Chapter 1-Nightshift

Co-written by me and Natali

Sabrina fiddled with the pen in her hand, clicking it repeatedly over and over again. Patrick reached over and gently extricated it from her grip just as the head of the hospital's board entered the room. He knew she was really nervous about what the review board had to say. Heck even he was nervous. There could be some serious consequences for what they had done, going behind Britt's back for the DNA test.

"Doctor Drake, Nurse Santiago, Ellie Trout you are all here today because of Doctor Westborne's report and the boards review of hospital policy. We could very well have you fired."

"This is all my fault neither Sabrina nor Ellie should be fired over this." Patrick said to the man.

"Patrick that's not true, it was all my idea right from the start." She said defending him."

"And it was my choice to help them both." Ellie spoke up. "They never forced me to run the tests."

"We'll the board has decided to keep you on staff since you have no prior incidents on your records. But as a punishment for breaking hospital policy you will be relegated to the Nightshift until further notice."

"The nightshift?" Patrick asked.

"Yes the nightshift." The man said as he rose from the table.

"Looks like we will be spending a lot more time together." Epiphany said from her spot across the table. "I was assigned to keep an eye on the three of you."

Silas had just started working at General Hospital and because they were short on staff for the nightshift that was the time they assigned him. He didn't mind working late into the night because he was used to it.

As he approached the Nurses Desk a woman rushed past him almost knocking the files from his hands. "Hey watch where your going."

"I'm sorry. Your Dr. Silas Clay aren't you?"


"I'm a friend of Sam McCall, your treating her son Danny." Elizabeth told him.

Erin Wheeler raced down the halls of general hospital she was already running late for rounds. "Doctor Wheeler this isn't a racetrack. No running in the halls unless your getting a patient to the OR." Epiphany yelled.

"Sorry Epiphany." She said slowing her pace. She stopped right behind her group who was being led by their attending Doctor Declan Murphy.

"Your late, Wheeler." He said reprimanding her.

"I know I'm sorry I ..."

"I don't wanna hear it." They entered the patients room , "Since you were late why don't you do the honors."

"The patients name is Angela and she came in with non specific abdominal pain." Erin said reading off the patients chart.

"Hi Angela, I'm Doctor Murphy. I hear you've been having some abdominal cramping, how long?"

"A few hours but it just started to get worse." She said wincing in pain.

"Ok doctor you can examine her now." He told Erin as she began to palpitate
the stomach just like she had been taught.

"Does it hurt when she presses or lets go?"

"Let's go."

"That's rebound tenderness we are going to get you a CT and see if something's up with your appendix."

"Doctor Wheeler and Doctor Davis will take you down." He said as the rest of the interns filed out of the room.

"Hey why were you late today?" Danielle asked her best friend as she reached down and unlocked the bed so they could take the patient down for tests."

"My mom she's sick again."

"Really I thought she was doing much better?"

Erin didn't really like talking about it to anyone even Danielle who was her best friend. Which was why she didn't bring people home she hoped to be able to get her own place soon and move out. But with the salary of an intern which was basically nothing, there was no way that was happening anytime soon.

"Doctor Murphy's looking good today huh."


"What I know you totally have a crush on him."

"The entire hospital doesn't need to know, though."

"Oh Sabrina there you are I need to talk to you." Felix said rushing over to where she was seated in the hospital cafeteria with Patrick.

"What's up?"

"Epiphany just put me on the Nightshift."

"What? You too?"

"What are you in for?" He asked grabbing a French fry off her plate.

"Sabrina, Ellie and I all got put on as a punishment for going behind Britt's back with the DNA test." Patrick answered.

"She snitched? I should have known."

"What did you do?" Sabrina asked him.

"I might have flirted with a patient."

"No, Felix you didn't."

"What I couldn't help it he was cute."

"But who's gonna watch Britt?" Sabrina asked.

"Taylor agreed to stay with her and get her anything she needed. Why not since they seem to be buddies now." Felix rose from the table. "Well duty calls, I'll see you guys later."

Patrick reached across the table and took her hand in his, "Well at least we will be spending a lot of time together." He said trying to make the best of the situation.