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Chapter 9

The sound of bottles clinking together, adult jokes were exchanged along with loud laughs of the happy party members. A few screams of the drunk reapers and a few crashes followed by shattering. Everyone was having a good time and Alan saw this as he examined the house from the couch he sat on with a bottle of Italian beer in his left hand. He preferred wine but it was a party so his options were limited.

Alan felt himself growing tired. Tired of the party since he really wasn't having a good time and was still on his first beer of the night. Alan wasn't much of a partier so he rarely went out but he was invited by a man by the name of Ronald Knox who invited him thinking he was female and ran off before Alan had a chance of saying anything.

Alan sighed, avoiding an intoxicated female who seemed like she was constantly trying to seduce him. He set his bottle on the table in front of him and laid back into the couch cushion, his hands on his lap.

'I could be home reading a good book.' He thought to himself.

Loud obnoxious laughing from across the room interrupted Alan's thoughts, he looked over and saw an unusual group of men laughing and carrying on.

He examined the group of men with some interest, taking the time to examine each man carefully. He recognized one of them as Ronald Knox, the host of this party sporting a pair of white bowling shoes, semi brushed out blonde and black hair, a large pair of black glasses over his eyes. There was a red head who Alan couldn't tell was male or female, they wore a nice red outfit, fake eyelashes, red tinted lip gloss and shark-like teeth. The man in red leaned against the taller of the group who Alan recognized as William T. Spears, the man who was currently training Alan. What was he doing here? Alan never thought of Mr. Spears as the party type. But then again, he didn't look like he was having much fun as his glare never left his face he slapped the man in red across the face causing him to start crying and whining something about how his love would hit a woman so directly as William put an arm around Ronald Knox's waist. He seemed to do it in a way that you wouldn't be able to tell what he was doing unless you were actually paying attention like Alan was.

Then there was another man who seemed to catch Alan's eye. He was tall, his muscles were visible through his white button up, sleeves rolled up just above his elbows. His hair was a dirty blonde curly mess except for the black cornfields on the right side of his head. His smile is what caught Alan the most and Alan found himself staring at every inch of the man. He looked like trouble which is what Alan liked in men, he liked the bad boy type. The man let out a laugh and turned his body towards Alan who had no idea just how much he was staring until the man looked directly at his eyes and then gave the smaller male a wink and a smile.

Alan felt himself blush as he quickly turned away. No, he couldn't allow himself to fall for someone like him ever again. Not after what he has been through. This man was certainly just another straight man who thought fags were the most disgusting thing on the planet.

He couldn't let himself fall for someone like that again.

Alan was about to get up and go home when he saw a pair of legs appear next to the couch, he looked up to see the man with the cornfields standing right there, smiling at Alan in a charming kind of way.

"Hey-o!" he greeted, his Scottish accent thick and strong.

Another thing Alan found attractive.

"U-Um, hello." Alan greeted rather shyly. He knew the man in front of him was drunk since he smelled of brandy and had a slur and was generally surprised when the said male could still look so attractive and charming.

"Name's Eric." Said the Scotsman before he took a long swig of alcohol without swallowing, leaned his head back and spit the brandy up in the air before the liquid came back down and covered his face in the strong smelling alcohol, he looked back at Alan who didn't look the slightest bit impressed so he decided to just cut to the chase. "Can I get yer number?"

The brunette stood, taking his own bottle in his hand, he frowned. "Actually, I was just leaving." He said before dumping the alcohol onto Eric's shirt since he couldn't reach high enough for it to dump on his head and then walking out of the house leaving a shocked Eric to be laughed at by his group of friends.

Alan wouldn't admit it but he found Eric to be quite the comedian.

"Hey Alan."

Alan looked up at the older reaper. "Hm? What is it?" he asked.

Eric and Alan had grown quite a bond over the couple of months they had known each other. It started when old man Spears paired them up as partners after saying Alan needed a guardian, Eric volunteered and ever since Alan moved in with Eric they have been hanging out, helping each other with paper work, play video games or watching movies with each other. They shared each other's pain and texted each other on a regular basis. Made each other laugh all the time. They were truly the best of friends.

It took a while for Alan to properly open up to Eric, but after seeing how good of a man he was, Alan noticed himself let go of his stubbornness and appreciate Eric a little more than just a friend.

At the moment, Eric arranged a picnic under a redbud tree. It was the middle of summer and the flowers were in full bloom, their colors bright and vibrant against the sunlight. It was just them and no one else having a picnic under this tree which sat just on the edge of a big rock which hung over the blue ocean.

"How much you like me?"

"Are you asking me out?"

Eric smiled and laughed "How'd ya guess?"

"Every time someone is about to make a move they always start out with 'how much do you like me'" He looked away and a blush formed. "And I notice you staring when we make meals like this together."

Eric chuckled, leaned back using his arms as support and smiled up at the flowers in the tree as Alan smiled and glanced down at the picnic blanket to try and hide his excitement.

Eric looked at Alan and saw how much he was smiling "Daw!" Eric exclaimed in a very feminine way, attempting to get Alan to laugh "You like me!"

It worked, Alan laughed and threw a twig at Eric "Cut it out!" right before Eric reached his hand over and tickled the younger man in the stomach, causing him to laugh and roll off the blanket in attempt to get away from Eric but it didn't work.

Eric got up and walked towards him. "Where'ya going?"

Alan laughed and screamed "No!" right as Eric got on top, pinned him down and started tickling him again causing him to laugh and scream even more. "Stop! Eric! Please! No more!" he tried to push the older male off of him, grabbed Eric's wrists and tried to push them away so he couldn't tickle him anymore but it was no use, Eric was much stronger than Alan and it definitely showed.

Eric continued smiling, he laughed a few times. "I'll stop when ya tell me ya love me."

"I love you!" Alan almost squeaked, squirming around even more "I love you I love you!"

Eric wanted to go further just to see how much he could really get out of him but he thought anymore and Alan would piss himself so he stopped tickling the small brunette and looked down at him. Alan laughed a few more seconds before staring up at Eric smiling pathetically to see Eric doing the same.

Eric leaned down and stole a kiss from his friend before leaning back up to look at him but didn't get far before Alan put his hands on Eric's neck and pulling him into another kiss but deeper and more passionate. Both men smiling against each other's lips with the three words being exchanged.

"I love you."

"Ah…unh…ah…Eric…" Alan let out short but loud moans that filled the bedroom and soft "Eric…"

Quiet grunts of response came from Eric as he moved at a normal pace, too afraid to move any more in fear that he would break the skinnier of the two. Eyes locked, Alan would often get embarrassed and look away and Eric would have to gently move Alan's chin so he was facing him again.

Eric understood how sex feels for the first time. It was awkward, strange, scary and downright embarrassing and with Alan still being a virgin, well he was a virgin, he knew how it was for Alan and how embarrassed he must be.

Wanting to make him laugh and decrease the embarrassment, Eric smiled and said "yabba dabba doo." Keeping the same pace.

"Why!?" Alan laughed and dug his nails into the older reaper's back "Why! Why would you- ah…say that during this!? Unh~" he threw his head back, let out a low moan and continued to laugh as Eric leaned down and showered his neck kisses and bites, occasional sucking here and there.

"Nng… Scooby-dooby-doo."

This time they both laughed.

"You're such an-" before Alan could finish his sentence, a wave of pleasure washed over him as Eric sped his thrusts and went in harder, Alan laughed some more all the while moaning Eric's name and he got lost in a sea of love and pleasure.

"Ah!" Alan let put a yell as his arse came in contact with the ground.

"Be faster and more aware." William ordered, pointing the fighting stick in Alan's face. "This display is absolutely ridiculous."

"Yes sir." Alan apologized and stood, gripping his fighting stick firmly with his hands.

William took his fighting stick back and used it to fix his glasses "Are you prepared?"

"May I ask a question?"

"What is that?"

"When am I going to learn how to properly fight?"

"You are learning Mr. Humphries."


"You do not simply learn techniques in one day just like how you do not learn to walk or even perhaps crawl when you first exit your mother's womb. It takes a while to take the first steps and accomplish them without tripping is an even bigger problem. Then you learn to run, shortly after you learn to jump and climb." He took his fighting stick and nailed Alan in the gut hard, causing the brunette to cry out in pain but William didn't seem to care and he did it again "but until you learn to crawl, you will not learn to climb."

He lunged the fighting stick towards Alan's head. Alan bent his back into an arch and missed the stick but tripped when William swept the stick under his ankles and he fell right on his back. "Get back up and fight like a man. You can do this Alan, I know you can."

Eric was certainly surprised to say the least and a bit jealous.

Alan got the chance to personally train with the boss man, this was a rare thing seeing as how all trainees were selected into groups and trained all at the same pace and time but William seemed to train Alan at his own pace and seemed to encourage him to do better. This was a side of William Eric has never seen or anyone for that matter. William didn't seem like the careless prick everyone knew, he seemed like he truly cared at least a little.

Or maybe it was the fact Alan was sick.

Either way, it was different from the William T. Spears Eric knew.

Alan stood and held the fighting stick out right when William's hand broke it in one swipe, the scene changing to the place where they get their scythes.

Alan eyed each individual scythe, noticing they were all gardening tools. There was a weed whacker, a shovel with a razor sharp edge, and all kinds of various tools. Each and every one of them were sharp to the touch, worrying Alan what would happen if he were to accidently mishandle the tools in any way and then lose a finger or worse in the process.

"Have you found one to which you may be accustomed to Mr. Humphries?"

"Eh?" he looked at William, forgetting he was standing there. "Oh. No, not yet. Apologies."

William didn't even think "I might have one in mind for you." He went to the back and came out no later than a moment with a very sharp blade on the end of a long stick. Eric recognized it not only by the fact it was Alan's scythe he had always used, but also as a;

"A japanese-style long handled garden slasher…" Alan breathed, taking the scythe from William and staring at it in awe.

"Oh?" William moved his fist to his chin in fascination by Alan's knowledge. "You are familiar with this tool?"

"I am!" Alan exclaimed "The long wooden handle makes for comfort." He began to spin it, getting comfortable with the tool right away. "It makes for light carriage and the blade is thin yet dense." He tossed it up in the air and caught it with ease thanks to William's lessons. "It replaces where the axe would be of no use while also having the ability-"

"Good gosh!" William exclaimed, fixing his glasses and stepping away from the younger reaper "Control yourself! You may be excited but there is no reason for you to go about swinging that instrument about with such carelessness!"

"Oh," Alan replied, holding the scythe to his side and standing up straight "I'm sorry sir."

William sighed. "Alan Humphries," he looked at Alan through his glasses, his cold eyes fixing themselves on the smaller reaper who only stared back up, preparing himself for the scolding he was surely to receive but was surprised when he felt a pat on his back. "I have great hope that you will become a great reaper."

Hearing William's words made the other smile with such confidence "Thank you Mr. Spears! I will certainly try my best and try not to let you down."

"As expected Mr. Humphries."

Eric couldn't help but smile from afar. This was the young man he had fallen in love with. The same young man who he had countless pillow fights with while changing the bed sheets in the mornings. The young man he always held and shared kisses with. The innocent ones, the dirty ones.


A voice?

Eric looked over at William and Alan who were talking about some matter about future work. It couldn't have been either of them, besides, the voice was too small to belong to William and too distant to be Alan.

"Come on, we gotta go."


"No! I can't-! I won't!"

Eric looked around frantically. Who was screaming and what did Ronald have to do with it?

Eric continued looking around, checking his surroundings only to find himself standing in the same place with Alan and William with no one else around. He looked left and right, up and down when he realized his legs had disappeared and his vision went black.


With Eric's eyes only half open he could barely make out the man in white that stood over him on his left and familiar blonde in a suit looking down at him from the other side sporting a pair of thick black lenses. The man in white seemed to be calling out Eric's name, trying to get him to come to while the man with the glasses seemed to be frowning until Eric's vision became clear, then he smiled.

"Eric-sempai!" the man spoke. "How ya been? Gave us a god damn scare!"

Eric looked at Ronald then at the man in white which turned out to be a doctor. Confused and still in a daze, Eric pulled himself together and checked his surroundings.

The first thing Eric realized was that he wasn't wearing any pants, he was wearing a dress!? No, that wasn't right. It was a hospital gown patients were told to wear. Did this mean something had happened to him?

A full white room, a television in front of him on his left, right by his side was an IV machine which read his pulse, his wrist with had the IV needle and wire in his wrist, a window with terrible lime green curtains to his right. In front of those curtains sat yet another man in a suit, sat one of the three black chairs with his legs crossed and a book in his hand. He didn't seem to care much for the current situation or perhaps he was simply used to his employees being in the hospital.

"Hush up, Knox." He spoke with a stern yet cold voice "He is just waking up and it's not good for you to be yelling like you are."

Ronald leaned against the wall beside William, crossed his arms and pouted "I'm excited." He said.

"Contain it." William ordered a bit softer, closing his book and keeping it rested on his lap with one hand while his other hand went to hold the junior reaper's hand as if whispering an apology.

Before Eric could get a chance to greet them, the doctor pushed two buttons on the machine and asked Eric how he felt. Eric sat up, not caring he shouldn't if there was something serious was wrong with him. He had one question and he needed the answer. He knows whose voice that was, that voice couldn't have been mistaken.

"Where's Alan?" he asked with a serious tone in his voice. "He was here, I know he was."

However Eric knew Alan was in the room not so long ago didn't seem to bother the two reapers.

Ronald scratched the back on his neck with his free hand and let out a long yawn before saying "Yep. Alan-senpai over heard us in this room talking about'cha. He was on his way to the bathroom, I guess, when he heard out voices. Well, he stopped and looked in the room and saw you in bed and he became scared shitless to say the least. Askin' 'what happened' and 'is he going to be ok' over and over again until his heart couldn't take it and he was forced to go back to his own room. It took two nurses to drag him out, he was really determined to stay until he found out the story behind why ya here."

All the while Ronald was explaining what had happened, the doctor had left the room, leaving the three reapers alone. William had stood and held his book at his side waiting for Ronald to finish talking so they could leave, knowing Eric wanted to see Alan as soon as possible and wanting to give them time to themselves.

He put an arm around Ronald's waist like the gentleman he was, glancing at the clock beside the television. "Pardon us, but it seems we will have to take our leave now. I should hope to see you at work soon." Which was boss talk for; "If you aren't back in work within 3-7 days, you're fired." And they left.

With William and Ronald gone and knowing the doctor was not going to come back anytime soon, Eric got up out of bed, hating the gown in which he was forced to seek embarrassment in, and walked out of the room. Alan's room was in the ER, Eric was going to have to go all the way to the other side of the hospital to see him which wasn't that big of a deal, he was just going to have to answer a lot of questions about why he was wondering around the hospital when he was supposed to be resting.

He was only a few feet away from Alan's room when he heard the young man's quiet weeping. Hearing this, Eric increased his pace and nearly ran into the reaper's room, stopping in the middle of the door way to look at the frail man.

The brunette's legs were pulled up to his chest and his arms resting atop his knees, hospital gown short enough to only cover his hips while his face was hidden in his arms as he cried silently and almost without a sound at all to show he was truly crying his eyes out other than the obvious shaking shoulders, trembling body and little sniffles he couldn't hide. This was how Alan cried when he was alone. He didn't want to be heard, nor did he want his puffy bloodshot eyes and flushed cheeks to be seen.

Eric couldn't help but let out a silent sigh of relief.

Walking towards the bed, his bare feet didn't make any noise so it started the brunette when he felt the familiar arms of his guardian wrap around him and pull him into a gentle yet tight hold. Eric held Alan in his arms, the brunette was remaining in his tight ball, refusing to look at the older blonde even for a split second as his back was rubbed in soothing circles.

"Alan," Eric replied barely above a whisper. "Look at me."

Alan waited for himself to calm down at least a little bit before he raised his head up and looked at Eric who looked back at him with several expression all in one look. Alan could read each and every one of them.

"Eric…" He wasn't sure where to start. It seemed like forever before Alan wrapped his arms around Eric's neck, hiding his face in Eric's neck as Eric held him close. "I was so worried, what happened to you?"

"Don' worry 'bout it love." The blonde replied. "'m here now so ye don' have'ta worry 'bout anything. Jus' worry 'bout getting yeself some shut eye." He noted the bags under the brunette's eyes. "It seems like ye need it."

"Yes, but…with you, Eric. Please." The brunette asked.

So Eric smiled and lay with the smaller reaper in his arms, smiling softly when the brunette fell asleep, smiling in all peace.

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