We swear by the light of the dragons eye, to be loyal, honest, and never say die. WASABI!

Everyone knows the Wasabi Code but what everyone doesn't know is what made it all together. You see, it means to be well loyal, honest, and never say die, but what it really means is, you swear to everything you do, to always be there when someone needs you, never tell a lie, and never give up. That's how the Wasabi Warriors live and well that's how everyone should. Everyone should always have that special group or person to be always there for you. That way you know you have people to trust and well always have your back, to make it always the best day ever, to make you happy when your sad, to help you get back on your feet when you fall but most importantly to make sure you never EVER give up. If you don't give up you will achieve the goals you wanted to achieve and live a better life. Even though you might have to work extra hard to get there, it will all be worth it in the end because you did something that you wanted to do and that always makes people happy. Remember to always have a goal, be yourself, have, faith, be happy, and remember all the good times because one day they might be gone and you're going to wish you did more. Do NOT try to be someone your not because that's not cool. Being cool is being yourself and well if you can't be yourself around your friends, than you need to find different friends, because those people are going to support you and make you smile. Remember a true friend is someone who can make you happy when you cry, make you laugh when you need a laugh, let you be weird because that's you, lets you be yourself and not be fake, knows all your secrets and will always keep them, will not leave you if the popular crowd is leaving you, will never make fun of you, and will always remember everyone has flaws and they live with it because your flaws are what makes you well you. I hope you always remember reading this and always remember that YOU can make a difference and YOU can change the world because you are you and nobody else is the same as you, nobody has the same personalty as you. Just remember to be yourself because one day, YOU could change the world.

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