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It was your typical day at Stark Tower. The sun was shining, the birds were singing...and Thor was eating pop tarts. Thor had insisted on an entire cabinet dedicated to his pastries, and was currently shuffling through it to find the flavor he wanted.

"I HAVE FOUND IT!" Thor shouted and pulled a box out. "BLUEBERRY!" Thor ripped open the box and pulled a package out.

"Point Break, glad you're up." Tony said as he walked into the kitchen. "You eat those raw?" Tony asked as he noticed the pop tarts. "No, you gotta toast these. Here, I'll show you." Tony grabbed the pop tart from Thor's hand and shoved it in the toaster. After a minute, the toaster spit the pop tart out, now cooked and delicious. "See? Easy. Now enjoy!" Tony slapped Thor on the back and left him to take it all in.

He didn't realize that Tony had taken the pop tarts.

Could it be? Thor thought. Could that contraption make the pop tarts taste better?

He opened another pouch and put the pop tarts into the toaster. After a minute, just like with Tony, the pop tarts popped (a/n: pun intended) up again. Only this time, they were stuck. Thor, with his big fingers, couldn't get the pop tarts out.

"TONY!" He called, but Tony didn't respond. Looking around, Thor searched for something that might aid him, when he saw the fork on the counter.

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