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I don't want you. The words shook Ruka awake as she sat up in her bed, letting out heavy breaths of the horrible memory. Her room on the second floor was fairly large and had the very feminine color schemes.

"Why did I think of that?" She wondered aloud placing a hand to her head. She had been plagued with Yuki's proposal through the night, thinking over repeatedly of possibilities and consequences.

She's just a foolish girl. She thought, dressing for the day. A girl…who knows nothing of what Kaname-sama is capable of. But…why do I feel that it's still possible?

She flipped her hair over her shoulders and looked at herself in the mirror. All I would ever want…is to be by Kaname-sama's side.

"Ruka?" Akatsuki called from the other side of the door. "You coming down to eat?"

"Yes, I'll be right down Akatsuki." Ruka sighed, though tried to restrain from sounding annoyed. Akatsuki Kain…her oldest childhood friend other than his cousin Hanabusa. She was not blind when it came to the smitten feelings that Akatsuki had for her, being very protective and gentle with her feelings.

She opened the door to see him leaning against the opposite wall waiting for her and looked up. He wore casual clothes than hugged to his defined muscles.

"You didn't have to wait." He shrugged to her comment.

"I wished to. I thought you would want to know that Kaname-sama had already left." She raised an eyebrow to him in curiosity to his comment. "He said that it was a council meeting, they're still questioning if he truly is the last pure blooded vampire. They don't want to see him take the throne."

"I know that…and they should feel humble to have someone like Kaname-sama to rule over them."

"Well either way, they'll either give it to him or suffer his wrath."

"What about the girl?"

"I would be a little more careful when addressing his fiancée. She's still in her room…I imagine that you're going to have to drag her out for etiquette lessons today."

"Right, I forgot about those." Ruka sighed walking down the stairs. "Why Kaname-sama insists that we try, I have no clue."

"Well we still do as he asks but he warned us to watch her carefully. His meeting had to be done in the human world, and he left the portal open so he may return."

Ruka paused a moment with realization. Akatsuki looked up to her with concern before letting out a heavy sigh.

"Ruka, please don't do anything foolish."

"Like what Akatsuki?"

"Like what Yuki-sama asked you to help her with." Her eyes widened to what he said as he walked on without her. "I won't let you do something so foolish."

"Has Yuki-sama eaten?"

"I don't think she's going to eat with us until Kaname-sama makes her." He replied, Ruka caught up to him and walked past.

"Then I'll prepare something to take up to her." She offered. "Humans need nourishment more than we do."

Akatsuki continued watching her as she gathered the tray. Hanabusa sat across from his cousin drinking a blood tablet of water calmly, often looking from the two.

"What's going on?" He asked carefully. "Where are you taking that?"

"Up to Yuki-sama."

"What?! Since when did you do something meant for the servants?"

"Imagine how much more Kaname-sama would appreciate if we actual took care of his fiancée. I'm sure he'll thank me greatly." Ruka smirked when Aidou grew tense.

"Well then I'll take it to her!" He dove for the tray that Ruka lifted over her head causing him to crash into the ground.

"Hands off! It was my idea, and I'm doing it."

"Fine! But I'll take it to her tomorrow in front of Kaname." Aidou smirked. Ruka had to contain herself to stifle a giggle at how easily distractible he was with the topic of impressing Kaname-sama.

Imagine…if one day…he wouldn't mind me calling him Kaname…If I can get Cross to the human world and she gets to her hunter…she'd have more guard dogs than just us with the Hunters Association. With her friend being a Kiryuu and her father being a hunter legend. Akatsuki…you'll just have to forgive me.

As she turned down the hall she saw Seiren looking straight ahead with her usual stoic expression. Her eyes turned to Ruka noticing the tray as she just paced to the other side of the hall.

She must not be able to find anymore hiding places. Ruka thought, knowing that was the girl's hobby as a bodyguard.

Knocking once she entered the room before there was a reply. Yuki was already dressed in a burgundy dress that fell to her knees with puffed sleeves. Her hair was pulled back by a headband and was freshly cleaned and perfumed.

It was obvious that Kaname had come by to see her before she left by her already dressed appearance and angry expression. She spun her head to the door and relaxed a bit seeing Ruka.

"Have you thought of my offer?" Ruka shushed her before walking to the table and setting down the tray.

"You have to be silent and listen to everything I say if this plan is to work." Yuki eyed her carefully and nodded to her comment. "We have to be quick, before Akatsuki and Hanabusa finish their breakfast."

She led the way outside the door with serious expression as to not cause suspicion to Seiren. Being silent the whole way down to the library. She was careful to sneak past the dining room without the sound, and was fortunate Yuki thought of that as well.

"Please sit in the library while I go get something." She ordered to her. Yuki glared at her as Seiren opened the door for her to enter as well as following in after her. Ruka instead went into Aidou's study and closed the door soundlessly as she crept to the desk. Opening the bottom drawer, where Aidou guarded anything Kaname-sama had given him.

The black box was noticeable amongst the other items that were merely Kaname-sama's junk. Aidou had specially ordered the box for what Kaname-sama had trusted him to guard, but he was foolish to leave it in such a delicate case that would draw attention to his greatest obsession.

Opening in, she saw the key that was tied to a ribbon that glinted of the untarnished platinum. Lifting it out, she placed the box back inside the drawer to make it look like it hadn't been moved as she slipped the key around her neck and hid it down her dress.

Leaving the study, she walked across the hall to the library and saw Seiren right by the door, admiringly startling her. Yuki was already seated at one of the tables looking over a book with a scowl on her face.

"We'll be alright in here Seiren, if you wish to wait outside, and not hear about etiquette that you mastered as a child." Seiren didn't reply but turned slowly with a small suspicion as the door closed behind her. Ruka walked over to Yuki who stood up with a smirk tugging at her lips.

"What no-" She stopped talking when Ruka placed a book upon her head. "What the-"

"Walk with that on your head, you slouch too much." Ruka commanded leaning closer to her ear. "Even if we need to be quick, we must act believable. So walk around with that while I open the way."

She walked across the room to the wall that was under a post and lintel, while the rest of the library held a balcony above the shelves. Her slender finger traced over the spines of the book looking for the title she had heard mentioned frequently. Once the sound of a book dropped she looked over to Yuki and let out an exasperated sigh.

"Try again now, honestly it's simple." She said loudly for anyone outside to surely hear. Looking back to the shelf, she stopped on a small book that was written in calligraphy alone the spine Cross Academy Year book. Pushing it inward she felt the shelf shifted inward that revealed a staircase in a soundless manner.

"Let's go." She whispered over to Yuki who followed eagerly down the hall that was dimly lit with torches.

I don't believe it…this may actually work. Ruka thought with glee. It's possible for me to receive another chance with my beloved Kaname-sama. As she stood at a doorway she took off the key and placed it in the lock of the door. It pushed open easily with her strength to reveal a staircase.

"You'll have to continue alone." She murmured. "I've heard that this leads up to the bell tower…and that when you reach the top you'll simply be looking over the campus of Cross Academy. I've heard that Kiryuu is looking for you, and he will surely sense your presence and retrieve you before anyone can come after you. I'll stay here and keep guard for ten minutes."

"Thank you." Yuki muttered bitterly taking the first step.

"I don't need your thanks…you were merely in my way."

Yuki ignored her comment and started running up the steps. Freedom was a sweet taste in her mouth that she smiled to.

He's so foolish to rely on a woman who loves him to guard the woman who hates him. She thought with a smirk. This will soon be just a bad dream.

As she grew tired of running, she began to wonder how tall the staircase was until she saw a glimpse of light shine upon the stone steps. When she turned the corner, she looked up and saw the doorway to the exit, the sun shining through brightly. Sighing with relief she took a step and lost her balance by the pain that shot through her body. Instead of falling to the ground she leaned against the wall for support.

Her breath came out in rough labors as she took another step and felt another shock of pain but continued walking.

No! Not…when I'm… so close! She pursued on despite the pain that began increasing the weight of her legs. They gave in as she extended her hand upward, pulling her body up along the steps when she was less than four feet from the doorway, when she couldn't move anything.


Her cries rang out, tears leaking down her face as her fist clenched. Footsteps came forward to her when she felt someone lift her chin up. Her eyes that were blurred with tears looked up to another pair that twined with a little regret.

"Yuki." He sighed, brushing aside her bangs, with his thumb tracing to wipe away her tears gently in almost a comforting motion. "You foolish girl. To think that you could escape here…when I have told you the truth before. You are bound to this world for the rest of your life. When you ate from this world, the strings of fate have bound you here, and restrain you from leaving."

"Then how could your henchmen leave?" She spat bitterly, when he bent down and picked her up.

"Kain and Aidou were both able to leave because they were born in this world and can come and go as they please…you were foolish to believe you could get away with the same." He walked down the steps quickly and passed the door and closed the door soundlessly behind him, taking out the key.

Yuki's eyes widened as he held it up by the ribbon and it disintegrated into sparks. She gasped as he dropped it the piece of ribbon to the ground.

"You will never get the chance to find another portal to the human world Yuki…you could hardly make it here." He picked her up and walked into the library. Akatsuki, Aidou, and Seiren had Ruka cornered. Her face remained the imprint of a slap that was unpredictable of whom struck her.

"Aidou, I want you to take Yuki upstairs to her room. I'll be up in a moment to help you retrieve you strength in a moment love."

"I don't need you." She spat as she was handed off to Aidou. He carried her easily out of the library.

"Ruka." He said, she looked up with a fearful gaze when a hand backslapped her on her spared cheek. Enough to make her cry and cut into her skin. "You had the nerve, to have said you would follow me to the end, yet try to help my reluctant bride escape. You should have kept her from going there at all cost from the pain she suffered. I've told you before Ruka…I don't want you."

He left the room, knowing that his words had hurt her more than his physical blow but couldn't resist hurting the foolish woman.

He immediately went upstairs and opened the door to Yuki's room to see her in bed looking up to the ceiling weakly. Sitting on long the bed and picked up a strand of her hair.

"Do you understand now Yuki? Do you see that there is no escape?"

She remained silent as his hand caressed her cheek gently.

"Do you know Yuki, that I honesty do love you?" He murmured softly, leaning down and kissing her gently upon the lips.

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