Dear Father

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CH 10- Magnets

He let her go and walked to the end of the room where he ran his hand through his dark hair in means to calm himself. Lana was testing his patience and that was not a clever thing to do. He had been harboring some very strong feelings over the years. Her betrayal hurt him deep. He wanted nothing more then to kill her but he told himself that for his son's sake, he would let her live. But he did it for himself as well. So Oliver calmed his rage before he did something he would regret later.

He sighed, "Oh, Lana, please cooperate with me. I want this to work because I really don't want to kill you." Lana looked at him. How she hated him. "To be honest I came here with all the intention to do so but I could never hurt Johnny that way. The bond between the two of you is too strong and I am no one to take that away from him."

"So what?" Lana said, the anger rising in her voice, "You plan on keeping me prisoner? Like old times?"

"Not if you comply. But to be honest, I'm not sure if I can trust you. I want this to work. I want us to be a family." He placed his hand over hers but Lana instantly pulled away. This angered Oliver. All he had ever wanted was her approval, her love and her attention. Everything a mother and lover could give him. And he would be lying to himself if he said he wasn't jealous of the attention she gave Johnny. He wanted that too. He craved it.

Ignoring the look of disgust and fear on her face, he ran his fingers down her arm lightly. Her skin was warm and supple. He had dreamed of it for years and had to admit that it left him restless at night. When he would debate with himself about letting her live, the pros always outweighed the cons. If he let her live then her skin would forever remain his, alive and warm in his grasp. That was a pro he very much liked. He let his hand fall back to his side and looked at Lana, "I told you once, Lana. We're attracted like magnets you and I."

"Oliver…" Lana whispered. She could see the hunger in his eyes.

Oliver ignored her and grabbed her by her ankle yanking her to him. He perched himself on top of her and pinned her down. His eyes wandered up and down her body eager to see what awaited him. He let his hands become familiar with her once more. How long had it been since he touched her skin to the fullest? Not just a simple brush or casual contact but a actual full body contact? The days were too many to count and the minutes were even more. Oliver didn't know how he had survived the strong craving for such a long time but he knew that when he had her in his hands again it would be oh so satisfying. And was it ever. She was warm and soft to the touch. Just as he remembered. And her scent, it drove him wild. Out of all the skin he had come in contact with, hers was his absolute favorite. Because the skin belonged to the woman he would find comfort in, safety and understanding. Oliver hovered over her. His lips brushed lightly against her neck and her skin automatically covered in goosebumps. His warm breath ran down her neck on to her shoulder and Lana shut her eyes close. Never had she imagined that she would be reliving her nightmare. Oliver pulled away and looked down at her face. He lifted his hand and placed it gently upon her cheek, "Look at me, Lana." his voice was low and husky.

Lana slowly opened her eyes and set them in to his. They were dark but familiar in the most strangest of ways. They were the eyes she knew she'd see in hell one day. But not now, not in her home under the safety of her roof. And in them she saw intense hunger and a lust that would not falter. She wanted to scream but her voice was locked in her throat. She couldn't move under the weight of his body pressed against hers. Their skin touching, radiating heat off one another.

Oliver admired her beauty. She was the mother of his child and he couldn't be anymore proud. He was very hungry and she was the only one to calm his hunger. Lana shut her eyes close once more and let the tears run down the sides of her cheeks. She cried silently for she knew what awaited her in the hands of Oliver Thredson. All those moments from her past unburied themselves and ran through her mind. She thought she had buried them for good. She thought she had buried him for good. But there was no use in crying nor cowering in fear. Lana had dealt with him once before. She opened her eyes again and placed her hand on his chest.

Oliver stopped immediately, puzzled by her actions. He looked at her. Confusion and curiosity filled his eyes. Lana's trembling hand slowly lifted to his face where she placed her fingers softly upon his cheek. The tip of her fingers brushed his jawline and traveled down the side of his neck where the bullet had left a scar. If only it had been not even an inch, he would have been dead. She ran her fingers along his scar and stopped at the gap between his collar bones. Oliver's eyes followed her every move but did nothing to stop her. Instead, he let her continue. He still didn't trust her enough. Last time he did she knocked him unconscious and left him. He was sure to be more conscious of her actions this time around. But it was so easy to get lost in her eyes; specially when they were so unreadable. He had spent so much time watching her, anticipating her next move that now he was rendered utterly helpless by her simple touch.

"You must have felt so alone…" She said softly. She tried so hard to keep her voice from breaking. "All this time."

Oliver grabbed her hand from his chest in a tight grasp, "You left me."

Lana looked in to his eyes, "I know. I'm sorry." But Lana wasn't sorry. She was far from it. She wasn't sorry for "abandoning" him as he put it. How she wished she had aimed for his head. But it was like walking on thin ice with him. She never knew what would set him off. She had to choose her words and her actions carefully. She had done it before. She could do it again. Filling him with false hope was the best she could do until she found a way out. "I was wrong…" she whispered and forced a smile.

Oliver looked at her face and couldn't control himself any longer. He felt like he would explode if he didn't have her. He looked down to her dress and ripped the buttons open exposing her bra and chest. Lana suppressed a gasp. He let his hands run along her body and caress her skin.

"Its been so long since I've been near you. So long since I felt myself inside you…"

Lana caught the scream before it could escape her throat. Her heart began to exhilarate and she felt a fear she had not felt in years. Her eyes swelled with tears as they rolled down her cheeks. "Oh, no, no. " Oliver said brushing them away. "Don't cry." he leaned in closer inhaling her sweet scent. He had so easily forgotten all the cruel words she had spoken to him. She had changed so suddenly but the mere fact that she touched him made him forget so quickly. He hated himself for being so forgiving. He looked in to those eyes that made him weak at the knees, that enchanted him every time he looked upon them.

"Lana-" he spoke in a heavy whisper. He wanted to tell her that he was afraid of being lied to, of being abandoned again. But Lana placed her fingers on his lips silencing him. She shook her head softly, "Don't speak." She sat up and leaned towards him so their noses were but an inch away. She looked in his eyes keeping his glance and with her free hand she reached for the framed photograph on her nightstand. Oliver's hand quickly grasped her wrist and squeezed it tight.

"Don't make me regret letting you live." He gritted the words through his teeth. His voice was now dark with warning. He had fallen for that once before but not again.

Oliver pushed himself off of Lana and walked to the foot of the bed. He was restraining the urge to scream. He really wanted to make things work- for his son. But if they didn't would he have to kill Lana? Would he rip the boy from her arms like he had originally planned? But most importantly, would Johnny accept him? He wasn't a toddler anymore. He couldn't steal him from his mother and wait until he forgot about her gradually over time. Johnny was seven. He was old enough to understand and remember. Not to mention he adored his mother. Who knows how'd he react if he was forced from her side. Oliver did not want his own son to hate him. He would try.

Lana watched him. He looked so conflicted that it frightened her. She never knew what to expect. Oliver was as fickle as they came but what worried her most was Johnny. School would let out in a few hours and he would be waiting for her to go get him. But would Oliver let her go? Of course not. He would probably go for their son. The thought filled her with an intense fear that rattled her from her core. She never wanted Johnny to know who his father was. She had worked so hard for so long to keep him from the truth. Johnny didn't deserve to know the truth about his origins. He deserved better then that. Lana wanted to cry at the thought of her precious baby boy. He had become so precious to her that the mere thought of losing him terrified her. She couldn't imagine her life without him. If Oliver took him from her she would surely die. And Lana could not handle another loss in the hands of Oliver Thredson. Wendy had been enough.

But Oliver was set on being a part of Johnny's life that nothing discouraged him. Not even the thought of being discovered. From what he had told her, Oliver had been free for about six years. No one had bothered to find Lana and tell her he was alive and no one bothered to tell her he was free. But what if no one knew? God and Satan were the only ones who knew what happened inside the walls of Briarcliff. Many people had disappeared from there but their disappearance was merely brushed under the rug and forgotten. She just didn't understand.

"Johnny." She said breaking the silence. Oliver lifted his eyes at the sound of his son's name. Lana's eyes remained averted, "You won't take him from me, will you?"

Oliver slowly walked to her, "If it doesn't come to that, no."

Lana exhaled. That terrified her the most. That Oliver could take her son at any moment. It terrified her more then anything he could do to her. "Please, don't. Do whatever you want to me but don't take my boy." She lifted her eyes to his.

Oliver frowned lightly. Lana truly surprised him. He thought so many horrible things about her but alas here she was pleading that he let her keep her son when in Briarcliff she wanted nothing more then to rid herself of him. How she had changed.

Oliver was about to respond when the front door opened, "Mom!"

Lana instantly rose to her feet, "Johnny?" She hurried to the door but Oliver grabbed her arm and stopped her. He had frozen at the sound of his son's voice that he almost let her run passed him.

Lana instantly looked to him, "He's supposed to be in school. Something's wrong."

Oliver looked deeply in to her eyes and saw the worry that drowned them. He would probably regret it later but his grip softened, "If you try anything, Lana, I will knock you unconscious and take our son far far away. I won't kill you. I'll let you live only so you can suffer without him. Just like I have all this time. You got it?"

Lana nodded. At that moment she didn't care about Oliver's threats. All she wanted was so see if her boy was safe.

"I'm serious. One move and its all over."

"Fine." She said.

So Oliver let go of her arms and Lana rushed out in to the living room where Johnny was standing by the door. He had a book in his hands. Oliver followed after Lana but stopped at the end of the hall. He watched cautiously as Lana hurried to Johnny.

"Johnny boy, what are you doing here?" Lana knelt down to his level and pulled him in to a hug relieved to have him safe and sound in her arms.

Johnny buried his face in her hair, "I wanted to come home." he mumbled.

Lana pulled away and set her hands on the sides of his arms, "What about the book fair?"

"I got my book." Johnny said showing her the dinosaur book he had chosen. Dinosaurs were another of his favorite things. Johnny's eyes glanced behind Lana and spotted Oliver standing at the hallway entrance. He recognized him right away.

"Johnny," Lana brought his attention back to her, "Why did you leave school? I told you not to walk home."

"I had to." He said.

"Why?" Lana pressed.

Johnny looked down to his book, "They were being assholes..."

"Johnny!" Lana gasped, "Don't talk that way." and she pulled him in to a hug again. She was just happy to have him back with her. "I'll have to call the school. They'll be wondering where you are." She pulled away again.

"I don't have to go back, do I? You said it be my last day." Johnny looked at her with big sad eyes.

Lana shook her head and caressed his cheek, "No. You don't have to go back." Of course she wasn't going to let Johnny out of her sight. Not with Oliver around. She wasn't going to risk it.

Johnny looked over at Oliver again and his hands tugged on Lana's blouse. Lana froze for a moment. The time had come.

Oliver stood there looking at his son. The time had indeed come.