A.N. I am alive, and the world's most horrible fan fiction writer. I'm sorry it's been like 6 months since I last wrote on this. It won't be another 6 :) It's a really short chapter but the next one will be coming soon. :) and the story will start moving along at a little bit of a faster pace.

After apparating directly into his quarters, Snape gave Harry a moment to clear the dizziness in his head. Not only had the boy never used the Floo Network but he also had never apparated and the first time is always the hardest. After a moment Harry looked up and looked around in curiousity. Snape's apartment didn't look like what Harry would have expected. It was a small apartment, with a living room-kitchen-dining room combo with a few doors that led off a small hallway. The room was bright and clean and simple, like a model home instead of a dungeon apartment. The dining table had a cloth covering it with a vase and a flower in the middle, nicely potted herbs lined the counters by the icebox, and the couch had a knitted afghan throw lopsided over the back of it. Harry couldn't help but smile.

"Professor, your home is very nice." Severus looked down at the small Gryffindor who's eyes had lite up at the site of the not-so-scary dungeon suite.

"Thank you Harry." He put his hand on Harry's shoulder again, noting to himself how he could feel every bone, and led him down the hall. "You'll be staying with me because I'm unfortunately the most competent male faculty that we have." He looked down at Harry whose smile had fallen slightly. "Not that I particularly mind having a little company this summer. Not many people here during the summer." That returned a small smile to Harry's face and Severus felt relieved. How could he ever have intentionally tried to make Harry sad? The professor mentally beat himself up about but outwardly said nothing. He pointed out the doors, "This first one is the bathroom, and there are towels and soap inside, as well as a hamper. Feel free to use anything in there okay?" Harry nodded. "This door on the right is my bedroom. This is a closet. The door at the end there leads to my lab." He turned Harry around, knelt down, and looked him straight in the eye. "I know you get curious, Potter, but please don't go in there unless I tell you it is okay."

Harry got a defiant look in his eye, and the curiosity had been peaked. His mind began to conjure what Snape could be hiding in there, he was a secretive man. Severus saw this though, and realized why Harry was always getting into trouble, because nobody would explain anything to him. Severus made sure Harry was paying attention by catching his eye again.

"I don't want you in there because often times I'm brewing a potion that can be volatile during the process, and there are ingredients in there that are harmful in of themselves. I just don't want you to accidently hurt yourself, okay?" Severus watched as confusion filled those eyes, then understanding.

"Yes sir." Harry said sincerely. Nobody ever cared about his safety before.

Severus stood back up and opened to door to his left. "This is your room Harry." Harry wandered in and looked around happily as Snape un-shrunk the purchases they had made but left them in their bags. The room wasn't huge, but it was well furnished. The twin bed against the wall was covered with a navy blue blanket. There was a desk, and a chair, and long, short bookshelf near an open closet door. "Tomorrow..." Severus continued, "...you can unpack and set up the room however you want. For now why don't you get some more rest? It's been a long day." He helped Harry find the new pajamas they had bought. "Goodnight Harry."

Severus wasn't what you would call a morning person, and since he had been up all night before even picking Harry up, he slept as long as he possibly could. He finally woke up and got out of bed when he heard footsteps creeping out the hall. He didn't even bothering dressing before wandering out to the kitchen to get coffee started. On the counter there was already a pot made, and a cup set out. Severus was confused. The house elves sometimes made him food but they couldn't understand how to work the muggle coffeepot. Then he turned around and saw Harry curled up on the couch pretending to read a book but watching him.

"Harry, did you make the coffee?" The boy in question turned his head slowly and nodded wearily. He wasn't sure if Snape wanted coffee but his uncle drank it every morning. Harry hoped Snape wouldn't get upset. His response of "Thank you" was unexpected though.

Dudley groaned loudly "Mother! My cereal doesn't have enough milk in it!" Harry stood by the stove frying bacon for his uncle. He liked cooking and making meals for his family, but they never appreciated it. Aunt Petunia hushed him as she poured more milk into his bowl. Harry got his uncle's cup of coffee ready; the big mug, 3 sugars, and half a cup of creamer. He's uncle came clobbering down the stairs and glared at Harry when he was handed the cup of coffee. Vernon said nothing as he sat down at the table where the paper waited for him. Harry quickly brought over the breakfast, and finished the last of the dishes quickly so he'd have time to shower before school. He ran upstairs and showered quickly before he had to finish the dishes his families were currently using. If he missed the bus again, he wouldn't be allowed to have supper. He grabbed his cello-wrapped sandwich and threw it in his old torn backpack and just caught the bus to Little Whinging Elementary School.

Harry watched Snape as he turned back to pour himself a cup. The potions master looked really young with the short hair, and wore only muggle pajama pants. It was a strange to see his professor like that still. He looked back down at his book, which was his new "Simple Spells for Everyday Life" and returned his search for a spell to help move the heavy furniture in his new room. The green eyes glanced up when the older man plopped himself on the end of the couch by Harry's socked feet with his mug of coffee. Severus sipped slowly before looking over at Harry, and black eyes met green before there was a grumble sound that came out of the boy's stomach. Harry looked away embarrassed. He was always hungry, but didn't want to ask for more food after the huge supper he had in Diagon Alley the night before.

"Well, Mr. Potter. I'm going to assume you were too terrified of your bat-eating professor to make yourself something to eat, even though it's well after noon." Harry shook his head. "No?"

Harry looked up shyly and responded "I waited til you got up to make you something to eat."

Severus groaned internally. Harry's relatives locked him out at night, probably used him like a house elf as well. "Harry…"

The boy stiffened, seeing his professors reaction "Yes?"

"What would YOU like to eat?" Harry seemed startled.

"Me?" he asked, confused?

"Yes, you."

"Um…I don't know." Harry wasn't sure how to answer. Severus seemed really sad and tired. "You don't have to make me anything. I'll be okay." That only made Severus set down his coffee with his head hung. The professor stood suddenly, and took Harry's book and set it on the table.

"Do muggles still feed their children silly things like macaroni?" Harry lit up and nodded his head eagerly. "Well, come here and help me make it. I'll show you where the cereal and other food is for times I'm still sleeping."

Snape walked to the kitchen area and started pulling out a pot. Harry watched him for a moment longer before walking over the counter himself and leaning against it smiling up at his professor.