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I Was Here

I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time

Know there was something that, and something that I left behind

When I leave this world, I'll leave no regrets, to

Leave something to remember, so they won't forget

Dominican Republic

All she had ever wanted was him. Since she moved down the street from him 11 years ago. First off it started with a mutual love of American Muscle but slowly it had turned from a small child's crush, to a burning lust, and then finally an all-consuming fire. He occupied every part of her, her heart, her head, her soul. He was her air, her reason for breathing, for living, for being. It took 6 years for him to notice her, and after that she knew that there was nothing in heaven or hell that could keep them apart.

And then he left.

Letty had woken up alone in the Dominican Republic, had seen the money on the side, his necklace on top of it. And she knew what it meant. He was gone. And he was not coming back.

Her mind went through a tumult of emotions, she wanted to scream, to break things, to punch the wall. She felt a tear hit her hand, she hadn't even realised she was crying, and suddenly she couldn't breathe. The pain she felt was physical and she couldn't draw a breath. After everything, he had crept out in the middle of the night, leaving her like a 2 dollar whore with the money on the night table. As if that would make up for the physical loss of him in her life. She stumbled on the sheet that had fallen off the bed as her tears blurred her vision. She didn't have the strength to catch herself and landed heavily on the floor. She didn't know how long she lay there, clutching her heart, trying to fix something that he'd promised he'd never break.

Finally she eased herself upright, leaning back against the bed that they'd made love in not 12 hours before, staring at herself in the mirror in a daze. How had she become this person? Crying her heart out over a man, a man who had left her without even a goodbye. For the second time.

Slowly she stood up, wiped away her tears and went to the bathroom to wash her face. She noticed that his toothbrush was gone, and his aftershave. She ran a towel under the tap and gently rubbed her raw eyes with it, soothing the red rimmed lids.

She turned around and went back into the bedroom. Opening one of the drawers, she saw that he'd packed everything of his. Silently, she wondered when he'd packed his life up, at what point he had made the decision that he was going to leave her. She walked over to the night table and gently fingered his father's cross that lay on top of the stacks of bills. There was a note at the side that she hadn't noticed before, opening it she sat down on the bed.

"This has always been yours. I left it behind so you'll know that I did this to keep you safe. I will always be yours. Don't forget.


Letty once again felt tears rolling down her cheeks. She sighed, he always thought he knew what was best for her. Always trying to keep her safe. Forgetting that she was always safest whenever she was with him.

She reached to the top of the wardrobe and grabbed down her suitcase and slowly started packing her things up. For every item she put away, she felt herself packing away a piece of Him, closing her mind to her feelings for Him. It was the only way she knew how to cope. She was well practiced in this. He'd done this before. She would survive this. It appeared to people who didn't know her as a cold indifference, but the people who had really taken the time to get to know her would have seen that she was broken, shattered, again. So she packed up her life. She shut down and she walked away. Just like He had.


"There she is…" Dom said, spying Letty sat on a rock, watching the waves crash against the sand.

"Hey" she replied smiling up at her man. He sat down behind her and she could feel the tension in his body. She absentmindedly stroked his leg, staring out at the waves.

"I hear Rio's nice this time of year." She offered up, trying to delay the inevitable conversation.

"The cops are getting hungry." He started.

"Then I guess we're doing our job." She joked back, attempting to keep the conversation light.

"I'm a walking target, I don't want you around when they catch up to me." His voice growled deeply in his throat as he spoke, and even though he was trying to talk Letty into leaving him she couldn't help feeling soothed by a lifetime of memories that voice instilled in her.

"Ride or die, remember?" Letty stated. There was no question in it. It was their code, one they'd lived by as long as she could remember. It didn't just stand for their love for racing fast cars. It was everything about who they were. It meant living, loving, racing, family, putting their all into everything they did. If not, what was the point? They might as well be dead.

She stared at him, waiting for a confirmation, a reassurance that he agreed. But all she saw was pain, and sorrow and unspoken apologies.

"Dom, how long have we been doing this? And now all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it's too dangerous? Come on! We'll figure it out! We always do!" Letty despaired, desperate to make him see that they could survive this together, to make sure he didn't leave her again like he had in Mexico. She wasn't sure how well she could track him down the next time, if she even had the energy to run after somebody she wasn't sure loved her anymore.

Dom stared into her eyes, silently listening to her impassioned plea. He had no words to comfort her. He didn't want to make any false promises, it would hurt her enough tomorrow when she woke up alone without him lying to her first.

Desperately, Letty kissed him, slowly at first, trying to pour all of her love into him, trying to make him see that they were stronger together, that she would live any life she had to in order to stay with him. This was the life she chose, and would choose every single time, as long as she could be with her man.

The pain Dom felt in his heart was overwhelming him, and he grabbed his love, desperate to have her close to him, even if it was going to only be one last time. To try and show her that he loved her. That he was doing this because he loved her. That he would do anything to ensure that she was safe. This was never the life he had chosen for her. And he felt his heart break as he pulled her to him, knowing that this would be the last time

He wasn't sure what time it was. After going back to their apartment on the beach to make love, she had fallen asleep in his arms. He'd silently got up and got dressed and now sat watching the only woman he had ever loved sleeping peacefully. He was disgusted with himself, creeping out in the middle of the night. But he knew if he waited until she woke up she would talk him out of it. It would only take one look from her before his resolve would break. He had to keep reminding himself that he was doing this to save her. Without him she would be safe, something she could never be if he stayed. It was the only way.

He had always loved her. Since the second he saw her when she returned from Puerto Rico when she was 15. When she was near him, everything was alright. One look from her, calmed him down to his very soul. She was the reason he stayed sane after his father had died. She was the only person he could stand being near him during those first few weeks. She understood him better than anyone ever had and he knew he would never find anyone more perfect for him than she was.

He loved her more than he had ever thought could be possible. He wasn't complete without her, and he knew that if anything happened to her it would destroy him. He had to do this. He had to keep her safe. Everything he ever did was for her, and this was no different.

~Flashback to early that night~

"I told you to stop calling me O'Connor, you may not want to bring me in but your friends at the FBI have other ideas..."

"That's why I'm calling Dom, this is a chance for you to come back home. To stop running."

"And why should I trust you now? Look where it got me the first time I did,"

"I'm not doing it just for you, I know I ruined your life...all your lives. She didn't look at you the way she looked at me, I regret hurting her with everything I have." Dom calmed down and loosened the grip he held on the burner phone. He also walked further down the beach. He knew Letty would miss his warmth and wake soon if he didn't get back into bed. Dom didn't trust O'Connor but one thing he did know for sure was that Brian's feelings for Mia were indeed very real. They proved as a good motivator, if O'Connor was throwing him a bone on Mia's behalf then he had no choice but to believe him.

"You think this will get you back in with my sister?"

"No I think it's a start. Bringing you home is the only way I can even begin to fix it."

"You have a deal Brian."

"Good, our target is Braga..."

~End of Dom's Flashback~

So finally, his resolve stiffened, he picked up his bag, and with one last look at his love he left her behind, the only evidence he had been there being his share from the last heist, his necklace that had always been hers and his footsteps in the sand.

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