"There is no way I am letting you spank me!"

Poseidon gazed down at his son, sternly yet regaining some of his patience. He had been somewhat expecting this type of reaction from Percy, because he seriously doubted anybody had ever given the boy a good spanking.

"I am not asking you for your permission, Perseus. I am informing you that I will be spanking you and that is the end of the discussion. Stand up." Poseidon replied in a deadly-calm tone which threatened to send the boy overboard.

Percy shook his head violently and pushed himself farther back on his bed until his back touched the wall. "NO! You can't do that! I'm sixteen not six! Dad, this is ridiculous and embarrassing to even contemplate."

"Your behavior is ridiculous and embarrassing to contemplate!" Poseidon bellowed, causing Percy to freeze in the middle of his panicky tirade. "Do you know what it is to get a call on Mt. Olympus to come down to Camp Half-Blood because my little boy doesn't know how to behave?" Percy cringed at Poseidon's words. "That's embarrassing my dear boy."

"Spankings are embarrassing too…" Percy whined, looking down as his cheeks took on a blushing, red hue. Poseidon almost smiled at how adorable his son looked at the moment, but he managed to keep a straight face.

"I realize that, son. But, you have definitely earned one and I am going to deliver it to you." Before Percy could object, Poseidon said, "I don't think we should prolong this any longer. Stand up and take your jeans down or I will do it for you -and that means right this instant!"

Percy hesitated a moment. He thought his father was being completely unreasonable. Poseidon couldn't just sp- punish Percy as if he were but a small child! No, Percy was determined to make his father see reason. He glared up at Poseidon but didn't move an inch off the bed.

"No. I refuse to budge even an inch just so that you can whip me like if I was a little kid! Dad, I'm too old to be getting put across your lap for a spanking! You need to realize that, not only am I too old, but think about the embarrassment you'll cause me to feel. I won't be able to hold my head up! What kind of a father humiliates and hurts their kid that way? A heartless one. You're better than that, Dad."

"It's not your head the one that'll be affected, Percy." Poseidon answered calmly, almost amused. He thought Percy would have a good shot at being a lawyer someday. "The pain will wear off in a day or two; besides, it's not like I'm going to beat you."

Percy bit his lip, trying to think of another argument when he saw his dad start to move closer to him. He held his hands up as if to ward Poseidon off and was pleased when his father stopped dead in his tracks.

"Dad, no! You will not spank me, I won't let you." Percy exclaimed forcefully, all the while hoping that nobody outside was close enough to hear what was going on in here.

Poseidon raised an eyebrow at Percy. "Watch me." He closed the distance between him and his son, and grabbing Percy by his upper arm, hauled him off the bed and to stand on his feet. Percy wiggled out of his father's tight grasp and backed away a few paces, gracing Poseidon with an angry glower.

"Percy, come here right now. I am through playing games with you, little boy. I am not about to go chasing you around camp or even around your cabin, for that matter! Come here now, or you will be a very sorry little boy when I get my hands on you." Poseidon warned and Percy found himself reconsidering his plan of escape. He thought it would be more humiliating if he ran from his father, only to get caught, and probably spanked in front of everyone else. He started blushing just at the thought of Annabeth witnessing that spectacle.

Again, he shook his head. "NO."

Poseidon shook his head. "Have it your way, son." He moved forward to grab Percy, but his son was ready. In a moment, all the water from inside the cabin came surging forward at one single target: Poseidon.

At the last second, right before he was drenched in water of all sorts, Poseidon held up his hand and the water stopped in midair.

Apparently Percy forgot that I am the God of the Sea.

Percy looked mildly shocked that his father had such quick reflexes but then he was even more shocked when Poseidon released the water and redirected some of it back at Percy. Percy tried to stop the water from soaking him but was too slow in reacting, and was soon dripping from head to toe.

"Now, I see a little boy who is very wet and will have a very sore backside soon. Summoning every gallon of water against your own father, Perseus? Not your smartest move, young man. Now, not only did that backfire, but now your spanking will hurt more because you're all wet.

"You can be a good little boy now and come over here, without any plans of sabotage and without any theatrics, or I can use a little of my own Godly and Fatherly magic. You choose."

Poseidon could tell that Percy was thinking about what he would do next, and he took that opportunity to lurch forward and seize his son once again, who immediately squirmed to escape Poseidon's rough grasp on his wrist.

In a few easy strides, Poseidon hauled Percy over to the bed with him. He seated himself on the edge of his son's bed and easily yanked the boy over his knees.

Immediately, Percy struggled when he found himself face-down over his father's lap. He was shocked at how fast he went from looking at his cabin to staring at the wooden floor.

"Dad, let me up!" Percy demanded, wriggling around. Poseidon landed a hefty swat on the seat of his jeans.

"Stop moving!" Poseidon demanded before landing the swat. Percy stayed completely still and Poseidon laced an arm around his waist, locking him in place firmly.

"Come on, please… I'll be good, I promise… Don't do this, Dad." Percy begged, feeling awkward for speaking to his dad while being forced to look at the floor.

Poseidon ignored Percy and shifted him forward so that Percy's feet were almost entirely off the ground. The only reason his toes were even able to continue to reach the ground, was because the boy was tall.

"Dad…" Percy whined, pushing up with his arms but Poseidon held him down firmly.

"Be still, young man. You've earned this and you will take it like a good child."

"But, I'm not a child! That's the whole point!" Percy complained, renewing his struggles.

"Well, you're my child. And you've certainly been acting like a child lately." That stopped Percy's squirming quickly. He slumped on his father's lap and tried to shift around to get as comfortable as he could, but his father held him tightly in place.

Poseidon rested his free hand on his nervous and embarrassed son's right thigh. "Tell me, son, has Sally ever spanked you?" He asked though he thought he knew what the answer would be.

Percy shook his head in the negative. "No, Mom never gave me a spanking. Ever."

Poseidon nodded. "Just what I thought. Have you ever gotten spanked? At all?"

Percy contemplated how he would answer the question. He bent his head around to try to look at his dad. "If I say no, will you let me up?"


"Well, would you go easier on me?"

"Percy…" Poseidon warned, gently patting his son's raised bottom before placing it back on his thigh. "Just answer my question."

Percy shifted nervously and uncomfortably when his dad gave him a few gentle pats on his behind, but he reluctantly answered the question. "I've gotten paddled a couple of times at school… And the most I've ever gotten at home are two or three warning swats from Paul."

Percy had never appreciated the fact that his stepdad was not against the concept of spanking and would land a few swats whenever Percy would get out of line. He was thankful Paul never pulled him over his lap like Poseidon was doing.

"Alright, so you know how this works then. Of course, I won't use a paddle or anything besides my hand. Make sure this lesson sticks, Percy; I only intend to teach it once."

Percy was feeling resigned to his horrible fate until he felt his father pulling at the waistband of his jeans. Immediately, Percy began to thrash about, trying to stop Poseidon from pulling down his pants, though he really was just making the job easier for his dad.

With the hand that was around his son's waist, Poseidon lifted him up slightly to access the button of Percy's jeans. When Percy started thrashing about, it only lifted him higher, making the access to the fly of his jeans easier. Poseidon quickly unbuttoned his child's pants and pulled them down to his knees.

Percy buried his head in his hands when he realized his movements had proved futile. He really started panicking, though, when Poseidon made to take down Percy's boxers as well. Percy's hand shot back to intercept his father's hand.

"NO, not bare!" He commanded with authority but all Poseidon did was grab Percy's hand and smack it once.

"Do not put your hand back here or make demands of me, child!" He pushed Percy's hand back down to his side and removed the blushing teenager's underwear quickly, pushing it down to his knees to meet the jeans.

"Dad, this isn't fair! You don't spank any of my brothers or sisters, and you've never spanked me before! You should have at least given me a fair warning that you'd spank me if this happened. It's not fair!" Percy continued to whine, pounding his hands on the floor under him.

"You better not be throwing a tantrum, young man; that will not bode well for your backside at all! Also, what you said is not true, I've spanked Triton plenty of times -that boy seems to always be in need of a serious attitude adjustment; and I spanked Tyson once."

"Tyson?!" Percy exclaimed in surprise, wondering what his beloved brother could have ever done to earn such a punishment from their father.

Poseidon nodded though he knew Percy couldn't quite see him. "Yes, but I won't go into details about that. That's his business and if he's willing to tell you about it, go ahead and ask him; you can even call Triton and ask him to share one of his many trips over my knee. And as for me never having spanked you before, well son, you've never given me reason to, up until now that is."

Percy's thoughts swirled and he thought that after his dad released him, he'd be calling up Triton and then questioning Tyson. The boy's thoughts were interrupted when he felt a sharp spank land on his left butt cheek.

"Ouch!" He yelped in surprise and pain. He obviously knew it was going to hurt, but he didn't realize how much worse the sting was when Poseidon smacked his bare bottom than when Paul swatted him over his jeans. Or how much more it could also hurt due to the fact that he was soaking wet.

Poseidon immediately had a rhythm which took his hard hand across Percy's bouncing bottom, from top to bottom, hard and fast.

Percy tried his best to keep still and quiet while his father slapped his aching posterior, but his efforts were soon proving futile. After about a minute, Percy decided he couldn't take it anymore and he started to squirm, trying to avoid his father's blows.

He hissed as a particularly hard swat caught him on his left undercurve.

"Stay still." Poseidon commanded before ramping up the force of the swats raining down on Percy's defenseless bottom.

"Ow, please, stop! Ouch, ow, Dad!" Percy yelped, trying to still his movements and failing for the most part.

Poseidon ignored his son's pleas with difficulty and continued to lay down smack after smack.




"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ouch! Dad, no, stop!" Percy continued to plead desperately but to no avail. It was as if his father had suddenly gone deaf.

Or maybe he just can't hear me over the loud sounds of this spanking. Percy mused. OW, dammit!

Percy's backside was already turning a darker shade of pink, but Poseidon wasn't letting him up just yet. He continued to warm his son's bottom, not wanting to ever have to spank Percy again -or at least not for the same offense.

"Why are you receiving this spanking, Percy?" Poseidon asked.

"You're telling me you're spanking me without even knowing why?!" Percy snapped irritably, earning himself five extra hard swats to his sensitive sit-spots.

"Watch yourself, Perseus. I know perfectly well why you are in this position, but do you know why? That's what I want to know."

Percy struggled to form words and to think clearly through all the pain in his rear end. The lack of response only made Poseidon swat him harder and faster.

"I'm waiting, son."

"OKAY! OKAY, Dad stop! I can't -ow- think like -ah! -like this -yeouch!"

Poseidon shook his head and kept on spanking, noticing Percy's behind was already starting to take on a light red tinge.

"You're not supposed to have to think about it, son. You should know what landed you in this position. So, again: Why are you receiving this spanking?" Poseidon asked again as he had so many times before with his other son, Triton.

"Be-because -Ow! -I got in -Ahhh -fights w-with -ouch! -with Clarisse!"

"And?" Poseidon prompted, slowing the speed of the spanks but not lessening the strength.

"F-for abusing my powers, arrghhhh."


"And?" Percy questioned innocently and Poseidon landed a few hefty smacks to his sit-spots. "OW! DAD!"

"I'm still waiting for that last bit and I'm not going to stop spanking you here until you tell me." Poseidon claimed, continued to work Percy's undercurve overtime.

Percy racked his brain to figure out why else he was getting the spanking. "For being disrespectful!"

"That's right." His father answered, resuming spanking the rest of his bottom. "I don't tolerate any of those offenses, Perseus Jackson. I hope you realize that now."

"Ssssssorrryyyyyy" Percy hissed, already beginning to cry a little.

"I know you are, son; but I'm afraid it's my job to make you a little sorrier." Poseidon answered sadly, almost to himself, before swatting Percy's bright backside a little harder, increasing the speed and intensity. He began tending to the miscreant's sit-spots more than anything.

"Owwwwwww, Daddy!" Percy yelped, crying a little harder now. Poseidon cringed when he heard Percy called him 'Daddy', something Percy had only done one other time before.

After another minute or two of nothing except Poseidon's hard hand peppering his son's bottom with firm smacks, Percy really started crying.

"I… I'm sorry…" Percy ground out, feeling actually repentant about his actions, before lying limp over his father's knees and bawling his eyes out.

Sensing a change in his son and hearing him full-out crying, Poseidon decided to land a few more swats before stopping. He rubbed soothing circles on Percy's back, letting him cry over his knees for a little bit.

After Percy's blubbering had calmed down some, Poseidon lifted the boy's underwear to cover his red, and thoroughly punished, bottom -he didn't bother pulling the jeans back up since they were soaked to the core and were most likely going to feel too tight on Percy's abused rear. Percy cried a little more when he felt the soft fabric of his boxers connect with his burning behind and Poseidon had to stop himself from crying right along with his son. He winced when Percy flinched away from his touch, but lifted his son up to sit on his lap and cradled him in his arms.

Rocking Percy slightly, Poseidon whispered sweet nothings in his ear, hoping his boy wouldn't hate him for the way he had punished him. Poseidon had thought it necessary and would do it again if he had to, though he was seriously hoping he wouldn't

Eventually, Percy calmed down enough to look up at his father. His shining, green eyes were glistening, still leaking a few tears, which Poseidon brushed away gently with his thumb.

"You alright now, kiddo?" He asked softly, not wanting to startle Percy too much.

Percy nodded his head and leaned against his father, wrapping his arms around the Sea God's torso a little tighter. "I'm okay, Daddy."

Again with 'Daddy', Poseidon thought. Maybe he's not alright after all.

Percy shifted a little on his father's lap, trying to get more comfortable, determined that if Poseidon could torture him with a hard spanking, he would torture his father by making him provide Percy with the comfort he desperately craved. He was only half-convinced that Poseidon wouldn't be willing to do so voluntarily, however.

The handsome God pulled his boy a little closer. "I love you, Percy. I never want to have to do that again. I may be a God, but I am your father before anything else. It killed me to hurt you like that. Please don't give me a reason to do so again."

Father and son looked each other in the eye, Percy looking like a younger Poseidon. "I love you too, Dad. This won't happen again, trust me. I'll even try to make amends with Clarisse. I promise that I've learned my lesson."

"I'm glad to hear that, son." Poseidon grinned widely as he kissed his boy's hair, his lips lingering a moment.

Percy snuggled against his father, convinced that he might be sore for a few days, but that his father loved him. Now, he was seriously worrying about Clarisse because he knew she would get so much worse than just a spanking.

And she wouldn't get told she was loved afterwards.