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I just want them to know

That I gave my all, did my best

Brought someone to happiness

Left this world a little better just because,

I Was Here

Los Angeles, 1 year later~

Letty yawned, blearily opening her eyes and blinking up at the ceiling. Glancing over to the alarm clock, she sighed, 'How was it already 6 am?' she thought to herself as she willed herself to get out of bed. A hand snaked over her stomach, and her resolve, already weak, shattered as she smiled down at the man lying next to her. "Morning." She smiled down at him.

"Morning." He grinned back. "Why are you up so early? I had plans for you this morning."

"Oh did you now?" Letty grinned as she rolled on top of him, pinning him down to the bed. "What might those plans involve?" She asked as she slowly leaned down, allowing her breasts to gently press against his chest, her lips stopping millimetres away from his.

Grabbing the back of her head, the man crushed his lips to the sexy Latina's as he flipped them before slowly trailing his fingertips under her wife beater allowing them to brush the gentle curve of her breast.

Gasping harshly, Letty could feel a dampness growing in her simple cotton panties as she felt his hard erection at her core. Leaning upwards she bit his lip, hard, as she raked her fingertips down his ab muscles.

Gripping the edge of her wife beater, he ripped it over her head, allowing her breasts to spring free. Taking one of them in his mouth, Letty moaned in frustration as she felt his erection move away from where she was weeping for him but then hummed in pleasure as she felt his hot mouth capture her breast. Nipping at the sensitive skin, Letty gasped as he twirled his tongue around her hard nipple. Reaching up with his hand, he gently squeezed at her other breast, gently rolling the hard nipple between his fingertips.

Letty bucked her hips at his torment on her sensitive breasts. Reaching down, she put her hand in his boxers and roughly grabbed at his throbbing erection. Chuckling, he removed her hand before moving his attention with his very attentive mouth to her other aching breast.

Reaching down, he gently teased at the edge of her soaking panties, slowly peeling them to one side before stroking up the side of one of swollen lips. Hissing at his touch, she bit down hard on her bottom lip, drawing blood. Stroking up and down the slick wetness of her, he laughed quietly at her quiet whimper as he quickly pushed a long finger inside her throbbing centre.

Leaving her swollen, glistening breasts, he trailed hot, wet kisses down her flat, tanned stomach before he latched on to her clit with his mouth and sucked hard, flicking it with his tongue. Moaning, Letty reached down and pressed his head closer to her core. When he chuckled at her need, she drew in a ragged breath as she felt his hot breath and rumble against her core.

Stroking her tight walls, he sucked one last time at her clit before nipping gently and replacing his mouth with his calloused thumb, circling gently. Letty pulled him up to her mouth, nipping his lips hard, before wrapping her legs around his waist and locking her ankles, attempting to draw him closer.

Moaning, unsatisfied at the amount he filled her, she flipped them, grinding her hips against his pulsing manhood as she pinned his hands above his head. Ripping his boxers down with her free hand, she sat up, slowly rubbing her core over his swollen shaft. Laughing she muttered, "Paybacks a bitch, babe." as she teased him with her dripping centre.

Groaning, he wrenched his hands free, grabbing her by her hips and throwing her down onto her back, ripping her panties off in a well-practiced move. Staring down at her, he licked his lips as he took in all of her magnificent beauty.

"Come here, baby," she whispered sultrily as she pulled him down to her lips. Lining himself up where she was moist and desperate she sucked in a sharp breath as he filled her with one swift motion.

She arched her body willingly in answer to his thrusting hips, crying out as he reached down between her lips and squeezed harshly on her clit. She reached up and wrapped her legs around his waist meeting his thrusts and matching them, never missing a beat.

She writhed underneath him, desperate for her sweet release she could feel coming closer and closer with each thrust. Finally, she cried out in a final shattering release as she felt her walls clamp down, riding out the wave after wave of ectasy.

Groaning in blissful agony, he abandoned himself to pleasure as he began his jarring, pulsing release, allowing himself to climax with his lover.

A little while later Letty was lay in his arms, tracing lazy circles on his bare chest, utterly spent after their morning activities.

"I thought you had to get up?" He grinned, pressing a kiss to her soft hair.

"Hmmmm," She hummed back, too exhausted to form sentences, peacefully happy in the arms of her lover.

Laughing, the muscled man wrapped his arms tighter around his love. Hhe loved mornings like this. Lazy, loving, naked… and with Letty, they were a common occurrence. Realising just how perfect she was for him, he came to a quick decision.

"Marry me." The words were out of his mouth before he'd even thought to the end of the sentence. In the brief pause before she answered, he realised just how right it was, he would never meet anybody else like her, she was unique and so perfect for him.

"Yes." She exclaimed, before grinning broadly, "Of course I will." Today was definitely going to be a good day.

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