"Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down"

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Koji and Daisuke were still walking through the forest, the little girl wearing the older male's jacket because it had gotten colder during the night and he didn't want her to get sick on him.

It was now early in the morning, the sun shining down on them to warm them up.

"Find anything yet?" she asked as he looked at his D-Tector.

"No." he said sighing in annoyance at that fact.

He still couldn't figure out what that message meant.

Daisuke looked down at the screen of her D-Tector and began to think about the Beast Spirits, wondering what hers would be like.

"Hey, there's a small pond here. Let's rest for a bit and get something to drink." Koji said when they walked out of the trees and saw the small patch of water that was near the tall grass.

Daisuke nodded and walked over to the pond, sitting down and cupping some water into her hands to drink, the male doing the same as her.

After he was done, he held his chin in thought as he then pulled out his D-Tector to see Lobomon's face on the screen.

"It's driving me crazy. Who sent this e-mail?" Koji said.

The two Warriors looked over to the trees when they heard a loud snapping sound and saw that Bokomon was there with Neemon, who was holding his waist, meaning the chicken had snapped his pants again.

Seeing they were heard, the two digimon stared at the two humans.

"Stop following us!" Koji told them, picking the girl up in his arms and running off into the tall grass.

"Quickly now, follow them!" they heard Bokomon saw as he dragged Neemon.

Koji ran through the grass and then stopped abruptly when he came to a drop, Daisuke looking behind her to see it and paled at the fact that she nearly went down again.

"I don't see him." Neemon said as the two humans heard the grass rustling as the two digimon got closer.

"Oh, for Pete's sake! Your eyes are closed." Bokomon snapped.

They then came out of the grass and knocked into Koji, both clinging onto his shoulders as Daisuke jumped out of his arms and stood to the side.

"Let go of me!" Koji yelled before he went down with the digimon.

Daisuke watched them fall into the tall grass and rolled a few feet before they fell on top of a rock type digimon who carried a magnifying glass around his neck.

Quickly Spirit Evolving to jump down over to the group, Sakuyamon landed in a crouch and then turned back into Daisuke before anyone could notice her.

"What is that?" Neemon asked as Daisuke walked over to the group and Koji looked at her in relief.

"A Gotsumon. They are living rocks, but they are basically kids, and can be real trouble makers, let me tell you." Bokomon explained.

"What do you want?" Koji asked.

"Nothing. So what do you guys want?" Gotsumon asked.

"Nothing, why do you care?" Koji retaliated.

A tense silence then fell over the group which made Bokomon groan while Daisuke stepped in front of Koji.

"Hey, do you know where the Forest Terminal is?" she asked with a smile.

"Yeah, I could tell ya, but I'm not gonna!" Gotsumon said and then ran off.

"Follow him. Come on. Chop chop." Bokomon said to Koji.

"Don't tell me what to do." he said taking the girl's hand and running with her.

"But he knows something!" the digimon said.

Koji then started plowing his way through the tall grass making sure that Daisuke was at his side so he wouldn't lose her considering the fact that the little girl had a knack of running of when no one was watching.

"Come on. He couldn't have gone far." Koji said as they walked out of the grass and saw a large boulder in front of them.

Daisuke let go of the ravenette's hand and then climbed up the boulder, trying to see if she could see him when she tripped over something and fell flat on her face.

"Daisuke!" Koji exclaimed worried.

"My dear, are you all right?" Bokomon asked.

"I think I tripped on something." She said pushing herself up.

Yeah. Me." A voice spoke.

The group then saw Gotsumon appear where the girl's legs were and the two got up.

"Oh, there you are. Sorry." She said.

"Yeah, well I'm still not gonna tell ya anything." He said.

"You are just a little brat! I don't think I've ever seen such a disrespectful digimon." Bokomon growled with his paw curled into a fist.

"Yeah, so what if I am?" Gotsumon retorted.

They all then heard some yelling and turned to see these cave like homes carved into mountains being destroyed by Gigasmon.

Koji held onto the side of the boulder as the group watched the Gotsumon clan running in fear.

"It's Grumblemon!" Koji gasped when the Beast went back to his Human Spirit form.

"No!" Gotsumon cried as he jumped off the boulder and started running.

"Hey, and just where do you think you're going?" Koji asked.

"He can't get away with this. I won't let him!" Gotsumon said as he stared at his friends fleeing in terror.

"Are you crazy? You can't fight that guy. Leave him to us." The Warrior of Light said.

"To you?" Gotsumon asked turning to look at them with tears in his yellow eyes that made Daisuke's heart clench.

"Yeah, just watch this." Koji said as Bokomon and Neemon jumped off of his back and Daisuke stood at his side, both holding up their devices as they began to beep and glow.

"Execute: Spirit Evolution!"



The sunlight shone down on them, their armour flashing silver and gold in the light which made Gotsumon stare at them in awe as they both jumped off after Grumblemon as Bokomon and Neemon followed.

"They turned into digimon! And not just any digimon, Legendary Warriors! Maybe there's hope yet." Gotsumon smiled.

"Grumblemon." Lobomon called as he and Sakuyamon landed behind the evil Warrior who had just absorbed more data.

"It you. That good. I have been looking for you." Grumblemon smirked as he rubbed his nose.

"So what?" Lobomon asked.

"You get away once before, but if I defeat and get Spirit, Cherubimon be grateful to Grumblemon." Grumblemon said as he was covered in data.

"Slide Evolution: GIGASMON!"

Gigasmon went to attack them, but Sakuyamon created a barrier than slammed into him, knocking him back.

"You fox girl get me mad." He growled as he lifted a boulder and threw it at her making him jump back only for him to charge at her and backhand her back into one of the Gotsumon's homes.

"Sakuyamon!" Lobomon called.

Gigasmon jumped up as Lobomon pulled out his Lobo Kendos to fight and spun them around as Gigasmon came down and slammed down onto the weapon.

It created a powerful impact that broke up the lands, Sakuyamon falling down into a huge crater while Lobomon was blasted elsewhere.

Data swarmed around Sakuyamon as she turned back into Daisuke as she hit the bottom of the crater groaning in pain as she then forced herself into a kneeling position.

"Ow. I am really starting to hate that guy." She muttered.

Just then, something fell down the dark crater and whacked her on the head.

"Ow! Is the universe against me or something?" she whined as she rubbed her throbbing head and looked for what hit her.

Her eyes widened when she saw that it was a red jewel.

She picked it up and examined it and hid until Gigasmon left, looking for her and Lobomon to continue the fight.

She waited in the darkness for about 25 minutes before she deemed it was safe to climb out and tucked the jewel in her shorts pocket as she gripped the cracks in the wall, pulling herself up, trying to not disturb the earth and alert the Earth Beast to her location.

Thanks to some sort of miracle, she made it out without being detected and ran to where she heard a fight going on.

Worried, she ran off to where the fight was coming from and saw Kazemon pushing Kumamon out of the way of Gigasmon tryng to touch him and the fairy got hit instead.

"Kazemon!" Kumamon cried as he fell to the ground.

Kazemon then turned back into Zoe as Gigasmon ate up her Spirit, the blonde falling to the ground.

"He stole her Spirit!" Agunimon cried out.

He and Beetlemon then went to attack, but Gigasmn turned into Grmblemon who hacked them with his hammers, the impact making their Spirits show.

"More tasty Spirits for me." Grumblemon said.

Before Grumblemon could go after Takuya and JP, Lobomon jumped above him and prepared to shoot him.

"Why don't you taste this first?" Lobomon asked as he blasted him.

Grumblemon was knocked down, then Lobomon jumped down and grabbed him by his shirt collar.

"How'd you like that?" the wolf asked.

"Not too bad." Grumblemon smirked.

"What's the matter? Don't you want my Spirit anymore?" Lobomon asked.

"Still got couple tricks up sleeve." Grumblemon said as he somehow pulled out his hammers and went to slam them on Lobomon who leaned back.

"Now here's some magic for you." Lobomon said as he lifted his foot up and kicked the Warrior of Earth down and then ran off.

"You pay for that." Grumblemon growled as data surrounded him.

"Slide Evolution: GIGASMON!"

Gigasmon then shot off after Lobomon who was leading him away from the others.

"You running away good. Me see how good at fighting." Gigasmon said as he started punching at the ground, trying to level the earth and hit Lobomon.

Zoe was sitting on the ground staring sadly at her D-Tector as JP and Tommy sat around her and Takuya held his arm and stared after Lobomon.

"He's gone now. You OK?" JP asked.

"Yeah, I guess. It's just…what good am I to you guys now?" Zoe asked.

Clenching her fist in anger, Daisuke then ran after Gigasmon to see what was going on.

Catching a glint of mahogany in the grass, Takuya turned his head and saw that it was his sister running off.

"Daisuke!" he yelled, but she ignored him as she ran off.

He really needed to sit her down and talk to her about this.

"Come on!" he yelled at the others as he ran off.

Daisuke made it in time to see Lobomon was getting beaten by Gigasmon while Bokomon, Neemon and Gotsumon were at these three large stone monuments that looked like they had one eye each and a nose.

Gotsumon then jumped up and used his Rock Fist to block Gigasmon from stealing Koji's Spirit.

"Find the jewel! With it, you can unleash the Spirit!" he called over to the injured ravenette.

"The jewel?" Koji asked.

Gasping, Daisuke then looked down at the jewel she held in her hands and ran over to Koji which made him look over in relief.

"Is this it?" she asked holding it out.

"Ah, that must be it. Quickly, climb up and insert the jewel in the eye." Bokomon encouraged Koji who took the jewel from the little girl.

Koji then started climbing as Daisuke turned to see Gotsumon was getting hit by Gigasmon which made her mad and pulled out her D-Tector, quickly Spirit Evolving and jumped up, kicking the Beast in the face making him stumble back as Gotsumon dropped to the ground.

"That hurt!" Gigasmon yelled as he held his nose.

"Forgive me if I don't care." Sakuyamon said as she held up one of her cards.

"You pay." Gigasmon said as he went to use his Quagemire Twister, but was stopped as Sakuyamon threw her Fox Cards on him.

He looked confused when he couldn't use his powers which made the Warrior of Harmony smirk at him.

Just then, the ground shook making her gasp and turn to see Koji had inserted the jewel and he fell down off the monument as Takuya and the others arrived with the Gotsumon clan.

"I hope this is something good." Bokomon said.

"Don't we all." Neemon said.

The statues then turned towards the Beast of Earth while Gotsumon was picked up by Sakuyamon who ran off to safety.

"That not good." Gigasmon yelped.

The jewels that were made as the statues' eyes then glowed as they shot out red beams that hit Gigasmon and then the ground under him.

"Koji!" Takuya called.

The ground cracked and out came a totem that was a wolf that was glowing with power as everyone stared in awe at the sight.

"Spirit." Koji spoke as his D-Tector glowed with the same light.

"Koji, your D-Tector." Bokomon called.

"Oh boy." Neemon said.

"It's…it's your Best Spirit." Bokomon gasped.

Koji stood up as he stared in awe at the Beast Spirit, its eyes glowing with a white fog that also filled Koji's eyes.

"Beast Spirit!" Koji called as he held out his D-Tector.

"Me not afraid of Beast Spirit." Gigasmon smirked.

He then gasped as the Beast Spirit floated over to Koji.

"I did it!" Gotsumon smiled at finding the Beast Spirit.

As the Beast Spirit went inside of Koji's D-Tector, a transparent image of the large metal wolf pouncing at him before it faded.

"Execute: Beast Spirit Evolution!"


Light shone around the wolf as he howled to the sky, his gold metal wings shining from the light as his blue stripes stood out against his white body.

"KendoGarurumon: the Beast of Light." Bokomon read from his Book.

"KendoGaruwho?" Neemon asked.

"Garurumon!" Bokomon frowned as he reached over and snapped the bunny's pants.

Everyone, human and digimon, exclaimed in awe at the wolf as he just stood there with his gold eyes looking them over.

"Why'd he find his first?" Takuya asked.

"I could've done that." JP said.

"Hey there. Nice doggy. Sit." Gigasmon said as the wolf stared him down, his eyes clouded over by a white fog.

"I hope he can beat Gigasmon." Gotsumon said as the light show died down.

KendoGarurumon then roared as the wheels attached to his ankles lowered to the ground and started skidding on the ground as his wings extended and he continued to roar.

To everyone's surprise, he then rammed into the side of a statue.

"Ouchie." Neemon winced.

"Oh no. Koji can't control the Beast Spirit yet." Bokomon realized.

KendoGarurumon continued to roar and ram into the statues that were around him as he tried to fight the primal instincts that were kicking in from the Beast's power.

Sakuyamon dropped Gotsumon as she cried out in pain, a jolt coming in her chest that was sharp that made her revert back to Daisuke, Gotsumon staring at her in confusion as Takuya looked over at his sister in worry as he saw her panting as if in pain.

"Daisuke!" he yelled as he ran over.

"Look like things not so bad for me after all." Gigsmon said as he ran at KendoGarurumon who saw him.

"You should know not take what not control." Gigasmn said.

Roaring in outrage at him, KendoGarurumon then ran at Gigasmon while everyone watched in worry, the Gotsumon ducking down for cover from the large blast that would come from the impact of the two Beasts.

"Now this will be big." Bokomon said.

Takuya made it over in time to scoop his sister up in his arms and start running away from the attacking Beasts.

"How big?" Neemon asked as he was dragged off by his pants.

"Big!" Bokomon wailed.

The two Beasts hit making the ground move and erupt just as Takuya and the two digimon made it to safety, Daisuke shivering a bit in her brother's arms as everyone watched Gigasmon and KendoGarurumon fall down into the ocean as the cliff where they stood was destroyed.

"Koji!" Takuya called.

Koji!" Tommy yelled.

Thankfully, a golden clawed paw appeared over the ledge of the cliff and KendoGarurumon lifted himself up, roaring in victory before he was covered in data and became an exhausted Koji.

"That Spirit…sure takes…a lot out of a guy." He sighed before he started to fall back into the ocean below.

Before he did thought, Gotsumon grabbed his hand making him look up at the Rookie.

"I guess to be a hero; I needed your help after all. And you needed mine to be one too. Maybe asking for help is what makes you a hero. Of course, having a Beast Spirit doesn't hurt either." Gotsumon said making Koji smile.

"Can I come up now?" he asked.

"Oh, right, sorry." Gotsumon chuckled as he pulled Koji back up onto the cliff.

"No problem. You gotta work on your hero skills. Rescue first, talk later." Koji joked.

The others all smiled in relief at this, though Takuya was still worried about why his sister was in pain when she hadn't been hit at all.

(That night…)

Chocolate eyes fluttered open and were met by concerned coffee colored eyes.

"You OK?" Takuya asked as Daisuke sat up in his lap.

She noticed that they were camping outside again, the others sleeping peacefully.

"Yeah, I just felt this weird pain in my chest, but it's gone now." She said.

Takuya smiled in relief, then glared.

"Daisuke, you need to stop to running away from me. Why do you do that?" he asked.

"Why do you care? You never did before." She retorted.

"What do you mean? You're my baby sister. I want to be with you and make sure you're safe." He said.

"If you wanted me to be safe, then you never would have answered that strange text message and then dragged me off with you. What kind of older brother would do that? You didn't give me a choice in wanting to come. I chose to stay, yes, but not to come here. Whenever we're stuck alone you always make the decisions for me. I just wanted a chance to make my own." Daisuke said.

Takuya's eyes went wide at this, but he sighed as he realized she was right.

He did have a tendency to always pull her along with him to do the things he wanted and never let her chose what she did like Jun and Shinya did.

It was always bad of him to bring her here with him where she would be in constant danger, but he didn't even know this was what he had signed them up for.

All he wanted was something to do instead of just sitting there being bored and when the opportunity came, he took it.

Daisuke missed her own birthday because of it and he didn't get to see his two younger siblings blow out their birthday candles and open their presents and it upset him.

"I'm sorry for doing that. I guess I know why you hate me so much." Takuya looked down at the ground.

"I don't hate you." she sounded surprised that he even said that.

"Really? Because if I were you I would." He said looking up.

"Takuya, I wanna spend time with you, but I also want to do the things I want. You can't always expect me to want to do the same things as you." Daisuke smiled.

He smiled up and ruffled up her hair.

"OK, I promise to let you have a choice and not always drag you into stuff. I'll also spend more time with you too. How about when we get home e head off to the park and we play a game of soccer just you and me?" he suggested.

Daisuke giggled as she caught his hand and pulled it away from her already wild hair.

"Fine, but I bet I'll win." She said.

"Yeah right." He scoffed playfully.

To be continued…