"Hey Kanda?"

"What, Moyashi?"

"I love you."




"I don't know, I just do."



Walk away-

knock knock

"Hello? Oh hi Kanda!"

"Lenalee, What do you do if someone tells you they love you?"

"...Um, you tell them how you feel."

"What if you feel the same for them?"

"Well then you kiss them."

"And what about if you do not feel the same for them?"

"Do not kiss them, and slowly reject their love, but stay friends with them never-the-less."

walks away.

"Oi, Moyashi!"

"What is it Ba-Kanda?"

"I love you too."



"Y-Yes Kanda?"

"Will you kiss me or will I kiss you?"

"You kiss me."

Leans forwards and presses his lips to Allens.

Tongue vs tongue action for a minute.

Break apart for much needed air.

"Wow, Kanda, you are a good kisser!"

"I know."

"Kiss me again!"

And so they kiss again.


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