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Grasping the Situation

"Hello Rin-chan. Why don't you take a seat?"

Ren entered the room but remained standing and scowling at the teacher. "It's not Rin-chan, it's Ren-kun."

The woman smiled. "You were Ren back home, but here you'll be Rin. Why haven't you spoken to the others here?"

"They're all stupid girls," Ren muttered, kicking away a small doll at the foot of the mat. "I wanna play with boys. Where are they?"

Ren scowled when the woman laughed. "The boys will come, sooner than you'd like. Until then you'll have to make friends with the other girls."

"They're so… girly though."

"From what I heard, your brother is as well, isn't he?"

Her scowl deepened. "That's different." Yasu may be a boy, but that was only outside. Inside was something else entirely.

"Yes, and you are different from Yasu." The woman wagged a finger at her and started with her speech, and Ren rolled her eyes. She and Yasu weren't as different as everyone made it seem, but it was fine. They were the only ones that needed to know.

"—need to pay attention."

"I am," Ren snapped, scuffing the ground with her foot.

"Then what did I just say?"

"You said I need to pay attention. I did."

"Yes, I can see," the woman replied. "Then why don't you follow through with the directions then?"

"There's no point. I don't need to—"

"There is. This will help you become a proper woman, and as it stands, you've a long way to go."

"I don't need to be 'a proper woman'! All I need to do is be with Yasu and protect him!"

"You don't seem to understand, Rin. The point of you coming here is to become a young woman of respectable note and behavior. If there is no progress, we will need to be repaid for the time lost on you. I'm sure your uncle wouldn't appreciate that…"

Ren softened a bit. Even though he was a pansy too, she didn't want to make things more difficult for Uncle Yori than she had already. He'd taken them in, after all.

"…Yasu is a boy, and I'm sure he's capable of taking care of himself. If he wants to find a girl and get married someday, he'll have to—"

Ren turned and bolted out the door. "You don't know anything about Yasu! Don't pretend like you do!" she shouted back.

"Rin-chan—" She ignored the woman, her wooden sandals slapping loudly against the wooden floor as she pelted through the halls, ignoring the gawking girls blurring past her. None of them mattered.

No one knew Yasu better than Ren, understood him inside and out, and it was the same—he knew her best. Why did no one get that?

Yasu may be older, but Ren was stronger. She was the one that protected them best—until Masaru came. She hadn't been able to protect Yasu then. That's why she shouldn't be here. It was only going to make her softer, and Ren needed to be tougher. For them. For him. For her.

They didn't need anyone else. Not really. Yasu didn't want to have a woman anyway, and she—she would kill any man that touched her.


"Sorry to have to greet you in these conditions, but with the recent troubles, the Shinsengumi have had more reason to be cautious of those that approach us."

The stray fidgeted as the men in the room shifted restlessly, his master lounging nonchalantly beside him as if the figureheads of the capital's leading force weren't eyeing him with a hand on their swords. Well, Kondou wasn't, though Hijikata's hand looked like it disliked the unnatural separation of hand and hilt. But then again, the Shinsengumi's second-in-command had always looked ill-at-ease.

Ryuunosuke quickly lowered his eyes when Hijikata's disconcerting gaze landed on him. He turned around and glared though, when an abrasive laugh sounded out from behind.

"Seems like that part of you hasn't changed either, Ibuki-kun," said Okita. Ryuunosuke shivered at the disconnect between Okita's laughing face and his cool green eyes. He looked like he'd be more than happy to cut them both down right here and now.

He cried out when someone cuffed him in the ear.

"You're in enough trouble as it is, so I don't get why you feel the need to invite more."

"S-Sorry, Master…"

He stared at the floor in discontent as his master tossed his brown ponytail over one shoulder. "Speaking of masters… you should introduce me to your previous owners, stray."

"I-It was Serizawa-san who was my actual master," Ryuunosuke mumbled, playing with his wrist. "Kondou-san and Hijikata-san were just—"

He stopped when Mochizuki flicked him in the side of the head. "I'm well-aware of the fact that it's Kondou Isami and Hijikata Toshizo seated before me. The introduction I was thinking of bordered more on the lines of you giving them my name, but since you're so hard of hearing and thinking…" He turned back and smirked at Kondou and Hijikata. "I wouldn't mind if you called me Master as well, but I take it neither you nor your lackeys would like that." Mochizuki snorted derisively at the men that stiffened behind him, and Ryuunosuke bit his lip. Now who's the one inviting trouble?

"There've been a few people known to call me Ren on occasion, but I prefer the name Mochizuki Yasu."

"Is that not your name then?"

"I'm part of a set—boy and girl—and the two of us are easily confused" was the reply, and Kondou nodded. "What business do you have with the Shinsengumi, Mochizuki-kun? How did you and Ibuki-kun meet each other?"

"This is going to be interesting" he heard Okita mutter from behind him, and Ryuunosuke flushed and looked down. It looked like his opinion of him hadn't changed much, at least.

He looked up as his master did a lazy stretch. "Does it matter? A stray's a stray no matter how you come by it."

"Right, but—ah, thank you, Chizuru." Ryuunosuke looked up and thanked the young brown-haired boy for the cup of tea as well. Mochizuki simply ignored him.

"I'm looking for someone."

"There are many individuals that pass through Kyoto, and—"

"Kazama Chikage."

The effect of that name was instantaneous, though Ryuunosuke didn't know why. The boy Chizuru almost dropped the tray of cups he was still passing to the others, who all took an intimidating step forward, towards Mochizuki. Who laughed and smirked. "I take it he's a great friend."

"What's your connection to that guy?"

In spite of the serious looks he was getting, Mochizuki languidly stood and ran a hand through his ponytail. "It would be greatly appreciated if the Shinsengumi would help me get back my twin, who seems to have been spirited away. Should be easy enough to spot those three foreigners in a sea of black and brown. Unless you're visually impaired like the stray," he added, smirking at Ryuunosuke's angry flush.

"Why did they take her?"

His master looked down into his cup with a grin playing across his lips. "Well, use your head to think of the situation, baka. What else are you gonna do with a woman but marry her?"

Okita laughed. "Well, you could make a hit-and-run, get in their skirts and then—"

Hijikata's voice cut in before Okita could finish, his disconcerting eyes narrowing at Mochizuki as it did. "What do you expect us to do about it?"

Mochizuki rolled his eyes and snorted. "Seeing as these three seem to be good friends of yours, I thought you would help me talk to them."

"If they've already married her, then we can't well—"

"The marriage hasn't been consummated yet, not in the way you're thinking," Mochizuki smirked. "Ren may have been taken, but not the way a man would a woman. More like… a dog would a bitch." At this last part Mochizuki's eyes flitted to his, and Ryuunosuke's stomach churned uncomfortably when his master's tongue flicked out to his lips. He glanced away, and as he did there was a snort from behind him, followed by several uncomfortable coughs.

Ryuunosuke resisted the urge to bury his face in his hands. Why was Mochizuki so purposefully awkward?

"Well, now that we've flushed out most of the intimate details…" Ryuunosuke cried out when he suddenly found himself in a headlock. "I'll be calling it a night. The stray has a talking-to that's been coming for a while now."

Panic set in, and he strained against the hands holding him. Was Mochizuki really going to, to do that, to him, with all these people here?

Surely he wouldn't—

Ryuunosuke jumped when a hand went and played with the front of his shirt. With all those people there, watching!

Thankfully the only ones that saw were Kondou, Hijikata, and Okita, who had moved to stand beside them when Mochizuki had declared their departure; the ones behind him only saw him stiffen. Still, that was bad enough. Heat rose to his engulf his entire body at Okita's raised brow, and he felt like he would melt into the ground in a messy pool of embarrassment and shame. All Hijikata said was "I see." Thankfully Kondou didn't read into the movement, and he was grateful for that.

He wasn't so grateful for his words though.

"Mochizuki-kun, about Ibuki-kun…"

The brown-haired swordsman tilted his head at the commander of the Shinsengumi, his blue-black eyes hooded yet narrowed. "The stray stays with me until he fulfills the debt. You can do what you want with him after, but until then anyone that lays a hand on him is going to get very intimate with my sword."

Okita laughed. "Do you even have one to back up that threat?"

Instead of brandishing his steel and proving the point, Mochizuki threw back his head and laughed. "If you want to know that dearly, you can drop by any time you want, Okita-san."

"If you'd like, Mochizuki-kun."

Mochizuki gave Okita one last smirk before he dragged Ryuunosuke to the door. His master's footsteps slowed when Kondou called out to them. "Where will you and Ibuki-kun be staying, Mochizuki-kun?"

Mochizuki exhaled. "Where indeed."

"If you've nowhere to go, the two of you could stay with the Shinsengumi until your business is finished."

Ryuunosuke's already clammy hands clenched tightly against the arms around his neck as his heart took a plunge.

"Since the Shinsengumi got us an early eviction, an invitation's the least you can do."

"Aaah, Mochizuki-kun! That tone… if you keep it up, I won't be able to keep myself from coming to your room tonight."

Mochizuki turned and smirked at the young man with the dangerously bright emerald green eyes. "You wouldn't be able to keep yourself away regardless, I'm sure."

Bile welled up at the back of his throat, and Ryuunosuke resisted the sudden urge to hurl. Mochizuki and Okita were so very strange together, they made quite the pair.

"Sorry Okita-san, but me and the stray are gonna be too busy for you to come visit tonight. If you wanna hear him scream though, feel free to listen.

"So where's the room, Kondou-san? I'm itching to get into bed."

Ryuunosuke's head and mood sunk even lower when Okita gave him a bright smile. "Say, Kondou-san, Serizawa-san's old rooms are still empty. Since Ibuki-kun knows the way, they could stay in there."

"Good idea, Souji."

Damn it, Okita you sadist! he wailed, gnashing his teeth as his master pulled him to his chest and started walking again.

"Seems Mochizuki and Souji are going to get along great together" someone said as Mochizuki threw open the door.

Of course two perverts would get along greatly, thought Ryuunosuke.

"If anyone it'd be Chizuru-chan or Ibuki-kun."

"Eh? What're you talking about, Souji?"

"It's a secret" was the reply, and he started when he felt Mochizuki trembling.


A laugh broke out above him, and the stupid little knot of worry in his stomach dissipated. "The Shinsengumi sure are interesting, stray."

"Y-Yeah," he muttered. Not only did they kill people, they made monsters and housed perverts. Yes, very interesting.

Mochizuki would get along great with them.

"Lead the way then, stray," said Mochizuki as he dumped Ryuunosuke on the ground. "I'm sure even you've noticed that getting away from me isn't going to be as easy this time around since I'll have the Shinsengumi to help look for you too."

Ryuunosuke turned and gave Mochizuki a hesitant look. "Don't… don't you want to know?"

The question earned him a raised brow. "I've no interest in learning why a stray yet to earn a name ran away from its previous owners with its tail between its legs. What I am interested in," Mochizuki replied, a hand reaching forward to grasp the side of Ryuunosuke's face, "is where the bed is."

Ryuunosuke's face started burning, and he jerked away.

"I-It's this way," he muttered, whirling around and all but running away. And behind him, again, laughter rang out, and it made his skin crawl.



Ryuunosuke couldn't sit still once they entered the room. His pent-up dread was making him antsy, and he wanted to run away as far and fast as he could. He knew better than to do that again though.

He jumped when Mochizuki gripped his chin and tilted his head up so they were eye-to-eye with one another, bright amber eyes clashing with dark, intense blue.

When Master raised a brow, his blood started seething. Reluctantly, shamefacedly, he opened the front of his kimono, the shirt falling away under his trembling fingers. He stood up and quickly shook off his pants before he flopped back onto the floor and hunched in on himself, making him smaller. Not that it mattered.

The candles in the room blew out, and his body jerked when a familiar pair of hands roughly pushed his legs apart.

"Your training's far enough along that you should know what to do or not to do, stray."

Gritting his teeth, Ryuunosuke sat back and spread his legs further until Mochizuki's smooth voice told him to stop.

A sharp intake of breath shot past his lips when Mochizuki grabbed that limp part of him and started playing with it, and a flush seeped up his neck as he slowly started getting harder.

Damn it!

"I don't get why this is always so difficult for ya," he murmured, chuckling when Ryuunosuke clicked his teeth. "You like me enough later."

The flush started burning more fiercely when those hands stopped and splayed across his bare waist, flitting along the skin of his inner thighs before pinning his hips down.

"Try not to make it too hard for your friends to sleep, stray. I need them in good shape to go searching."

And as warm lips closed around him down there, Ryuunosuke screwed his eyes shut and closed his mind with the thought, Just think of Shizu.


He brought to mind the image of her large, defiant eyes, framed with silken locks of brown, eyes that shone at him like the stars when the rest of her pale face lit up in soft amusement. Shizu as she quietly laughed, as she angrily cried at him, as she danced gracefully in her best kimono.

It all started to melt away as a rough, wet tongue passed along his length, the mouth around his manhood moving further past his tip and taking him in. He bit his lip to stop from moaning, and even when the salty tang of blood filled his mouth, he bitterly choked it down and kept quiet.

He couldn't help crying out though, when Mochizuki bit him.


"I don't know how it is for you, but it's a general rule that when screwing is being done, those being screwed shouldn't say other people's names."

Instead of answering, he ran a hand through his hair, which was starting to plaster itself to his forehead.

"You're going to have to be a bit more vocal stray, or else I won't know if it's any good."

Mochizuki laughed when he stayed silent, and he sighed when the warmth in between his legs slipped away.

He hissed when a sudden weight dropped on his stomach. "All the more fun for me then," that soft voice murmured, and he shivered when soft and warm lips trailed their way down his neck and made a fluttering beeline to his chest.

A wet tongue suddenly swirled around one of his nipples, and he bit his lip as a rough hand pinched the other, his body jerking as tendrils of heat unfurled in the pit of his stomach and sent hot jolts to his groin. A small sound of pleasure finally slipped past his lips when Mochizuki bit his peaked nipples, and the burning in his face grew nearly unbearable as laughter filled the room.

A hand went to the nape of his neck and tilted his head up. "You're so fun to play with, stray." And a puff of breath across his face was the only warning before warm lips descended on him.

Ryuunosuke tried—really, he did—but at Mochizuki's rough, incessant biting and pulling, his smarting lips finally, reluctantly parted, a groan slipping out on accident as a tongue slid in. Hands knotted in his hair and held him closely as they kissed, the legs around him locked so tightly that he was becoming too painfully aware of his blazing upright member as Mochizuki's crotch furiously rubbed up against him, the friction sending his arousal higher, higher—

He gasped when a hand wrapped around his erection and gave it a little pump. The tongue in his mouth slid further in, and he choked a bit before he knocked it back with his own, the two sliding up against each other wetly, noisily, his control breaking down as Mochizuki's hands and lips tore away at his body.

Lots of strange, breathy sounds came out of him as the hand helped release some of the tension in his groin, but Ryuunosuke had stopped caring. All he wanted was for the hot, unbearable feeling of pleasure in him to go away already and leave him to his shame.

He moaned as his body spasmed, his hips thrusting into the hand cupping him, his body straining when it couldn't reach, couldn't get a hold on release—

His arms finally gave out beneath him, and he found Mochizuki straddling him as he lay horizontal on the ground panting and heaving, beads of sweat trailing on his skin. A shuddering sigh of relief swept out of him, when the weight on him lifted.

"Seems you're tired, stray. Maybe I should leave it at this for the night. Though… I should probably tie you up so you don't get to anything while I'm—"


There was a pause, and Ryuunosuke flinched as fingers fluttered alongside his jaw. "What was that, stray?"

He moaned. He wouldn't be able to get rid of the throbbing in between his legs on his own if that happened.

"What is it you want then?"

Shame filled him, bitter and rancorous. But… it wasn't enough to get rid of his erection.

There was a snort above him. "I've noticed you have a habit, stray. You speak when you're not supposed to, but you stay silent when you are."

He whimpered when something hot and tight engulfed his traitorous erection, and a laugh sounded above him. "Feels much better, doesn't it stray. And all you had to do was ask. Now what are you supposed to say?"

"P-Please, Master…" He bit his lip and groaned. "Please help me… I, I have… an itch I, I can't—can't scratch. I… would like… for Master to, to sooth… to sooth it."

A sigh sounded. "Guess it can't be helped then."

Ryuunosuke couldn't answer—not that he would've—because his master had started thrusting. Each movement drove the breath from his body, and he stifled another groan as the supple flesh rolling against him quickened and the heat in his stomach coiled and tightened painfully.

"Knowing you and your weak body, it won't be long," Mochizuki laughed, and it wasn't. With each jerk and twist of the hips Ryuunosuke's erection grew somehow more sore and taut, until he was crying out from the jolts of heat searing his body, arching it so that he could fall deeper into the hole pulling him in, quick and fast and hard, squeezing every drop of vitality from him until he was lying completely drained on the cold rush mat beneath him.

He shuddered as the warmth pulled away and the cold licked across his damp skin. A rag hit him in the chest, and he reluctantly used it to wipe at the slick mess he'd made. Laughter filled the room, suddenly, and his hand clenched as humiliation flooded through him.

"Being ruled by your body so much… you really are an animal."





















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