Horror Story

Prompt by an anonymous tumblr user. Thanks for the prompt! Hope you guys enjoy.

There was something about horror movies that made Lucy a bit on edge. Sure she loved the old time B-Movie's like The Blob and the Wolf Man, but something about these newer movies gave her the creeps; and she wasn't one to be spooked all too often.

But Gru wanted to watch it and there was no way for her to say no. After all the times he'd taken her out to eat and see the movies she wanted to see- he still didn't get over that James Bond marathon-so it was the least she could do to sit through an hour and a half of something that would probably give her nightmare.

Not like she had nightmares, mind you. Just a metaphor for what was to come. Yeah, that was it. A metaphor.

The microwave gave a loud ding making her jump about four feet in the air. She was never so glad to know Gru wasn't on time to see her all jumpy. He was currently dropping the girls off at his mothers, and knowing how that would go he would be a little bit late.

It would also mean, she thought with a sly smile, that he might spend the night, knowing that he only had to go anywhere near his mother's house if it meant he wouldn't be home till the next morning.

That would also mean he'd have to put up with her heeby-jeebies for the night; which he deserves if he got anything close to gory.

Just as she opened the popcorn bag there was a knock on her door. Leaning out of the kitchen she gave a slight yell for him to come in. "Door's open, Gru!"

When she came in he was already placing some drinks and DVD's on the coffee table. She hoped one of those movies didn't have either zombies or dolls.

Both of which were long stories involving going behind her parents backs and staying up late watching PG-13 horror movies when being only eight.

"You might be a bit surprised by this, but I'm a person that doesn't like being spooked too often."

"Really?" Gru grinned, waving a DVD at her. "Vell, it's good I got us something not too scary. But just scary enough that you might cling on to me."

Suddenly it clicked as to why Gru was all to interested into watch a horror movie for tonight, and with a large smile creeping onto her face, Lucy crossed her arms, giving him a hard look; all in good humor of course.

"Ah-ha! So that was you're master plan after all!" She accused.

"You make it sound like this is one of my old schemes?"

"Well, you used to be a villain, so why not?" She plopped down on the couch, folding her legs under her. She patted the cushion next to her, which Gru happy obliged to joining her. "So, popcorn, soda, and...wait what are we watching?"

"Night of the Living Dead." He read, throwing the case onto the table and turned off the table lamp.

"What? Wait, no! Not Zombie's!" She cried, lifting herself up. "There are two things in this world that I cannot stand and that's creeps and zombie's!"

"Well lucky for you that you're not watching it alone a creep, yes?" He hit play like that ended all debate on the matter. And as a little side remark, he added, "Plus you said we could watch anything I picked out. Now a good guy such as yourself wouldn't go back on her word, would you?"

Oh the little sneak!

She stuck her tongue out at him, sitting back down, arms crossed yet again.

About near the end of the film her arms were no longer crossed and currently had half her body on top of Gru. Not that he minded at first, but he forgot how tight her grip can be and after a good solid hour of her just hanging on to his arm for dear life he was a little bit in pain and a bit put off.

But after see her wide eye expression and how cute she looked when scared (and Lucy Wilde scared as a not too common feature for her) all was forgiven.

Till she clenched his arm tighter to where he gave a loud yelp, causing her to jump and as chain reactions go, the popcorn bowl he was holding flew into the air, causing a rain of popcorn around them.

There was a pregnant pause as the two looked at the mess then at each other before breaking out into laughter.

"So, horror movies freak you out?" He asked sometime later when they were curled up in bed. The mess in the living room was cleaned and decided that any more movies tonight would lead to even bigger messes, so the couple turned in early.

"Yep," she moved onto to stomach, propping her head up. "Ever since I was little they freaked me out. Mostly zombie movies, really. And gore, can't stand gore."

"Hmm..." Gru murmured, feeling his eyes grow heavy. He yawned, putting his arms around Lucy, snuggling in. "Well, if you get nightmares, be sure not to use my arm as a stress ball."

"Sorry about that." She didn't mean to cause an awful looking bruise on his arm, but showing her a horror movie came with consequence. Usually ending in pain.

Well, most likely ending in pain.

"If you have a nightmare, just wake me up." He yawned again. "I'm used to that with the gurls."

She smiled warming at the mention of that. "I don't think I will. As long as you're here with me."

He smiled, eyes closed, feeling himself drifting off. "But Gru," He heared her say. "next movie night we're watching The Maltese Falcon." And all he could do was groan.