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WARNINGS: Blood and suicide attempt.

Chapter 1

Eric had just finished collecting the souls that were supposed to cure Alan of his disease, even though it was told to be a hoax he would try anything for his lover.

"150 souls…" he muttered to himself. He just collected 150 souls and was now at 680. He sighed. "This ain't gonna be enough to save Alan." He thought to himself as he headed back to his apartment which he and Alan were staying at together.

Before he left to go collect souls, he noticed Alan was acting differently lately and even looked different than usual. He wasn't very talkative, he didn't nag Eric for walking around the house in his underwear with the curtains open. He kind of kept his head down the whole morning and spoke quietly, he didn't even eat half of his breakfast. He had been like this for a week and Eric was beyond worried but every time he tried to confront Alan about the matter, Alan would just say he felt sick. Because of the lack of eating, Alan has also become skinnier. Eric offered things to try to cheer Alan up but Alan was too stubborn to go along with anything Eric said.

He had also begun to realize that Alan wouldn't take his clothes off in front of Eric anymore. This was weird, especially after what they did with each other a couple of times.

Eric walked into the apartment complex and up the 6 flights of stairs. The apartment didn't have any elevators so he was forced to carry his scythe up the stairs which isn't that bad except for the fact that Eric Slingby was lazy.

When he got to their apartment the door was locked so he had to take out his keys and unlock the door, however the chain was on the door.

"Alan!" he called "Can you unlock the chain on the door?"

No response. He figured he was sleeping or doing some paperwork in the bedroom so he couldn't hear him.

Eric grabbed the chain with his hand and broke it off then went inside and looked around. "Alan?" he went down the hallway "Uh…the chain was already broken, I swear." He lied, knowing Alan would nag him about how they didn't have enough money to get a new one.

It was quiet. Did Alan go out?

"Al-" then something caught Eric's attention. Was it the smell of…blood? Yes! It was! Eric knew that smell too well.

"Alan!?" he yelled in a very worried tone. He ran through the apartment and checked the rooms "Alan!? Where are you!" he ran to the bathroom and ran into the door, ignoring the pain in his face he tried twisting the knob but it didn't open. It was locked.

Eric backed up and rammed right into the door, putting all the impact on his shoulder. The door broke off the top 2 hinges and flung open, it hung on the bottom hinge, pieces of the door broke into pieces on the floor. Eric was greeted by a big strong whiff of blood.

There was a large puddle of blood that took up a good bit of the cramped bathroom, a few little razors floating in the puddle, but that wasn't the first thing that Eric saw. He couldn't miss the skinny little brunette hanging over the side of the bathtub with an empty pill bottle in his hands and wrists slashed.

"Alan!" he picked up Alan who was unresponsive. The first thing Eric checked were Alan's wrists, the thorns would be attacking the wounds instead of the prescriptions. Sure enough, the thorns were making their way out of Alan's wrists and grabbing onto Eric.

"GAH!" Eric yelled, shaking the thorns off of him. He took his jacket off and used it to apply pressure to the wounds and try to stop the bleeding but it provided little help. He searched his pocket for his cell phone. "Damn it. Where'd I put that…" after finding his cell phone in his large wallet he took it out and immediately called 911.

Everything was dark, pitch black. Alan was surrounded by utter darkness and the annoying sound of something beeping. Then he realized he wasn't surrounded by darkness, he was in a heavy sleep. He heard a mutter.


Someone was calling his name.

"No. I don't want to wake up."

"…an…Alan! Alan!"

He groaned and opened his eyes halfway, they felt heavy. His vision was blurry but he could make out 2 figures above him. The ceiling was moving fast and the object he was laying on was hard, there was a light flashing in his eyes and a man yelling his name. He didn't recognize the voice then he realized it was one of the figures yelling it. The 2 figures were doctors from what he could see. He looked down and saw a thin white sheet covering him, the sheet had heavy spots of dark blood on it.

"Stay with us Alan." one of the doctors said.

"Alan!" that was Eric's voice.

Alan looked around for Eric but couldn't find him.

"Er…" He wanted to see his Eric and tell him why he did what he did. Why he tried to take his own life. And that was when Alan lost consciousness again.

"Alan! Alan please...!" Eric's voice pleaded. His voice sounded hurt and utterly scared.

Alan opened his eyes, enough to see Eric and a doctor standing beside the bed. He was too weak to groan, he felt utterly sick to his stomach. It was probably from taking all those pills...

"Alan, can you hear me!?" Eric yelled. He grabbed Alan's hand and put it up to his cheek "It's me, Eric!"

Alan looked at his hand that was now resting on Eric's cheek, his wrists were heavily bandaged. There were IVs in his arms and he was wearing a breathing tube, dressed in the hospital gown. "E-Eric..." he stuttered.

Eric sighed in relief "Yes, it's me." he kissed Alan's head.

The doctor checked his clipboard "Excuse me, I have another patient to attend to." and left the room.

Alan looked up at Eric as if in a daze.

Eric lowered Alan's hand onto the bed and ran his hand through his hair, messing up his corn fields a bit. Alan sat up.

"They kinda had to put a tube down your throat to-"

"Why did you save me?"

Eric was shocked by Alan's question. Why did he save him? Well there were multiple reasons.

"What do ya mean?" Eric asked a little dumbfounded "Because I love ya of course."

"That's not what I meant!" Alan snapped. "I meant, why didn't you let me die!"

The older reaper stared at the younger, he felt his eyes widen as Alan's eyebrows furrowed in anger but also pain. He stood there and stared at the brunette for what seemed like the longest time. "Alan..."

The brunette looked away "I just...don't want to live anymore. I never did. When I died I thought that was it, I wouldn't have to feel pain anymore. But I came back as a reaper. It's not something I asked for, or wanted for that matter."

"But why?" Alan looked at Eric who calmly looked back "Why do you want to end your life so badly?"

There were so many reasons why Alan wanted to end his life. The main reason being his past.

"Alan, answer me." Eric said rather firmly. He had the right to know why his boyfriend was going to extreme lengths to end his life and Alan knew this.

The younger reaper mumbled "You don't know my past."


"You don't know my past!" Alan yelled. "You don't know what i went through, how I was treated, the names I was called! You don't even know how I died or the sin I committed to become a reaper!"

He was right. Eric didn't know how Alan died. He always thought Alan was innocent but now that Alan brought it to his attention, every reaper had to commit a horrible sin in life to become a reaper. It was pretty much the same thing as getting sent to hell and working for Satan himself.

But what sin did Alan commit? He couldn't have committed abortion, he was a male. He couldn't have committed any abuse or neglect, that just wasn't Alan. This was making Eric unbelievably curious.

Alan laid back down and pulled the blanket over his head, a sign that Eric should let him sleep. Eric took the blanket off of Alan's head and kissed it "I love you my sweet shinigami." he said gently.

Alan felt a blush creep it's way onto his face.

Once Alan fell asleep Eric left, promising himself he would be right back. He had an idea. He knew Alan wasn't going to share his past with him so Eric was going to take matters into his own hands and pay a visit to the Undertaker.

Eric went into the Undertaker's shop. "Yo, Undertaker? You here, man?" if old man William knew how he addressed the Undertaker, he would give Eric a boat load of overtime. Even though the Undertaker doesn't care how he is addressed.

There was a cackle from a coffin. a pale, bony hand with long black finger nails appeared out of the coffin and opened the coffin door. The Undertaker stepped out, smile and everything.

"Huhuhu~ It's been a while since I have had the privilege to talk to you, shinigami Eric Slingby.

"Yeah..." Eric scratched the back of his neck "Hey, you got anything that can take me back to when Alan was alive?"

"Huhu~ as a matter of fact, I do." The grey haired reaper, smile never fading from his face, went to the back room and came back out with a vile, giving it to Eric. "The effects will only last for a couple of days."

"Yeah tha-" Eric went to grab the vile but the Undertaker held it away. "Right," Eric mumbled "You need a joke."

"That's right. huhuhu~ Give me a good one."

Eric tried to think. He remembers something that happened in college that everyone told none stop for a whole semester. What was it...?

"Alright. I got one. There was a bi polar chick from college. She broke into some girl's house and kissed her. The bipolar girl shoved a spoon up her own vagina and blamed it on the girl. The cops came and took the spoon for observation."

Eric didn't even finish the story before the Undertaker burst into laughs.

"BWAHAHA!" The Undertaker laughed like a hyena then gave Eric the vile "I guess you better be on your way."

"Yep. Thanks old man."and he left looking at the vile.

"I guess I'm supposed to drink this."

He examined the vile before opening it and chugging it down. It was bitter tasting with a sour after taste. Eric didn't like it at all and almost spit it out.

He stood there for what seemed like forever before everything, the building, the roads, the pedestrians broke like a big puzzle, and everything turned white. Eric could feel himself begin to float. He was surrounded by whiteness. Pretty soon, Eric appeared in a very old town. It looked a lot like Cumberland in the United States. The roads were made of bricks, the houses were huge and either falling apart or remodeled.

There was the sound of a school bell. Eric looked towards the school at the teenagers coming out of the building.

Then he saw him.

A skinny little brunette dressed in black, his head was kept down as if protecting himself.



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