Everlark in ASOIAF/Game of Trones

Katniss stubs the toe of her boot in the dirt, scowling at the curly haired southron boy before her. Peeta looks like he wouldn't know what end of a sword to use if his life depended on it.

She looks down at the wilting yellow flower he's handed her and scowls. "What are you, some fancy lord?"

All embroidered doublets, pink cheeks, and impeccable manners. Even his eyes are the color of fine silks.

He grins back at her, folding his arms over his chest, undaunted by her taunt. "You're the one that wanted to speak with me alone, Katniss." Only to tell him to take his lord father and go home, she'd like to protest, but he doesn't give her a chance. "So, what are your plans for me?"

Katniss wants to say that her lord father will cut his tongue out for such insolence, but her father is dead, and that's why this southroner who knew her mother when she was young, before she'd married and moved north, has come north and brought his sweet smelling sons with them—to woo her mother. They might do better to stay home, as her mother hasn't left her bed since her husband's death was pronounced by their too fat maester. Nothing will change that.

But she doesn't need her mother and she has learned to do without her lord father. She'll cut Peeta's tongue out herself. Or find some other useful task for it.