Shang and a New Friend?

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Kally stared at the orange walls of Shang, amazed that her mother's crazy plan had actually worked. The masters had accepted her and only they knew her true identity. The bell rang, signalling her first day of training. She ran to the mess hall where all the apprentices had gathered for breakfast. She got her tray and moved to a table in the far corner of the room. " Hey , never saw you here before, you new?" She looked up at the boy who had spoken to her. He had chesnut colored hair and dark brown eyes. HE was smiling and he looked kinda cute . " I'm Kal-Kelly. Its my first day." ' Oh goddess, I almost told him my name.' She thought. " I'm Chris. So, where ya from and why are ya here. Ya look like a noble." " I'm the bastard daughter of a Tortallan noble and his mistress, not that tis any of your bussiness. Where are you from?" HE chuckeled, " I was a son of a wealthy Gallan family, I didn't want ta be a knight Shang sounded better I decided to go and my father disowned me. Come over and meet some people, milady. Or would you rather just sit here all by yourself like a little loner?" " How dare you call me a noblelady, you reject. I have never been so insulted in my life. I'm not soft or dimwitted or gossip-loving. I am a pri- peasant, not some courtier and I don't want to be treated like one." " Temper, Temper. And I'm not a reject and you're certaintly acting like a lady. Or that crazy lady knight Alanna. I was just trying to be friendly, you didn't have to shout. Good day to you, Miss.

That was probably the best part of her day. Training was even harder than she thought it would be and she was one of the best new kids. She really pitied the students who weren't very good. At lunch all the new trainees had to have a sponser, to her displeasure, the sponser assicned to her was Chris, he didn't look to happy either. They barely said a word to each other as he led her to the afternoon classes of history, Lliteratur, and warfare of the Eastern and Southern Lands. At dinner she sat by herself again until Chris came over determined to make friends. "What do you want?" she asked gloomily. "Hey yourself grumpy. I 've made a decision." " o have you, how interesting." "Yes I have, since I am your sponser, I think we shoul try to be friends. We actually have a bit in common, we're both of noble blood and unhappy about it and you might as well have someone to help tou through homework and all that other boring stuff. W hat do ya say? Truce?" " Well I guess, But you cant call me a lady and dont expect me to do stuff for you, cause I wont." "All right 's long as you dont call me a reject. Deal?" "Deal" And they shook on it. They started to talk and he helped her on her homework, they quickly became friends and when it was time to sleep she went to bed thinking, 'Maybe it is better to have a friend.'