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Really quick, dictionary time!

Neko: A cat-like human being. It's unknow how they were bred into the human kingdom. All have cat ears and cat tails. They are just like humans but their senses are much stronger including: sight in the dark and day, hearing, touch and scent. Their nails are more like claws and have to be filed down constantly.

Though male nekos a have different anatomy. Explain more later. :D

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It was a hot rainy, Friday afternoon. Ciel Phantomhive, age six, was skillfully stacking cards into a tower, well more of a city but you get the idea. His ears twitched, his tongue poked out to help consecrate. He could hear faintly his parents arguing downstairs, again.

He pouted, wondering why they argued so much. He had sometimes heard parts of the argument, it being mostly about him apparently. His cat ears twitched again.

He was a Neko human, a human born with cat ears and a tail. Ciel's father was a Neko too so it was obviously not the problem.

Suddenly, he could heard a loud noise, like a monster truck, pulling into his parents' driveway. Ciel's big blue eyes sparkled with curiosity, abandoning his card tower to peek through his plaid blue and green bedroom curtains.

Serveral big trucks, like the one police use on TV for war or something similar to that were surrounding a black sleek car.

Ciel jumped out of his seat, toddling out of his bedroom, towards the stairs. He hopped two steps at a time to the living room, where his parents were arguing again.

"Mommy?" Ciel asked quietly, standing half behind the door, his ears down and tail curved around his ankles.

"What?" His mother snapped, making him wince.

"There are some big, big trucks outside and a really cool black car! Am I going to meet them?"

He was confused by his mother's and his father's suddenly pale faces. Ciel's father quickly went over to the fireplace, pulling out a small hand gun from the mantle, ran over to Ciel and then bended down to Ciel's level.

"Ciel, go upstairs, back to your room and hide in the closet. Don't come out, whatever you hear, understand?" He gently laid the gun in Ciel's small hands.

"Remember how I taught you to use this? If anyone besides me and mommy comes into the room and finds you, shoot them. Now go, hurry!" His father shooed him, forcing Ciel to run up the stairs, back to his room.

Ciel did what his father told him, hiding in the closet, his back pressed against the wall, sitting on his little bottom, worried about his mom and dad.

He heard screams, shouts, thumps and a gunshot. He winced, wishing that he had put clothes in his closet like his mommy told him too.

Then he heard it. Footsteps. Light footsteps but at the same time heavy. They were coming up the stairs. Ciel's tail wrapped around his ankles, his knees pressed against his chest, the gun in hand. Ciel wasn't sure if he should use it though.

He heard the footsteps stop outside his bedroom door. Ciel felt afraid. Who was it? It definitely wasn't mom and dad, they smelt different from whoever was coming. Ciel skimmed into the corner of the closet, hearing his bedroom door open.

"Boss, what's in there?" A voice said. It was two footsteps now. But he heard only one pair of footsteps!

"Apparently, the Phantomhives had a kid. Where is he, anyway?" Ciel covered his mouth with his hand to slow his breath down.

He could see faintly through the blinds of the closet a pair of black pants legs.

"Seems the kid is hiding, somewhere " the first voice said. Ciel trembled, his hand on the trigger, the muzzle of the gun aimed towards to closet door. His eyes watered and his vision was blurring.

Who was this guy and where were his parents? Why did Daddy want Ciel to shoot whoever found him? He was so afraid.

Suddenly the closet door whipped out, causing Ciel to jump. He couldn't pull the trigger, he just couldn't. He knew what guns did to people and he couldn't handle it. The bright light from his ceiling light blinded him in the dark closet.

"I found him. " the voice said. It was smooth like silk and very calm.

Ciel whimpered, urging his finger to pull the trigger.

"Should I kill him?" Ciel's eyes widen and he pulled the trigger.

The gunshot echoed in the small closet, hurting Ciel's ears.

Tears spurred down Ciel's cheeks, his vision blurry and unsettled still from the bright light. He let a loud sob, his hand falling into his lap.

"Seems they armed the kid. " Ciel jumped, crying out. He flinched feeling a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, it's okay. Don't cry. " Ciel blinked his tears away, his blue eyes facing cherry red wine eyes. He took in the face in front of him. It was pale, black hair with different lengths long in the front and getting shorter towards the back.

He had a cut on his cheek bone. Ciel had missed.

"I...I'm sorry..." Ciel whimpered it. "P-Please don't hurt me... I'm so s-sorry. Daddy told me to do that and and..." Ciel blubbered, hiccupping. He felt someone grip the handgun, taking it from him.

"I'm sorry!" Ciel cried out, full on sobbing. He buried his head in his hands and legs, his sobbing echoing the room.

"Shhh..." He heard the soft calm voice, feeling someone wrap their arms around him. "I's alright, I'm not going to hurt you."

"Sir, what are you doing?" The second person asked.

"I'm comforting the poor child, what does it look like it?" The man in front of Ciel said.

"I...I..." Ciel hiccupped. He felt someone pick him up slowly, putting Ciel in his lap. Ciel curled into a ball, his hands hugging the man he didn't know. He didn't want to hurt the man. His tail wrapped around the man's leg and Ciel's ears were down.

"It's okay, alright? I know you didn't want to do that bad thing. It's not your fault, understand? Don't cry. " Eventually Ciel stopped sobbing, the man rubbing nice, smooth, warm circles around Ciel's back. He purred, leaning closer to the man, his ears perking up.

"There we are. " the man said. He sat Ciel up on his lap. Ciel opened his eyes, looking straight at the man. His blue eyes clashed with red. He was wearing a black leather jacket and a white dress shirt and black slacks.

"Now, what's your name, little kitten?"

"C-Ciel...Ciel Phantomhive..." Ciel said quietly, his ears down in shy mode now.

"So you are the son of those two. How unfortunate. " the man sighed.

" What does unfor...unfortunate mean?" Ciel said, pulling his small hands off the man's chest in front of him.

"It's means its bad, not very good. "

"Why is it bad?" Ciel asked, cocking his head to side cutely.

"It's bad because those two are too deep in debt to raise a child. " Ciel pouted.

"I'm not a child!" He whined. The man smiled at Ciel.

"Sure you aren't. My, my, you are such a fine beauty. I can't believe you're the son of those two idiots!" He said. Ciel frowned.

"Don't call Mommy and Daddy idiots! It's mean!" Ciel whined.

"Alright, I won't call them that in front of you, I promise. "

"Alright...what's your name?" The man hesitated. He opened his mouth and then smiled.

"I'm Sebastian, your godfather. "

"Godfather? Oh you mean like godmother like off of Cinderella?! Are you a fairy?!" Ciel giggled, waving his tail around happily.

"No, but I can do miracles. " Sebastian smiled weakly. He frowned, hearing laughter from the bedroom.

"S-Seb..." Ciel tried to say his name. "Sebastian!"

"Very good!" Ciel beamed with pride as he was praised, his shyness forgotten. His tail wagged back and forth and his ears were perked up.

"I think it's time for you to go see your mom and dad. And it's close to the time for me to go." Sebastian said. Ciel pouted, his ears going down and his tail going limp on the mans leg.

"Already?" Ciel whined.

"Don't whine now, I'm a very busy man. " Sebastian sighed. His eyes widen, shifting up a bit, pulling something out of his pocket.

"Here. " He laid something flat in Ciel's small pale hands. It was a chocolate bar. Ciel looked at Sebastian, wondering what it was, not knowing it was a chocolate bar.

"What is it?" Ciel asked.

"It's chocolate. " Sebastian said.

"Chocolate? No! It's just a flat piece of paper..." Ciel said wondering how this paper could make him feel better. Sebastian laughed, picking up the bar, unwrapping it and revealing the delicious chocolate.

"Wah!" Ciel said, reaching for the chocolate bar which Sebastian gave him. Ciel took a big bite grinning madly.

"I like you, Sebastian!" Ciel smiled, his tail wagging and his ears perked. Sebastian gave Ciel a smile back.

"I like you too, kitten. Time to see mom and dad though. You might not like me after this though. " Sebastian picked Ciel up carefully, Ciel wrapping his arms around his neck and with the chocolate bar in between his teeth. Sebastian carried him with one arm, standing up and walking out of the closet and out the door, followed by a light blond-haired man with yellow-green eyes and glasses.

He carried Ciel down the stairs, back into the living room. His eyes widen, seeing his parents tied back to back on two chairs.

He took an arm off Sebastian's neck and took out the chocolate bar to speak.

"Mommy! Daddy! Are you playing a game? Ooh, are you playing cops and robbers with hostages? Lizzie and me love that game!" Ciel asked, giggling. His mother and father snapped their heads to their son's voice, seeing something they would never forget.

"No, don't hurt him!" His mother yelped out. "Please! He's only six years old!"

"Mommy, what's going on? Papa Sebastian gave me candy! Hehe!" Ciel smiled , hugging Sebastian's neck tighter with his other arm. Their eyes widen at their child's name for the man in front of them.

"Ciel, why?!" Mr. Phantomhive yelled.

"What I do? Am I in trouble, Sebastian?" Ciel asked the older man.

"Of course not, Ciel. But your parents are. " Sebastian said, putting Ciel down.

"What'd they do? Mommy and Daddy aren't bad! But sometimes they yell about stuff. I ask Auntie about it but she won't say nothing. Mommy, I learned what unfortunate means!" Ciel smiled, sitting on the floor, taking a bite of the chocolate bar.

"Ciel...why didn't you shoot him?" Mrs. Phantomhive asked, tears streaming down her cheeks. Ciel's own eyes welled up with tears, whimpering.

His ears pressed down against his head, his small knees curling to his chest and his tail around his ankles.

"I...I'm in trouble...I didn't wanna shoot nobody. I did try, mommy, but shooting isn't good. I missed and I'm happy I did. Sebastian has candy!" Ciel said softly. Sebastian chuckled lightly. Ciel's ears perked up, his tail twitching and going behind his back.

"Ciel, it's not your fault. " Sebastian said, striding gracefully around the boy towards the two tied up captives. "It's your parents. "

Ciel suddenly took in his surroundings. There were several dark-haired men, a few holding guns and others holding knives. Ciel's eyes wide and fear struck his little heart.

"Wait a cookie stealing minute!" Ciel said, standing up on his little legs, his tail puffed out. "Why you guys have guns and knives? Are you stealing the knives from our kitchen? Mommy doesn't like it when people touch her knives. " Ciel said.

"Don't worry, Ciel, those aren't your mother's knives at all.." Sebastian smirked, towering over Rachel Phantomhive who had tears streaming down her face.

"..." Ciel stared long and hard at the scene. His parents tied up, men with guns and knives, a man who's weapon less, towering over his parents.

"This um...thing!" Ciel said, waving his arms around. " reminds me of this movie I saw. There were these two people and their house was getting robbed and they were tied to chairs and..." Ciel trailed off, realizing how familiar this was.

His body became cold, his face turning pale, the conversation Sebastian was having with his mom completely blanking out.

"Ok, kid you alright?" A voice asked him. Ciel looked sick.

"Ciel..." His father said.

"Daddy...mommy...something bads going to happened isn't it?" Ciel asked quietly, backing against the bare wall. Rachel and Vincent looked at each other with sad expressions.

"Yes...Ciel. "

"Is this like when uncle Tan Tan went away and...he never came back? And we went to that church?" Vincent gave a sad smile with a crying laugh.

"Y-yeah something like that. " Ciel's eyes turned dark blue, something dark warping around him.

"I don't like that. I don't want that again. Uncle Tan Tan never saw me again. I don't want that. " Ciel said, looking at small hands.

"Ciel, what's wrong?" Sebastian asked. He could feel something going on with the child.

Ciel suddenly let out a sob, collapsing onto his knees. Sebastian's eyes widen.

"I don't want no one to go away again!" He bawled out. " Pluto went away, Uncle Tan Tan and grandma and grandpa went away too! It's not fair. I don't want mommy and daddy to go away too!"

"Look at what you're doing, Michaelis!" Vincent suddenly yelled. "You're torturing a poor six-year-old boy by taking away his parents! Don't you feel anything?"

"Hm..." Sebastian hummed. "Interesting. "

"What's interesting, you bastard?!" Mrs. Phantomhive yelled at him.

"I'll make a deal with you. " Sebastian said, turning to the couple. " I'll let you and your son live. I'll even pay myself for his education. Under one condition. "

Ciel glanced up, his ears perking.

"What's education?" Ciel asked softly, still with tears running down his cheeks.

"It's where you increase your knowledge of the world. " Sebastian said, glancing at Ciel.

"Oh." Ciel sniffed.

"What's the condition?" Vincent asked slowly.

"He's mine when he turns sixteen. " Vincent's ears perked up and his tail puffed up.

"HELL NO!" Vincent snarled at Sebastian. Sebastian glanced at him with a bored expression.

"Of course I'll allow visits, naturally. I'm not that heartless. Of course you'll have to lie whenever someone comes over to see him that's he's somewhere else...I'm sure you'll think of something. " Sebastian smiled. His dark wine eyes went back to the small body of Ciel Phantomhive. The boy had stopped crying but his ears were still down and he was looking at ground with his tail limp against the ground.

Ciel wasn't paying attention and suddenly felt petting on his head. He purred, feeling his ears tweaked. He felt special points beings rubbed in his ears and his back curved and his tail bounced off the floor.

"Aah~..." Ciel breathed, moving his head into the hand.

"I think Ciel would enjoy living with me. Don't you think so?" Sebastian chuckled. "Besides, I could give him a better life than you two could. I'm capable of sending him to college, of course with his special needs he won't need me to send him, he'll have a scholarship."

"W-What? Special needs?" Rachel asked, looking at her purring child.

"Isn't it obvious or have you two been to busy arguing? This kid is brilliant. You can tell from just looking at him. His curiosity is astonishing and he's remarkably intelligent. " Sebastian said, continuing petting Ciel.

"..." Ciel suddenly sat up, his eyes wide. He bolted from Sebastian's grasp and flung himself up the stairs to his room.

A cry was heard from his room.

"My toooooowwwwweeeeerrrrrrr! Noooo! I was almost done!" Ciel's voice wailed loudly. "It took me two hours to make it! Now I have to start over!" Little feet shuffled back down the stairs, Ciel appearing in the door with a sullen look on his face.

"What was that?" Sebastian asked as the boy approached him.

"I was making a card tower in my room with fours packs of cards. It was more of a city now it's demolished! Now I gotta start over!" Ciel complained, his ears down.

Sebastian chuckled and began petting Ciel again.

"Untie them. I know what I came here for. " Sebastian ordered.

"Why do you want him in ten years? He's going to forget you, forget this whole thing and he'll be completely different when you come back!" Vincent demanded as they were untied.

"He'll be perfect when he turns sixteen for something I'm planning. I know what I'm doing. " Sebastian said. He stood up, his hand leaving Ciel's head.

Ciel's little arms shot out, grabbing Sebastian's hand.

"Are you leaving?" Ciel asked. Sebastian smiled.

"Yes. Your mother and father and I have come to an agreement of sorts. I won't be taking your parents from you. " Sebastian said.

"You'll visit me, right? You'll visit?" Ciel asked, looking up at Sebastian with wide sapphire eyes.

Sebastian shook his head. "No, you won't see me till you're sixteen. "

"Aw..." Ciel pouted. "At least don't forget me, okaay?" Ciel drawled out his okay.

"Of course. I won't forget. Be a good boy till I visit and I'll get you a present. Make good grades and just stay the way you are now, okay?" Ciel frowned thinking it over.

"Can I have more chocolate as my present?" Ciel asked. Sebastian chuckled.

"We'll see. " Sebastian chuckled, giving Ciel one last petting before he gestured for his men to head out. He followed after them and waved at Ciel.

"Bye bye!" Ciel said, waving back, his tail going back and forth. He turned to his father, smiled brightly, and said,

"He likes me! I made a new friend!"

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