Chapter 4

The Man And Four Hobbits

It has been nights and days since Harry last saw Strider. He wished that he had stayed a little longer to find out more about him.

Looking up at the afternoon sky as Harry halted; he heard voices coming from his left. He was in a valley of sorts with lots of rocks and little bushes and trees here and there. Moving in the shadows where he wouldn't be seen he moved towards the voices and stopped when he was at a hearing distance, but he could not see the ones that were the voices.

"…about second breakfast," voice 1 said, which was clearly from a male.

A sigh came from voice 2 and was also male, said, "I don't think he knows about second breakfast, Pip."

"What about…"voice 1 started to say, but Harry muted their conversation out as he finally saw them come into view.

The first person he saw made him freeze in place. He wouldn't mistake that person for anyone else.

Strider, Harry thought with happiness. Trailing behind the man was four… hobbits.

Well, aren't they far away from home, thought Harry as he started listening to them again.

"…afternoon tea?" finished voice 1. Voice 2 seemed to be getting annoyed with voice 1, because he just shook his head and walked a little faster. Before he was too far an apple fell from the sky and landed on the grown. Voice 2 picked it up and handed it to voice 1 and started walking again while voice 1 looked up at the sky with confusion. That was when another apple fell from the sky and hit voice 1 in the face.

Harry was no fool. He knew that strider threw them even if Harry himself wasn't looking straight at the man.

He followed the traveling bunch for the rest of the day and in that time he learned all the little ones names. The one he had labeled voice 1 was named Pippin and voice 2 was Mary. The other two were known as Frodo and Sam.

Pippin seemed to be the funny one of the bunch and Mary was not that far behind him. Together they are like twins. Sam, Harry figured out, was a gardener and a cook. He also seemed to be very protective of the one known as Frodo. That alone made Harry very curious, but he would have to be careful with his curiosity. Because ever since he figured out that his form was a big black cat, the saying curiosity killed the cat came true more than once. He was just glad he had more than nine lives.

Harry also figured out that they were headed to Rivendell. That made Harry happy. He had not been to Rivendell for many, many years. He wondered how Lord Elrond was doing. It has been too long.


Gasping, Harry looked at the small lake with happiness, before he cupped his hands and cupped up some water and threw it on his face. His last fight with orcs had left him more injured then last time.

At least I didn't die, thought Harry.

Harry had the usual bumps and cuts, but the worst injuries were that he had a broken right leg, a deep cut from his shoulder to his waist, and he was experiencing blood lost.

Any mind… I'm going to die and it is going to be because I lost blood. At least I wasn't stabbed in the heart again, thought a dizzy Harry. Right before he passed out completely he felt a gentle hand touch his shoulder.

Groaning as he felt pain shoot through him, Harry blinked his eyes open from his sleeping slumber. As he moved to sit up a hand shot forward and pushed him back down.

"You shouldn't move just yet. You have yet been fully healed," a deep male voice said.

Harry tensed and cursed himself for not noticing that someone else was with him. Looking towards the one who spoke he almost fainted when he noticed the pointed ears. This would be the second time that he ever met an elf in this world. Harry was curtain that he would never forget the first elf he met here.

Legolas, thought Harry.

"Where am I? And who are you," Harry asked as he came back to reality. Looking closer to the strange elf he noticed that he looked older than Legolas and instead of blond locks he had dark hair that was a bit longer than Legolas'.

"You are currently in the house of healing in Rivendell and I am Lord Elrond."

End Flashback

Harry laid down as he saw the group stop for the night. Only to stand back up when he heard Strider tell the Hobbits that he was going to go scout the area. As Strider started walking away, Harry decided to follow.

If there are any orcs around I could help the ranger, Harry was telling himself, but beep down he knew that wasn't true.

He had been following Strider for about 10 minutes and there had not been one ugly orc. That was when he heard a slight noise behind him. Turning around instantly he looked carefully trying to find anything out of place, but he didn't see anything.

Must have been a bird, thought Harry as he turned back around to continue following Strider, but when he turned Strider was know where to be seen.

Something was wrong. Stalking forward in a slow pace he looked side to side. Carefully walking to the spot he last saw the ranger, Harry sniffed the air trying to pin point where he went, but got stunned when he smelt Strider everywhere. Harry was very confused. How can the man's smell be everywhere? Only two possible answers crossed in his mind.

Either he is able to slit himself multiple times or this isn't the first time he has been here, but the man's smell is fresh in all directions. That's impossible, thought Harry still very confused, before a final thought came to him, unless we had been going in circles the entire time.

"Well this is a surprise," said a familiar voice.

Harry turned around and locked his bright green eyes with the man's grayish, blue ones.

Oh Shit, thought Harry.

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