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Nodoka glanced up, smiling pleasantly even though Kagome was giving her a rather impressive frown, "You were accepted into high school, but only on the condition that your grades and attendance improve." She stated.

"But a tutor?" Kagome asked, not liking the idea at all, "Knowing my luck, it will be Houjo." She grumbled, but Nodoka shook her head with an amused smile.

"He is one of the top students in Japan," Nodoka looked excited and it only made Kagome worry all that much more, "And I heard that he is gentleman," She winked at her daughter, "And single."

'Why does that disturb me more than the demons I faced in the past?' Kagome thought, forcing herself to smile and nod, though it was obvious she wasn't as fond as the plan as her mother.

Nodoka's face softened, "I know you miss them, but you still need to adjust to the present and attempt to do your best."

"I know, Kaa-san," Kagome sighed, "It's just... hard for me, I guess." She laid her head on the table, her depression coming out loud and clear.

Both women jumped when they heard a knock at the door and Kagome looked at her mother in a panic, "You mean he was coming today?"

"Sorry dear, I just didn't want you to skip if I told you earlier," Nodoka threw her an apologetic glance, getting up to move to the door, "I'm quite sure you will enjoy Minamino-kun's company." And with that, she disappeared behind the corner.

'I don't think so,' Kagome thought stubbornly, rubbing her temple to try to ward off the oncoming headache, though it didn't work and only seemed to make it worse, 'I can't believe that Kaa-san–!?' She immediately sat up, her eyes widening when her senses shocked her.

Why was she sensing youki?