cock wet with his precum. He grabbed her hips and Kate guided him to her entrance. He slowly slid inside her and saw her moan a bit in pain. He stopped and asked her in worry "are you ok? Did I hurt you?" kate looked back at him and said "all the way in baby." Link kept going till he felt her moan in pleasure. Kate took deep breaths and calmed down. Link started moving back and forth, making her talk a bit dirty. Kate felt her eyes go all the way back, as link thrust in her. She tried to speak, but the sensation she was getting made her speechless. Link groaned as he felt her walls squeeze him a bit. As he kept thrusting in her he said between groans "oh my. This is heaven. I'm making love with two goddesses." Link increased his thrusts in speed and strength. He felt kate wrap her tail around his waist. Kate rested on her elbows and she felt link pound away at her. "OOOHHH, yes, yes, more baby more." While they having their time of their lives, neither of them noticed mia was filming the whole thing. Kate said in between moans "ooh, I'm going, I'm going. Ooohh, make me burst." Kate arched her back and placed her head on his shoulder. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts. Link felt his peak coming and kissed her as sped up his thrusts again. Link couldn't hold back any longer and said "kate, I'm going to cum. I can't stop. Can I cum please?" kate just kissed him as burst all over his cock. Their cries were muffled by their kiss as link also burst inside her.

Link and kate fell forward, he was still holding her breasts. She felt him pull out and let go of her breasts. Link's member was limp after the hot sex they just had. He was breathing heavily trying to calm down. Mia set the camera down, got up and walked over to link. Link saw his member covered with cum and juices. But it wasn't over, when mia wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Mia pulled back and said "it my turn now." She looked art kate and said "kate, get the camera. Make sure you get everything." Link didn't fight and said "could we get a change of scenery?" mia just kissed him again and jumped on him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and said "after this we have a surprise for you." Link felt her breasts pressed on his chest. He didn't want to look, but mia said "link, don't be shy and suck on my breasts." Link sat on the chair and grabbed her left breasts and sucked it. While his other hand played with her other breast. He placed his mouth on the pink nipple, swirling his tongue around it. He lightly bit her nipple, but she didn't tell him how sensitive they were. While he gave her breasts attention, she felt his cock hardened again. She guided him to her entrance and slid inside her. Link felt something warm on his cock. He stopped his treatment on her breasts and looked down to see himself inside mia. Link looked at her and said "Mia, you're so tight, you're squeezing me already." Mia moved her hips around and said "stop talking and make me explode." Link kissed the valley between her breasts as he felt her squeeze him harder. He went to suck on her other nipple, giving the same attention as the other. Mia was overwhelmed with the pleasure as link sucked on her right breast. Her moans filled the room as kate filmed their session. Mia rested her chin on link's shoulder and said "lie down and let me go for a ride." Link got off the chair, still holding mia and laid down on the floor. Before mia could start riding him, she kissed link wildly. She stopped and asked him "ready for the ride of your life?" Link just smiled and grabbed her breasts. Mia took it as a 'yes' and slowly moved up and down on his cock. Link slowly thrust his hips up matching her pace. Link said "wow, you two are amazing. Please mia, can we go faster?" Mia increased her speed and hips and said "does this answer your question?" Link quickly matched her speed, as the sound of their bodies smacked each other. Mia was amazed at his stamina when she felt him go faster, harder and deeper in her. After 15 minutes, link felt his cock getting ready to explode. Mia could feel her peak coming and fast. While riding him she said "ooohhhhh, I'm going to cum." Link was going to say the same, but was quickly stopped when mia kissed him. Mia and link both exploded, link came in mia and her juice on his cock. Link and mia were covered in sweat after having sex. Mia lifted herself on her elbows and said "well my friend, you are welcome to stay with us." Kate walked over to them looked at link and said "please stay; I need you to relieve my stress. We also have plenty of food." Link looked at them both and said "well, can we eat please? I'm very hungry." Kate helped mia get up and link got to his feet. Mia grabbed his hands and escorted link to their house. When they got inside mia went to get changed and kate whispered in his ear "after lunch, you and I are going for a night on the town." After that kate walked to her room. Link didn't what she was talking about, but he knew this was a date. Link crossed his arms and said "well link, looks like you've got to make the best of this. Plus, two amazing 'goddesses' that love you; what more could anyone ask. But first I'm going to need some clothes."


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