"A Hunk-a Hunk-a BurningGreymon"

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The group were all together discussing what their next move should be after Koji and Daisuke were healed and rested, although they were still curious about why the girl was in pain in the first place.

"It's nice to have a moment for peace and quiet." Bokomon commented.

"Let's have some fun and play charades." Neemon said as some Tanemon began sprouting from the ground and came over to play.

"I thought you said fun." Bokomon said.

"I've always wanted to try that thing where you're trapped in an imaginary box." Neemon said as a Tanemon hopped over to him with a gleeful shriek.

"If only the box were real." Bokomon said with his arms crossed as Neemon played with the Tanemon.

"Oh man, I really messed up." Tommy said sadly as he thought back to yesterday.

"It's okay Tommy. It wasn't your fault." Zoe said knowing he felt guilty for Gigasmon taking her Spirit.

"Well, the next time I see that guy, I'll get your Spirit back, even if I need to do it by myself." JP said.

"Why would you want to do something like that?" Neemon asked as he bounced the Tanemon on his paw as Bokomon stood up.

"Based on your last encounter, I don't think that would be wise." Bokomon said and JP slapped his hand down loudly next to the digimon, startling them.

"So what? It sure beats sitting around here doing nothing. She needs my help." JP stated.

"You have a one track mind, buddy." Takuya spoke up as he stood.

"We can't just run out and fight. We have to get to the Forest Terminal." He said diving into the role of the leader.

"Look, we'll get it back eventually, but we need to focus on the task at hand." Daisuke closed her eyes as she spoke.

"I thought you were 8! How can you talk like that?" JP asked.

"Try having two older brothers like Takuya and Shinya and you'll see. Can we please focus on getting to the Forest Terminal?" the girl requested.

"No. We have to make sure that you're fine first." Takuya said kneeling beside his sister.

He was still worried about her when she began crying out in pain when she wasn't even attacked and everyone was still trying to figure out why that happened.

"I'm fine now." She insisted.

And it was true; as soon as KendoGarurumon stopped hurting himself, the pain went away quickly.

Tommy walked over and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, feeling a little scared and happy that he got to be the one to help the usually independent and strong willed girl out for once.

It made him happy because he wanted to help her out and thank her for all the times she helped him.

And it scared him because she was never weak.

"Oh! I think I know why this happened to Daisuke." Bokomon exclaimed looking up from his book.

Everyone turned to the white chicken feeling relieved and worried at the same time, Takuya picking up his little sister to rest in his arms as they waited for his answer.

"Are you all aware of how close the Warrior of Harmony's bond is with the Legendary Warriors?" Bokomon asked.

"No, what do you think?" JP asked annoyed.

"It says here that the Warrior of Harmony is responsible for keeping all the Warriors in line and to work together in peace to provide the hope that we can all coexist in harmony without any of our differences getting in the way." Bokomon explained.

"Whose bright idea was it to let a little girl have all of that power and responsibility in the first place?" Takuya asked angered that his sister was given a big destiny.

"I don't know, but whoever it was gave Daisuke a great honor indeed." Bokomon said.

"But that doesn't explain why she was hurting before." Tommy pointed out.

"Well, the reason for that is that Sakuyamon has a bond with all the Warriors, but her bond is the strongest with two others." Bokomon said.

"Koji is the Warrior of Light, so they have a very powerful bond. Whenever he is hurt, Daisuke will be able to feel that pain." He explained.

Everyone gasped at that new information, the Warriors of Flame and Light more horrified than the others about this news.

"So, whenever or wherever Koji is, if he's hurt, Daisuke will feel it?" Zoe asked feeling fearful for the 8 year old girl.

"No. Only if Koji hurts himself like he did when he lost control of his Beast Spirit." The chicken said closing his book and putting it back in his pouch as everyone turned their eyes to the girl who had been quiet during the entire conversation.

"Wow. Well, what now?" she asked with a smile making the others gave her shocked and disbelieved looks.

"W-What?! Daisuke, we just learned that you have all this power in you and you want to know what we're doing now?!" Takuya yelled enraged.

"There's nothing we can do now. If we find the one responsible for giving me this power, we can yell at them and demand an answer from them, but right now we have more important things to do." She responded.

"Stop being so reasonable!" Takuya yelled as the siblings got into a glaring match.

Koji shook his head in annoyance at the siblings, but couldn't help but smile at the little girl, but he still felt uneasy as he thought about whether or not he would be able to control his Beast this time and not run wild and hurt Daisuke again.

"Now, now. That's enough you two. Argue about this later. My friends, I believe the time has finally come." He said as he cleared his throat.

"Time for what?" JP asked.

"Yeah, what do ya mean?" Zoe asked.

"Time to show you the path of wisdom." Bokomon said.

"Well there's a change." The blonde said.

"Yeah, no kidding." The heavy set boy said.

"Wisdom is a path which is not easily walked. You must think about every choice. Consider every option and know where each step will lead." Bokomon said as he began pacing as he talked and then tripped.

"Oh dear. It seems that wisdom has landed in a mud puddle." Bokomon said as he stood up with much on his face as the Tanemon ran off from where they were playing since they were the ones that had tripped him up.

(Later on…)

"So what's your wise solution?" JP asked as everyone walked through the forest.

"Fortune telling." Bokomon said.

"Fortune telling?" everyone asked.

"Shamanmon is the wisest digimon of them all." Bokomon informed as they stepped into a wide open area filled with colorful tents.

Different types of digimon were all around as they tried to lure others into their tents to tell their fortunes or sell amulets.

"If I would have you that, you'd have said I was crazy." Neemon chirped.

"You are crazy, but that's beside the point." Bokomon sighed.

"Step right up! Play squeeze the pudgy bear! Go away, kids, you bother me." a yellow dog digimon snorted at Tommy and Daisuke as they stared at him and a Monzaemon.

"Wow, I've never had my fortune told before." Tommy commented as he looked around in awe.

"I had my palm red once. It took a week to get the paint off." Neemon said.

"Come on, do you actually think any of these weirdoes can tell the future?" JP frowned with his hands on his hips.

Suddenly, an alien digimon with tentacles for legs and a large brain walked over.

"Oh, yes, round one! It's all so clear." He perched his black painted lips as he grabbed JP's arm and leaned close to his ace.

"I don't really believe in any of this mumbo jumbo." JP yanked his arm away.

"There is a girl in your life who thinks you're quite special." The alien winked.

"I'm, uh, special?" JP blushed as he then started to fantasize.

"You know who I mean. You were meant to be!" the alien insisted as he then slunk away.

"Um, is JP having a seizure?" Daisuke asked as she grabbed her brother's hand.

Everyone turned around to see her pointing at JP as he giggled while hugging himself and seemed to be drooling.

"No, but if a guy ever acts like that around you, run away." Koji informed.

"JP, what are you doing?" Takuya asked.

"We're leaving now." Zoe sang impatiently.

JP nearly fell over as he quickly ran over, laughing nervously as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Come on, come on. You can ask me anything, short stuff." A frog digimon with a long tongue sticking out of his mouth and had a tuba around his neck grabbed Bokomon around the neck.

"Okay. How do you polish that tuba?" Neemon asked as Bokomon got out of the frog's grip.

"Wait a second. Let me guess. You're rather new at this fortune telling stuff aren't ya?" the frog asked.

"Just ignore him. What do you got?" Bokomon crossed his arms.

"I shall conjure up a potion made of orange juice and earwax. Which I will place in my hat and then drink while standing on one leg." The frog leaned on one leg.

Uninterested, Bokomon and Neemon walked off as the humans stared at him as they walked by him, Koji and Takuya making sure that Daisuke was in their line of sight.

"Over here." A monkey digimon wearing a colorful African mask waved at the group.

"Whoa. So, what's your deal masked dude?" Takuya asked.

"Carry wood method." The monkey said.

"Erm, okay, what exactly is the carry wood method?" Zoe asked.

"I give you these heavy wooden sticks and hand to you to carry them. One at a time." The monkey explained as he swung a stick around.

"And exactly what would that tell you about our future?" Zoe asked.

"That in the future, you will be stronger. The more wood you carry, the stronger you get. Carry wood, get it?" the monkey laughed as he then hit himself over the head accidentally.

Bokomon then led the group up to a building that was overlooking the village, the humans and digimon going up the stairs and then entered the ancient building.

"Why are we here, Bokomon? All these fortune tellers are fake." JP said.

"Like my Grandmamon's teeth." Neemon chimed in.

"Have a little faith, please. I do know what I'm doing. Shamanmon is the real thing. Shamanmon, I call upon your wisdom, your insight and basically we're asking for two cents worth of advice." Bokomon said.

He was speaking to the dark green skinned digimon who had his back to the group, everyone staring at him.

"Who calls upon Shamanmon?" the digimon asked.

"Weary travelers in need of guidance from the universe." Bokomon answered.

"Oh, you'll get guidance all right." Shamanmon laughed as he turned around.

Takuya, Daisuke, Zoe, JP and Tommy gasped in shock when they saw how familiar the digimon appeared while Koji was confused by the reactions.

"Wait a minute, I remember you." Takuya pointed at him.

"You're one of those nasty Goblimon from the wind factory." Zoe said.

"Come on guys, let's get him." Tommy said.

"No, no, no, no! Shamanmon's one of the good guys." Bokomon insisted as he waved his arms around urgently.

"Shamanmon is a medium. This all seeing digimon does a ceremonial dance with his magical club to see into the future." He said.

Shamanmon then started to hop from one foot to the other and waved his hands in the form of a dance.

"You should be very careful. Ahead you face much danger. You will come up against a foe you have faced before, but this foe has a friend and in meeting him you will find a friend is your foe." He prophesized.

Daisuke blinked curiously at that while the others were confused or skeptic in Tommy and Takuya's case.

"I don't buy it." Takuya stated as Tommy nodded at him.

"Then listen to this!" Shamanmon yelled as he jumped in front of the two brunettes, Tommy clinging to Takuya as the digimon pointed his club at them.

"Beware! The greatest test will be faced by you two. This test has the power to destroy you all if you are not careful." Shamanmon warned and then scoffed as he turned away.

"Hey, come back." Tommy called.

"Yeah, we don't wanna get destroyed." Takuya called.

"Then remember who you are and trust in each other and your friendship." Shamanmon told them as he continued his dance.

The earth shook making everyone gasp while the dancing digimon fell down.

"Right, run for it!" JP cried out.

Everyone ran outside to see the ground break as Golemon came out, roaring at the Warriors as a smug Grumblemon was perched on his shoulder.

"Old foe, big friend." Takuya said.

"It's Golemon." Bokomon exclaimed.

"Grumblemon bring big angry surprise for little Spirit Kids." Grumblemon smirked.

"One of these days I'm gonna beat this jerk for good." Koji glared.

"When are you gonna learn? How about working with the rest of us, huh?" Zoe retorted.

"Oh, save me." Neemon whimpered as he held onto Bokomon.

"Just give me a minute." Takuya said.

Golemon then jumped up and slammed his fist into the ground making it erupt as they were blasted back from the force of the attack.

"Right, minute's over." Takuya pulled his D-Tector out as JP, Daisuke and Tommy did the same.

"Execute: Spirit Evolution!"





"Now for the Beast." Koji said pulling his D-Tector out.

"Me no think so." Grumblemon said.

He then pulled out a vial and threw out the contents which were pink sparkles that hit the Warrior of Light making them gasp as the gravity suddenly held them down in place, the three dropping to their knees as red ruins glowed under them.

"What's going on? I can't move." Koji grunted.

"Sorry, KendoGarurumon no play today. You no move till Grumblemon say so." The Warrior of Earth sniggered.

Kumamon then jumped up and used Crystal Freeze on Golemon as the digimon jumped out of the way and Grumblemon took off.

Golemon then punched Kumamon, sending him to the ground.

"Kumamon!" Beetlemon called, then started sparking as he flew over to him and used his Thunder Fist on Golemon's head.

"Uh oh." Beetlemon said as Golemon chuckled making the Warrior of Thunder back off.

Landing next to Kumamon, Beetlemon and the bear were hit by Golemon's Sulfur Plume blasting them back into the pillars and boulders behind them.

"Please not to tell me that best you can do." Grumblemon laughed as he watched the beating.

Sakuyamon then jumped in and delivered a roundhouse kick to Golemon, sending him stumbling back and he then used his Sulfur Plume on the fox.

She quickly used her barrier to protect herself from the attack before then using her Amethyst Wind on Golemon making him cry out.

"Your turn, Big Brother!" the Warrior of Harmony called as she jumped back.

"Right." Agunimon said as he jumped in and blasted Golemon with his Pyro Tornado, sending the rock head back.

Golemon recovered quickly and used his Sulfur Plume on Agunimon who was blasted back into Sakuyamon, the siblings crying out in pain as they hit the ground.

Bokomon and Neemon were clinging to Zoe's legs as they watched the beating going on.

"You can do it. Just work together." Zoe encouraged them on.

"Enough. You finished. You surrender Spirits now or be destroyed big time." Grumblemon demanded.

"Boy would I like to shut that guy up." Beetlemon growled as he, Agunimon, Sakuyamon and Kumamon stood up.

"Yeah, me too." Koji growled and then slammed his fist into the ground.

"There's gotta be something I can do. Anybody got any suggestions?" he asked.

Golamon then slammed his fist into the ground making it erupt and Kumamon jumped back before he fell into the crater.

"Work together. Hit him hard." Agunimon charged.

"Right." Beetlemon agreed as he followed.

"Got it!" Sakuyamon nodded.

"I'll chill him out." Kumamon said as he used Blizzard Blaster to stun Golemon as Sakuyamon blinked him with Amethyst Wind, Beetlemon came in with Lightning Blitz and finally Agunimon ended it with Pyro Tornado.

They watched as Golemon went flying, crashing into the ground as Grumblemon glared in anger.

"NO!" he snarled and then jumped up.

"Don't let him get away." Agunimon cried out.

"Execute: Slide Evolution!"


"Now myself me fix you." Gigasmon said.

Kumamon used Blizzard Blaster, but it was countered by Quagmire Twister and the force sucked Kumamon inside.

"Tommy!" Agunimon called as he ran to help, only to get hit from the twister.

Kumamon was then falling from the twister, his Cody showing as Gigasmon went after him.

"Tommy! Wake up!" Zoe yelled.

It was too late as Gigasmon gobbled up the Spirit of Ice as Tommy fell to the ground.

"Eat yummy bear. Me have two now." Gigasmon said.

"Get out of there you guys!" Zoe screamed as Gigasmon jumped up and used his Tectonic Slam on the ground making the ground quake.

Suddenly from the temple, lights shined as a large beast that looked like a half phoenix/lizard creature flew out and punched Gigasmon back.

The Beast then let out a loud roar which made Tommy whimper as he ran over to Zoe.

"What is that thing?" Agunimon asked.

"You mean other than bad news?" Beetlemon quipped.

"Now just hold on, that thing may be on our side." Bokomon said.

"OK, but somehow I don't think so." Agunimon said.

"Whoever he is, he seems very upset. Maybe not." Neemon commented.

The ground under the Beast broke as two large hands grabbed his ankles and started pulling the Beast down.

"You go bye now." Gigasmon said.

Roaring, the Beast flapped his wings and started flying up with Golemon holding onto his ankles.

"That guy…could he be…" Sakuyamon trailed off as she stared at the Beast as she felt her body heat up.

It was an aggravating feeling and very uncomfortable, but not painful.

"Quick, let's get out of here." Beetlemon yelled.

The yellow spikes on the Beast's arms then turned into lasers that started firing at Golemon making him cry out as he fell down and explode into data, his helmet hitting the ground.

The Beast then stomped on it, destroying it as Gigasmon stared at him in fear.

"I go bye now!" Gigasmon said as he dived to the ground, digging to safety when the Beast tried to attack him.

Underneath Koji, the ruins disappeared and gravity returned to normal as they stood up and then ran over to Tommy, Zoe, Bokomon and Neemon.

"Aw man." Agunimon said.

"He's really strong." Tommy whimpered.

"Too strong." Koji said.

"If he comes after us, there's no way we can beat him." Zoe looked at him worried.

"Right, time to go." Bokomon started gesturing them the humans off.

"All right Agunimon, come on." Beetlemon turned.

"Right." Agunimon nodded.

"Help me!" the Beast cried out making Agunimon pause.

"I'm possessed by the Beast Spirit!" he sobbed.

"Shamanmon?" Agunimon asked turning back to the hybrid digimon.

"Please rescue me." he sobbed as he started to shake and fight off the power.

"I was in the temple when the Beast Spirit was revealed. The instant I touched it, I was possessed. Please, help me!" Shamanmon begged.

Agunimon then walked over as the others watched him in confusion.

"Agunimon, what're you doing?" Beetlemon asked.

"Don't worry, Shamanmon, I can help you." Agunimon assured.

The Beast then attacked with flames making Agunimon jump back.

"Agunimon!" Bokomon cried out.

"Big Brother, no!" Sakuyamon yelled.

Flames and lasers started getting blasted around, Agunimon getting hit worse by the attack as the Beast flew over to him and stomped on his side, pushing him down.

He struggled to get up when he suddenly found a laser being placed in his face and Agunimon stared up at the Beast when he saw that he was shaking, hesitating to perform the finishing blow.

"What is he waiting for?" Koji asked.

"Strike now! NOW!" Shamanmon yelled as he regained control, then Agunimon kicked him back.

Agunimon then started blasting his flames at the Beast, sending him back.

"Now to free Shamanmon. My D-Tector should release him. Fractal Code: Digitize!"

Shamanmon was returned to normal, though he was weak from the possession as he fell down.

Staring at the Beast Spirit totem, Agunimon cried out in pain as it possessed him making Sakuyamon scream in pain as she felt the flames burning her from the inside out.

"Something's wrong!" Beetlemon gasped.

Everyone else cried out in worry as Sakuyamon dropped to her knees, returning to her human form as Agunimon was then transformed into the Beast of Flame.

"Run everyone!" Bokomon cried as the Beast started beating up Beetlemon who was the closest to him.

"Takuya, that's JP!" Koji called.

Growling, the Beast flew over to Koji who gritted his teeth and stepped back.

"Fine." He said as he pulled out his D-Tector.

"Execute: Beast Spirit Evolution!"


The wolf gave a howl before he then charged off at the Beast, Bokomon pulling out his Book and started flipping through the pages to find the crazed Beast.

"You guys, this is crazy. Think about what you're doing." Beetlemon said to the Beasts of Light and lame who were growling at each other.

"Koji, Takuya, stop this!" Beetlemon begged.

To be continued…