This is dedicated to my lovely friend and prereader, Twilly. She's amazeballs, and I luff her.

I wrote this for her birthday, which is Saturday, the 13th. It's four short chapters. I'll post the last on Saturday.

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Chapter 1

Shit, I'm almost out of lotion. I squirt the last little bit into my palm and bring my fist down over my erection, pushing my hips up and moaning at the intense pleasure.

Her blinds are open again, and I can't look away. Not even for a second.

Her long, dark hair hangs down her back, still wet from her shower. The small purple towel wrapped around her torso barely covers her ass.

The curve of it peeks out when she bends over to retrieve clean underwear from a basket of laundry on the floor. I bite the index knuckle on my free hand while my other one works my cock, pulling, squeezing.

God, she's so fucking hot.

I don't think she even realizes it.

When she drops the towel, a groan escapes me. I take in all the naked, creamy flesh exposed to me as she moves to stand in front of her full-length mirror.

I've fantasized about her for so many years, touched myself to mental images of her countless times. But this. This is so much better. So much more than I could ever have imagined.

She's lived next door for almost a decade, always with blackout curtains on the window.

But now...

My hand slows down as she cocks her head from side to side, inspecting herself in the mirror. Her hands suddenly come up and cup her breasts, and I almost blow my load right then.

Continuing my long, slow strokes, trying to make it last, I watch her lift her breasts and let them fall again several times, scrunching her face as they move back into their natural place.

She's not happy with them, but I think they're perfect. I'd do anything to be able to bury my face in them right now. Or my dick.

She moves to her bedside table, perching her little ass on the large bed. She's facing the window now, but my lights are off. If she knows I'm watching her, doing what I'm doing, she doesn't let on.

Retrieving her lotion, she begins working it into her arms and shoulders. Her head falls back as she brings her hand to her neck and chest, massaging the lotion into her gorgeous skin. I want to kiss and suck at that neck. I want to feel her shiver in my arms as my lips touch just under her ear.

She stands to finish rubbing the lotion into her breasts and abdomen, almost swiping her sex in the process.


My hand tightens around my cock and begins to pump a little faster. I won't last at this rate. She's fucking killing me. And I know we're not even to the best part yet.

Continuing her routine, she turns and brings one leg up, placing her foot flat on the bed. She bends over to work lotion into her foot and calf, her little pink pussy peeking out from between her legs.

That pert little ass and that small glimpse of pink just about do me in, but I'm holding on by a thread. Slow, even strokes keep me hovering right on the edge.

If she pulls out her vibrator tonight, I want to wait and come with her.

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