"All Aboard!"

Here is the first chapter to the re-written version of 'Warrior of Harmony'. Some things are changed and others are kept the same. Just read and see. Please enjoy and review!

It was nearing sunset as two kids ran down the street, one being about 13 years old as he held his younger sister's hand to help her keep up.

The boy had tanned skin, coffee eyes and brown hair under a green cap with square goggles on top as he wore an orange shirt with a black symbol on it with a red t-shirt that was opened up, green cargo pants and he had red and orange shoes.

As for his sister, she had shoulder length mahogany hair with tanned skin, chocolate eyes and she wore a blue scarf around her neck along with a black tank top that had a chibi fox head on the front along with orange shorts and she had blue and white shoes.

These two were called Takuya Kanbara and Daisuke Kanbara, the brother's cell phone ringing as he checked it to see what it was telling him this time.

"5: 40 pm?" he asked.

He panted as he kept running with his sister who was huffing, the two passing by a father playing soccer with his son, the man's phone going off and he answered it.

"Here it comes!" the boy called as he kicked the ball, but it rolled by the distracted father.

"Hello? Huh?" he asked as his phone just gave off a high pitched whine.

"Dad, the ball!" the boy called.

"Sorry, but the phone and that noise…" the man said.

"I'll get it!" Takuya called as he let go of his sister's hand.

"Stay there, D." he said as he ran after the ball.

She watched him curiously as he got to the ball and then turned to kick it back over to the man and his son, but didn't see the truck coming straight for him.

"Takuya!" Daisuke yelled in fear.

Hearing the shout, Takuya turned to see the truck, the man driving answering his phone that was acting strange and he gasped at the sight of the goggle boy.

"Aw, perfect! Is this my destiny?" Takuya asked himself as the man tried to stop the truck from hitting him by swerving it to the side.

(Earlier that day…)

It was the birthday of Daisuke and her twin brother Shinya, the boy being older than the girl who was drawing a picture of a crudely made dragon while Shinya was reading a comic while their mother Yoriko was on the phone talking to their father while Takuya was sat at the table looking bored as he stared at the strawberry short cake.

"Oh, honey, you can't be late tonight. It's the twins' birthday." Yoriko said.

"And tell Dad I want something big like a fork lift." Shinya said.

"Or a trampoline." Daisuke said, the twins grinning at each other.

Takuya sighed at this as he wondered where their other sister was.

"Mind your manners you two and don't even think of eating that cake, Takuya." Yoriko said with her back turned as Takuya poked at a strawberry that was on the cake, getting a bit of frosting on his finger before he pulled it back.

"Now, honey, I know that you're busy, but how would you feel if the kids forgot your birthday? OK, that wasn't their fault. The calendar was on the wrong month." Yoriko's voice droned on as she continued speaking to the father.

"Man, I'm so bored. My whole life is boring." Takuya said as he sucked the frosting off his finger.

"So boring." he said as his cell phone started beeping.

"Incoming message?" he asked as he saw the strange message.

It read 'Do you want to start?' and then there were two message boxes that said 'yes' or 'no'.

"No name. Weird. Well, it's bound to be better than being bored." He said as he pushed the 'yes' button.

"Takuya and Daisuke Kanbara." A woman's voice spoke.

The girl turned as she heard her name and walked over to her older brother.

"Did you call me?" she asked.

"No, the phone did." Takuya said.

"How dumb do you think I am?" the girl pouted.

"It's time to decide your future Takuya and Daisuke." The voice said again making the siblings look at it strangely just as Jun Kanbara, the oldest sibling walked into the room.

"Mom isn't Dad home yet?" the wild magenta haired girl asked.

"No, dear. Now help me out and go get the twins' presents from under my bed, please." Yoriko said as she went back to arguing with her husband.

Shaking her head at this, Jun looked over at her three younger siblings as they seemed to be doing their own things before she walked off up the stairs to do as she was told.

"Wait a minute. Who is this? What do you mean our futures?" Takuya asked as he picked up his phone.

On the screen read 'Take the 5:45 pm Shibuya bound train from Jiyuugaoka Station.'

"Your destinies are calling. Take the 5:45 pm outbound train." The woman said.

"This is way better than being bored. Our destinies? That's downright cool." Takuya said as he looked over at the clock and gasped at the time.

"Are we really going?" Daisuke asked.

"You bet. Now, let's move, Daisuke." He said standing up and placing his hat and goggles on, then his gloves as he then grabbed her hand and dragged her out.

They passed by Jun as she came down the stairs with two presents wrapped up in blue and orange papers, looking at them curiously as they left.

"Where are you two going?" Jun called.

"I don't know!" Daisuke called back.

"Kids, don't play in the street!" Yoriko yelled as she saw them run out, Shinya coming up beside Jun as they both watched their siblings run off.

(Present time…)

"Why did Mom have to be right?" Takuya asked.

He then rolled out of the way as Daisuke watched, praying he was safe, then sighed in relief as the truck skidded to a stop and Takuya was safe.

"Taku!" she called as ran over to him.

Looking up, his sister ran over to him with worried eyes while the driver stuck his head out of the window.

"Hey, you all right kid?" the driver asked.

"Yeah. Hey, what time is it?" Takuya asked him as the man checked his cell phone.

"Um, 5:38 pm." He said.

"Gah!" Takuya cried as he grabbed Daisuke's hand again and started running for the train station.

They then made it and walked up to the machine as Takuya started digging in his pockets for some money, but sighed in disbelief that he had forgotten his wallet.

"Aw, man." He sighed.

"No money?" Daisuke asked.

"No." Takuya groaned as he rammed his head into the machine.

It started to make a strange sound and then red tickets started to shoot out all over the floor.

"Huh, that works." Takuya smiled as he grabbed two.

"Isn't this stealing?" Daisuke asked as she was picked up by her brother as he ran for the train.

People were walking into the train as the doors slowly closed, so Takuya picked up the pace and ran through the doors and then slumped down to the floor as he tried to catch his breath.

"I can't...believe...we made it!" he panted.

"Takuya..." Daisuke began.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"If this was a joke, I am going to kill you." she threatened.

"You're 8. Don't talk like that." he scolded.

Just then, Takuya's and everyone's phone started ringing, causing confusion.

"Transfer to the 6:00 pm west bound train from Shibuya station." the message said.

"That is so not funny." the little girl said.

"AHHH COME ON!" Takuya stood up, screaming.

Daisuke jumped up in shock while everyone on the train, including a boy across from them who was Takuya's age with long black hair, sapphire eyes and wore a bandana that was blue with yellow tiger stripes while he had black pants, white and blue shoes, a yellow shirt and a blue windbreaker.


After the ride on the train with a bunch of people staring at them, the train finally stopped and Takuya grabbed Daisuke's hand, pulling her towards the doors with him.

"Now what?" he asked.

Daisuke sighed, frustrated.

Then she and her brother both looked at the boy who crossed in front of them, making Daisuke lightly blush at how cute he was.

"Maybe...he knows!" Takuya said.

He then ran off again, dragging Daisuke along with him.

They got separated in the crowd, so Daisuke went off to the elevators and got in, knowing she'd find Takuya later on.

To her surprise, the guy from the train was in the elevator too.

She quickly got in and leaned against the wall, relaxing.

She looked up when she heard yelling and was surprised to see Takuya sail through the air to get through the slowly closing doors, and made it, ramming against the wall.

Daisuke sighed again, then gasped as she saw someone's face through the crack in the doors.

It looked exactly like the boy standing next to her, but the doors closed before she could even get a better look at him, his dark blue eyes being imprinted in her mind.

"Daisuke, why did you run off like that?" Takuya nearly yelled.

"I didn't run off. You lost me." she stated.

"I did not!" he said.

"You were running too fast and let go of my hand. It was your fault." she said.

The older boy scowled at that, then turned his attention to the other boy.

"Hey, did you get the message, too?" Takuya asked the boy.

The boy didn't answer; he just turned away from him.

He must be the strong silent type.

"You could answer me, at least." the goggle head said.

Just then, the elevator started making weird noises and the three saw that they were skipping some floors, and were way pass floor B1, so they weren't even on any floors anymore.

"My destiny's really starting to bite." Takuya said.

The elevator crash landed, making Takuya fall back and Daisuke stumble, but she was righted by the boy gently grabbing her shoulders and then looked up at him shyly.

"Thanks." she said, quietly.

He nodded at her, then looked out of the doors as they opened.

"Man, I really gotta stop landing on my head!" Takuya said.

The three saw an underground train station with different colored trains and kids of all ages boarding them.

"So weird." Takuya said.

"It's up to you now. Which one will you choose?" Takuya's and the boy's phones asked.

"Hey, which one are you choosing?" Takuya asked as the boy ran out.

"Gee, my phone talks more than that guy." He muttered.

Daisuke sighed at that as she just ran out of the train, looking around for one to go on.

"Daisuke, get back here!" Takuya called as he ran after her.

Sadly she blended into the crowd and he tried to look for orange, hoping she was the only one wearing that color so that he could find her and thankfully spotted her getting on a wine colored train and so he ran over to it as it started to move along with the other trains.

As for Daisuke, she had walked onto the wine train because she had seen a boy her age being bullied by two older kids and was pushed inside.

Frowning at that, she walked inside as the door slammed shut behind her and then walked on down the car, finding one that had that boy with the large orange hat sitting away from two other kids.

One was a chubby male with spikey brown hair with brown eyes and was in a jumpsuit that was blue with yellow pockets and a yellow shirt that was shown from under it as he munched on a chocolate bar.

Then there was a tall blonde haired girl with emerald eyes with a lavender kitty hat, lavender vest over a white and blue striped t-shirt that showed off her stomach, a lavender skirt and knee high blue socks along with white and lavender shoes.

Lastly the boy with the hat had dark brown hair and emerald eyes that were filled with tears as he tried to not cry as he had a white t-shirt with yellow cargo pants and his shoes were green and white.

The three looks at her as she looked them all over just as Takuya walked into the car, his eyes landing on Daisuke and he sighed in relief.

If Jun were here, she would have the girl over her knee for the scare.

"Um, you here cause of the...phone thing?" he asked.

"With him here, there's five of us. I wonder if that means something special?" the blonde girl asked.

"Something special? What? Why'd you guys get on this train?" Takuya asked.

"I mean was it the message?" he asked as he walked further into the car.

"Hey, kid, this was the closest train to the elevator, OK?" the heavy set boy said.

"Now look. Just leave me alone." He said looking to the side.

"Gee, sorry." Takuya muttered feeling discouraged.

"I'm just nervous." the boy said.

"But there must be a reason you picked this particular train." Takuya said, then looked over to the blonde as she giggled.

"I'm like him, it was the closest to the elevator." the blond said.

The heavy set boy grinned widely as his eyebrows wiggled.

"Hey, watch this." He whispered to Takuya.

"So, honey, you want some chocolate? Move!" he whispered the last word to Takuya as she slightly shoved him away.

"No." the girl said.

"By the way, my name's JP. What's yours?" the heavy set boy said, trying to flirt.

"I'm Zoe; it's nice to meet you." she smiled.

"And I'm Takuya. That girl over there is my sister, Daisuke." Takuya said, pointing to her.

"Wait, you let your little sister run off and board a train alone? What kind of brother are you?" Zoe scolded, remembering the girl coming on the train without the boy.

"She was the one who ran away from me and I tried to follow her! Not my fault she causes problems." Takuya said to defend himself.

Daisuke stuck her tongue out at him and he followed her example.

"I'm-" a shy voice broke the tense atmosphere.

Everyone turned to the little boy who tried to talk.

"I'm, Tommy, but...I didn't want to get on this train..."

"What are you sayin'?" Takuya asked.

"Some big kids...bullies...they pushed me on and shut the door! Why are people always picking on me?" he cried.

Takuya, JP and Zoe watched as Daisuke stood up and walked over to Tommy and sat down beside him, gently placing her hand on his shoulder.

He looked at her with watery eyes and she smiled sweetly at him.

"Forget those jerks; they're not worth crying over. Picking on someone smaller makes them cowards and pathetic." she advised.

Tommy stopped crying and wiped his tears away, smiling a little at the girl's words.

"Tell you what, I'll be your friend and beat any jerks who pick on you." she said.

Takuya cleared his throat.

"Fine, Takuya will do it because he's oh so manly and strong and the bestest big brother ever!" she said with mock joy.

Tommy laughed at that.

The train then groaned and the lights went off.

"Either this is an eclipse or we're in big trouble." Daisuke said, looking around.

Everyone yelped and yelled as they were thrown out of their seats from a bump they hit and fell to the floor, Tommy and Daisuke clinging to each other as they tried to not slide around the floor.

Looking over at Tommy, Daisuke gasped as she saw him turn into a small polar bear with green armour and boots, then looked over to see Takuya was staring at her and the others in shock while he turned into a long blonde haired man dressed in red, white and black armour that looked like a salamander.

Zoe looked like a lavender fairy with a white visor, large wings and long violet hair while JP was a blue, orange and yellow metal beetle.

Since she was focused on the others, Daisuke didn't see that she was now a tall woman dressed in black spandex with yellow and purple armour over it as she wore a fox mask and had long silver hair tied back with purple ribbons.

As soon as she blinked her eyes, everyone returned to normal as everyone's cell phones then shrieked as they glowed and transformed, Takuya and everyone else's phones shooting out some lights over to Daisuke as they formed into a new device that had yellow grips, had a purple body and blue buttons.

"What's going on?" Takuya asked.

"Welcome to the Digital World Takuya Kanbara/Daisuke Kanbara/Zoe Orimoto/JP Shibiyama/Tommy Himi. This is your D-Tector." The woman's voice said.

"Did you guys get that message?" Takuya asked.

There was no answer as the others were staring at their new devices.

"OK, I guess that's a yes." Takuya said as the train then gave a loud and obnoxious whistle that sounded more like a person was making it as they all held their ears.

"You can hear that on Mars." Takuya said.

The kids then saw some weird creature floating by outside and ran over to get a better look at them.

"Are those ghosts?" Zoe asked.

"They sure look like it!" Tommy said.

"They sort of look like marshmallows. They go great with chocolate!" JP said.

"They're so cute!" Daisuke said.

"Poyomon, a Fresh level jellyfish digimon. They are peaceful and loyal creatures that are incapable of causing harm." Her D-Tector said.

One of the Poyomon cooed as it smooched it's face up against the window where Zoe was standing, contorting it's face until it looked a bit frightening and caused the blonde to yell and scare all of the Poyomon away.

"Probably ghosts of kids that came here before! What have I gotten myself into?" Takuya whimpered.

"You mean us. You dragged me here, remember?" Daisuke reminded with an annoyed look.

"I bet that's the train station. I hope there are none of those ghost things there. Not that I'm scared or anything." Zoe said.

"Yeah, I always scream in terror when I'm not afraid." JP scoffed.

"Hmph. Boys." Zoe pouted.

The train stopped and the doors opened, allowing all the kids to look out and see what kind of place they were in and were met by these creepy looking dust bunnies with floppy ears and ugly red eyes.

"Pagumon, In-Training level. They may not look like much, but they are liars and tricksters. Be careful around them." The woman's voice sounded.

The kids were then pushed out of the train by a force of steam, landing on the warm metal ground.

"That first step's a doozy." a voice said.

"Please tell me a train didn't just talk to us." Daisuke said as everyone stared at the animated train that pushed them all out of his car.

"Hey, I'm not just any old train, I'm Trailmon and I'm alive, just like you. Although I am more handsome than you scrunched up little pugs, thank you very much. Any who, this here is Flame Terminal and you're in the heart of a digimon village." The Trailmon said.

"Digimon village?" the Kanbaras asked.

The Pagumon got closer to them, laughing evily and made the kids back up, trying to keep away and Tommy started crying, making Daisuke pat his shoulder and try to calm him down.

"I didn't even wanna get on this train!" he cried.

"Sorry you feel bad kiddo, but I can't stick around, if you want to go home, you'll have to find a Spirit or somethin'!" Trailmon said, backing away.

"This kid should get a job as a fire alarm." JP said, referring to Tommy's cries.

"What's a Spirit and where do we get one? Hel-lo?!" Zoe asked.

"Give us an answer. Hey!" JP called.

"Hey yourself, I got a schedule to keep." Trailmon said.

The Trailmon kept backing away until he was gone.

"So, guess that's it. We're all alone." Takuya said.

"Wait, come back here!" JP called as he stood up, Zoe following his example.

"Yeah, pretty please?" she called.

"Take me home!" Tommy yelled as he stood up and ran over to the track.

"Hey, wait! Tommy, stop!" Takuya called as she chased after him.

"Why do I get the feeling we're gonna spend all our time recuing the baby?" JP asked as Daisuke rolled her eyes and followed her brother as Tommy got up on the steel beam.

"Tommy!" Takuya called.

"Go away!" the boy yelled back, sobbing.

"This isn't helping. You're gonna fall!" Takuya called after him.

"At least I won't be here anymore!" Tommy yelled back.

"We'll take you home!" Daisuke said, making the boy stop.

"Trailmon said we need to find the Spirit thing to get home, so we find it and then we'll be home in time for dinner." she said with a convincing smile.

"OK, I'm coming back." Tommy said as he turned to walk back over to the group, but he slipped and started to fall.

"TOMMY!" the siblings yelled.

Thankfully, Tommy clung to the beam in time so he didn't fall to his death making them sigh in relief.

"Don't move, I'm coming to get you. D, you stay here and I mean it." Takuya scolded her as he started to walk off.

Takuya ran over to help save him, but he was stopped by these green flames appearing on the other side of the village and two creatures ran towards him.

"Look what you've gotten me into." the white chicken said.

He and the yellow rabbit tackled Takuya to the ground.

"It's a human." the chicken said.

"You think everything's a human." the rabbit said.

"Don't start with me, you." the chicken snapped

"I'm human. Would you mind getting off me now?" Takuya said with a weird expression on his face.

"I'm so sorry, it was his fault." the chicken said.

"Yeah, my fault...Hey!" the rabbit yelped.

Some weird looking dog with three heads came out and the two small creatures hid behind Takuya and Daisuke, cowering in fear at the beast.

"What is that?" Takuya asked.

"That is one bad dog, bad dog. Cerberumon, special attack Emerald Blaze and that's why we need your help." The chicken said.

"Where's the ancient spirit?" Cerberumon asked.

"So whenever you're ready, go on and get him." The chicken said.

"That'd be good." The bunny said.

"I can sense the spirit's presence all over this town. I must destroy it." Cerberumon growled.

"No way! It's mine! I, ah, uh…" Takuya stuttered as his sister gave him a look while the smaller digimon whimpered.

"Then you shall be destroyed with it." Cerberumon said he then blasted green fire at them from his mouth.

"What, are you crazy? Run already!" the chicken said as he smacked Takuya's face.

"Yeah, but where am I supposed to go?" Takuya asked.

"Anywhere but here." The chicken said.

Takuya then grabbed his sister then ran after Tommy, grabbing from as the digimon clung to him.

"That mutt is going to eat up the entire village." Cerberumon said as they turned to see the dog eating what looked like data that used to be the ground and tracks.

"Ah, great." Takuya said.

"There go the train tracks." The bunny said.

The beam started to fall making them cry out as JP and Zoe ran over.

"Takuya!" JP called.

"Oh no." Zoe said.

The group started to slide down the beam that was bending down, then slipped off and fell to the ground, Takuya shielding the kids with his body as he fell on his back, his black and red D-Tector falling in front of him as the screen lit up and beeped.

"Hey, my D-Tector." He said as it shot out a beam of light over to a vent that had flames shooting up and showed off a totem floating in the center of it as everyone got up and stared at it in awe.

"No way. What is…?" Takuya breathed.

"It's the spirit. Spirit of Flame." The chicken said.

"Spirit? That wasn't so hard. Time to go home. But how am I supposed to get it and what do I do with it when I do?" Takuya asked as he stood.

Cerberumon then jumped down behind them making them look over as Tommy clung to Daisuke in fear.

"No need to worry about that for it will soon be destroyed." He growled as he then charged at them.

Takuya looked down at the kids as he saw the fear in their eyes and pushed them back, making them and the digimon look at him curiously as he grabbed a metal pole.

"This sure rates pretty high on a scale of one to stupid." he said.

Cerberumon snapped his fangs down on the pole, breaking it and then jumped over the boy who grabbed onto the tail and was dragged along into the flames with him.

"Get out of my way human or suffer my wrath." Cerberumon snarled at him.

"No. but I hope his wrath isn't as bad as it sounds." Takuya said.

The dog was then set on fire and jumped away from the totem as he cried in pain.

"The spirit's power! That hurt." He said as he rolled to put the flames out.

"Where's Takuya?" Daisuke asked fearfully.

"Takuya!" she yelled.

"SPIRIT!" Takuya's voice yelled.

His D-Tector flew over to him and he caught it as he stood up and downloaded the totem into it and was covered in data and flames as he transformed.

"Execute: Spirit Evolution!"


Agunimon roared as flames flickered around him as everyone stared in awe, Daisuke's eyes wide as she saw what her brother had become.

"What is this? A human turned into a digimon?" Cerberumon asked.

"What'd he turn into?" Tommy asked as the chicken pulled out a book.

"Unless you didn't listen to the loud yelling and growling, he said his name is Agunimon." Daisuke said.

"No way." JP gasped.

"Every way." Zoe said.

"No matter who you are, you'll lose." Cerberumon said as he charged at Agunimon.

As he used his Emerald Blaze, Agunimon flipped away and grabbed Tommy, Daisuke and the digimon, dodging the next attack and getting up to where Zoe and JP were.

He then back flipped over to fight with Cerberumon while the others watched in awe or jealousy.

"Moto, cool." Zoe smiled while JP groaned.

"Go Takuya! Agunimon! Whoever you are!" Daisuke cheered.

Cerberumon then used Portals of Darkness, sending him and Agunimon into a different world that made the others watch worried.

Daisuke was biting her nails as she waited for the Warrior of Flame to arrive, but shook her head as she felt her temper flaring to life.

"WOULD YOU BEAT THAT STUPID MUTT ALREADY AND GET YOUR BUTT BACK HERE?" she screamed, scaring the other members of the group.

After she said that, an explosion was caused at the mountainside about 50 feet away, Ceberumon and Agunimon coming out of the hole created there, the mutt being covered in a strip of data.

Agunimon pulled out Takuya's D-tector and scanned the data, making the mutt turn into a digi egg and float off.

Takuya then turned back to normal and was tackled in a hug by his sister.

"Man, that's tiring! But what happened? How'd I know how to do all that stuff?" he asked dazed.

"You are digidestind." the voice said.

"I'm what now?" he asked.

"Digidestind! Chosen for great things. But don't be frightened. The one who chose you...was you." the woman said.

"I chose...myself?" Takuya asked unsure.

"I guess that means we're not gonna make it in time for dinner." Daisuke sighed.

To be continued…