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First off, this is not yaoi (though it may as well be cuz of some idjit characters, HAHAHAH). Second off, there will be some… unusual smut (yaoi-ish, cuz of said idjit characters) down the line.

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A Fleeting Silence


That was the entire world, at the moment. Everything hurt, so, so badly.

But it wasn't so bad, no. Not compared to the silence.


Every part of his body hurt.


More so than anything he'd felt before, which was surprising to Ryuunosuke, who'd lived the life of a beaten stray for nearly eighteen years.

There was a small crunch as his attackers kicked his sword out of reach, and a small smirk spread across his face. As if he was in any condition to get up and start fighting again?

His lids grew heavy, his gaze dark. Ryuunosuke sighed. None of this would've happened if he'd just kept his damn mouth shut.

Ryuunosuke was just returning to the inn, to turn in for the night, when he heard a high-pitched scream from behind.

He whirled around and watched in sudden alarm as a trio of grimy, rough-looking men—rogue samurai, judging from the swords hanging on their sides—emerged from the shop across the dirt street and threw an aging man to the ground. A woman—his daughter, maybe?—got down on her knees beside the fallen man and pleaded with the rogue samurai. "P-Please… d-don't hurt my father! W-We'll get the money somehow, just… just don't—"

She whimpered as one of the men roughly grabbed her and forced her to stand.

"Your old man already had his chance, girl. The deadline's passed already. If you're still interested, though …" Ryuunosuke clenched his fists as the man's eyes lustfully gazed up and down the woman's trembling body. "…we can find other ways for you to pay."

Understanding and fear dawned in her eyes, and she struggled against the man, who was laughing and gesturing obscenely with his comrades.

Ryuunosuke closed his eyes and clenched his hands tightly by his side. This was too similar to that event back in Kyoto, when he'd been on an errand for Serizawa and had tried to stop three rogue samurai from hurting a store manager and his son.

Heisuke and Sanosuke had come to help that time. Here, he'd have no one.

Ryuunosuke had improved somewhat with a sword since then, but not enough that he'd be able to take on three men at once. Especially if they had better skills than he did.

Should he do it, still?

"P-Please… someone, anyone, h-help…!"

He grit his teeth and, with a small sigh, opened his eyes.

He hated samurai.

And now, he was probably going to die at the hands of one.

He winced as one of the rogues grabbed him by the head. "Any last words, dog?" Without waiting for an answer, the man threw him back to the ground and laughed. "C'mon. Let's go. Take the girl with us."


"D-Damn it…" he muttered. Why… Why can't I help anyone?

He started when his thoughts were voiced aloud. "Why can't you help anyone?"

"B-Bastard! What the hell do you think you're—"

"If you damn samurai don't wanna die, you better run off and leave those people alone."

"Hah! What do you think you can do against the three of us? C'mon, we can take this bastard!"

"You just dug your own grave, bakas."

With what little strength he could still muster, Ryuunosuke painstakingly sat up to the sounds of battle and… and laughter.

Off in the distance, he could make out the receding forms of bystanders. The man and his daughter, too, had disappeared, and with good reason.

Dancing in the midst of the clumsy trio of rogue samurai was a true swordsman. Around them, pale petals fell in a quiet daze, with an enchanting tranquility that defied the enormity of the situation, lending a greater air of elegance to the grace and poise of the swordsman whose blade was gleaming with otherworldly silver in the moonlight.

It was a fleeting silence, though. Easily broken.

Ryuunosuke balked as his savior, standing unharmed and unconcerned with the trio of corpses surrounding him, scowled and turned his head upwards. "Oi, oba-san! Throw those damn petals somewhere else, they're getting in the way!"

"Disrespectful as usual, Mochizuki-kun!" His savior growled as a sopping white mess fell from above—thrown by the "oba-san," the inn keeper's wife—and nearly clobbered him in the head.

"Damn it, I paid good money to sleep here for the night!" Mochizuki snapped, picking up what looked to be undergarments and kimono shirts. "You should take better care of my things!"

"You're disturbing the sleep of my customers, so you can take your money and your trouble elsewhere for the night!"

"Screw that! You aint seeing my face anymore after this, oba-san!"

Ryuunosuke's head sunk to the ground again. "Damn it…" All he'd wanted to do was sleep on an actual bed for the first time in nearly a week, not listen to some strangers argue over his soon-to-be-dead body.

With a faint sigh, he closed his eyes. He was so damn tired…

A hiss slipped past his cracked lips when he was roughly hauled up again into an upright position. "Oi, baka! I took the time to come save you, and you have the guts to die on me?"

With great effort, Ryuunosuke cracked his eyes open and looked up at Mochizuki, who was looking down at him with a curious look on his face. "You… I just saved you."

Ryuunosuke shivered when a grim smile spread across his face, and a sense of foreboding filled him. "You owe me a blood debt now, right?"

He scowled as the swordsman threw his long brown ponytail over one shoulder and laughed. "Hahah, this is just my luck! You…" Mochizuki turned his attention back to Ryuunosuke.

"You're going to become my dog."


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