Chapter 8

The second Minato activated his Hiraishin, the two Toad Sages appeared in a circular room with no entrances or exits, not a single door or window. The walls encasing them were smooth stones with a variety of Fuuinjutsu seals running the length of the sphere. The only light was from a soft glow that some of the seals emitted.

Jiraiya had a cold sweat forming when he took in his surroundings. The place Minato decided to take them to spoke one word to him, a cage. Looking at the seals around the room, Jiraiya could point out several of the most powerful seals he knew along with a few of equal or greater power that he was sure Minato invented.

"This is an interesting place to have a conversation Minato," Jiraiya said as he narrowed his eyes.

"Well I have some very interesting things I'm going to tell you. Things I hope you will never tell another," Minato said tenderly with a small smile on his face.

The sense of ease Minato was emitting had a contagious feeling as Jiraiya slowly began to ease his tense muscles. The last time he saw his former student take such levels of precaution was when Kushina was giving birth to her children. He knew ever since the day Naruto was kidnapped Minato created a variety of "safe houses" that were impenetrable and escapable to anyone who didn't know the Hiraishin. Seeing as how Jiraiya only knew two shinobi that knew the technique it was safe to assume that once you were in, there was no getting out.

Thinking of that, Jiraiya's mind wandered to the only other person who was able to learn the Hiraishin; Riku, Minato's second son.

Riku was known by nearly the entire village as an excellent shinobi, but that was only the half of it. Born with the innate ability of complete memory recall, he already had a leg up on his peers. Riku's Eidetic memory was only the beginning of his gifts. He had a natural intelligence that was indescribable. For someone to call him a genius would be more than an understatement. Not only did Riku have a gifted mind, he also had the fortune of pinpoint precision chakra control. With all of Riku's gifts, he had more than the capability of becoming a perfect shinobi. Attuned with a sound body and mind unlike any other gave the boy advantages that were unparalleled. Even at his current age of thirteen he had more than enough gifts to become a S-ranked shinobi.

However, even with all of the gifts and talents Riku had, he cared little for them. In fact Riku cared little about anything. He had such an easy going personality, and was the type of person to enjoy the little things in life. The only thing that really captured the red head's attention was a challenge so difficult others wouldn't even attempt it. When Minato refused to teach Riku the Hiraishin the boy took it upon himself to learn it. He was able to unravel the secrets behind his father's jutsu in a week without him even realizing it. Right after learning the SS-ranked jutsu Riku went back to lounging around the village without a care in the world.

The only way to describe the boy would be to call him an enigma. With all of the talent of a prodigy but none of the drive, he created quite the troubling conundrum for his parents. Riku's abilities made him more than a priority target for enemies of Konoha. The wisest decision would be to eliminate such a talented ninja before he would be able to grow and mature into something even dangerous. Those fears of Minato and Kushina subsided though when Riku's personality began to develop as he got older. Being gifted meant more attention for the boy, so he simply became an average person to prevent people from realizing his true potential. With less attention, Riku was able continue his peaceful life without interference. Only Riku's family, along with a few close friends, knew his secret.

As Jiraiya's pondering about Riku began to eat away with time, a scowl started to form on his brow as he thought, The Namikaze family just keeps getting stronger, especially with the new addition to the family.

That thought brought back into focus the reason for his current meeting with Minato. Realizing a few minutes had passed since Minato asked him for a promise of silence, a feeling of resignation begin to arise from taking so long to give an answer. Finally, Jiraiya sighed as he looked at Minato, the scowl growing ever deeper as he did so.

"I trust you Minato, but I won't promise anything with such a vague demand," Jiraiya said.

Minato's small smile dropped but he decided not to force the Sage to agreeing, instead he changed his tactics by saying, "It's about what really happened to Naruto after he was kidnapped."

Jiraiya raised an eyebrow followed by a small chuckle before he said, "Well I already know that what you said to the elders is a lie. Naruto being abducted by an unknown ninja and rescued by an unknown village is a terrible lie Minato, then again you were never a very good liar."

Minato winced a little while Jiraiya said, "unknown ninja," which triggered memories of Obito to surface. Catching the slight tell Minato showed, caused Jiraiya to continue.

"There is no disputing that Naruto is yours and Kushina's child, but why keep him from the village. The ninja that had kidnapped Naruto has to be none other but yourself. He can mold natural chakra and seeing as how there are currently only two Toad Sages in existence that means you raised him in secret. What I can't understand is why. The relations between villages is only growing more tense. Ever since the Third Shinobi War, other nations have only grown resentful of Konohagakure's success. I know you have done your best to establish long lasting peace, but your recent decisions have contradicted such actions. Iwa and Kumo have been looking for anything to spark a war with Konoha and the introduction of another powerful ally will only make matters worse. We already have the most powerful tailed beast in our village in addition to most of the strongest ninja of our time. The three sannin are of equal strength to a Kage and Naruto now factors into that account. Your family alone could equate to the entire fighting force of a village in a few years once your children develop enough. With all of this said, I want to know why you would bring Naruto into the fold now. Adding him to the equation might be the small spark needed to ignite war between the villages. Why raise him in secret, or better yet, why bring him out of hiding?"

Minato's face became unreadable as it was obscured by the dim environment. Along the course of Jiraiya's lecture, Minato lowered his face and balled his fists. As Jiraiya looked at Minato, he began to feel uneasy as rage seemed to consume the blond's body.

"I can understand why you think Naruto was placed in hiding by me since he knows how to manipulate natural chakra, but what I can't comprehend is how you think I could be that much of a monster," Minato answered tonelessly.

Jiraiya was about to retort but was interrupted.

"You think I could do that to my son! No, not my son but to anyone! Do you honestly believe I could forgo anyone's existence as a human being?"

Minato's words cut deep as a small pain began deep in Jiraiya's chest.

"You are kind, far kinder than most, but you can be more ruthless than anyone. You killed entire squads of shinobi during the Third War without even batting an eyelash. I know you Minato, better than most. You will go to any lengths to protect the people you care for. For you to raise a son in secret would be strange, I admit, but maybe you'd do so for a good reason, so let's hear it".

Minato's tightly coiled fists stopped shaking as Jiraiya's words sank in.

"You're wrong, you know that? I can understand why you would think that I did what you think I did, but you can't be further from the truth," Minato said as his tone began to level out.

"Naruto was kidnapped by an unknown ninja, the one who kidnapped Naruto was Obito Uchiha," Minato said choking on his words.

Jiraiya couldn't help but snort at such a statement.

"So you expect me to believe your dead student abducted your first born son? Say, if Obito was alive why would he take his teacher's child?" Jiraiya argued.

"Who knows why Obito would do such a thing," Minato said.

"That's a question without an answer, but what I want you to think of is Kakashi's Mangekyō Sharingan."

"What does Kakashi's dimensional distortion ability have to do with any of this?" Jiraiya mused.

"Think, sensei, if that was Kakashi's ocular ability, what do you think would happen if Obito was alive and was able to activate his Mangekyō Sharingan?"

"Then there could be another ninja with the unique ability to distort dimensions. A special jutsu no one has ever heard of before. Say if this jutsu was perfected to the point of allowing transportation between these dimensions. Think of the implications sensei."

Jiraiya began to mull over Minato's declaration. The more he thought about it, the more troubling it became. The implications of such a jutsu were limitless. Just thinking about it for a few moments caused a migraine in the old Sage's head. Jiraiya began to massage the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger before sighing.

"Alright, I admit that such a technique could cause serious problems, but I don't see what you are trying to imply."

"What I'm about to tell you, I would like to remain a secret between us two because of the sheer ludicrousness of it. Naruto was kidnapped to a parallel dimension by Obito. In that dimension the Nine Tailed Fox was unsealed from Kushina during her birth. Whatever Obito was planning didn't go accordingly since the Kyuubi was re-sealed into Naruto. In such a world where both Kushina and I were killed, leaving an orphaned child with the Kyuubi sealed inside of him, the possibilities are endless."

"You're right, what you are saying sounds completely insane."

"Chakra is insane if you think about it. It makes human potential limitless. I have the ability to warp time and space myself with the Hiraishin. The idea of a dimensional drifting jutsu isn't impossible when you think about it."

"Say I believe you. Is there any way to prove it?"

"Naruto has a Kyuubi inside himself. If you want, I can transport him here to prove it to you."

"No, I believe you. You sound crazy telling me this, but then again, you don't have nearly a good enough imagination to make such a story. Since I've decided to believe you, what now? His presence is only going to increase tensions. The best thing to happen would be to exile him from the village."

"How can you say that! Have you yet to consider how Naruto feels? During his interrogation I saw the entirety of my son's memories. He was hated by the villagers for simply being the Kyuubi's jinchuuriki. He never knew the love of a family, in fact the closest thing he had was the you in the alternate world. In that world you were killed. What Naruto went though is indescribable. All he has known his entire life is pain and suffering. Not only do I get the chance to have my stolen son back, but give him the chance of a happy life. You think I should cast him out of the village, no his home for what? The power he has? The power that he didn't chose to wield?"

The words struck Jiraiya hard. He never did think about Naruto in his argument. The old Toad Sage could barely recall himself ever being so cold before. The thought of what he simply suggested to Minato did nothing but irritate himself.

"I'm sorry Minato. You are right, I'm just a little nervous with how tense the villages are. I'm sure if anyone was to understand what I meant it would be you," Jiraiya said apologetically.

Minato signed, he very rarely lost his temper and doing so always left a sour taste in his mouth.

"I'm sorry too. I know you were just looking out for everyone's safety. I'm sure the addition of Naruto won't spark another war. His presence will probably only impede one honestly. When word begins to spread of how powerful he is, it will add another piece of protection to the village. I know relations are tough but I'm not sure what to do anymore. Villages are demanding the impossible. Suna wants crops since they can grow so few in the dessert. Iwa wants the Kyuubi for power. Kumo wants the ocular powers of the Uchiha and Hyuga. It seems instead of working peacefully for these things they'd much rather force them from us."

Both Minato and Jiraiya sighed before they looked at each other and grinned.

"The job of the Hokage is never finished it seems. Well I'm more than satisfied now. I won't keep you any longer but there is one thing I would like to ask before we head back," Jiraiya said.

"If Naruto can manipulate natural chakra it would be best he signed the toad contract. With his signature that will total to four people who can summon the toads. I'm sure ma and pa will be more than annoyed with having four summons," Jiraiya said with a rueful grin.

"I'm sure Naruto would love that. He might even take a few days to go visit Ma and Pa at Mount Myoboku," Minato said, humming in agreement.

With that said, Jiraiya extended his hand to Minato who more than happily accepted it. When he did the two left the dark cage made by the Fourth Hokage and appeared in Minato's home. The second they did, they both squinted their eyes from the sting the light emitted in the room.

"Since we just had such a long talk, why not mull things over with dinner Jiraiya? Kushina is cooking a pot tonight," Minato flaunted.

Jiraiya let a grin form on his face. For too long he continuously held up responsibilities the village left on him. He could barely recall the last time he sat down with friends to enjoy a meal.

Maybe I should leave the village on a journey soon. I need a vacation, the toad sage thought.

"That sounds wonderful. Good friends, good food, now all we need is good women!" Jiraiya boasted as he began laughing.

Jiraiya's laugh was cut short as a pan nailed him in the head right where his forehead protector was. Looking forward, he saw Kushina glaring at him with her hair sporadically moving around as if it were alive.

"What was that about good women Jiraiya? I'm sure I must have misheard you." Kushina said maliciously as she formed a toothy grin.

Jiraiya gulped, "This is going to be a long dinner."


There in the middle of a training field stood three of the Namikaze children. It was around early noon giving Naruto, Raisa, and Riku more than enough time to complete whatever training they had planned for today. While most ninja hated days of nothing more than training, the process was nothing but second nature to Naruto. His entire adolescent life was nothing but training really. Most of his friends would have other obligations to do such as family or friend activates. However, since Naruto had to support himself from such a young age, he couldn't just relax with friends that often. In fact since he and Sasuke didn't have a family they would commit nearly all of their time to training or completing missions.

Even though Naruto had probably trained as much as the average shinobi had in his entire life, there was nothing else he would have looked forward to than spending the day training his new siblings. After his parents left along with all of the spectators from the village, he led his siblings to a part of the training field that wasn't scarred to bad from his battle with Sasuke.

Naruto smiled at his siblings and started to say, "Well let's start by..." before three shadow clones popped into existence, "splitting the work," in unison.

"Being able to create shadow clones without any hand signs is pretty impresses onii-san. Especially since that technique is a tightly kept jutsu by the Leaf. How you mastered it for the short duration you have been here is pretty... interesting" Riku said calculatingly.

Naruto knew very little of his youngest brother. He bonded very well with Lekki for the week he had returned home. Her personality was straight forward and could be classified as gifted by effort. Lekki became a master user of the scythe with the addition of using her wind chakra to increase the blade's speed and sharpness. Being at the age of fifteen almost sixteen, she was more than capable. In fact Lekki was given the nickname of The Reaper due to her honed shinobi skills and preference of a scythe as a weapon.

When Naruto asked why she used a scythe as a weapon Lekki said it was because she loved the staff weapon but needed something to compliment her chakra nature. The scythe was suggested by Jiraiya, surprisingly. Jiraiya said he wanted to be sure his student would scare off any boys interested in her, much to Minato's and Kushina's amusement.

Naruto had an understanding of Raisa. A young girl who was still way too innocent. It reminded Naruto of himself before he had to steel himself with all of the training he had done. That left just getting to know his only brother. He was honestly a little upset he was going to have clones show him the Rasenshuriken but he was pretty sure a clone wouldn't be able to help Raisa seeing as how the original was pretty bad with chakra control.

Sighing Naruto turned to the three clones. All of them had on cheesy grins and the one in the middle gave a thumbs up, saying, "We got this boss."

The clones ushered Riku away and soon, Naruto and Raisa were left with only the calm sounds of the leaves dancing in the trees.

Naruto looked down to his sister and smiled.

"You ready to give it a try?" Naruto asked.


"Alright, try to form as much chakra as you can into a ram sign."

Raisa then made the ram hand sign and begin to mold chakra. The little red head had so much chakra that she began to form a faint golden aura around her hands from the effort.

The color was such a rich golden yellow that Naruto took a second to marvel at it. It reminded him a lot of Kushina's golden chakra chains. The sealing chains had a sense of lethality about them but the bright color still caused Naruto to stop and stare at such a warming color.

"Beautiful," Naruto breathed without even realizing it.

Raisa was flustered at the comment and lost her concentration. Everyone who taught her never complimented her. They would offer small praised for the miniscule feats she preformed but never compliment her outright. With her lost concentration and wandering mind, the chakra she was molding seeped backed into her body, the small golden glow disappearing from her hands.

"What's wrong Raisa? Why did you stop?" Naruto asked.

Raisa's face went scarlet as she stuttered, " onii-san distracted me!"

Naruto gave Raisa a curious look trying to think of what he did to make his sister so flustered. After one more look over he decided to put it past him and continue the exercise.

After giving Raisa one last smile he turned to face her and said, "Alright then, from the top Raisa. I'm going to sense your chakra system, and while I do so don't worry" as he placed his right hand on her head.

"Go ahead and start forming chakra into the hand sign for as long as possible. If I need you to stop go ahead, okay?"

Raisa shook her head and made the hand sign. Before long, the small gold aura started to form. Naruto tried to sense any abnormalities but everything seemed fine. The only peculiar thing Naruto was able to sense was a somewhat sporadic flow of chakra throughout her system. Naruto furrowed his brow and decided to reach into his mindscape for advice.

"Yo, Kurama can you help me sense what's wrong with Raisa?" Naruto asked the fox, who was lazily sleeping in the meadow.

The fox opened one eye and grumbled, You only seem to come around here when you want something kit. You better start doing me some favors soon.

Naruto raised an eyebrow before he laughed a little and said, "Sure sure fuzz ball, next time you wanna do something we will go ahead and do it."

Kurama snorted and decided not to berate the kit for such disrespectful behavior and ruin his somber mood. Kurama extended his senses to Naruto's perception and began reading the small scarlet's chakra system.

Inside the girl he found a well of energy. The potency and amount of chakra were so grand that Kurama would have thought he was looking into an adult and not a small child. While he analyzed Raisa chakra system Kurama discovered a problem. The girl only had a quarter of her chakra circuits activated. The other seventy five percent were not dead, but never used preventing the flow of chakra. Even with all of the powerful chakra she had, with such an imbalance in her system it would be near impossible to do anything requiring chakra. The amount of chakra the little girl could summon would fluctuate so much that it was impractical to try and use a jutsu.

Discovering the problem Kurama knowingly sighed and began to explain what was wrong with Naruto's sister.

"So all we need to do is awaken her chakra circuits and she will be completely fine?" Naruto asked Kurama.

The fox narrowed his eyes and said, Yes but having someone force chakra through her system would awaken them for her. Otherwise she could have to wait years before her body begins to use the circuits. With all of the chakra that girl has, it's no surprise her body is trying to limit her access. I would even say it's more than you had when you were a brat.

Naruto closed his eyes and said, "Will you open her circuits for her then?"

Why should I waste my time helping her? the fox scuffed.

"Well, you would be helping my sister," Naruto hedged.

Another human with power to despise and despise me in return, just what I need, Kurama said as he began to close his eyes.

"You know, people wouldn't hate you if you didn't give them reasons to hate you. Come on please I really need your help here Kurama, I'm begging," Naruto said as he clasped his hands together and bowed a bit.

Kurama grumbled and just nodded to the blond. Seeing the fox's compliance, Naruto shot him a grin before leaving his mindscape and returning to see his sister still forming chakra into her ram seal. Small beads of sweat begin to form on her brow and Naruto couldn't help but empathize seeing his sister's determination.

"Alright, don't stop. I'm going to try something to help you out a bit. When you feel the chakra in your body begin to flow I want you to say Shadow Clone Jutsu. Then form as much chakra into the seal as possible. You are also going to need to do..." Naruto trailed off, explaining the secrets behind his signature technique.

After he was done he said, "Alright, I'm going to begin and don't activate the jutsu until I tell you."

"Tell me when they are all open Kurama, so I can give her the signal to begin."

Kurama fed the smallest amount of chakra he could into the girl, navigating them to her closed circuits. It only took Raisa's chakra system a few seconds before her own chakra would follow the newly opened paths. As Naruto watched his sister, the gold glow slowly started to stretch across her body. The chakra glow from her hand moved up her arms, to her body, down her torso, and began to totally engulf her. After thirty seconds Raisa went from the small chakra she could from in her hands to a full golden aura around her body. Reaching the maximum possible amount of chakra she could form at once, she waited for the signal.

Kurama gave the signal and Naruto said, "Alright do it!"

Raisa never felt so much chakra coursing through her body. The feeling was sensual as everything felt right. Her entire life she felt broken, unable to use the body she was born with, but now she felt whole, fixed. With the energy inside her screaming to get out, Raisa closed her eyes and screamed, "SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!"

The second she did, Raisa could feel all of the energy in her system disappear. It was almost instant. The process wasn't painful or pleasurable so she thought she must have messed up. She opened her eyes and nearly jumped at the sight.

The entire field was full of exact replications of herself. Doing a full three sixty she saw that the entire field was full of her clones. There must have been at least a hundred of them. Not only was Raisa surprised but so was Naruto. The first time he used the jutsu he was able to create the same amount of clones but only with the help of Kurama's chakra. That memory brought a thought into Naruto's head and he yelled "Oi Kurama! What gives?! I asked you to help her not give her an injection of your chakra!" in his head.

I didn't give her any chakra, the amount she accumulated was all but her own, said the fox with a yawn.

Naruto grumbled to himself before he turned to his sister and asked, "Well how did that feel?"

Raisa's expression was blank and she paid no attention to Naruto's remark. Worried, Naruto started to move his hand in front of his sister's face. Again, no response.

Desperate, Naruto clasped onto Raisa's shoulders and began to shake her. Finally, she responded by muttering, "You fixed me."

"What do you mean I fixed you? If anything I think I broke your head."

Raisa simply shook her head and started to grin. She looked at Naruto and said, "Nope, you fixed me!"

"I don't really get it, but I'm guessing what I did helped?"

"YES!" every clone in the area said in unison.

Naruto clutched his ears from the shrill cry of over a hundred of his sisters and wailed "Okay, okay, now dispel your clones before I go deaf."

"How do I do that?" Raisa asked.

With that and a long explanation of how the Shadow Clone Jutsu worked along with the method to accelerate training and learning, Raisa was nearly bounding with joy.

"So with this technique I will be able to catch up to Riku-nii and Lekki-nee?" The excited red head asked.

"If you try hard enough, then yes. Now why don't you head home for the day, I need to help Riku."

"But you promised me you would help with my chakra control!" she whined.

"I don't think I can help you anymore Raisa, that is a job for your sensei."

Raisa pouted before she scoffed and said, "I need to graduate first to get a sensei."

"Well I was able to graduate from the academy with that jutsu so you should too," Naruto said with one of his signature grins.

Raisa smiled too, before the thought struck her and she asked "But onii-chan how did you learn this technique if you grew up in another village?"

Naruto froze from the accusation. Instantly memories from the beta world began to pour into his head. A sense of detachment began to wash over himself. Raisa noticing the quick change scrunched up her face and said, "If onii-chan isn't ready to tell me now he better be the next time I ask."

Naruto looked at his sister baffled. Any normal person would have pried more into the matter but Raisa was quite reluctant to drop the matter. Thinking about it Naruto thought This must be what it's like to have a family. They always seem to be there for you when you need it, and they always give you room when you want it.

Naruto started to go deep into thought before he was interrupted by his sister saying, "I thought you had to help Riku! Or was that an excuse to get out of helping me?!" with both hands on her hips giving Naruto a glare.

Naruto sighed and give his sister a smile before he used a Shunshin to travel to his clones quicker. When he arrived he dispelled his clones, gaining the knowledge that all they did was lead Riku here. Fixing his sister's chakra system appeared to take no time at all. The relative ease that it took to do so left a reminder for Naruto to ask his parents why they were not able to fix it so far.

Riku gave Naruto a sizable look before saying, "So what's this S-rank technique that you made?"

Naruto furrowed his brow trying to remember exactly what it was that his technique was. Luckily Naruto was able to bring the memories about creating the technique back from his sessions with Jiraiya and Yamato. The jutsu was made by utilizing both shape transformation and nature transformation of chakra. The process itself was overly complex but then again, Naruto didn't really understand the technique but only had the ability to create it.

The lesson started with Naruto listing what the technique was along with what would be needed. The ability to form a Rasengan, the shadow clone technique, and lastly the ability to manipulate wind chakra. Once all three were known it was simple applying all three to create the jutsu.

"You know dad said this was impossible, but utilizing shadow clones might just make it possible," Riku said, following up with, "Can I see how you do it?"

Naruto nodded and summoned two clones bringing Riku to glare at how familiarized Naruto was with the technique. Naruto didn't notice his brother's glare. He was too busy concentrating on his technique.

After a couple of seconds Naruto stood holding the Rasenshuriken. The clones dispelled themselves and Naruto dropped his normally childish expression for a serious one.

"This technique is extremely dangerous. Its blast radius is about fifty meters and anything caught in it, including yourself will have the chakra points in your body severed. Unless you find a way to throw this giant mass of chakra don't be using it unless out of a last ditched effort."

Riku smiled knowing that this technique would tie perfectly with the Hiraishin. The boy already began to formulate various ways he could use the technique until he was interrupted by his elder brother saying "You want to give it a try?"

"No need, I have mastered the jutsu and will be able to replicate the technique, so I would rather not waste chakra to 'practice' it."

Naruto deadpanned and looked at his brother. "What do you mean you mastered it! You haven't even tried it."

Riku sighed and looked at his brother. He knew he would have to explain it to him sooner or later. "I have the unique ability to replicate nearly any jutsu I see without any practice; in fact I have the innate ability to do so. Even though I have this gift my chakra reserves are not the largest, meaning that I would only be able to use the technique once a day at most."

Naruto looked at his brother before he burst out laughing.

Riku's eyes narrowed and asked, "What is so funny?"

"You sound like... you sound like..." before Naruto was lost to another fit of laughing.

"I sound like what?!" Riku snapped.

"AN OLD MAN!" Naruto got out before another attack of laughter got to him.

Riku was taken aback. To nearly everyone he revealed his gifts to they would regard him differently. Think of him in a different scope. But the person before him, his supposed brother thought it nothing more than, amusing?

"You think it's funny?" Riku asked

"No, no, I'm sorry it's just the way you were acting. You seemed more like a geezer than a teenager. Your abilities are really something I swear, it's just that, would you relax a little. We're family you know, it's alright to have fun with each other. Why don't you just show me the technique so we can call it a day," Naruto said with a foxy grin.

Riku gave Naruto a funny look before he began to chuckle, "Sure, sure, if big brother doesn't believe me than I guess I have to show him," he said in a mocking tone.

Naruto suppressed a twitch from the brash behavior of his brother but found it amusing none the less and let a chuckle come out mimicking his brother's.

Naruto watched as, in a matter of minutes, his brother began to replicate the technique that took almost a month for him to master. By the time the Rasenshuriken was complete, Riku had bullets of sweat running down his face.

"See, I told you I could do it," Riku huffed.

Riku broke his concentration and allowed the violet mass of chakra to break apart and dissipate into the atmosphere.

Naruto smiled at his brother and a sense of pride he never felt before welded in his chest.

Who knew I had such amazing siblings? Naruto thought.

Retracing their steps, they appeared back at the training field where three Raisa's were perfectly performing the Leaf Balancing Chakra Control. She brightened up when she saw her brothers returning from their own training and the three siblings continued home.

When they finally arrived, Lekki, Minato, and Kushina were just sitting down at the table. Even though they were not expected, Kushina laid out plates and spots for them.

The feeling of sitting down with his family and simply talking about their day was serene. He cherished every dinner he had with his family and eagerly awaited what they had to say. The emotions were so strong that Naruto couldn't express them. If he was to sum up everything he was feeling in one word it most definitely would be 'home'.

During dinner, a variety of things were asked about the training they did today, followed by the shocked expressions of Kushina and Minato when they heard that Raisa could easily manipulate her chakra.

"It was easy!" Naruto started, "All I had to do was open up her chakra circuits and then she was fine!" Naruto said with laughter!

When he did, the table got quiet.

"YOU DID WHAT?!" Minato yelled.

Naruto gave everyone at the table a curious look. Everyone was looking at him with a variety of expressions. His mother looked aghast, his brother and sister disbelieving, Jiraiya's mouth was dropped, and Minato's face was red with rage.

"I opened up her chakra circuits," Naruto restated.

"Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?" Minato asked

"No, why?" Naruto responded, his own voice lowering an octave.

"If you messed up at all, Raisa's chakra system could have been damaged, or worse her health! The system is so fragile before it opens that just a little too much chakra would have broken her circuits," Minto explained in a threatening tone.

"Is that true Kurama?!" Naruto screamed in his head.

The fox having been rudely awakened responded with, Normally, YES! However, I only have yin chakra, life chakra if you will, if perhaps I did mess up the process at all the nature of my chakra would have instantly healed whatever mistakes I have made. There was no chance any harm could have come to your sister. Oh and I suggest being mindful the next time YOU WAKE ME! the fox finished leaving a roar that left a head splitting ache in the blonds head.

Having taken a minute to have his conversation with Kurama Minato snapped and said "Well? Do you have anything to say for yourself?! We didn't perform that treatment on Raisa because it is reckless. We were going to wait for her circuits to develop on their own."

"It would have been impossible for anything to go wrong since Kurama was the one that did it" Naruto said.

Everyone at the table gave Naruto a quizzical look before both Kushina's and Minato's faces contorted into disgust. Those two were the only ones who fully knew who and what Kurama was.

Both parents were sick beyond belief that their youngest child was touched by such a dark and depraved creature such as the Nine Tailed Fox.

"Just get out of my sight!" Minato yelled.

"Minato!" Kushina snapped.

"Your father has had a long day at the office Naruto, why don't we all go to bed early tonight and talk about this in the morning," she offered to try to keep the family's first fight from getting out of hand.

Naruto had a mixture of emotions flooding through him. He couldn't think at all; only the words his father said to him floated around his head. After about an hour in his bed, Naruto couldn't even close his eyes. He just simply turned or adjusted his position when it became uncomfortable.

Eventually a small red head found her way to his room.

"Make all the bad things go away," she muttered while nuzzling his side.

Slowly, Naruto extended his wind cloak around the two and for the first time that night he felt tired. Eventually he nodded off, following his sister's example for a blissful retreat.

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