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Summary: All seventeen year-old Lucy wanted was a babysitting job for the summer. That's exactly what she got when she received a call from someone named Igneel requesting a babysitter for his son. But who knew that his son would be the famous and arrogant basketball player–Natsu Dragneel?

Important: I. AM. NOT. GOING. TO. MAKE. LISANNA. A. BITCH! She is a really nice and cute girl.

Author's Note: Hey! This is the first chapter of my new story. Sorry if my English is bad. It's not my first language but I'll try my best to write correctly. Enjoy!

Babysitting Natsu Dragneel by Lady Moonstache

Chapter One – Meet The Devil's Spawn

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was the last day of school. I'm feeling very happy because it's summer. But that's not the only reason for my good mood. My parents finally agreed to let me work as a babysitter for the summer. Yes, I know. They are VERY rich and I don't need to work for money but I want to become more independent. I published an ad in the newspaper two days ago and I'm waiting for someone to call me. I'm also planning to find a boyfriend this summer. I've always wanted–

I stopped writing because my phone rang. Picking it up, I placed it to my ear.

"Hello? This is Lucy Heartfilia," I exclaimed.

"Hello, Lucy. My name is Igneel," a man replied. "I'm calling you to discuss your ad in the newspaper."

"Yes," I said with a big grin. I felt like screaming from utter joy but I didn't. That will make me sound immature. And no parent wants a babysitter which acts childish.

"How old are you, dear?"

"I'm seventeen," I answered.

"Good," Igneel exclaimed. "I'm wondering if you'd be willing to babysit my son for the summer."

"Of course." I smiled happily.

"What are your rates?" the man asked.

"You decide."

"What about 70,000J a month?"

"Perfect." The smile just couldn't leave my face. This summer was going to be amazing. "Can I have your address, sir?"

"Well, I live in Magnolia," Igneel said. "Is that a problem?"

"No, of course not," I replied quickly. "I'll find a place to stay. Anyway, I'm going to arrive in Magnolia after a few days. I'll call you when I'm there."

"Fantastic! See you then, Lucy! Have a nice day!"

"Goodbye, sir!"


Sighing, I examined the place that I would have to call home for the summer.

"Lucy, call if you need anything. Okay?" My father repeated for the thousandth time before handing me my luggage.

"Call us every morning and every night," my mother instructed with a serious expression. "No smoking and no alcohol. Don't invite boys in the apartment. Take baths every day and clean your laundry regularly. Don't forget to eat but not too much. You are going to get fat. Be careful when you cross the street and don't stay out late. Don't forget to–"

"I'll be fine," I assured my parents, hiding the annoyance in my voice even though I was completely tired of repeating the same sentence over and over again. It wouldn't be very polite to act disrespectful since I knew my parents were just worried for me.

"Good luck, sweetheart." Dad patted my head and mom gave me a very tight hug.

"I'll call you later." I waved them goodbye and grinned happily as soon their limo was out of sight. Taking a sharp breath, I turned around and entered the building.

Crocus was the capital of Fiore but Magnolia was the biggest city in the country. My parents weren't really thrilled when they heard that I wanted to move in Magnolia for the summer. They think that it's a dangerous city. It was really hard to convince them to let me move. But even though they agreed, my father still insisted to buy me an apartment.

I really love my parents and I love living in the mansion with them but I want to spend one summer as a normal teenager. Just one summer without guards, without violin lessons, without maids, without vacations in expensive resorts. In Crocus everyone acts like I'm a spoiled princess and I don't have many friends. Fortunately, I'll feel like a normal teenager in Magnolia. It was a dream of mine since I was in elementary school.

I headed for the elevator. When I reached the fifth floor, I found my room quickly. I dug in my purse for the key.

Inside the apartment was fantastic. There were soft, pink curtains draping elegantly over the glass windows and the walls were decorated with delicate flowers. There was a queen-sized bed with two huge, fluffy pillows on it. There was a kitchen with an amazing view at the city. The bathroom was little but that doesn't bother me.

I placed my luggage on the ground and closed the door. I hurried to the bathroom and stripped my clothes, then turned on the shower. Without waiting for the water to heat up, I jumped in.

After I was done with the shower, I stepped out of the bath. I got dressed in a blue sleeveless dress that reached just below my knees. I looked in the mirror. I didn't want to dig around in my suitcase for my hairbrush, so I ran my fingers through my blonde strands, hoping to make myself look a little less homeless.

I looked at the watch only to see that it was half past twelve. Smiling, I took my phone from my purse, then dialed Igneel's number.


"It's Lucy."

"Oh, hello," the man greeted. "Where are you?"

"I just arrived in Magnolia," I explained. "Where can we meet?"

"Can I have your address?"

"Sure," I replied and told him my address.

"Stay there. I'll pick you up in twenty minutes."


Magnolia was a really nice city. It was right on the edge of the ocean. My first impression was that it was very bright and modern. The buildings were also magnificent. My apartment was near to the beach. Next to it there was a bookstore which was awesome. Books were my thing. I enjoyed reading as much as the average teen enjoyed watching television.

There were guys tossing footballs and freebies in the park next to the bookstore, girls sitting on beach stools to get tans, people coming out from the market with shopping bags… Everyone here looked relaxed and happy.

A black BMW X6 stopped in front of me. A man with fancy sunglasses stepped out. "Are you Lucy Heartfilia?"

"Yes, that's me," I nodded, realizing that this was Igneel. The man shook my hand and introduced himself. I hopped into his car and he started driving towards his place.

"The name of my son is Natsu," Igneel told me. "He may be really annoying and arrogant but he has a big heart. I hope you'll like him."

After fifteen minutes of comfortable silence, we arrived at Igneel's house.

"We are here," the man announced. "I have a very important meeting and I have to go. There's a list for you in the kitchen. Read it. You can enter the house alone, right?"

"Okay, I'll go now," I said and slid out of the car.

I took a sharp breath then walked hesitantly towards the house. When I reached the door, I knocked twice. After a moment the door opened. There, standing before me, was a half-naked guy. He had dark eyes, messy pink hair, and smooth brown skin. His bare torso rippled with muscles and he had a smirk on his lips.

"Who the hell are you?" the guy asked me.

"Uh… I am…" I stuttered but no one can blame me. The boy had an amazing body. And what kind of teenage girl doesn't stutter in the presence of a hot shirtless guy? If it had been a novel, I would have fainted. After breathing in and out to get my system working normally again, I cleared my throat. "I'm Natsu's babysitter. Where is he?"

The boy leaned against the door frame. "I'm Natsu."

"Okay. But… Wait a second. WHAT?" My eyes widened. "You are Natsu?"

"The one and only," the boy answered, narrowing his eyes.

"But I thought that I'm going to babysit a little kid!"

"Just come inside already," Natsu forced out between clenched teeth, his lips curling into a scowl.

I was silent as I slipped in the house, wringing my hands together and keeping my eyes downcast. What am I going to do? I can't babysit a boy like him. He is my age.

"Are you hungry?" Natsu asked when we entered a room that looked like a kitchen.

"No," I answered and sat on a chair. I could feel everything in me shifting into flirt mode. My voice came out fluttery and I started to play with my hair. As much as it makes me feel as a hormonal teenager, I had to admit that he looks better than any boy I've seen in Crocus. My heart was pounding heavily against my chest.

"How's your name?"

I couldn't think. "Uh…"

"I don't bite," Natsu said with a wink.

I must have seemed like such a child. "Okay," I stuttered. "Sure."

He looked at me as though I was stupid and said, "But you still didn't tell me your name."

"Oh, yeah," I blushed. "My name's Lucy." I looked at the floor, avoiding his eyes. This is really awkward.

A few minutes later, a familiar smell drifted over to my nose. I glanced up. Natsu was still the only other person in the room, and he was in the same position as before. The only change was a cigarette sticking out of the corner of his mouth.

"Could you please remove that?" I asked.

He ignored me. I repeated myself, louder this time. His only response was a long drag on his cigarette. I rolled my eyes in annoyance. I reached over and plucked the cigarette out of his mouth.

"What the hell?" Natsu hissed coldly.

"Cigarettes are not healthy," I said.

"Do you think I care?" His voice was getting dangerous.

"No, but I'm your babysitter and I can't allow this," I replied. I stretched out my hand, "Give me the cigarette box."

"Are you crazy?" Natsu growled. "No way."

"I'll call Igneel," I threatened. Natsu stared at me for a second before he pulled the cigarette box out of his pocket and gave it to me.

"Good boy," I smiled. "Your father told me that there's a list in the kitchen. Where is it?"

Natsu pointed at the fridge without saying anything. Oh, he's pouting like a little child.

I took the list that was placed on the fridge.


Natsu isn't allowed to drink or smoke. He can't throw parties and he is forbidden to leave the house without you. He has basketball practice every day from ten to twelve. He has to feed Happy in the morning. Good luck!


"Why can't you throw parties?" I asked.

"On my last party we drove Igneel's car into the pool in the backyard," Natsu muttered, still upset about his cigarettes.

"Why can't you leave the house?"

"Last week Gray, Gajeel and I got into a fight with some idiots and the police arrested us," the boy explained.

I nodded. Natsu is a really troublesome guy. Now I understand why Igneel needed to hire a babysitter.

"Oh, and you are a basketball player?" I exclaimed.

Natsu's eyes widened. "You are kidding, right?"

"I don't understand."

"Do you know who am I?"

"Uh… No?"

"You're so dumb," Natsu placed a hand over his forehead.

"What did you say?" I asked, insulted.

The pink-haired teen leaved the room for a minute, then returned with a magazine in hand. "Here," he gave it to me.

On the cover there was a picture of him. 'NATSU DRAGNEEL WILL BE PLAYING IN GILDARTS' TEAM THIS YEAR' was the title. I flipped a few pages until I reached an article about him.

There were rumors that Natsu Dragneel will be playing in a new team this year. But agent Macao Conbolt says the 18-year-old wants to keep playing for at least two more years in The Dragons.

"He's happy at The Dragons. I don't want to comment on other clubs for now," said Macao.

"You're famous?" I asked. "I've never heard of you before."

"That hurts my ego," Natsu commented and I giggled. "I'm going to bring some more magazines from my room to show you. Stay here."

I smiled and looked around the room. It was really nice. Judging by the house, Igneel's car and the fact that there's a pool in the backyard, Natsu and Igneel are rich. My eyes landed on a picture on the wall. I walked over to it to look closer. On the photo were Natsu and his friends. There was a half-naked boy with black hair and a stupid grin. Next to him was a beautiful girl with red hair. There was a taller boy with many piercings and long hair. In front of him was a white-haired girl with blue eyes… Wait! That was Mirajane! Natsu is friends with Mirajane? She is an amazing model!

I sighed, jealous of him. I want to know Mirajane. She is my idol.

My eyes went back to the photo. There was another guy with blond hair. Next to him was Natsu and he was hugging a girl. She had white hair and big blue eyes. She was beautiful. Could she be Natsu's girlfriend?

I heard steps and turned around only to meet an arrogant smirk and tons of magazines.

"I'm going to show you how popular I am," Natsu said and I laughed.

So… that was the first chapter… do you think I should continue? Thoughts so far? Interesting? Complete fail? Not sure? Let me know! Thank you for reading.